7 Best Olympic Barbells in India For Gym (Review)

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best olympic barbells for home gym in India

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If you love lifting, you definitely need a barbell to lift BIG. And if you're looking to buy the best Olympic barbells in India, here's a list you must see.😃 

✔️ We made this listicle based on our personal preference for barbells and sorted it based on their specifications, prices, steel quality, durability, and the reputation of the manufacturers. Also, we’ve included equipment options for every type of customer and budget. 

Eleiko powerlifting barbell 20 kg review and comparison

So let’s get started. 🔥

👉 Top Picks. 

  1. Best Olympic Barbell Overall: ATE Stainless Steel Bar
  2. Best Weightlifting Barbell in India: ATE 20 kg Weightlifting Bar
  3. Best Powerlifting Barbell in India: Siege Fitness Chieftain Bar 
  4. Best Barbell For Women in India: Bullrock Fitness Lady Turtle Bar – Perky Pink
  5. Best Cerakote barbell in India: ATE Red Falcon Bar
  6. Best Budget barbell: Bullrock Fitness Toros Bar
  7. Cheapest 20 kg barbell: Leeway Fitness Ostin Bar 2.0

✔️ Disclaimer: My goal here is to explain why these Olympic barbell weights truly deserve their top-tier position.

Nearly every gym equipment company offers at least 10 other Olympic barbell rods that can’t made up on this list, but I’m confident in saying we’ve got every variant covered.

Here, we will also be talking about sport-specific barbells since you need to practice with the same bar from which you’re going to play.  

all barbell

7 Best Olympic Barbells in India.

Let’s find out which barbell will suit you and then you can finally place an order. 

(Read till the end, don’t miss the small details!😃) 

1. Best Olympic Barbell Overall: ATE Stainless Steel Bar

ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg Stainless Steel

Hard chrome bars often needed to be maintained to prevent them from rusting. Thus, to eliminate the need for constant maintenance we bring you the ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg : Stainless Steel version! No rusting problem from now.

✅ Now, let’s explore ATE’s most premium Olympic barbell -in Stainless Steel.

It’s not a coating option, but a material. Most of the time stainless steel bars are powerlifting barbells. Because of the reason, it’s made tougher and has more tensile strength than alloy steel, which almost all kinds of bars are made up of. 

Stainless Steel is your partner in super heavy deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

The key difference lies in its stainless steel shaft, as opposed to the black oxide-coated alloy steel.👍

The stainless steel shaft offers:

  • Exceptional corrosion resistance 
  • It’s rust-proof, thus reducing maintenance.
  • Provides a firm grip and a knurling feel similar to bare steel.
  • Boasts a high stiffness with a 205k PSI tensile strength

▶️ Personally, I find the bar’s bare shaft most appealing, although it requires more maintenance. You have to often clean it up from rust and blood that builds up! 

For those seeking a lower-maintenance & highest build quality, stainless steel barbells are a wise choice. 

Although they are the most pricey bars 🏷️, they boast longevity and corrosion resistance without affecting the knurling feel & finish, unlike coatings such as Cerakote.

👍 Speaking of cerakote coating, it offers excellent corrosion resistance and allows for creative colour variations. However, it isn’t an ideal finish for the sleeves.

Chrome and stainless steel are always preferable for the barbell sleeve finish, as sleeves often get scratched when you put them in and out of the plate. 

Powerlifting Barbell 20kg

Here also, the ATE stainless steel bar shines.

ATE offers hard chrome sleeves on their stainless steel bar, so it won’t scratch & not rust faster but unluckily if you live in humid climates it still CAN.

So, why hasn’t ATE made these bar sleeves stainless too? 

COST! Usually, these bars cost you heavenly because of the material used. 

The Bullrock Fitness has just launched their stainless steel bar and it would cost you Rs 30,609 + shipping. 

Undoubtedly, that is the “best barbell for powerlifting in India” out there, with imported quality, but how many of us could afford it? 🔥

Therefore, ATE has reduced the stainless steel component from the sleeves in their barbell and tried to bring the cost near to what others of their barbells cost (Rs 22,000 + GST & shipping). 

ATE stainless steel bars cost Rs 8,000 less than the Bullrock fitness variant, with exactly the same SPECS and it’s WORTH it!

Don’t worry, hard chrome is just a finish & it won’t compromise the bar loading capacity or whatever.

Note that ATE basic thin collar powerlifting bar which we reviewed in the past, also uses a hard chrome sleeve finish and it can be loaded up to 900 KGs (2 – 3 times that anyone could ever lift). 

How? Because inside it is made of Alloy steel, which is a Tough material!

So any lack isn’t expected!

My Opinion

ATE stainless steel bar review video

Nothing more said this is a bar that is the leader in the category of powerlifting barbells. If you can afford it and are willing to pay extra, get this. (No questions asked.) 

It will give your experience the true feel of a knurl, without any coat. Just like a bare steel bar would. But this is much better than that! 🔥

✅ For powerlifting fanatics, this bar holds high regard!

🏷️ Price: 22,000 + GST & Shipping extra.

5% Discount Offer: Contact 7060425552. Share my referral code “MENSQUATS” with the ATE sales team (Vishal Sir) and he will help you out with the best prices! 💸  


  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Grip – 29 mm
  • Sleeve diameter – 50mm
  • Length – 2.20 metres
  • 1.5mm Aggressive Volcano Knurl
  • Single International Powerlifting Knurl Mark
  • 6 Bronze Bushings
  • Low Whip


  • Knurl feels raw and sharp. 
  • Meets IPF specs.
  • No maintenance is required. 
  • Offers the highest tensile strength of 205k PSI. 
  • Made for TRUE powerlifters.
  • Built better than their Hard Chrome power bar.
  • Made in India Product!😃


  • Sleeves are not made of stainless steel (for managing its cost!)
  • None found. 

🙃 Hey, if you don’t know how to select a BAR read our Champion’s Guide On How To Choose Best Barbell For Home Gym India!

2. Best Weightlifting Barbell in India: ATE 20 kg Weightlifting Bar

best olympic barbell in India

The ATE Olympic Barbell 20kg is made as per IWF Specifications and has good tensile strength thus offering you a lifetime warranty on bending. ATE bars are famous for being used in various national, and government centres. So buy it with full confidence!

The bar’s greatest strength lies in its build which makes it best suited to do weightlifting moves or heavy lifts. ATE uses high-quality materials, pairs them with exceptional craftsmanship, and offers the bar at a competitive price point. 

The hard chrome version costs around Rs 17,000 (exclusive of GST and shipping😏). 

Admittedly, these figures aren’t budget-friendly, but for those looking to save go to the ATE website 🔗 you might find dozens of other barbells that might show you some cost-effective options. Nonetheless, ATE bars have always impressed us.

Similarly, this very ATE 20 kg weightlifting bar excels in its functionality. Its design meets expectations without fault. It features needle bearings, providing a sufficient amount of spin.👍 

With a 28mm shaft diameter and a tensile strength of 200,000 PSI, it’s a flexible bar with a good whip, meaning it will shine for weightlifters during their snatch and clean & jerk moves.

Also in today’s market, every lifter wants a bar that matches the specs of the barbells which he is gonna use it in competitions.

Hence companies make IPF or IWF specs. 🔥

Mind you, these aren’t IPF or IWF-approved bars. Truly no barbell in India offers you that. They give you the bar that closely matches the rulebook of the particular game or federation.  

Best Olympic Barbells in India
Best Olympic Barbells in India

✅ Similarly, the ATE 20kg Olympic barbell dimensions would be the same as you would get in the Eleiko weightlifting bar; it is IWF-approved. The same length, the same knurl mark, the same diameter and all. So you won’t find a difference. 

So ideally they would cost SAME. Right?

No, Eleiko bars are way costlier in India. The cost goes in lakhs! But why even pay that much, when you can get the same bar at the price 💸 that doesn’t break the bank? 

Then for weightlifters, the ATE weightlifting bar is your way to go! 🔥

My Opinion

ATE weightlifting barbell 20 kg

In reality, it’s a bar that delivers what you must anticipate from a good weightlifting barbell, leaving very little room for criticism. ▶️ I have got this bar at my home for a review, and you have my words – “it spins smoothly and holds comfortably”. 👍

It’s the finest quality weightlifting barbell in India offered by ATE. While it’s not the most budget-friendly option, it does offer the highest quality with its price.💸

It won’t bend or break a lifetime ❌, if it does you can always replace it from the company.  

✅ If you’re seeking the best value option, without any fancy coating or colour – A simple silver colour barbell with needle bearings, this is the one! 

🏷️ Price: 17,000 + GST and shipping charges. 

For Offline Purchase: Contact 7060425552. To get 5% off share my referral code “MENSQUATS” with the ATE sales team (Vishal Sir) and he will help you out with the best prices! 


  1. Strength rating at 200,000 PSI
  2. Weight – 20 kg
  3. Grip – 28 mm
  4. Sleeve diameter – 50mm
  5. Length – 2.20 metres
  6. 1.2mm Diamond Knurl
  7. Single International Weightlifting Knurl Mark
  8. 10 HK Needle Bearings
  9. Good Whip


  • Meets IWF specifications. 
  • Has 10NK bearings, the barbell delivers a remarkable spin 
  • Weighing 20kg.
  • Single IWF knurl mark – for snatch grip!
  • Features a hard chrome shaft and sleeves.
  • 1.2mm diamond knurling enhances grip and control
  • It has a weight capacity of over 800 kg.
  • The pricing is premium, aligning with its status as a top-tier Olympic barbell.


  • None found. (Self-used)

3. Best Powerlifting Barbell in India: Siege Fitness Chieftain Bar

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The Chieftain Powerlifting Barbell by Siege Fitness is a top-tier, IPF-standard barbell with a 205,000 psi tensile strength, 29mm alloyed steel rod, aggressive volcano knurling, E-coating on the shaft, hard chrome-plated sleeves, minimal whip, and stability up to 900Kgs with bronze bushings.

Let’s delve into the heart of what makes this bar special for powerlifting – the knurling. Knurling preferences are subjective, as each lifter seeks a distinct feel in their hands.

Siege Fitness sets the baseline in the knurling system, being rated as – good but subtle. 🔥

👍 Powerlifters usually demand a good knurl for attaining the maximum grip on their heaviest lifts. Some bars attempt to emulate the chieftain Power Bar’s attributes but fall short. 

This bar receives a good score, featuring an assertive yet comfortable knurling.

To me, this knurling is the gold standard. It’s a well-executed 1.5 mm volcano-style knurling that offers an ideal balance between grip and comfort. It’s a texture that’s nearly universally accepted as the epitome of knurling quality.😏

Certainly, there are bars with more aggressive knurling, such as Bullrock Wild Rhino Power Bar or Challenge Power Bar, some others have sharper, mountain-style knurling.

But, it’s a bar I hold in high regard, also priced a little less than those.  💸

✅ However, the Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bars fall short in terms of finish options but still, in terms of steel quality, shaft diameter, and length this is all you can expect from an IPF specs bar and would see it be used in powerlifting competitions across India.  

Also, remember this is one single power bar you get in E-coat coating, no black oxide or other fancy coat. 

Though, Most people in India 🇮🇳 when they think of barbells or iron plates – they look upto the oldest company “Challenge”, whose Power Bar has its place in history and is a strong contender. 👍

But the Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar feels like an evolutionary step forward!

My Opinion

Siege fitness – Best Olympic Barbells in India

If you want the IPF specs powerlifting barbell, there are multiple options in India. But this is the most liked one! 

Priced at INR 18,000 + shipping on siegefitness.in. Nothing cheap or expensive to other IPF bars that you can get.

But the star factor here is it has an E-coat finish👍, perfect for our humid climate, as it doesn’t rust quickly like the more expensive black oxide-coated ones. 

Plus, along with this bar, you get the brand reputation of Siege Fitness which is the top most indigenous rack manufacturer in India. 

✅ Most powerlifters own it and love it, and I highly recommend it!

🏷️ Price: 18,000 + GST and shipping charge

Use Discount Code: “MENSQUATS” on website during checkout to see the final pricing. 
For Offline Purchase: Contact 7619614418. Share my referral code “MENSQUATS” with the Siege Fitness owner (Pranav Sir) and he will help you out with the best prices!💸   


  1. Length: 7 feet 2 inches
  2. Weight 20 kgs
  3. Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI
  4. Whip: None
  5. Shaft diameter: 29 mm
  6. Knurl type: 1.5 mm Aggressive volcano knurl
  7. Bushings: 4 Bronze bushings
  8. Knurl marks: IPF marks
  9. Centre knurl: Yes
  10. Finish: E Coat on the Shaft. Chrome plating on sleeves.
  11. Warranty: Lifetime Warranty subject to T&C


  • The e-coat finish, is pretty unique!
  • IPF specs bar.
  • Over 900 kg weight capacity. 
  • Centre knurling available.
  • Super sharp yet grippy knurl.


  • Can’t be an everyday rider, because of a sharp knurl.
  • Meant only for powerlifting exercises. 

4. Best Barbell For Women in India: Bullrock Fitness Lady Turtle Bar – Perky Pink

Bullrock perky pink barbell

LADY TURTLE BAR is designed for women athletes seeking durability and impressive spin. With a Ceramic Coating finish and high-quality 10 HK needle bearings, it can withstand intense use, even in coastal areas with high humidity.

This bar has held its place as the go-to bar for women athletes!😏 

Although you may have a collection of various bars, still this bar’s PINK colour would compel you to buy it. In fact, it’s the bar we see many girls using in Instagram reels. This speaks to its exceptional quality and popularity.🔥

👉 However, it’s the exact same 15 kg bar – which Bullrock Fitness has to offer in 2 other variants. Like their Lady Turtle bar in Regal Red, and Silver Tigress Bar.  But the ceramic PINK colour 🎀 adds a charm.  

Despite investing in multiple 20 kg bars at full price 🏷️, you can buy a 1 X 15 kg bar. If you are a beginner or have limited upper body strength, the 15kg barbell provides an ideal starting point for various exercises, offering a lighter load.  

Additionally, for women’s practical weightlifting moves 15 kg bar is the requirement since it’s the need of the game. For powerlifting, women athletes might not need to buy this, they can buy any 20 kg bar and start lifting with that. 

✅ Coming back, BullrocK’s LADY TURTLE BAR is named ‘TURTLE’ due to its exceptional durability, and its impressive spin performance, attributed to the use of high-quality 10 HK needle bearings in the sleeves. 

This bar spin is superb, you can compare the spin of this bar to the Bullrock 20 kg Weightlifting bars because they use the same sleeve rotation mechanism in both bars. 👍

👉 In terms of specifications, this 15KG bar is smaller than any Men’s bar. 

A bar length of 2010mm/ 6.59 ft is what you’ll get here but it’s a rackable length so NO worries. The area where it’s made smaller is the sleeve length which is 325 mm.

It means you’ll be able to load fewer plates over it, especially thick bumpers.❌

Being short in length and having a smaller shaft diameter automatically means this bar would have more WHIP or flex in it. 🔥 That made it well-suited for snatch and power-clean movements. 

✅ Secondly, talking about me, I also use a 15kg bar for deadlifts & power cleans because the thinner shaft is easy to pull and the added whip helps me to take it above my head in no time!

My Opinion:

Bullrock barbells review

A 15 kg bar is meant for both women and men, and whether you should buy it is the decision dependent on you! If you don’t want a PINK bar🎀, you have the option of getting a RED bar. 

Bullrock 15 kg Lady Turtle bar – Red Regal🔴 OR 20 kg Red Turtle Bar 👍

If cerakote isn’t what you liked, Bullrock Silver tigress option is way safer, available for Rs 20,638 + shipping. 

Yes, it’s even priced higher than the PINK barbells, and Bullrock fitness products are often expensive. Go with ATE for cheaper barbells, they too have these options in their barbell lineup. 😃

But the PINK 15 kg women’s barbell remains exclusive to Bullrock Fitness. 🚀 And people who prefer Bullrock brand value and have no objection to paying a higher price should go with them without any doubt! 

✅ Those who follow my channel know that my reviews are brutally honest when it comes to companies and products, including Bullrock Fitness products. High prices, in my belief, lead to high expectations.

The Bullrock Fitness high prices, however, not only meet but surpass these expectations.

🏷️ Price: 19,413 + shipping


  • Bar Weight: 15kg
  • Shaft Diameter: 25mm
  • Knurl Type: Dual (IPF+IWF)
  • Centre Knurl: No
  • Whip: Moderate
  • Bar Length 2010mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length 325mm
  • Shaft Coating Ceramic Pink
  • Sleeve Coating: Ceramic Black
  • Bushing/Bearing: 10 HK Needle Bearings + 2 Bronze Bushings
  • Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI
  • Max load: 1500lbs/680kg


  • Easy to hold a 15 kg bar. 
  • Ideal for beginners to learn an exercise movement. 
  • Dual knurl marks given.
  • No rust or oxidation problems on the shaft. 
  • Max loading capacity of 680 kg, higher than anybody could lift.
  • A 25 mm shaft diameter is good for women who have small palms. 


  • Ceramic coating might scratch with a metal contact. 
  • Can’t be stored anywhere, it has to be properly maintained. 
  • A black ceramic sleeve will wear out if you use metal plates.

5. Best Cerakote barbell in India: ATE Red Falcon Bar

ATE red falcon bar sleeve

The ATE Red Falcon Weightlifting Olympic Barbell is a Cerakote Red shaft and Black sleeves for exceptional durability and rust resistance. It’s a fantastic choice for CrossFit facilities, traditional gyms, and Olympic weightlifting gyms, offering incredible value.

These are the most colourful barbells you see in the market currently. 👉 Red, Blue, Pink, and possibly Black (not all bars) are usually cerakote-coated barbells.

Even I have one barbell in my home gym which is – SF Healthtech 20 kg cerakote bar (Black colour)

SFhealthtech cerakote barbell

But I have not crowned that barbell as the best cerakote barbell in India in this list.

Why? Because people are more interested in getting the most vibrant colour on their bars, I often get requests to suggest them barbells with colours like PINK, Neon and others.

So black cerakote kind of mix with other barbells of other coating, which makes it difficult to spot. 

🔴 Red barbells can be called cerakote, but black bars can be of black oxide, black zinc, e-coat or any of that colour. 

red falcon cerakote bar India ATE Best Olympic Barbells in India
Red Falcon Bar

Therefore, ATE Red Falcon bar is the most ideal pick as a cerakote barbell and I highly recommend it to you guys! For those of you, who don’t know what cerakote is? They must read my blogs first…

But for an idea, it’s a coating that tops the list when we talk about coating options to be done on a barbell, which makes it safer from RUST and all those unwanted elements.

👍 Cerakote allows for creative colour variations. However, it isn’t an ideal finish for the barbell sleeves, but it is still done by companies. IDK why?

Hard Chrome finish and stainless steel (no finish bar) are always preferable for the barbell sleeve finish. Unluckily all companies give cerakote both on shaft & sleeves.


Only my bar SF healthtech- cerakote bar in my home gym offers hard chrome on sleeves. 

But it is also expensive, nearly Rs 25,000 on Sfhealthtech.com

👉 In comparison,

(Insane Pricing IDK how they do it. Keep it up!)

As for the proprietary matte black finish on the sleeves, it’s relatively untested in the long run. While it’s held up well over three months, further time is needed for a comprehensive test. 

This finish supposedly increases corrosion resistance and maintains colouration, although it creates a bit more friction when loading plates. ▶️ While I’ve observed this, it’s not a deal-breaker for me. 

✅ Overall, ATE barbells’ finish options are numerous, each with its advantages and drawbacks.

My Opinion:

Should you buy it? If you’re a serious lifter, live in a humid environment, or prioritise a longer-lasting and low-maintenance barbell, get a ATE Red Falcon Cerakote barbell. 🔴

It can be a good choice. 🥰

However, talking about my personal experience with cerakote bars.

It gets dirty from continuous use of chalk, feels premium & smooth, and you have to be careful with them because they do get scratched by metal.   

All the biggest concerns, if you do heavy lifts and sharp knurls, are on your list. SKIP this bar. 

A cerakote coat diminishes the knurl and holding its shaft can give you the mildest knurl feel you can ever experience out of all. 

🏷️ Price: 17,000 + GST & Shipping

Online Coupon Code: “cart5”
For Offline Purchase: Contact 7060425552. To get 5% off share my referral code “MENSQUATS” with the ATE sales team (Vishal Sir) and he will help you out with the best prices! 


  • Cerakote Red Finish
  • Strength rating at 200,000 PSI
  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Grip – 28 mm
  • 1.2mm Diamond Knurl
  • Dual International Weightlifting + Powerlifting mark
  • 10 HK Needle Bearings
  • Good Whip


  • Ideal for both powerlifting and weightlifting exercises. 
  • Feels premium in hands.
  • Red colour makes it look distinctive & easy to spot compared to all bars.
  • These barbells don’t get rusted. 
  • Little maintenance is required.


  • The shaft can scratch from metal-to-metal contact. 
  • You have to be more careful with the cerakote finish.
  • More expensive than other similar chrome bars.
  • Cerakote black sleeves which can scratch with plates and metal inserts.

6. Best Budget Barbell: Bullrock Fitness Toros Bar


The Toros 28.5mm Bar is an economical and high-value 20kg bar suitable for versatile training, encompassing exercises like squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches, and presses!

Bullrock Fitness Barbells remains the leading choice for the majority of individuals seeking quality barbells in India. They are called the ROGUE fitness of all.

Why? Because Bullock Fitness has the highest number of options in barbells, with all the different coating, knurl feel, and lengths.

You ask it, and they have it!

While I recognize that competition is intensifying and new contenders are emerging, this barbell from Bullrock Fitness has established itself as a front-runner.

In fact, it’s arguably the most renowned multi-purpose barbell in their line-up, and this reputation is well-deserved. 

👍 The Toros 28.5mm Bar is your top budget-friendly option, offering great value for a 20kg barbell suitable for any kind of training exercise like squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches, and presses!

Its 28.5mm shaft diameter falls between the IWF’s 28mm and the IPF’s 29mm bar diameters, making it a versatile hybrid bar for multiple lifting purposes.💥

Now, let me be clear. I haven’t tried every barbell on the market, so I won’t claim this bar is universally PERFECT! 

Nevertheless, I’ve had hands-on experience with numerous thick, stiff shafts, including this one which has taught me my preferences. 

I had it in my home gym for over 1 month for a REVIEW so I know about it better than others! 

Best Olympic Barbells in India toros barbell
Bullrock Fitness TOROS barbell

👉 It weighs 20 kg and can hold weights up to 454 kg (more than anybody can deadlift or squat). It allows me to do a variety of exercises on it, without me complaining about any of its limitations. 

It does have a good grippy knurl, which gives an impression on my hand whenever I toss it over a heavy deadlift. The spin is moderately low since it has 4 proprietary bronze bushings in both sleeves.

✅ This makes plates very stable on the bar when I am doing bench presses, and gives me enough spin when I demand it!

My Opinion

Bullrock TOROS barbell

Bullrock is renowned for its barbell craftsmanship and has created what many consider to be its premier product. 

Furthermore, I’ve extensively researched reviews and consulted the company. They wholeheartedly endorse this bar, and would not be changing or removing it from selling for the longest time to come. 

This is a barbell which you should get if you want a general all-purpose bar, and have a budget under Rs 15,000 (this isn’t LOW, but this is the lowest for the bullrock fitness). It doesn’t have any fancy coat, just simple good hard chrome that lasts a lifetime without any scratches. 

If you love to stick to BASICS, it’s the bar for you. 💥

🏷️ Price: 12,968 + Shipping


  1. Bar Weight: 20kg
  2. Shaft Diameter: 28.5mm
  3. Knurl: 1.2mm
  4. Knurl Type: Dual (IPF+IWF)
  5. Centre Knurl: No
  6. Whip: Moderate
  7. Bushing/Bearing: Bushing
  8. Tensile Strength: 150,000 PSI
  9. Max load: 453.5kg


  • Good bar for daily use. 
  • Multipurpose bar with both IPF + IWF knurl marks.
  • High-grade alloy steel used. 
  • No Compromises were made with quality. 
  • Max weight capacity – 453.5 kgs
  • Hard chrome Shaft & Sleeves


  • Don’t go smooth with weightlifting moves. 
  • Pricing can be low. 

7. Cheapest 20 kg barbell: Leeway Fitness Ostin Bar 2.0

Leeway Fitness Ostin Bar 2.0

The Ostin Bar 2.0 offers excellent value for your money. With a Black Zinc finish on the shaft and Chrome Finish on the sleeves, it combines durability, rust resistance, and a knurl with a bare-metal feel. This bar is an outstanding choice for traditional gyms.

👉 Introducing the Leeway Fitness Ostin barbell.

Priced at approximately Rs 9,480🏷️, it stands as the most budget-friendly option among those we’ve explored in our list of “best Olympic barbells in India”. 

Because of its affordability, this barbell has its own niche audience; let’s delve into who they are.

✅ Gym owners who have a set budget of let’s say 10 lakh, or so often disregard the choices of the barbell they made. 

Usually, the manufacturer company gives them 10 same barbells for all exercise machines and deadlifts. That is why you won’t see any 1 perfect barbell in the local gyms of your area. 

Barbells are made differently and require different specs to be used for various exercises. One fits all, isn’t the story here. 

💥 Hence, few smart gym owners go out and hunt for the perfect barbell for them. (Like you!)

The options I told you above might not ❌ fit everyone’s basket as those bars still cost you between Rs 15,000 to Rs 28,000. But 1 company I trust the MOST with the equipment when shopping on a budget is Leeway Fitness. ▶️

I have reviewed their Hex Trap Bar, and storage racks and all work absolutely fine. 

Hence, this leeway OSTIN barbell 2.0 is what I can confidently suggest to you. This can also be your “best barbell for home gym”. 

By picking this bar you would be in a better place, and can choose the better fit for yourself compared if you get the same 10 hybrid bars from the manufacturer, with no details.

While this barbell has its share of drawbacks, it’s worth noting that it’s a 20kg option, which may be the primary consideration for some buyers, regardless of knurling or other features. 

If your sole priority is the most affordable 20kg Olympic barbell, this one fits the bill.

My Opinion:

Leeway Fitness Ostin Barbell 2.0

❌ It’s not ideal for specifically 1 type of person: Powerlifters or Weightlifters. Or people who want a specialised barbell that works absolutely well for 1 type of training.  

On the upside, it performs reasonably well for presses and deadlifts thanks to its 28 mm diameter.

It can be your daily barbell, which will be more well-engineered and feel more balanced than any cheap bar.  

For a slightly higher investment, I recommend this best budget Olympic barbell in India, which offers significantly better quality, knurl feel and coating, which is missing in bars which come at per ft rate. (👉 Say a big YES to this.) 

✅ If you’re strictly on the hunt for the absolute cheapest 20kg Olympic barbell available, for let’s say 6000 or near Leeway Fitness has options for you. 

🏷️ Price: 9,380 (includes all)

💥 5% Discount Code: Use my referral coupon “mensquats05” at the time of checkout to get 5% off on the Leeway products. Shipping is FREE on all products, and GST is included so the prices you see won’t change depending on your location. 


  • Black Zinc Finish on the shaft
  • Chrome Finish on the sleeves
  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Grip – 28 mm
  • Length – 2.20 metres
  • 1.2mm Volcano Knurl
  • Single IWF Knurl Mark
  • Bushing – 2 Bronze Bushings
  • Moderate Whip


  • Can be used as a daily driver bar. 
  • Fits well for every exercise machine in the gym. 
  • Same length 7.2 ft
  • The Black Zinc Finish offers a good knurl feel.
  • 1.2mm Volcano Knurl is given like in power bars. 
  • Moderate spin offered. 
  • Doesn’t feel cheap, or low quality. 
  • Single IPF knurl given. 


  • Medium weight capacity – 220 kg.
  • The shaft steel can oxidise quickly.
  • No dual knurl marks are offered. 


ATE IPF powerlifting bar specs
Best Olympic Barbells in India

Numerous bars are available and more are on the timeline. Therefore, my perspective today may change a year or two from now.

As we review upcoming offerings. Your support on our blog is greatly appreciated.💥

✅ In conclusion, if I were forced to choose just one bar to train with, it would undoubtedly be the ATE 20 kg Weightlifting Bar. However, I remain open to your opinions as the market progresses.❤️

Q1. How much does a barbell weigh?

Barbell weights vary, but the standard Olympic barbell typically weighs 20 kilograms for men and 15 kilograms for women. In powerlifting bars, the weight of men’s barbell and womens barbell remain the same, with all other dimensions.

Q2. Are all barbells 20kg?

No, not all barbells weigh 20 kilograms. While the Olympic barbell’s standardised weight is 20kg for men and 15kg for women. There are various speciality barbells with different weights and designs made for specific purposes. For example, my Leeway fitness hex trap bar weighs 22 kg.

Q3. How much does it cost to buy a barbell?

The Olympic barbell price 💸 can vary widely from company to company. Basic barbells may be available for as low as Rs 7,000, while high-quality Olympic barbells with good steel tensile strength and a LIFETIME bending warranty can cost Rs 20,000 or more. Specialty barbells, such as those for powerlifting or weightlifting, can be even more expensive. 

Q4. Is it worth buying a barbell for home?

Yes, I do have it at my home gym. Owning a barbell can be cost-effective in the long run compared to gym memberships. It allows me to train whenever I want to and lets me go heavy, which isn’t possible if I only have dumbbells at home. 

Q5. What is an Olympic-sized barbell bar?

An Olympic-size barbell bar typically has a 28mm diameter shaft, a 7.2-foot length, and rotating sleeves with a 2-inch sleeve diameter to load 50 mm Olympic weight plates.

Q6. Which is better: a 15kg or 20kg barbell?

Firstly, gender plays a role in this decision. Secondly, if you are a beginner or have limited upper body strength, the 15kg barbell provides an ideal starting point for various exercises, offering a lighter load. On the other side, the 20kg barbell is well-suited for lifters who are aiming to engage in heavier lifting to achieve strength gains.

Thanks for reading – “Best Olympic Barbells in India”. ❤️

If you want any further clarification, please don’t hesitate to comment below or WhatsApp me at 7906169817. I will possibly make a discounted deal for you and offer answers to all your questions, which would ease your buying process with any company. 

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Stay Strong. Keep lifting. 

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