Flexnest Flexibar: Best Adjustable Barbell in India Review

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Let's face it, just having adjustable dumbbells doesn't really cut it after a while. With dumbbells, you are able to get a decent workout, in my opinion, but nothing beats a good barbell workout. If it is an adjustable barbell in India, which adjusts quickly it excites a certain class of people that love home gym equipment. 😊

So if you like training with barbells and don’t have a space at home to keep a full set of fixed weight barbells or a traditional Olympic bar that requires different weight plates. Then this brand new piece of gym equipment – a Flexnest adjustable barbell, could be for you. 

➡️ What Flexnest has done earlier with their Flexibell dumbbell is they’ve taken Bowflex very popular SelectTech technology that they use in their adjustable dumbbells and applied it to their dumbbells made for the Indian audience. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

But their Flexnest: Flex barbell/ or Flexibar is quite different. 

This barbell works on the crocodile concept weight clasping system, which has the same function of ‘Adjusting weights’ and that goes from 0 kg all the way up to 20 kg. I guarantee they spent a ton of money to have engineers build it because it’s very smart, pretty technical and they made it so that it was affordable and be within the same vein. 

👉 It fits bowflex’s kind of target market, which is like a budget-conscious, budget-friendly type of equipment. 

That’s used not for heavy strength training but for just general strength training, and it works really well within that paradigm when you think about it. 

What is Adjustable Barbell – Flexnest Flex barbell? 


➡️ Like an adjustable dumbbell set, an adjustable barbell set allows you to adjust/ load the desired amount of weight with a click of a button at either end of each bar. 

The bar weight remains the same, which works as a base to hold weight plates on each side, each of which weighs something. You don’t have to buy separate weight plates, all you can adjust is the plates you get within the unit. Most adjustable type of gym equipment isn’t upgradable. 

The starting weight of let’s say, Flexnest flex barbell India is 3 kgs or 5 kgs (not enough data present), and the load increases in increments of 2.5 kg/ 5 kg/ and 10 kg plates upto 20 kg. But if that’s not enough for you. They have an optional of 40 kg model), that you can buy for like 21000 ruppess.😊 (It is the heaviest adjustable barbell they got.)

So depending on what model you BUY you pull the locking mechanism and slide in more weight plates. 

➡️ This entire Flexnest – Flex barbell can go up to 40 kg total, which for an Olympic weightlifting bar, isn’t that high. But rather than having a 10 fixed barbell of weight up to 40 kg, this is a more feasible option for most people. 

👉 Across both bars, you have different weight adjustment settings – much as you see in the fixed weight barbell (non-adjustable ones😏). This replicates gym weight lifting at home, and possibly if you like to add some variety and quick adjustment speed to your strength training routine. 

This is the good one to go with.

Flexnest Flex Barbell – Best Adjustable Barbell in India


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Flexnest India
  • Item Weight: 20 Kilograms, 40 Kilograms
  • Grip Type: Textured
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 128 x 4 x 7 Centimeters
  • Includes: 3 pairs of multi-grip rubber weight plates

Who Should buy and Shouldn’t buy Adjustable barbell?

✔️ Ideal For: Flexbarbell – The best adjustable barbell in India is great for beginners who want to add some versatility into their home workouts without going too heavy, or who like to add fixed weight barbells but would not want to accommodate a full set. This could be a good space-saving, fast-adjusting option.   

❌ Not Suitable For: This adjustable barbell is not for power lifters or Olympic lifters because it has finicky parts, has potential limitations, comes with no add-ons options, weighs very little, which isn’t what strong athletes prefer. 


Flexnest adjustable barbell India
  1. Advanced adjustment technology: Using a crocodile concept weight clasping system, The Flex Barbell is able to firmly grasp weights with a click of a button.
  2. Adjust weights very quickly: Don’t waste time between the sets and don’t lose momentum.  
  3. Smart Gym Equipment: India’s 1st Smart Barbell with plates that doubles up as individual weights.
  4. Use as individual weights: Its plates can be used as individual plates for many exercises. Shoulder raises, Russian twists, and more. 
  5. Perfect for home workouts: Made with rubberized coating and ergonomically designed, the flex barbell is perfect to help you ace your home workouts.


  • Fully Adjustable design. 
  • Available in two weights models, 20 kg or 40 kg.
  • ✔️ Adjusts in multiple weight increments (Depending on the model you buy).
  • Fast weight-changing mechanism. 
  • 2 Knurl marks are given for perfect gripping. 
  • Rubber weight plates, so it won’t damage the flooring. 
  • Ideal for Home workouts. Possibilities are endless!


  • Can’t be upgraded after a certain limit.
  • Not for serious lifters.
  • Can’t be used for heavy squats or heavy movements. 
  • Shouldn’t be dropped from an overhead height.❌ 
  • Little finicky. 

Some More Good things:

  1. Designed in Germany
  2. Free Shiping
  3. 10-day easy returns, on Amazon
  4. Contactless Delivery
  5. 1-year warranty attached.

How to use The Flex Barbell?

Refer to this video.


Switching weights on this bar is really easy here. 

Can I do competitive lifting with an adjustable barbell?

Now I want to make it clear if you’re looking at this adjustable barbell by Flexnest India, and you’re like, “Hey that’s not something I’d use in my squat”. My answer to this is, it’s not designed for that. 

It’s not designed to compete with an Olympic weightlifting bar or powerlifting barbell in India

For most people, I would definitely suggest getting an Olympic barbell because you can put plates on it’s pretty much too infinitely. They are UPGRADABLE to as much weight as you’d want to put on them; you don’t have to pay extra to put extra weight on them. 🤨

At the same time, this is designed for a different type of a workout than heavy squats, heavy deadlifts, and that sort of thing. 

An adjustable barbell is designed as a replacement for those fixed barbells weights that you see in commercial gyms that stand on pyramid-style stands and that go in 10-pound increments. 

This unit replaces that in a compact form and also allows you to switch weights between the sets at lightning speed (in less than 5 sec) so you don’t lose momentum. 

Quite applaudable! 💯

Flaws of Flexnest Flex Barbell India:

  1. Do not drop them: You need to be careful with it, otherwise, they will break. 
  2. Not for heavy squats: It’s not designed to be used as a normal barbell you can do heavy squats with. 
  3. You also can’t really be able to place this in a power rack. This is more for like accessory movements and you’re wanting to get change a quick bar and get ready to go.
  4. Little off in balance:

The other thing I would mention is that I don’t love, but it’s just due to the design, is the way it feels. When you’re actually lifting due to the way that the plates are. It’s like it feels offset in some ways because one side feels a little bit heavier than the other due to the way that the plates are shaped. 

So you’re like overcoming the INERTIA and the GRAVITY. It just feels off. It’s not super balanced forward to backward. 🤨

It’s hard to like tell you without actually using it, but just so you know, it’s not like going to feel the exact same as the Olympic barbell plates where the weights are circular and they’re just evenly placed. 

How much Flexnest adjustable barbell is priced at?

The price, it’s what a lot of people want to know at the end. How much is it for? 

It’s all going to decide whether it is going to ship to your home or you are going to move on to the next product.  

Flexnest barbell adjustable barbell review.

You know Flexibar/ or Flex barbell comes in 2 models, and the price is accordingly adjusted with it. The price for

20 kg version is Rs 12000 

40 kg version is Rs 21000 

Both the models are available on Amazon.in for purchase. 🤑 

Personally, I don’t think this price is like a crazy amount for what this is. Because you get 20 kg or 40 kg in a bunch of different weight increments. 

➡️ Originally, if you go and buy an Olympic barbell like from

ATE IPF powerlifting bar specs

ATE 20 kg Olympic bar costs Rs 20000

Bullrock Fitness 20 kg Olympic bar costs Rs 22000 

Additionally, you got to also buy weight plates with it, which is much costlier than a barbell itself and only avilable in a set for purchase. Of course, you can go and buy a cheaper barbell or a full home gym kit for half of a price, but it won’t match the commercial standards with which you enjoy training with.  

Let’s also consider if you consider buying a fixed weight barbell, how much is it going to cost you?

Take USI sports brand prices, their  


10 kg fixed barbell costs Rs 3999

15 kg fixed barbell costs Rs 5799

20 kg fixed barbell costs Rs 7799

Total = Rs 17597 for 3 barbells that go upto 20 kg


20 kg Flexnest barbell that’s cost Rs 12000 only (adjustable in multiple weight increments)

You SAVE Rs 5597 going with Flex barbell choice. ✔️

So for most people who like Flexnest – premium home gym equipment in India, I think their Flexbarbell- best adjustable barbell in India is on point for the rest of their pricing model and is much cheaper than some of the other options that are out there. 

For the price point for what’s offered here for the value, I honestly think it’s a good value. 😀


31x0SSRdh L
Staff Pick

Flexnest Flex Adjustable Barbell (Upto 20kg or 38kg)

The Smart Barbell for Home Gym | Comes with plates that doubles up as individual weights to curl, squat and dips. Use it as a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell and more.
280 People Used
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On-Going Offer

If you are going to get an adjustable barbell set, and if you are comfortable with the adjustable-equipment idea and are ready to put up this idea, or if you love group courses done with barbells, this set might be for you. 😊

Is it worth it? Probably not, I wouldn’t recommend Flexnest Flexbarbell over an Olympic bar. Most people just get an Olympic bar. It’s basic. You’d be far better off buying a real Olympic barbell and some cast iron weights which you can extend forever in even small & very large increments.  

But if those just aren’t available. I like this adjustable barbell – flex barbell from flexnest because it is definitely nice to have around for your home gym, especially during the lockdown. 💯

It’s pretty simple to use, compact, has a seamless design, but we are uncertain its mechanism and construction will hold up with time or not.  

That’s kind of been like the thing with Flexnest India a lot of their gym equipment I’m like pretty skeptical on and I don’t think it’s meant for like the hardcore trainee but for general homeowners. Their value just continues to be pretty good and this is a great example of it.

Alternative options of Adjustable Barbell in India

Cubeclub adjustable barbell India Review

CubeClub Adjustable barbell India 18/ 38 kg

Thoughtfully designed with rotating gator ends that help keep your arms in alignment and make lifting weights feel smoother. This instantly improves your form, reduces the risk of injury and your joints will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Flexnest Flex barbell/ Flexibar – the best adjustable barbell in India. Leave your points in the comment box below.

Stay Strong.

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