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Here you’ll find Coupons & Deals from almost all Online gym equipment manufacturers in India here!

NOTE: We have specially partnered with these companies to bring you the best-discounted price on your purchases of equipment. Upon Using our referral/ or coupon codes you'll get prices LOWER than the normal public. 

(These discounts are applicable ONLY when you apply our Coupon Code on checkout or SHARE them with the sales team.)

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Indian Fitness Brands We’ve Partnered With –

  • ATE logo

    5% ATE (Anand Track & Field Equipments) Coupons and Promo Codes

    • With all track field equipment, shop for barbells, plates, and knee sleeves from the oldest sports manufacturer in India. Exceptional quality at an affordable price.
  • bushing 1632130833

    5% Off Siege Fitness COUPON CODE

    • Seige Fitness came to the gym market, with innovations and craftsmanship. You will get all types of racks with them, including folding, full 6-post racks & more.
  • 5% OFF
    sfhealthtech logo

    5% SF HealthTech Coupons and Promo Codes

    • Most used by Celebrities, SF HealthTech is known for providing a range of International Standard Quality Equipment for all types of workouts – may it be Strength training, CrossFit, or full gym setup.
  • 5% OFF
    Logo color

    5% Off Leeway Fitness Coupon Code

    • Leeway Fitness brand is a cost-effective brand in the strength equipment industry. They are also on Amazon, but you will get a discount of 5% if you buy from the website. Look for them, when low on budget.
  • prowolf shoes

    5% Off Pro Wolf Coupon Code

    • Don’t miss out on the best deals! Explore the PRO WOLF clearance products & find the best weightlifting shoes, knee sleeves, appeal & others.
  • GRIND GEAR figure 8 lifting straps in India

    10% Off Grind Gear Coupon Code

    • The best grind gear coupon code is available here. Use it before buying on their website this code gives you a flat 5% off.

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