Best Powerlifting Bar in India? Bullrock 29MM Wild Rhino 1.5 Bar Review

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Best powerlifting bar in India Review bullrock 29mm wild rhino bar 1.5 review

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This powerlifting barbell, often called by name power bar or stiff bar, has quickly become the gold standard when it comes to the best powerlifting bar in India. Whether you're building a gym in your home, or maybe you want to sweet-talk about the commercial gym into getting more equipment, or you’re that person who brings their own barbell with them to the gym. 

👉 This bar is a popular choice among powerlifters and others in India. 

You really can keep your trust on the Bullrock Fitness or their Wild Rhino 29MM powerlifting bar, no matter which other barbell brand in India you use currently. This power bar can give a tough fight to all of them. 😊

I have in the past reviewed other bullrock bars as well, i.e., cerakote red turtle bar, and their deadlift bar which you could find out, and I think their all-strength equipment is a blend of quality and affordability that really sets it above the rest. Even when we compare it to super expensive foreign barbell brands like Rogue and Eleiko. 

✔️ Given that this bar is geared more towards powerlifting and is IPF specs accepted, which is a nice thing to consider its entry in the best of best powerlifting barbells in India, at a first sight.

Though, the key thing to point out here is that it has aggressive knurling on its shaft, which for a power bar is obviously needed to have a stronger grip/ hold on the bar. 

But it won’t be liked by many people or those who are starting out and experiencing such a product for the first time.😕

So for you, this might or might not fit alongside your training style if you’re not really a powerlifter. (Please don’t leave, I have another recommendation for you in the end.

➡️ In this Bullrock Wild Rhino Powerlifting bar India review, I would be talking about what each part/ component of this barbell has, does it meet industry standards, and what would it feel like when you use it in the application.

Also, what are the other best powerlifting bar options in India for you, if not this? 

Let’s get on this journey. ❤️

Who needs to buy a powerlifting bar?

Best powerlifting barbell in India by bullrock fitness
Picture of Barbell: Wild Rhino Bar

👉 Buying your own powerlifting bar definitely isn’t for everybody, and also everybody shouldn’t be buying every barbell.

Barbells can get pretty expensive, depending on their specifications and the real competition feel at a steel of a price they provide. 

If you’re looking for a new barbell, and if you don’t mind a little elbow grease and getting things dirty and fixing it up and maybe some inconsistencies on the knurl, then an inexpensive non-branded barbell found on amazon for Rs 10000 or low is just Okay. Whose specs don’t match to what IPF has laid out and which isn’t really a powerlifting bar. 

But I’d think you’d really be hard-pressed to work with any normal barbell. 

➡️ That’s the reason, through my blogs I help you find a better powerlifting bar on the market for the price and the specs that are meant for serious powerlifters.

This means you can train like a competition style and could more profoundly increase your numbers on squats, bench, and deadlifts, rather than being stunned later at the stage. 😲 

Bullrock Wild Rhino 1.5 Powerlifting Bar in India

bullrock best barbell in India

Why this bar?

  • Powerlifting bars, powerlifters buy it because it emulates what you’ll see in a powerlifting competition, and that way when you train with such kind of bar that meets the IPF specs, then you’re ready on the game day. Bullrock 29MM Wild Rhino bar 1.5, gives you an experience that resembles having a true powerlifting barbell in India.

Bullrock Wild Rhino Bar 1.5 Powerlifting Barbell India Review

As the name implies, it’s a powerlifting bar, which is meant for squatting, benching, and deadlifting all 3 major movements for which powerlifters train most for.

But the real question is whether it truly is a Wild Rhino? Let’s find out.

➡️ Starting with…

✔️ Specifications:

Wild Rhino bar bet powerlifting bar in India review from bullrock fitness
Bar TypeMen’s Barbell
Bar Weight20 Kg
Shaft Diameter29MM
Knurl1.5mm Volcano Knurl
Knurl typeIPF-5
Center KnurlYes
Bar Length2200MM
Loadable Sleeve Length415MM
Shaft CoatingHard Chrome
Sleeve CoatingHard Chrome
Bushing/ Bearing6 Bronze Bushings
Tensile Strength205,000 PSI
Max load1800lbs/ 816kg
Best Powerlifting Bar in India

✔️ What Things I Do Like 

  1. True IPF matched specs for a powerlifting barbell (not IPF-approved). 
  2. Hard chrome finishing all over the bar.
  3. Good 29MM shaft diameter.
  4. Aggressive volcano knurling and IPF knurl marks, making it a legit power bar. 
  5. Least spin/ rotation with 6 bronze bushing. 
  6. 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  7. Absolutely No maintenance is required. 

What Things I Don’t Like 

  1. The collars aren’t thin, which won’t push weights closer. Though it doesn’t breach what IPF mentions in specs.
  2. Oxidation can happen quick, only if you live in humid environments.

Read more in detail about Wild Rhino 1.5 Powerlifting bar Review:

1. End Caps:

bullrock wild rhino bar

👉 Seeing the end of the sleeve, you’ll notice a snap ring design, which is pretty standard these days. Most barbells have it outside, maybe an ATE power bar or Challenge power bar, or a budget powerlifting bar you might get at your local sporting goods store. 

It’s an industry standard that allows you to get the sleeve on and off quickly. If you ever need to do maintenance or lube things up, which for a Powerlifting Bar, you probably don’t need to. But if you choose to, it’s very convenient. 😊

❌ Please don’t go for barbells that have bolt and screw sleeve designs, because it can be very dangerous.

When you see this powerlifting bar from sideways, a brand tag of bullrock is clearly visible on the end caps describing the specifications about the bar you look at, not much, but weight, name, and thickness of the bar can be seen here with a slogan “Lift with passion”. 👍

✔️This is helpful for most new lifters, to first identify the barbell they’re using.

Second, they can distinguish which barbell is which, because most barbells available in the lifting hall are of hard chrome. Which makes them select the wrong barbell, for the exercise they want to perform. 

2. Sleeves:

grooved sleeves of wild rhino power bar

Looking at the actual sleeve of the bullrock power bar India itself, you’ll notice that it’s grooved all over, which helps secure the plates from sliding off at a time or wiggle side to side when you’re doing deadlifts or things of that nature. So you don’t require adjusting the plates close to the collar every time after or beginning for your lifts.

But to be honest, it does definitely make more audible noise as you slide plates on and off. 😒 Also, this happens because of the steel inserts on the plate.

This doesn’t bother me, but if it does bother you, then it is something to take into consideration.

Sleeve Diameter & Loadable Length:

The sleeve diameter is 49.8 MM/ 2-inch, which is perfect to fit in any Olympic bumper plate, or cast iron plate you do use. But it won’t be right for cheap or budget plates with 1” inch center holes that are being sold at a price per kg. Obviously, no one would be using them if he/ she is a serious lifter. 👍

Get only a 2-inch center hole Olympic iron weight plate for any IWF or IPF approved barbell.

synergee buy metal weight plates

Loadable sleeve length is 415MM on Wild rhino powerlifting bar is significant enough to be used also by an experienced powerlifter who wants to break the next powerlifting record. (The Bar can be loaded to 440kgs easily)

3. Shaft and Knurling

👉 Shaft is where you’ll be gripping the bar. Bullrock Fitness Wild Rhino Power Bar 1.5 is a 29MM hard chrome bar that has a couple of big benefits. 

#1 You are going to get a lower price because you’re not paying for some fancy coating. 

#2 You’re also going to get a good feel on the bar because there’s thin hard chrome coating that’s going to be in between the steel and your hands. Thus, you got to introduce its true knurling. 

1.5 mm aggressive knurl on powerlifting bar

➡️ In this case, the actual knurling on this bullrock powerlifting bar India is not overly aggressive or sharp, but yes, it is what a 1.5 mm Volcano Knurl provides for a comfortable & secure grip. 

But given the fact that this has a 29MM hard chrome shaft, it feels good in the hands and can be used as your everyday training power bar, which won’t require you gym chalk. The knurl is just that good; it does come standard with the center knurl and single IPF-5 powerlifting knurl marks as well. 😊

Center knurl and knurl marks on wild rhino bar

The center knurl is actually as per IPF specs, so it’s going to hold better on your back. ❤️

You also wouldn’t find any inconsistencies or some of the minor finish issues on knurling that you might get on any other inexpensive power bars, available either in the offline or online market for strength equipment in India.

4. Coating of the Shaft:

wild rhino powerlifting barbell review
Wild Rhino 1.5 Bar

Speaking more of the shaft, one of the things I want to talk about is although hard chrome does have a lot of benefits, but it requires little more upkeep than ceramic/ cerakote coatings, which you see in Bullrock Red turtle Olympic barbell.

Though some rust and oxidation spots do clean up with a wire brush and some oil. But it’s just something to be aware of if you’re going to get this powerlifting bar, and if you live in an environment where oxidation happens quite easily.

This one will just require little more tender love and care. 😊

coating & tensile strength

But the advantage of hard chrome over black oxide/ ceramic or any coating is that hard chrome requires NO maintenance/ or attention than the Oxide finished shaft of Sabertooth Powerlifting Bar, which makes hard chrome – Wild Rhino 1.5 Powerlifting Bar India a better choice for commercial gyms and serious powerlifters.

I have explained the difference between the two barbells coating below in much detail.

5. Collars

Things get pretty different here.😲 Some brands’ powerlifting bars come with thick collar sleeves, while some make it with thin collar sleeves. Collars you get on Wild Rhino 1.5 Powerlifting bars are like any normal Olympic barbell. 

➡️ So, the question lies in what should be preferred?

It’s obvious that thin style collars, allow the weights to come closer so there’s less distance between the plates on either side which is going to make the bar feel stiffer. So you get less whip out of the bar. 

On the other side, when the collars are thicker, it’s becoming possible to use thicker bushes inside it & the thicker the bushes greater the strength will be, which can withstand much heavier drops.

Depending on what you’re used to training, the difference between the two can be a concern for you, especially when choosing a powerlifting barbell. 

👉 So I asked directly to the Bullrock support team, and they answered this:

It’s obvious that thinner the collar increases the loadable length of the sleeve & also when either side of the weights comes much closer, the stiffness gets increased. But it won’t make much of a difference.

➡️ Here is a quick comparison to other barbells that are used in competitions all over the world. This will show you the difference.

Loadable sleeve lengths: Eleiko: 433mm, Rogue: ~429mm, BullrocK: 415mm

So here we can see Eleiko’s bar, which has 4mm & 18mm greater loadable capacity due to its thin collar. But the thing is, if we consider that we are getting 18mm excess capacity, then how much extra load we can add is about 2.5kg on each side, which in my opinion, is not such a great difference to see. 

Because though on the 415mm sleeve length on Bullrock Barbells we can load more than 220kg on each side, i.e., total 440kg of plates which in total with barbell becomes 460kg which is more than enough for most elite powerlifters. 

And coming to stiffness, the major factor for the bar’s stiffness is the tensile strength of steel (which is great above 190K, and bullrock has 205K), & hence the variation in the stiffness due to the collar will be quite negligible. 
The calculation for your reference:

415mm (sleeve length) – 50mm (Locks) = 365mm (loadable capacity for the plates)
A general 20kg Iron plate has thickness of ~33mm
20kg x 11 plates = 363mm | 220kg (on each side of bar)

👉 So if we load 25kg, the capacity will be greater than 440kg.

The Bullrock Wild Rhino bar is also stays lined to be the IPF-spec bar, so you can also take it to the competitions. Be assured!

6. Spin on the power bar

Speaking more of collars, the Bullrock Wild Rhino 1.5 power bars do not spin very smoothly compared to the bullrock red turtle Olympic bar, or 28MM panther bar, any other Olympic bar.

I don’t think spin of sleeves matters much for powerlifting, and if you planned on this being an all-purpose powerlifting bar to be used for deadlift, squats, and bench press, it is helpful.

And if it has more spin than for squats when you’re lifting 2X, 3X of your body weight, this isn’t what you like. 

So this bar gives a lit bit of everything to every exercise. 

Though you would find no problem inserting this into your daily training routine, it just fits alongside your other power bars. 

✔️ As well, it’s rated at 205 K psi tensile strength, which doesn’t really mean much to me, because I’m not sure what that is but it basically equates to allowing it to be loaded up with more weight than I could ever lift. (Max load: 816 kgs/ 1800 lbs)

7. Bushing

Bushing on wild rhino bar

As discussed above for powerlifting, spin isn’t a very important factor and normally you find a bushing in most powerlifting bars.

This is similar to The WILD RHINO BAR 1.5, it has 6 bronze bushings (again industry standard👍), which provide less but optimal rotation which isn’t going to impact you when lifting 2X or 3X of your weight on deadlifts or any other exercise.  

For most of the time, with bronze bushings, what you have is because they’re self-lubricating they give a little better spin but with this Bullrock powerlifting bar it doesn’t have self-lubricating bushing and that’s also not necessary, definitely for Olympic barbell, it is.

Bearing is more costlier than bushing, and people ask why not bearing in powerlifting bars?

👉 Remember, high-quality bushing is better than low-quality needle bearing.  

Therefore, the bronze bushing will be fine here, holds up for longer, and is perfect for powerlifting bars like such which are meant for only powerlifting exercises. 

Next Question, people ask for? They don’t have a lot of play on it but it does have a little spring which is supposed to be more of a shock absorber. What is it? I don’t really see that being a pro or con either way when you’re dealing with a power bar like this.

➡️ Comparison b/w Bullrock Sabertooth Bar vs Wild Rhino Bar India

If you’ve been thinking about buying this best powerlifting bar in India, i.e., Wild Rhino 1.5 Power Bar. I would highly recommend it however before you do, I might also suggest looking at the Bullrock Sabertooth 29MM power bar as they’re both very similar, they have a few different variants at the finish. 😊

Though they both can’t be compared but only picked based on what coating you prefer to have, depending on the conditions you keep the barbell in, or where you live in India, and how’s the weather there? 

➡️ Rest everything and all specifications, such as length, diameter, and type of knurls you get on both these powerlifting barbells from bullrock Fitness India are the SAME. Just the difference you will observe is in the Coating. 

Let’s first find out which coating is better, Hard chrome or Black Oxide?

✔️ 1. Wild Rhino Bar – Hard Chrome:
Hard chrome coating on barbell India

Hard Chrome is more resistant to oxidation than Black Oxide and that’s why it ranks much higher in the Oxidation scale Rating chart.

If you prefer a mild aggressive grip feel and can’t pay much attention to the maintenance of the bar OR, you’re planning to use the bar in a not very humid environment, then The Wild Rhino Bar 1.5 is for you.

Because Powerlifters do not need to feel as connected to the bar as Oly lifters do. 

This procedure will add a coating of chromium to your bar, giving it a bright silver appearance. The benefit of doing so is increased bar strength and improved corrosion resistance.

✔️ 2. Sabertooth Bar – Black Oxide:
Black Oxide powerlifting barbell sabertooth barbell India review

The Black Oxide finish creates the impression of gripping a bare steel bar, making the knurl seem more aggressive and alive (compared to Hard Chrome). That’s the reason it’s liked by serious powerlifters.

But hard chrome is also present in this sabertooth bar on the SLEEVES, to provide scratch resistance where black oxide coating isn’t suitable for use.

Bullrock Sabertooth Bar is recommended for those who can oil the bar shaft every quarter or two and prefer a more aggressive knurl feel. Because the black oxide coat is very thin compared to hard chrome, that’s why knurl feels better in hands.

👉 Key takeaways:

Wild Rhino Bar 1.5 Sabertooth Bar
Has complete Hard chromed finish on shaft and sleeves.Has Black Oxide coated shaft, hard chromed finish on sleeves.
Silver in color.Black in color.
Thick sized coatingThin sized coating
Mild Aggressive in the handsHighly aggressive knurling
No maintenance is requiredRequires basic maintenance.
Have high good corrosion/ Rust resistanceLess corrosion/ Rust resistance.
Humid environments have a bad impact on itSimilarly, black oxide is not suited for a humid environment. Choose cerakote coating then.✔️

➡️ End Opinion:

If you want the best bang for you, I would suggest looking at the Bullrock Wild Rhino 1.5 Powerlifting bar India i.e., 20-kilogram, 29MM variant, and IPF specs approved, it requires NO maintenance and gives fewer worries to safeguard it compared to black oxide coated shaft on sabertooth bar from chipping off/ or fading in from metal to metal contact. 😳

Both power bars resemble the conditions of identifying the good powerlifting barbell in India. Whichever you choose, you won’t be running into problems. Just some things are better in one compared to the other.

Comments on Price of Wild Rhino 1.5 Powerlifting Bar India

knurl marking on wild rhino bar scaled

🔰 I find that it is a really stiff bar with good powerlifting bar specs and for the price of around 💲 INR 26000 post shipping on Amazon. it’s really attractive considering that you’re not paying for any expensive coating that is just for good appearance, or brand name like Eleiko, which costs almost double or triple of this price due to their excessive import duties here in India.😳 Also, not all have access to them.  

This bullrock power bar, is giving you an Indian product at a price that is affordable and wouldn’t be taking too much from our pockets. 

Also, it’s giving you the same kind of performance for a lot of those other bars in comparison to $500+ bars like Rogue Ohio Bar, or any of that type. Which is going to cost you more with shipping + taxes. 

➡️ To be honest, you shouldn’t be buying foreign brand bars also in the case, when actually you want to have thinner-style collars on your bar, which are more akin to powerlifting.

There are plenty of options in India, and you can ask me by writing to [email protected], I will be happy to guide you. 


bullrock best barbell in India

Bullrock Wild Rhino 29MM powerlifting bar India

This bar is 20kg, 2200mm long, it has 29mm shaft diameter, made of high-grade alloy steel and snap ring construction, giving it a 205K psi tensile strength rating.
24 People Used
5 Only Left

My overall opinion on this Wild Rhino 1.5 power bar India from Bullrock Fitness, to be honest, I liked it a lot. In fact, I liked it a lot more than I thought I was going to like it, and I had no problem inserting this into my daily training routine. It just fit alongside my Nelco Olympic bar. makes

I’d mentioned some of the pros on here. I like the volcano knurling on it which makes you use it for squatting, benching, and deadlifting. The shaft diameter of 29MM make it stiff, the spin on sleeves is minimum.

A few of the quick knocks is that you do see more whip or flexion as you increase the weights compared to the other bars.

But depending on how much you lift 300+, that might not even really matter for the most part. And because it comes with IPF specs, it can’t be a deal-breaker. 😊

➡️ I do still think the Bullrock powerlifting barbells are the gold standard when it comes to both quality and price, but that being said this is a viable contender to other best powerlifting barbells in India, like ATE power bar and as I mentioned I have no problem using this on a day to day basis. ✔️

Other Recommendations For Barbell:

Top Pick
WhatsApp Image 2020 07 10 at 5.04.12 PM

ATE 20 Kg 29MM Powerlifting barbell

If you want to have only a thin-collar powerlifting barbell, though I explained the difference between the two, which isn’t much a deciding factor. But still, if you want to go that way. Have this bar, which has exactly the same specs as Wild Rhino, but obviously comes with a more loadable sleeve length.

Top Pick
Black Panther Raw Photos

Bullrock 28MM Black Panther Multipurpose Barbell

For those who don’t mind, to have an IWF + IPF knurl marks for the sake of having a mildly aggressive 1.2 diamond knurl over a volcano knurl can have a Bullrock black panther bar. This can be your all-purpose bar, with a 28MM shaft diameter and little whip.

Hopefully, that helps you make some decisions. If I left anything out or you have other questions, please let me know in the comment section below. 

In the meantime, please share it with you powerlifter friends, and tell me which powerlifting barbell you have, and if not this one which?

Thanks! Keep Lifting. ❤️

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