Today, we’re reviewing the assault runner elite treadmill. This is a manual slat belt treadmill. So it does not require electricity. It has unlimited speed. It will go as fast

One of the most underrated and maybe underappreciated tools in the gym is a mini deadlift jack.😊 Now, if you’re one of those who thinks that deadlift jacks somehow make

During the lockdown, I gained weight abruptly. I was very tense and panicked about my weight gain. It stressed me a lot and made me depressed when I used to

Body fitness is very much essential for human beings. In this globalized world, every person wants to shred their extra pound off their body. Cardio training or cardio exercise is

Top Best Exercise Ball in India. Exercise balls are diverse fitness equipment that serves several purposes. You can sit on them during office hours to improve your posture. You can

Road To Fat loss: What causes Fat Loss? 🙂 Assume you get a call from work saying that they've moved the office. What's the first question you ask? Where to?