What is Buffalo Barbell? 3 Things You Would Love!!

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Bow barbell: Is buffalo barbell worth it

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If you're not familiar with Buffalo barbell weight, as you can tell they're all bowed and the thought process behind them is it allows you to get in a better position for squatting because it doesn't put as much stress on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. 

➡️ For a lot of people who have issues with lifting may be due to injury or due to bad mobility or just because you want a variation are the potential buyers of such kind of product. 

Many people also like buffalo bars for squats, which is also one of the biggest buffalo barbell benefits they’re recommended for.

In fact, you can even use it for things like bench pressing, and overhead pressing as well because the bow allows the lifter gains access to more range of motion and is forced to bring the bar ‘deeper’ on each rep.

Which is the best buffalo barbell for sale?

buffalo bar 03

BEST PICK: Buffalo Bar 2.0 By Strongarm

  • Shaft: 32mm diameter
  • Length: 2,430mm/95.7″ length.
  • Weigh: 22.7kg/50lbs.
  • Finish (coating): Black zinc shaft finish with chrome sleeves.
  • Weight capacity: 1,500lb capacity.
strength shop buffalo barbell review

Strength Shop Bow Barbell

  • Weight: 25kg (55lb)
  • Max Load: 3,530lb
  • Length: 93″
  • 59.5” between collars
  • 15.4” loadable sleeve length
  • 35mm shaft, 50mm rotating sleeves.

What is the point of a Buffalo bar?

In theory, the buffalo barbell will translate very well to pressing movements. You can see some side-by-side comparison for this lifter squatting where he puts his hand. It shows you basically what’s going to happen when using this buffalo barbell weight. 

➡️ The hands are going to be lower, elbows a little farther forward or under the bar. But from a side view, you can see the kind of center-of-gravity shifts forward too because not only is this bar bent in terms of down. But when you grip it you tend to roll it and push it forward so it shifts the weight forward a little bit. 

When squatting, the curvature of the bar allows for a lower hand placement to save the shoulders and elbows, while the weight is held below the shoulders to bring more stress to the hips and your core.

It feels different than your traditional low bar squat and not just in being easy on your shoulder so that the weight distribution is different and I find that this is a harder movement than my traditional low bar, so that’s what these bars are.

What I like about this bar and what I don’t like. 

1. Length of the bow barbell
Is a Buffalo bar worth it?How heavy is a Buffalo bar?Can you squat more with a Buffalo bar?
specialty bar: bow barbell

Yes, the length of the buffalo barbell shaft is important. In this regard, this Strong Arm buffalo bar is 92 inches as opposed to Fringe Sport or the Vulcan versions, which are just 87.5 inches. The longer shaft allows for more of a bend. 

So one of the things with these bars that you want to take a look at is how much actual bow they have in them? The bigger the bow, the better it’s gonna fit and wrap around your back and allow you to get in a better position. 

The shorter it is, the less bow it’s going to have and the more similar is going to be to your normal straight barbell. But unfortunately, length isn’t the only story. 

2. Diameter of buffalo bar

Girth/ diameter is also important. The diameter of this Strong Arm buffalo bar is only 29 millimeters which is a negative in my opinion because it’s still a good bar at 29 millimeters with not too much whip but because of the added length, this bar should be a little bit thicker maybe 31, 32 millimeters. 

Though the bright side is that even though this isn’t as big of diameter as some of the other bars. Chances are you’re probably not going to be loading it up with enough weight to really make too much of a difference. 
Therefore, 29 millimeters shaft diameter is still plenty stiff that weights up to like 400 – 500 pounds and it’s not until like that 600 – 700 pound mark.

That way, you’re really going to start seeing the difference. In that case, I might go with one of the beefier bars, but I think a large population of people wouldn’t be doing that.

3. Coating on the bar.

Originally bare steel is not as great as other coatings because it’s going to oxidize quicker & would require more maintenance. However, bare steel bars have some of the best feelings on them because there’s nothing between you and the actual knurling as opposed to black zinc or as opposed to chrome or cerakote. 

➡️ Well, those coatings might protect your bar more, but it doesn’t give you the same feel.

The downside of having bare steel is the aesthetics aren’t as great, but the performance and functionality is improved versus having something with a better finish which might look nicer but actually decrease the performance and functionality of the barbell.

Price of Buffalo Barbell. 

There’s been a lot of popularity with these buffalo bars lately. You’ve probably heard of the Kabuki strength duffalo low bar, which is viewed as the top-notch level bar. Oh, by the way, it also sets you back probably around $700 when you’re all said and done. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some cheap players as well as titan fitness who have their bison bar, which literally looks like a bad Photoshop job.

In between you also have a lot of other companies fringe sport, Vulcan that both release bars recently $400 each. But Strength shop buffalo bar has one-two hundred fifty bucks.

One from strong-arm retails for $275 if you buy it directly through them at their new US site, so before there are only Canadian now you can get them through their US site which saves a lot of money. 

I view those two companies kind of like brother and sister companies. They have it for $295 shipped, so I would in this case recommend going direct through strongarm buffalo bar which is a great price overall for any barbell, but the price isn’t always the whole story. Consider checking their specifications/ dimensions.

Is a Buffalo bar worth it?

The Buffalo Bar is unquestionably a superior overall bar, but the Strong Arm Buffalo Bar is the finest value buffalo bar currently available.

Whether you want to use the bar for squatting or pressing, the barbell will be able to withstand any punishment you intend to inflict on it, and you will enjoy it while doing so.

If you’re on a tight budget and searching for the best buffalo bar, this is the place to go.

➡️ But if you don’t have any specialty bars and you just want a specimen bar to begin with I still prefer the safety squat bar over this.

FAQs on Buffalo Specialty Barbell

What are Buffalo bars good for?

The Buffalo Bar is strategically intended to relieve tension on your shoulders while squatting and benching. A key advantage of a buffalo/ duffalo bar is that it is still very comparable to a regular movement with a stiff bar; you can even hold the bar like a conventional squat but with substantially less strain on your shoulder joints.

Can you squat more with a Duffalo bar?

The Duffalo Bar is a buffalo bar that Chris Duffin and his crew at Kabuki Strength totally re-engineered to be the finest available. Although this barbell is designed for squatting, but the Buffalo Bar also works well for pressing, particularly benching.

How heavy is a Buffalo bar?

The buffalo bar can weigh anywhere from 22 kg to 25 kg.

Hopefully, this helps you guys. If you are wondering about buying buffalo barbell and have any other questions, I didn’t answer. Leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. Stay big.

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