Bullrock Fitness Best Squat Bar in India Review

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32 mm squat bar in India from bullrock fitness

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If you're interested in buying a 32 MM best squat bar in India, Bullrock Fitness has probably the only option for the most part right now. But wait a minute, why squat bars, why anyone would go out and buy a specialty bar for squats? 😀

I get it as a home gym owner, or a commercial gym owner. Squat bars is not going to get a ton of use ‌considering it’s going to be worked into the rotation of many other barbells. 

But with having a squat barbell, it’s about going that extra mile! 

✔️ The BullrocK Squat Bar is 2400mm long, which eliminates hitting the rack while racking and re-racking, decreasing mental effort. 

This specialty powerlifting style-bar features a 32mm shaft diameter, aggressively knurled on the full shaft. A thicker bar means more contact area with the back, preventing it from rolling off. 

👉 It is an excellent choice for most elite lifters who go that extra mile to lift weights.

In this barbell review blog, I am giving you a gist of what squat bar is, and should you buy one that bullrock Fitness offers in India? Because they’re actually fitting for a lot of people where they’re not going to necessarily break the bank. 🏦

Let’s start…

Basics of Squat Bar?

bullrock fitness squat bar in India
Bullrock barbell: Best Squat bar in India
  1. When you look at a Squat barbell🙄, the basics behind it is 
  2. It’s longer than a powerlifting barbell, both on the shaft and sleeves. 
  3. It’s thicker than a powerlifting barbell.
  4. It has a more Aggressive Knurl than other barbells.
  5. Its knurl runs on the entire shaft of the bar. 
  6. It allows you to load more weight plates than a normal barbell.

👉 Squat Barbell is very differently made to powerlifting bar, which covers all. It focuses on supplementing the maximum advantage to a lifter who does JUST squats exercise. 

Bullrock Fitness Best Squat Bar in India

The Squat Bar 1 scaled
  • The 32MM Squat Bar in India is another Bullrock- exclusive, that comes with a deep, coarse knurl design for optimal “stick” and a larger shaft for decreased whip/flex on heavyweights. (Buy it if you want to HIT records on squats.😁)


  • Bullrock’s thickest and stiffest barbell created to date.👍
  • High-quality barbell, good craftsmanship delivered.  
  • The shaft is 32 mm, which is 3 mm broader than power bars.
  • Extremely aggressive knurl that uses a volcano-type knurl.
  • Knurling runs the entire length of the bar.
  • 5 IPF knurl marks for alignment


  • Specializes only in 1 movement. 
  • It completely overkills on both price and features. 

Squat Bar Vs Powerlifting Bar Specifications:

Bar Category:Squat BarPowerlifting Bar
Bar Use:Mainly For SquatsAll Powerlifting Moves
Bar Weight:25 KG20 KG
Shaft Diameter:32 MM29 MM
Knurl Size:1.5 MM1.5 MM
Knurl Type:IPF 5IPF 5
Center Knurl:YesYes
Whip:No WhipLess Whip
Bar Length:2400 mm / 7.87 feet2200 mm / 7.2 feet
Sleeve Length:425mm415mm
Shaft Coating:Black Oxide
Sleeve Coating:Hard Chrome
Bearings & Bushings:6 Bronze Bushings
Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI
Max Load:907 kg816 kg

Why Squat Bar Might Be Important To You? 

➡️ Especially if you compete in a Federation like the IPF, which is very popular these days and uses specialty bars, when it comes to squatting and deadlifting or a traditional power bar when it comes to benching, so it’s great strength equipment there. 

For a lot of people that might not necessarily have that old-school stereotypical powerlifting style look or mindset about them.

And I want to talk about that because even though I think that’s who this bar was initially intended for, it actually benefits normal lifters like yourself and myself. 

I think the thought here was to allow bigger lifters with poor shoulder mobility to kind of set the bar appropriately and not worry about any kind of shoulder issues.

Especially if they are in a really tight suit or just out of shape and can’t really move their shoulders that well. ❤️ 

What Problems Does Squat Barbell solve?

#1 It’s Thicker

👉 35 MM shaft diameter feels great on the back because it’s a bigger bar, and it’s super aggressively knurled throughout the shaft. Most people prefer a girthier bar on their back, so there are more points of contact on the knurl. It’s just something that heavy squatters need the most time.

powerlifting barbell in India Review
squat bar in India
#2 It’s Wider

👉 The fact that it’s wider typically is a problem solver for a lot of people in like power racks which are normally 49 inches wide and those people who might have trouble banging the uprights on squat walkouts. You will never have a problem with a squat bar.😁

The shaft itself is also longer, and that allows for bigger people who tend to be squatting that much weight can fit their hands comfortably because they tend to prefer a wider grip.

#3 Longer Sleeves

👍 You can fit more on the sleeves because the sleeves are longer, so this bar is meant for people that are squatting a lot of weight. Either 300KG, 400 KG, OR 500 KG, so in order to fit all that weight, the sleeves need to be longer. If you’re not using competition-style powerlifting weight plates so that’s why they’re there. 

Quick Impression on Bullrock Fitness Best Squat Bar in India. 

squat bar knurl impressions on hand
bullrock 32MM squat bar in India

👉 My first impressions are really good. However, for most people, it’s probably not going to make sense. When you compare this to a normal barbell, it dwarfs it, and it’s almost comical when placed side to a powerlifting bar.😁

This being girthier, as well as several inches longer. Bullrock 32MM squat bar in India, for example, is about 94.5 inches, so this barbell is about 6-7 inches bigger than that 3 MM thicker and that’s really thick to try to put that into comparison. 

Think about a normal Bullrock powerlifting bar being 29 millimeters and equate that down to 2 millimeters less, a 27-millimeter deadlift bar which feels like a thin pool noodle in this instance we’re talking about a 32-millimeter bar to a 29-millimeter bar a 3-millimeter difference, or if you want to compare this to a deadlift bar, that’s an 5-millimeter difference. 

➡️ So it would be right to say Squat Bar is massive.

What Things I Love About Bullrock Squat Bar:

  1. The 25KG bar features a longer shaft with 56″ spaced between the sleeves and 16.975″ loadable sleeve length, allowing any amount of weight to be placed using calibrated powerlifting plates.
  2. Although it is pricy at Rs 33000, it is the greatest value high-end squat bar in India right now.
  3. The sleeves on the bar are Hard chrome-plated and the shaft coating has Black oxide. We’d like stainless, but we understand the price constraints.
  4. This squat bar uses 6 bronze bushings on its sleeves to offer the stability, reliability, and safety required as per doing the squat movements.
  5. Made in India product.
  6. Full lifetime warranty is given against bending. ❤️

What Things I Don’t Like About Bullrock barbell:

  1. Minimal use inside your gym. This bar would be exclusively used on days/ periods when you choose to perform squats. 
  2. We have no option to choose between other coatings, but it’s okay. ✔️

My Final Thoughts.

Should you buy a squat bar over, let’s say a Bullrock deadlift bar, over a Bullrock safety squat bar, or over some other type of specialty bar? Truly, that’s really going to depend on your training. 

If I would probably make an opinion, there are other barbells to get first but given the fact that if you compete in a Federation that uses one and if you are looking for the best barbell for your power rack or a rack that you hit the uprights on frequently walking out, I think it’s more of an entry-level Squat barbell👍 to have that’s a really great training tool and actually works out really well. ❤️

FAQs on the Best squat bar in India.

Is a thicker bar better for squats?

👉 As you gain strength, bar thickness becomes more important for heavier lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Squat bars have a larger diameter of 32-35 MM among any barbells found, which enables it to have virtually less whip/ bend.

How heavy should a squat bar be?

Since squat barbell are made longer, and thicker. Their weight largely differs from other powerlifting bars. Where all Olympic bars, powerlifting bars are of 20 KG, squat bars especially from Bullrock fitness in India, weigh 25 kg.

Is black zinc a good coating on barbell?

Black zinc provides you the best feeling that is near to a “Bare steel” experience. Also, it gives a better knurl feel experience bar. It’s not my favorite coating because it tends to turn green a little over time. It also has the tendency to fade over time, which I’m not too concerned with being a single user here. 

Is SSB harder than barbell?

Yes, SSB is more harder to use than barbell. For beginners, the safety squat bar is somewhat higher than a regular bar, and the camber pushes you forward, making you to struggle to stay upright. As a result, you’ll be somewhat more upright than in a high-bar squat and significantly more upright than in a low-bar squat.

What is the purpose of center knurl on the barbell?

The Center knurl is important for squatting because it keeps the bar in position on your back during back squats and on your chest during front squats.

If you have other questions on this Bullrock Fitness “best squat bar in India” or any other strength equipment I have on here, leave those in the comment section below. 

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Thanks for reading.❤️

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