ATE Buffalo Bar in India (Review) | Best for Squats & Bench?

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ATE buffalo barbell for gym. a speciality bar for squats an bench press

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Hey, it's Rishabh from Mensquats Gym Reviews, and today we're diving deep into the ATE Buffalo barbell, a one of its kind of speciality bar in India, which you can see me using in my squats & bench press. 

This is something that’s come up, and I think we should take a deeper look at it. 🔥

In fact, let’s talk more broadly about different types of speciality bars in general. 

ate buffalo barbell
ATE speciality barbells in India

✅ The ATE buffalo bar, which appears bent in the middle but has straight collars and sides. This bar is typically heavier and built for handling substantial weights, often over a thousand kg. 

Coaches all over the world use them, and they serve different functions to help us with our training.👍 But mainly it helps reduce stress on the shoulders, which is a common issue when using traditional straight bar powerlifting bars.

Now, you might be wondering why I got it in the first place. Well, I’ll admit it wasn’t necessary and I had my doubts.

I thought it might be a waste of money, and I was gearing up to give you a ❌ “don’t BUY” recommendation. 🙄

But here’s the twist – after a few weeks of using it, I’ve come to really appreciate it. 

Now, let’s break it down step by step.

✅ Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase these bars, you can find the links or phone numbers below.  It's important to note that we received these bars for review purposes, free of cost. However, our opinions are unfiltered, and ATE sees the blog at the same time as you do.

ATE Buffalo Bar Weight in India

first look of ATE buffalo barbell

Our ATE Buffalo bar review lets you know if this speciality bar is good for you, and whether it’s the “best bar to buy in India” compared to other similar options.

Check how it performed in our testing!  🔥

ATE Buffalo bar cost Rs 15,000 + taxes & shipping 💲 (Around 17.5k)

Buy it using my referral code: “MENSQUATS” and get 5% extra off. You may also message me for help.

🤙 ATE Sale Team Number: +91-7060425552


Bar typeSpeciality/ powerlifting bar
Weight21 kg
Grip32 mm
Sleeve diameter50 mm
Length2.38 metres
Knurl type1.5mm Diamond Knurl
Knurl markSingle IPF Mark
Sleeve Mechanismproprietary Bronze Bushings
WhipNo Whip 
Max load680 kg
Shaft coatBlack Oxide
OriginMade in India
ATE Buffalo Bar Squat in India
ATE Buffalo Bar Squat in India

 👍 Ideal For: This Powerlifting type Bar is better suited for those who have developed more chest thickness or have limited shoulder mobility so they can’t grip the normal straight bar.

Remember that the Buffalo barbell is just one of many speciality bars with unique benefits.

It’s essential to note that if you have a small chest, long arms, or a slight build, the increased range of motion might be excessive.


  • The thicker shaft gives more holding comfort and security during lifts
  • While expensive, it’s a great value for a speciality bar 
  • A bow on the bar is easy to hold. 
  • The bar is long enough.
  • Sleeves are coated with hard chrome to protect from rusting or scratches.🙏 


  • Not FIT in racks completely. Turns my adjustable J cups.
  • Need to balance. It wobbles.
  • People who want to FOCUS on deadlifts (get a trap bar instead)  
  • This might not be your first or only bar to buy, (get a multipurpose bar instead)
  • It’s hard to carry.😥
  • Black oxide shaft coats might rust in humid climates. 
ATE Buffalo Bar Squat in India
ATE logo on the bar

Product Rating

Why Buy A Buffalo Speciality Bar?

✔️ First, if you’re not familiar with Buffalo bars, they’re characterised by their distinctive bow shape. These bars are designed to offer a more comfortable squatting experience, reducing stress on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. 

best barbells to buy
buffalo bar squat

They’re favoured by many, whether you have squatting issues, mobility limitations, or just want to switch things up. 

Interestingly, you can also use Buffalo bars for bench pressing and squats, thanks to the extended range of motion they provide. 👍

When you return to a straight bar, you might find those lifts a bit easier due to the extra challenge of the Buffalo bar.

The mechanics may feel a bit different due to the camber, but it’s a change I’ve grown to love.

How does this bar function in terms of squatting? 

✔️ The Buffalo bar allows you to position your hands lower and shifts the centre of gravity forward a bit. This not only takes the strain off your shoulders but also provides a different feel to the squat. 

Personally, I find it more challenging than using a straight bar, but it’s all about individual preference.

✅ But this bar isn’t just for squats.
safe squat
safe squatting

People have found creative uses for it in benches and even deadlifts. I haven’t seen it used for shoulder presses, but it’s certainly possible. 

I tried it out for a bench, and it offers a great feel, thanks to its specs. 

The 32mm diameter is thicker than most bars, making it ideal for benching. 

The cambered design also enhances your range of motion, making it a versatile tool for the bench press. It’s worth noting that this bar is incredibly stiff, offering no bounce when you rack it, even with heavy weights. 

The slightly turned-up sleeves add stability, although you might need to be cautious with roller J-cups.

✔️ For the bench press,
mensquats home gym
buffalo bar bench press

The Buffalo bar increases the range of motion due to its bend.

This longer range of motion simulates the benefit of using dumbbells while allowing you to handle heavier weights since you’re using a barbell. 

It’s a great tool 👌 for improving the stretch reflex at the bottom of your bench press and can be a valuable addition to your training arsenal.

However, it’s essential to note that if you have a small chest, long arms, or a slight build, the increased range of motion might be excessive.

This bar is better suited for those who have developed more chest thickness.

Know This Before You Buy?

✅ Buffalo bars can have their place in training, especially for bench pressing if used sensibly.

However, they’re not a magic solution ❌ and should be integrated thoughtfully into your programming. 

If you experience shoulder issues or discomfort, it’s crucial to consult with a coach or physiotherapist to address the underlying problem rather than relying solely on equipment modifications. 

ATE Buffalo Bar Overview: 

full buffalo bar to buy

First off, this ATE buffalo bar in India was designed with the heaviest lifters in mind. 🔥

While testing products with world-class strength athletes has its merits, it’s worth considering that their bodies differ significantly from those of the average home gym owner. 

✅ Let’s talk about some aspects of this bar that I Appreciate.

1. Length:

The length of the shaft on this bar is 93 inches, which is longer compared to some others on the market. The added length allows for a more pronounced bow in the bar, enhancing its functionality. 

2. Shaft Diameter:
center knurl on buffalo barbel

The standout feature is the 32mm shaft diameter, one of the thickest you’ll find on buffalo-style bars.

Some might find this thickness a drawback, but I see it as a positive. It offers a broader surface area, adding comfort during presses and squats.

This thickness surprisingly benefits lifters of all sizes.  You might only notice the difference in diameter with exceptionally heavy loads, such as 200 – 300 kgs.

3. Knurling Quality, Bushings & Coating:
knurling on ate buffalo barbell

The knurling is ATE power bar knurling, highly regarded in the world of powerlifting. It’s subjective, but it’s generally well-received.

Single knurl marks make hand placement easy, and there’s a centre knurl mark for alignment.

The ATE buffalo bar also features self-oiling bronze bushings, similar to the ATE Powerlifting Bar.🙏

4. Coating:

Now, onto the finish.

problems in buffalo barbell

This ATE Buffalo bar boasts a dual finish – Black Oxide for the shaft and a proprietary hard chrome finish for the sleeves., which was initially a concern for me due to potential oxidation.

However, I’ve found that bars with bare steel provide a superior grip and feel, despite requiring a bit more maintenance. 

5. Packaging:

Regarding packaging, ATE does a better job compared to some other companies.

When ordering this bar, I recommend purchasing directly through the ATE website for Rs 15,000 + GST, as it offers a 5% discount code on checkout and a flat fee of Rs 1000 charged on shipping.

PAN India delivery.

6. Capacity:

The ATE buffalo barbell can handle an enormous amount of weight, so you’ll never outlift its capacity.

With 16-inch sleeves, it accommodates plenty of plates, especially thin power plates.

The curve of the bar sits comfortably on the back due to its thickness and drop.

7. In Use:

In practice, I’ve used this bar for squats, and bench presses. It feels great, akin to the Duffalo Bar but even more comfortable due to its thickness.

Comparison with Other Buffalo Bars In India: 

sleeves on ATE buffalo bar

✔️ When it comes to Buffalo bars, you might have noticed there are few options available.

  • 1st is with ATE buffalo bar
  • 2nd is the Bullrock Fitness Duffalo bar, which is considered top-notch and comes at a premium price of around Rs 28,308 + shipping.💰 

Bullrock fitness bar offers a similar feel and curvature but comes at a higher price point, compared to the ATE bar.

👌 Both bars are made in India, but Bullrock’s larger presence and warranty support may be more reassuring. While the ATE (Anand track & field equipment) offers excellent overall value.

ATE Buffalo bar retails for just Rs 15,000 + taxes & shipping,💲 and you can purchase it directly from their India site self or can call them. But with bullrock fitness, you have to wait for a customer executive to call you and take your order.

  • Best in Budget
    ATE barbell

    ATE Buffalo barbell

      Price: 15,000 + GST & shipping
      Bar length: 2380 mm
      Loadable Sleeve:
      Shaft Finish: Black Oxide
      Shaft Diameter: 32mm
      Bar weight: 21 kg
      Max load: 680 kg
  • 2nd & Only Option
    bulrock barbell

    Bullrock Fitness Buffalo Bar

      Price: ₹28,308 + shipping
      Bar length: 2440mm
      Loadable Sleeve:
      Shaft Finish: Black Oxide
      Shaft Diameter: 32mm
      Bar weight: 23 kg
      Max load: 816kg

Alternatively, given the cost savings and the similar product, I recommend going with ATE buffalo bar, which is manufactured here in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Whatsapp them at 7060425552. Give my referral "MENSQUATS" to get an added discount. Recommendation: 

In conclusion, the ATE stands out as the top best buffalo bar in India for most users and offers great value for its price.

It boasts a lengthy shaft, suitable diameter, good knurling, and consistent quality. 

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive options, it gets the job done effectively. 

If you’re in the market for a Buffalo bar/ aka speciality bar in India, I recommend giving this one a shot!

✅ However, if you’re new to speciality bars and want a versatile addition to your gym, I still favour the Safety Squat Bar over Buffalo bars. 👌 (You can get both bars with ATE itself, choose yours.)

Buffalo Bar Benefits:

bench press on buffalo barbell

If you’re curious about my opinion on whether an ATE buffalo barbell helps alleviate shoulder issues and how they can be incorporated into RTS (Rate of Perceived Exertion) programming.🔥 

You also want to know if Buffalo bars can improve the bottom part of lifts like squats and bench presses.

✔️ Let’s break down the reader’s questions:

1. Shoulder Health in Squats:

I don’t necessarily see how the Buffalo bar helps with shoulder issues during squats. 🙄

In fact, some lifters have told me that it might make shoulder problems worse.

The reason being that the bar’s curve causes your hands to go from a higher position to a lower one during the squat, potentially putting more torque on the shoulders.

However, individual experiences may vary, so if you find it helpful, go ahead and use it.🆗

2. Programming with Buffalo Bar:

Using a Buffalo bar can be beneficial in certain situations. For bench pressing, the slight camber of the Buffalo bar can be valuable.

A standard cambered bar has around a 4-inch curve, which might be too extreme for some lifters. In my experience, I’ve cut it down to about 2 inches below chest level, which seems to work well.

If you have an ATE Buffalo bar, you can incorporate it as a variation for a feet-up bench or perhaps for some paused bench work. ❌

However, I wouldn’t overuse it; using it about 2 weeks out of every 8 could be a good guideline.

3. Squat Application:

Unlike bench pressing, the Buffalo bar’s benefits for squats are less clear-cut.

It’s not a unique exercise on its own; rather, it’s a modification designed to facilitate proper squat form. 


  • If, for some reason, you find that it helps with shoulder discomfort during squats, you can use it as needed.
  • However, remember that as competition day approaches, you should transition back to a straight barbell to simulate the conditions you’ll face.😮‍💨
👍 Great For:
  • Squats and bench FEEL good using this bar. The extra ROM on the bench is an advantage. 
  • The centre ring is very helpful when lining up for a lift
  • Helps manipulate training variables, address weak points, and reduce stress on joints.
❌ Not Recommended For:
  • Bar wobble in hands when I bench on this. Need balancing.
  • The bar has a lifting capacity of 680 kg, which is below some other powerlifting bars. This is, of course, a non-issue if you don’t lift that much weight… like me.
  • Black oxide isn’t my favourite barbell finish. 
  • Anyone on a budget.

Price: Rs 17,000 (including all)

Q1: Is Buffalo barbell safe to use?

As you can see, it has a permanent bend in it. Some might ask if it’s any different from training with a bent bar, and the answer is YES.

The key difference is that bent bars can roll on you, while the Buffalo bar’s bend is permanent and safe to use with heavy weights.

So, there’s no risk of it bending further or causing harm due to rolling.

Q2: Can I use roller j cups on my rack with cambered bars?

Speaking of roller J-cups, be mindful when using them with cambered bars like this one. They can cause the bar to spin or, worse, flip, especially with the specific camber design of the ATE.

(Investing in inserts or more secure J-cups is advisable.)

Q3: Is a Buffalo bar a necessity?

The ATE Cambered Barbell isn’t a necessity for your gym setup, but it’s a nice addition if you can afford it or want to diversify your barbell collection.

At Rs 15,000 + GST & shipping, it’s not cheap, but the quality of the knurling, sleeves, camber, and versatility make it worth considering.

It’s become a valuable tool for squats, and benching in my routine.

Q4: What are safety squat bars?

This squat bar, with handles in front, is a mix between a front squat and a back squat. It shifts the weight forward, changing the centre of gravity.

This resembles the front squat, where you must maintain an upright posture to prevent the bar from tipping forward.

Using this bar not only reduces shoulder strain but also works on your upper back, helping develop the thoracic spine.

🙏 Thank you for reading our blog review on “ATE Buffalo Bar in India (Review) | Best for Squats & Bench Press?”, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Stay strong!

If you’ve used these bars or have other recommendations, share your thoughts.

Thanks for tuning in!❤️

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