5 Best Barbell Collars India – Olympic 2 inch Barbell Lock

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➡️ If you use barbells, you probably know how uncomfortable it can be to keep the discs in place. They can shake, slide, or fall, and can possibly harm a lifter or bystanders.🤕 Fortunately, today in the best barbell collars India blog, we bring you one gym item that comes out to save the day.

In a hurry? Here are my top pics: ❤️

Bullrock Olympic Aluminum Barbell Collar 2 Bar Lock 2
B FIT Quick Release Secure Clamps Available in Plastic ABS and Aluminium Material Optional 25 28 50 MM Optional 2 1
BullrocK Olympic Bar Collar Plastic Black Rod Locks 2 inch Barbell Combo Clip Pair for 50 mm 1
USI UNIVERSAL THE UNBEATABLE Easy Lock for Olympic Barbell 3 1
LETS PLAY%C2%AE Imported Olympic Barbell Collar Lock 3 1

Bullrock Aluminum Barbell

B FIT Quick Release Secure Clamps

BullrocK Plastic Gym Barbell Lock

USI Easy Lock 50 mm Collars

LET'S PLAY Barbell Collar Lock


😃 Barbell collars, clips, locks, or clamps, whatever name you would call it, all have one purpose in common. It allows you to practice any barbell lift with full security and confidence by attaching to the end of the bar where the last plate fits. They are also good to be placed on dumbbell rods too. 

Their importance is huge in any weightlifting sport because a balky barbell collar can have a negative impact on a weight lifter’s performance. Weight lifting requires intense mental concentration, and a bad barbell collar can break the weight lifter’s concentration at a key point during the competition lift, resulting in a drop in performance.

Best Barbell Collars India, is a modern-day invention that solves many difficulties by providing a light, easily operated lock that holds a barbell firmly and is quickly removed to change weights on the barbell. 😛 

💯 Moreover, without the need to move the collar on and off the end of the bar, it can either be engaged or disengaged, so that no weights are left unconstrained during adding and removing weights to the bar. Weights can instead be placed on a bar while the barbell weight collar is in place and the collar can then be relocated to ensure the additional weight.

Nowadays, you can find a lot more than old-day spring collar barbell locks. There is a huge variety of products found, especially on the internet, where searches like Barbell lock online India will show you a ton of results in terms of materials, styles, features, and more.

We all have seen them, we all have got confused about which collar to use? This video may help:

⏩ Today, after a lot of research & testing, we have handpicked some of the best barbell collars India. With these, you’ll possibly be able to find a perfect one for your barbell. 

So keep reading and get your dream barbell collar!!

In what materials barbell collars can be found?

😃 You can find the best barbell collars India, in several materials, including plastic of different types, steel, aluminum of different grades, nylon, metal, and thermoplastic polyamide. But here we will discuss only the two most popular barbell types, and probably the ones you’ll need: 

1.) Metal:

Among these weight collars barbells, options like metal, steel, or aluminum barbell collars are the most sturdy and therefore the most durable ones. These barbell rod locks can resist the drop of the barbell without suffering damage. 👌

Metal locks are very resistant and dependable, but they are also the heaviest ones. ✅ Aluminum, the lightest of metallic locks, is one the favorite of customers for its sturdiness and really low weight that can be as low as one-quarter of a pound.

2.) Plastic:

Plastic barbell locks are normally seen as the cheap and less talented cousin of metallic collars. Certainly, they can be more fragile than aluminum barbell collars, but don’t just ditch the idea for this reason.🤔 

Plastic barbell locks are also made extremely light and easy to use, and depending on your routine, they can be just what you need for a fraction of the cost.💰 Plastic barbell locks are a big saving of money, especially compared with the most quality ones. 

✅ Most barbell rod locks are normally lined inside with rubber, which allows a better grip of the barbell to keep the discs from moving. So you shouldn’t be worried, because every barbell collar holds the discs just correctly. 

What should you be worried about is its build quality, weight, that’s going to make a whole lot of difference? That is why we have focused on answering every question in this blog.

📢 Please read till the end to find out. 

My Top 5 Best Barbell Collars India For Easy On and Off Assembly


1. Best Built Aluminum Barbell Collar: Bullrock Olympic Aluminum Barbell Collars

An airplane-grade aluminum collar made to last without harming your barbell. Comes with sturdy construction made to last, an easy installation process, and an attractive design, make this a great barbell collar for any 2-inch Olympic barbell. 

This Indian brand appears as one of the most attractive products for people looking to buy Barbell lock online in India. Even though this is a new company, they have become a trusted brand for all things related to barbells, including, of course, 50mm barbell collars.

➡️ The 2-inch Barbell collar by Bullrock fitness is made out of 6061 Billet Aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes them unbelievably sturdy and long-lasting. This type of aluminum is really lightweight whilst at the same time able to resist heavyweights, which makes it great for spin lock barbell collars. 👌 Besides, it is corrosion-resistant, feels flexible yet very safe, and lasts way more than plastic barbell collars.

The Bullrock Olympic Aluminium Barbell Collars are designed to work with any 2″ Olympic barbell. Weighing only 320 grams a pair, you will not even notice their presence weight-wise, but you will surely note how their strong grip does not let go from the barbell. The grip is secured by interior rubber lining, which is strong enough to withstand heavy bumps and drops, and 4 times stronger than any plastic collars.

The barbell lockdown system is designed for a fast locking action and its ergonomic design allows you to easily and rapidly slide the collar in and out.💨 All this to seamlessly add and/or remove weight from your barbells at will.

The overall width of this collar is 1.5″, and you can find it in 5 different colors to choose from, which is very cool. Nevertheless, the fact that the lever is made out of plastic instead of aluminum or any other metallic material is a real turnoff. But after all, you still can’t deny noticing its presence in our list. 

See more product images:


  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Ergonomic, light-weighted design.
  • Different colors to choose from. 🙂


  • Can’t be used with 25mm or 28mm barbells.
  • Plastic lever.
  • It has a learning curve to lock and unlock.
Top Pick

2. Best Strong + Versatile Aluminium Barbell collar: B FIT Quick Release Secure Clamps

A light yet sturdy aluminum barbell collar that features the versatility of accommodating all 50mm, 28mm, and 25mm barbells.

This set of barbell collars has a great advantage over the previous one in terms of VERSATILITY.😇 B-Fit’s secure clamps are perfect for home gyms with standard 2″ (or 50mm) Olympic barbells, but also with gym rods of 25 and 28mm. This is great because if you have 2 barbells of different sizes, normally you will prefer your 1-inch barbell collars to be the same brand and design as our 2-inch collar. After all, we know it is trustworthy.

Although B-Fit’s clamps are not Aircraft-grade material, their construction made out of solid aluminum ensures you have a product that will last for a long time. It is fairly compact: with 10x5x10 cm in overall size and individual weight of 250 gr. You will not even notice they are on, but you will feel completely safe at all times.😇

The brand takes pride in having the fastest quick-release barbell clamp on the market. The interior rubber lining holds tightly to the barbell, keeping the discs from moving or wobbling, and leaving the barbell completely untainted from scratches and marks.

This is one of the preferred designs for people looking for the best barbell collars in India, and there is no wonder why. ✅ Their ergonomic shape allows it to be put on and off easily and quickly, and the clip lever is quick to hold and release for very comfortable use.

The only thing I wish is that they would have made the lever out of some sort of metal instead of plastic because metal is of a more quality and long-lasting material. But no issues, as other whole parts of the collar, are made out of metal. 

➡️ This is the same problem with Bullrock collars, but the advantage here is it fits with multiple sizes of barbells. 

See more product images:


  • Fast quick-release clamp 
  • Compact and light 👍
  • Ergonomic shape easy to put on and off
  • Sturdy metallic construction


  • Plastic lever
  • Heavier than other metallic brands 
  • More expensive than similar products
Top Pick

3. Most Affordable Barbell Collar India: BullrocK Plastic Gym Barbell Lock

A most popular plastic barbell collar from a leading brand, this lock works exclusively with 50mm barbells that are light, compact, and easy to put on and off.

👉 This is the next best thing if you can’t afford aluminum collars, or if you are just starting with weight-lifting and you don’t want to spend so much money. We understand it, as your first priority should be spending on a quality Olympic barbell and plates. Therefore, this model is made out of reinforced plastic and resistant nylon. 

Reinforced plastic is very robust in nature and designed to hold use -and abuse- extremely well. Nylon, on the other hand, is soft and flexible, making this a very durable product. Inside the collar, a high-tension rubber lining has a double function: 1.) Securing a steady and safe grip, and 2.) Avoiding your barbell from scratching.

Bullrock’s plastic barbell collar features a hexagonal design that is ergonomic, attractive, and modern. You can choose between black, grey or red color as per your interest. The locking system features a lever that is easy to open and close. A clicking sound lets you know the collar is correctly secured. 🖱️

The exterior diameter for this product is 3″, its width is 2″. This makes it compact so it does not interfere with your exercises. They weigh 300 grams, so they are extremely lightweight and comfortable to use in any fitness practice. 🏋️

➡️ If there is something negative about this equipment is its lack of versatility. This collar can be used only with standard 2 inch/ 50mm barbells, completely ignoring the 25 and 28 mm bars.

See more product images:


  • Low price.
  • Made of sturdy, long-lasting, quality plastic.
  • Light and compact.
  • Anti-scratching high tension rubber lining.


  • Can’t be used with 28mm or 25mm barbells.
  • Available in one colour.
  • More expensive than other plastic collars.

4. Value For Money Collar: USI UNIVERSAL Easy Lock 50 mm barbell Lock

Made of resistant plastic and with a great quality-value relation, this plastic collar can be used with 45mm and 50mm barbells and come with a lever easy to lift and push for fast disc mounting and dismounting.😉

Another plastic Gym barbell lock, this time brought by Universal Sports, this easy lock means to tightly keep your weight discs in place.

😇 Made out of high-quality plastic engineered to withstand time and usage, this set of 2 collars are light and very easy to put on and off.

The lock mechanism uses a lever that fastly opens and closes the collar, allowing you to place it and tweak it if you need to. If you are adding more and more weight, or changing the discs of your barbell, you will want an easy lock collar like this.

⏩ This collar can be used with 50mm barbells, and it can also adapt to 45mm barbells, which makes it great not only for weight exercises but also for CrossFit training. This is great if you are an enthusiast of that discipline. 

This is one of the best plastic collars for barbells because of its versatility, endurance, and high quality. It is only available in black color. Weighing only 370 grams, the picture shown can’t do the justice to show its true capacity. 👉 It is a great product for the price paid, which is well equipped for any exercise, Olympic lifting, bench press you want to use it for.   

How the product fits on the barbell?


  • Adaptable for 45 and 50 mm barbells
  • Strong and sturdy 👏
  • Lightweight
  • Low price


  • Can’t be used with 25″ or 28″ barbells
  • Too thin plastic
  • Not available in multiple colors
Top Pick

5. Best Plastic Collar: LET’S PLAY Barbell Collar Lock 50MM and 28MM Size.

Probably the best plastic collar, comparable with some very good metallic ones. Sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, flexible, and adaptable, this plastic collar fits in 50mm and 25mm barbells.

➡️ This barbell collar is the best plastic Barbell lock that you can find online in India. The lack of versatility on the previous 2 plastic weight collars for barbells won’t be found on this top-quality set.

Made with heavy-duty ABS plastic and strong vinyl, this barbell lock is designed to be sturdy yet flexible enough to work with both 25″ and 50″ Olympic bars.💯 The interior rubber lining has 2 soft pads that make the collar installation easy in any of your bars. 

It’s time to leave the struggle, because this particular barbell lock helps avoid scratches, adapt perfectly and tightly to your barbell, and thus making your weight lifting safer & sounder. 

The easy lock system is intended to allow you to lock and unlock your collars using only one hand, and if you’re strong enough, even only with 1 finger. This helps in placing and removing the locks very simple and incredibly fast due to the ergonomic lever. 🙃

We accept that Let’s Play Barbell Collars are a little bigger and thicker than other locks, but in counterpart, they are stronger and harder than most plastic collars in the market, which saves money in the long run. And, even though their size is bigger, their weight is lighter, only 120gram per collar.

How the product fits on the barbell?


  • Top-quality, long-lasting plastic
  • Adaptable for 25″ and 50″ barbells 👏
  • Available in different colors (red, black, grey)
  • Lightweight.


  • Hard locking system for weight lift beginners
  • Heavier and thicker than other barbell collars
  • It takes a learning curve to use it correctly.

FAQs about Olympic Best Barbell Collars India:

Should I buy plastic or aluminum barbell collars?

▶️ If you use barbells regularly in your home gym practice, aluminum collars will last longer. They are sturdy, look premium yet lighter in weight to hold in place better. Nevertheless, if you’re low on budget, or if you use bars only from time to time, you can get plastic collars with no problem.

How do you remove the barbell collar?

▶️ It depends on which barbell collars type you are using:

  • Spring collars are loosened by pressing the clip.
  • Barbell clamps are loose by lifting the lever.
  • Some collars loosen using a screwable part.

Once loosen, all you have to do is slide the collar out. 

How to put the barbell collars?
Are barbell collars necessary?

▶️ Barbell collars are necessary at the utmost when, as is often the case, the central part of the bar is supported by a rack while adding or removing weights from the ends of the bar. 

The bar can become unbalanced during the weight change and could possibly spill weights out from its end without a barbell collar. Similarly, if a person curling with an EZ barbell would lose its balance, the plates could slide/shift from each of its ends to hamper the exercise.

 How heavy are barbell collars?

▶️ In many gyms, your springy, simple metal clips weigh roughly a quarter of a pound, while plastic or thick metal locks (also known as collars) can weigh up to two pounds or less.

What can I use instead of a barbell collar?

▶️ You can use old-school metal barbell clips, mostly found in every gym. Or clamps, they look bulky and are probably found only in the powerlifting space. If you have nothing at your disposal, you can keep a person/ or your friend on standby to ask him to slide the plates in when they shift from their place.  

What to look for before buying best collars for barbells?

Best collars for barbellweight bar collarsolympic barbell collarsweightlifting collars

Whether you are looking for 1-inch barbell collars or any other type when you make your Google search on Barbell lock online India, make sure you consider these vital aspects before making a decision to buy: (Don’t miss it!!) 🔜


👉 The reason why you are looking for barbell collars is that you want to keep your plates intact. For this reason, the main feature you will want in your barbell lock is a great holding grip that allows you to do movements like drops, squats, and EZ curls with total security.

If the collar slips or is loose on its hold, then it won’t be said to be too practical for its use. The best choice is barbell weight locks lined with rubber, plastic, silicon, and other rubberized materials. This ensures a 100% safe hold onto the discs during heavy lifting and saves the barbells from scratching.🙃


👉 Evidently, the sturdier the barbell collar, the heavier it will be. Possibly no one wants to add so much extra weight of barbell collars to their lifts. Using metal spin lock barbell collars, or any other metallic type of collar, can add up to 5 pounds to the barbell. Which isn’t nice. 

Aluminum barbell collars on the other hand, are just as resistant, sometimes even more, and they add only about half of the weight than metallic ones.🙃 Plastic collars obviously are the lighter option, but they have bitter quality, and surely is not our recommendation for overhead lifts.

Speed of Assembly:

👉 Have you ever seen the fastest pit stop in F1 cars? Remember how quickly they replace tires and refuel the car tank. That’s how quick should barbell collar clamps be changed. That’s the motto here: Find weight collar barbells that are easy and fast to assemble. 

You want to spend time lifting, not setting up your equipment. The collar should slide smoothly, secure strongly, and then hold firmly with the help of the lock that comes in several types: clips, clamps, and many others. No matter which you choose. 😟

Most of these mechanisms have a lever that clicks to let you know it is locked completely and correctly. These types of barbell safety locks are the most recommended.


👉 Fragile equipment has no place in a gym space. When finding your next best barbell collars India, go for the ones that ensure you will use them for a long time. 

Most reviews will tell you that you should go for metallic collars because they last longer. But nowadays, many companies are creating really strong plastic products that weigh less, cost less, and last longer, so make sure to fully read the specs on your spinlock barbell collars. 

Materials such as nylon, or thermoplastic polyamide can last a long time and resist many gym practice conditions. But, regardless of your choice, you will want a collar barbell that can resist throws, drops, side movements, or any other movement in the gym.

Final Takedown: Which barbell rod lock should you buy?

➡️ If you are trying to find the best barbell collars India, don’t hesitate to get an aluminum pair. They’re stronger, last longer, and look better. I recommend our best overall pick:


  • A set of 2 barbell clamp collars with simply the best construction material and with the great flexibility factor that allows you to use it with 25″. 28″, and 50″ mm barbells. 😄
  • This product has closed 2nd place in our list, with the disadvantage you can only use it only with 2-inch barbells.
  • Nevertheless, if you’re tight on budget, or you don’t want to commit to an expensive pair, my top plastic choice is Let’s play collar. It is definitively the best in the market. You won’t even notice it is not metallic, although keep in mind that this one is more expensive than other plastic collars.
  • Another great plastic option is USI UNIVERSAL Easy Lock, with a great price-value relation, but remember, it works only with 50mm/ 2-inch barbells.
  • If you’re looking for a good yet cheap pair of collars for your home gym, BullrocK Plastic Gym Barbell Lock is the best product you will get for a low price. 🤑
In conclusion, the best collar will be the one you feel comfortable with. I hope this guide has helped you make a good decision so you can have a great power lift session!

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