20kg ATE Arctic Camo Bar Review: Cerakote barbell price in India.

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ATE multipurpose barbell in India for home gym use

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I've been using the 20 kg ATE Arctic Camo Bar for a few months now, and my favourite things about it are the super grippy diamond-style knurling, the Cerakote Arctic camo shaft finish which is WOW. 

And honestly, just the fact that this bar can serve as the only barbell in your home gym. 🏠 

👉 I’m really big on multi-purpose barbells, so I’m excited to break this one down for you guys. 

ATE Arctic Camo Bar Review

✅ We’re going to talk about some pros, some cons, and who should or maybe should not purchase this ATE multipurpose barbell for home gyms in India. Let’s unveil this beauty together. 

But before I do all of that, we’ve reviewed a ton of barbells on “mensquats.com”, and we did the hard part for you and made the best list of all our top choices. 🏋️

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ATE Weightlifting Arctic Camo Bar Review (Cerakote Camo)

ATE Camo 1

🏋️ A visually striking 770 kg capacity bar with a unique Cerakote Camo Shaft finish. Perfect for gyms, it’s attention-grabbing design and durable 1.2MM diamond knurl make it different. Say goodbye to mundane silver bars!

Get a 5% discount – Share my coupon code “MENSQUATS” or my name with the ATE sales team.

Whatsapp – 7060425552

ATE Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Arctic Camo Bar 20kg (Cerakote Camo)
Best Multipurpose barbell in India

✔️ Specs:

Knurl Mark –Dual International Weightlifting + Powerlifting Knurl Mark
Whip –Moderate Whip
Weight Capacity –770 kgs 😁
Length –2.20 metres
Knurling –1.2mm Diamond Knurl
Rotation –6 HK Needle Bearings
Shaft Finish –Cerakote Camo Finish
Sleeve Finish –Hard Chrome Sleeves
Tensile Rating –Strength rating at 190,000 PSI 🏋️
Weight –20 kg
Grip –28 mm
Sleeve diameter –50mm

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20kg ATE Arctic Camo Bar Review (Cerakote Camo)

Product Rating Bar


  • Beautiful looks of Arctic camo.
  • Good knurling despite the Cerakote shaft.
  • Gives good paint protection. 👇
  • Comes with chrome sleeves, which won’t scratch. 
  • Multipurpose barbell use. 
  • High loading capacity.
  • Given 6 HK needle bearings, which sleeves so smoothly.
  • Comes with a lifetime bending warranty. 🏋️


  • Very few cons. ❌
  • don’t come in the 15kg version as a women’s bar. 
  • The cerakote shaft can be scratched.

What I Like About the ATE Arctic Camo Bar?

✅ First things first, gotta talk about the fact that this is a unique-looking barbell.

Camouflage – Can you even spot it? 👇

best multipurpose barbell for home gym

It distinguishes itself from other camo looks. Its meticulous production process involves hand-painting each colour, repeated 4 times to get this spectacular end result. 

ATE camo Olympic bar construction is top-notch, making it a reliable choice for anyone seeking a multipurpose barbell, including CrossFit people. 

Beyond its Cerakote finish, the barbell features a 28 mm diameter, dual knurl marks, a 770 kg load capacity, and 8 needle bearings — an impressive lineup of specifications.✔️

Best Multipurpose barbell in India

🏋️ It is a multi-purpose bar, despite the actual title of it being the ATE Olympic Bar.

Yes, this is the best multipurpose barbell in India, and the reason for that mainly is because of the self-lubricating bronze bushings in the loading sleeves. 

Multi-purpose bars tend to have bronze bushings; they last longer than needle bearings and ball bearings, and they’re cost-efficient. So that’s a major thing right there.

But also, you have dual knurl markings. 😁 So with a powerlifting bar or an Olympic lifting bar, you’re only going to have one set, and so the ones on the outside are set by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), and the ones on the inside are the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation). 

dual knurl markings on multipurpose barbell in India

Okay, and as far as the actual knurling goes, it is sweet. 

👉 I’m going to be honest. It’s got this 1.2mm diamond-style knurling. So if you don’t know what that is, each individual marking right here on this cross-hatching pattern dips in like a diamond. 

They basically cut the top off of them. So it’s just going to give you the best grip possible, in my opinion. 

✅ Despite texture being a personal preference and everything, the diamond style is the best style for multipurpose barbells. And honestly, this is not aggressive, but it’s more on the moderate side of the spectrum. 

It’s not going to tear your hands up as you go to do some power cleans or anything like that. 

But it has a little abrasiveness. I think this barbell works great for any type of powerlifting movement. 

(This is ATE best-rated, best CrossFit bar, but honestly, I think it excels with those powerlifting movements.)

What I didn’t like about the ATE Arctic Camo Bar?

👉 That being said, there are still some things that you might not be too crazy about. 

The first thing is just the fact it’s not going to be the best at any one particular lift. 

Yes, you can do everything with it. 

Yes, it’s our best CrossFit bar. 😅 I also think it works great for powerlifting. 

cerakote barbell shaft

But if you go and take a dedicated power bar or an Olympic bar, whatever, and you pin it head-to-head with one of those, that speciality bar is going to outperform this bar. So definitely keep that in mind.

And then I want to take a second and talk about these loading sleeves. There’s a little bit of play here. But this kind of slides back and forth, and it’s on both sides. That’s not something that you typically see with a barbell. 

I don’t notice it when I’m lifting with it, which is a good thing. But it’s something you need to be aware of. 

Sleeves spin, and it works well as you’re lifting with it. But they don’t spin as freely, as quickly, and everything like some other barbells that I’ve reviewed. So just two things that you definitely want to be aware of.

Cerakote barbell price in India? 

ATE barbell price online
Cerakote barbell price in India?

✅ This 20 kg version camo bar, which is going to run you right around Rs 15,000 + GST and shipping, means Rs 17,000. 

(You can get it under Rs 16k, share my referral code.)

Honestly, it’s competitively priced. I think it’s a nice, approachable price tag, and it’s pretty solid, compared to the rest of the camo bars on the market. 

A bar that I’m high on is the ATE 20 kg Olympic bar. The Chrome version is going to run your Rs 10,000 + GST & shipping, and the specs are very similar here. 

So if you want to save Rs 5000, it might not be that big of a deal.

But still, Rs 5000, you’d be surprised what you can do with it. So if you want to save that money, that’s a really solid option. 

And then also, there are other barbells. 

There are plenty of barbells that are more expensive than this. 

👉 Another one that I like a lot is the ATE Golden Eagle bar. 😅 That gold sleeve version of the eagle bar is going to run you around Rs 13,500 + GST & shipping. So all in all, it’s about average, I guess you could say.

ATE stainless steel barbell review

 And then obviously, you’ve got other bars like the ATE SS bar that’s going to cost you at least Rs 25,000 if you want to go for stainless steel. 

So at the end of the day, I think the way it performs; I think the actual specs and the quality of it; I think Rs 15,000 & some extras*💰 is honestly a pretty sweet deal.

Overall construction

✅ Okay, so let’s talk about the overall construction of this barbell. 

And I just want to mention that this is a Cerakote shaft & chrome sleeves barbell. It’s the only coating, finish, whatever you want to call it, that this bar is available in. 

So cerakote offers a good amount of protection from rust and corrosion. But if you’re somebody who keeps all your gear stashed in just a basic garage with no heat, no air, no nothing, and gets pretty steamy in there, you’ll want to target something that offers a higher level of protection. 

Maybe stainless steel, so that’s going to be better for you. 

Then you’ll just want to clean it every once or twice a month.

Grab some 3-in-1 multi-purpose oil, rub it on here with a rag, take a nylon brush, and get all the junk out of here just to clean it up the right way.

ate cerakote multipurpose barbell specifications
20kg ATE Arctic Camo Bar features

Now, the 20 kg bar is 86 inches long with 16.33-inch loading sleeves and a diameter of 28 mm. Remember, you do have this diamond-style knurling; it’s honestly pretty deep the way it’s cut, so you’re getting a really nice grip right here. 

👉 Yes, this is listed as our best multipurpose barbell in India, but I enjoy it better for my power lifts, especially because of its knurl marks. It feels really good in my hands and gives me an awesome grip, which is something you definitely want. 

Remember, you do have your dual knurl markings right here — IWF and IPF. It’s pretty much the standard with all multi-purpose bars because you’re able to do any type of lift.

And then, this is a chrome on sleeves. Remember that. It’s prone to get some type of rust and corrosion built up over time — talking a year. 

You’re going to notice some stuff. If you don’t clean it at all, you’re going to notice some buildup, but maybe sooner. It depends. 

But if you do take the proper precautions, you’re really not going to notice anything at all. 


✅ Now, let’s talk about performance. ATE Barbells are renowned for their versatility, making them suitable for various exercises, from CrossFit to powerlifting. 

This Cerakote camo Bar also maintains this reputation, excelling in all-around performance. While the whip is good, it’s not exceptional, making it suitable for a range of workouts, including CrossFit and beginner weightlifting.

👉 Personal preference comes into play with knurling, but the Cerakote Camo Bar’s matte finish provides a reliable grip.

The knurling is moderately aggressive, not as grippy.

The CERAKOTE camo coating may obscure the knurl marks, a minor consideration but worth noting.

The corrosion resistance is a significant selling point, outlasting typical zinc-coated bars. However, note that the claim of scratch resistance is not entirely accurate, as the Cerakote can still show scratches.

Sleeve spin 

bearing in ATE barbell review

✅ The bar’s smooth rotation, facilitated by the bearings, enhances its suitability for Olympic lifts.

However, for those not engaging in such lifts, opting for a bar with bushings may be more practical. 

While there are no major drawbacks in activities like benching, squatting, and deadlifting, the bar is more prone to rotation, potentially causing a minor disruption.

No centre knurl

✅ Notably, there is no centre knurl, a feature beneficial for avoiding neck discomfort during high-intensity workouts like power cleans, but it may reduce grip for back squats. 

This aspect caters well to Olympic lifts or CrossFit routines, but for those prioritising a centre knurl, an alternative barbell would be preferable.

Now, I want to take one quick second, throw some weight on here, and I’m going to do a little drop test to get the actual noise level with this barbell.

You know, if you have neighbours nearby, you don’t want to be that obnoxious neighbour who’s making a bunch of noise at the worst possible time of the day. Keep that in mind with this barbell right here.👌

This is a pretty clanky barbell.❌ It’s pretty noisy. Yes, all barbells are going to make noise when you drop them repeatedly, but this is one of the louder bars that I’ve used lately. 

ATE Multipurpose Barbell.
ate camo bar cap


  • Build quality and knurling superb.
  • Good for all exercises.
  • High tensile strength. 
  • Looks are different!
  • 16 inch sleeves make bumper Plate loading is easy.


  • Cerakote bar coatings easily chip off from metal-to-metal contact.
  • Costs more than other coats.
  • Chrome sleeves don’t go well with the design, but are a better way to go.

✅ I really like this ATE Arctic camo bar in India. It’s competitively priced for 💰 Rs 15,000 + extras, and it can handle all of your lifts, but remember, cerakote may not be the best for everybody, and it’s a bit noisy when you drop it repeatedly. 

I give this ATE camo Bar a solid 5 out of 5 stars ⭐ for its beauty, functionality, and overall quality. 

The decision to buy or not hinges on whether the Arctic camo shaft resonates with your choice. Camouflage typically aims to blend in, it is designed for those gym owners who want to stand out from the crowd. 

In terms of specifications and overall performance, this barbell performs really well! 👌

ATE Camo 1

Barbells for CrossFit and Multipurpose

No more boring silver/solid colour bars. Get this Arctic camo bar in cerakote to stand out from other gyms! In looks & performance!

Get a 5% discount – Share my coupon code “MENSQUATS” or my name with the ATE sales team.

Whatsapp ATE – 7060425552

👉 All ATE barbells are covered for life against bending or breaking due to regular use. There are other cerakote barbell options available with ATE, so check them out too.

Thanks for hanging out with y’all. 

I hope this blog was really helpful, and I can tell you everything you need to know about this ATE Arctic camo barbell. 

Q1: Do You Need To Oil Cerakote Barbell?

No, Cerakote barbells have a low-maintenance design. I’ve found that they do not require oiling to maintain their performance and appearance. 

Q2: Are Cerakote Bars Good?

Absolutely. I made the switch to Cerakote Bars 6 months ago, and the difference is remarkable. The durability and corrosion resistance have exceeded my expectations. Plus, the vibrant colours available make them visually appealing in my home gym.

Q3: Does Cerakote Scratch Barbell?

While Cerakote is resilient, it’s not immune to scratching. Through regular use, I’ve noticed minimal scratching, mostly from accidental impacts. Despite this, the barbell’s overall appearance has held up well, and the scratches are not as prominent as I initially feared.

Q4: Will Cerakote Barbell Rust?

Rust has not been an issue with Cerakote barbells. I’ve had mine for over a year, exposed to various humidity levels, and the protective coating has effectively prevented any signs of rust.

Thanks for reading our blog on “20kg ATE Arctic Camo Bar Review: Cerakote barbell price in India.”

Stay Strong. Keep Lifting. 🏋️

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