My Thoughts About Buying ATE Stainless Steel Bar in India!

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Best powerlifting stainless steel barbell in india

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Today we're gonna be taking a look at the ATE stainless steel bar. This is a NEW RELEASE and definitely one of my favourites. It has unbeatable value; it performs really well in powerlifting movements and did I mention that it's stainless steel.

By the way, is it just me or has stainless steel barbell seemingly become all the rage in the barbell community? 😄

All barbell for home gym in India

As of late YES, there are companies in the US, like American barbell and Ivanko that have been making stainless steel bars for a long time. 

But other companies in India are starting to do that for the first time and I think it is absolutely awesome. 

I think it’s a real testament to the growing Home Gym community and I’m just really excited to have these types of finishes on the bars as an option. 👏

➡️ So before I get into the review of the ATE stainless steel barbell in India itself. I wanted to run down my opinion. The three top benefits of having a stainless steel bar. 😄

ATE Stainless Steel Bar in India!

3 Benefits of Stainless steel bar

Powerlifting Barbell 20kg : Stainless Steel

ATE ss bar 1
  • One of the problem most lifters face is the rusting of the barbell with hard chrome finishes. Hard chrome requires higher maintenance.
  • Thus, to eliminate the need of constant maintenance we proudly bring you the ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg : Stainless Steel Bar!
1. Rust-Resistant:

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of stainless steel and possibly the one that’s going to resonate with most of you is it not oxidising nearly as fast or possibly even at all compared to some of the other finishes out there.

Bare steel, Black zinc, Black oxide. 🥰

All those bars are eventually going to rust and going to oxidise but stainless steel is by far one of the most resilient when it comes to fighting off rust. 

2. Knurl Feel:

The second biggest benefit that I see with stainless steel is the fact that the knurl feels so damn good. Yes, compared to Black Zinc or Hard Chrome of the world.

Those applied coatings literally fill in some of that depth of the knurl and take away from the overall feel.

That is not the case with stainless steel. It is bare. It is raw.

It gives you the best touch in the game and I just absolutely love stainless steel for that reason. 

3. Looks:

I absolutely love the patina that a stainless steel bar offers.

This ATE SS bar specifically has really cool gunmetal look.

I don’t think that you can get this with other bars and I love the fact that this is going to look this way for a really long time.

Drawbacks of Stainless Steel Bar 

Now with those 3 benefits comes 1 drawback in my eyes and that is INCREASED COST. 

😄 Stainless steel is just simply more expensive than other barbell finishes. 

ATE stainless steel barbell

You look at an ATE powerlifting bar. You can get the hard chrome version of that bar for Rs 19,500. 

Their stainless steel version is Rs 25,000 after tax and shipping and discounts💸, so roughly Rs 6,500 increase just for having stainless steel (on the shaft only) 

s Bullrock Fitness stainless steel bar

➡️ Consider this Bullrock Fitness stainless steel bar is Rs 30,609 + shipping! ❤️

Yes, you heard that right. 

ATE SS bar is less expensive than a Bullrock Sabertooth Stainless bar, as it is made in India bar.

Whereas a stainless steel version of the ATE power bar is stainless on the shaft but hard chrome on the sleeves same as Bullrock.

But for that reason, I think this bar is cheaper and simply awesome.💝 

It represents unbelievable value and you’re getting a really high-performing stainless steel power bar with this offering from ATE. 

Overall Specifications:


➡️ So let’s look at the overall specs of the bar.👏

  • It weighs in at 20 kilograms. 
  • It has a 29MM stainless steel shaft. 
  • It measures 86 and three-quarter inches in total length with a four and three-quarter inch center knurl. 
  • The loadable stainless steel sleeve length is 16.35 inches and it’s just absolutely beautiful. 


ATE Stainless Steel Bar in India!

Let’s start by talking about the knurling on this barbell. 

Right off the bat, this is not an aggressive bar. 

The knurling here is not anywhere close to the aggression that you would find on a Bullrock Sabertooth stainless bar or a Siege Fitness powerlifting bar, or anything like that. 

3cb8a8 90329398d47e41838d8507a7abdda4a7~mv2

If I were to compare it to something that you may have tried, it would be comparable, ‌possibly a little more aggressive than an ATE power bar type knurl. 

The overall pattern here is still very tight. 🚀

It’s a diamond pattern where the tops have been completely chopped off so it’s a very flat knurl and despite not having any semblance whatsoever of sharpness I see getting a fair amount of bite with this bar. 

Just not to the same level but as some of those other more aggressive bars. 💸


➡️ The shaft on this bar aside from being absolutely gorgeous is 29 millimetres. It’s nice and stiff.

It’s got a tensile strength of 205K PSI which puts it right there in the sweet zone for a power bar. Which means you can load more number of ATE powerlifting plates on it.

If you compare this to the stainless steel Bullrock power bar that one also comes in at 205K.🛑

It’s similar in the tensile strength rating but certainly, it’s not gonna really make that much of a difference. 

Another aspect of the shaft that I like is the fact the center knurl is actually 4.75 inches so you’re getting a little extra coverage compared to some of the other bars out there, which may range anywhere from 4 inches.

Kudos to ATE from giving a little bit more of that Center knurl coverage. 

Knurl Rings

➡️ The last in my favourite unimportant spec of a bar are the Knurl termination points and I got to tell you ATE absolutely knocked this one out of the park. 👏


The Knurl termination points or start stops whatever you want to call them are absolutely so crisp on this bar. 

It did a really great job when it comes to the sleeves on this bar. 👏

I am a huge fan they are oh so silky smooth.


➡️ Now if you know me, if you’ve read my other reviews you know that I prefer grooved sleeves over smooth ones and ATE has absolutely crushed it with their sleeve finish. 

It is perfect🚀, there’s not a single blemish, it’s quiet and it is butter smooth. I can’t believe it’s no bottom. 

I can’t because the sleeves are operated on a bronze bushing system which of course promotes a slow and steady spin. 

Ideal for the big three: squat, bench, and deadlift. They are fixed with a dual snap ring which I think is a really nice touch compared to some of the other bars out there that only use a single snap ring. 

Overall About Stainless Steel Bar

ATE Stainless Steel Bar in India!

➡️ Aesthetically this bar is absolutely gorgeous. As I mentioned it has a gunmetal liked patina to it. I think it looks absolutely beautiful physically. 

It’s probably one of the best-looking bars ❤️ that I see and I’m just a big big fan over all of the way that as far looks. 

Overall, I think this is just a really fantastic option if you’re looking for a Stainless Steel power bar.

I feel that way for two primary reasons:

1. The bar is stainless steel on the shaft, but not on the sleeves which reduces its cost compared to other stainless steel bars.

When you look at Bullrock Sabertooth barbells. They also have stainless steel shafts and is sold at Rs 30,609 + shipping.

And ATE bar is available just at Rs 25,000 (included all!), kudos to them for doing that so that every person can have it who is shopping on a budget. 🔥 

2. Stainless steel adds corrosion resistance properties to the bar and makes it more strong, and adding stainless steel to the area which is being more used is practical.

Sleeves are also good with hard chrome, which is being given here.

Yes it’s true this barbell is not aggressive and for that reason, I cannot sit here and tell you that in my opinion, this is the best stainless steel power bar out there because I don’t think that it is. 

I think it is the best budget-friendly stainless steel power bar, but I like a more aggressive knurl and for that reason, I hold some of the other stainless steel power bars higher than this one. 🖖


Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for an aggressive knurlbar but you like some of the other aspects of this bar including the fact that it’s stainless.

Including the fact that it’s absolutely gorgeous with cool gunmetal look the grooved sleeves.

The additional coverage on the 4 3/4 inch center knurl. The fractionally longer loadable sleeve length. 🔥

Why Shouldn’t Buy it?

But if you’re into the more medium knurls you don’t prefer an aggressive knurl or maybe you’re looking to supplement some of the other more aggressively knurled bars already in your collection, then I think that this bar the one that’s available right now is really worthy. 

Especially if you’re on a budget if you own this bar or if you have further questions on this bar definitely leave a comment below. 💸

Comparing Two SS barbells

ATE ss bar 1

ATE Stainless Steel Bar

Discount Code: “MENSQUATS”

bullrock SS bar

Bullrock Stainless Bar

Discount: NA


6 bronze bushing

6 Bronze bushings


1.5 MM Volcano Knurl

1.5mm Volcano Knurl

Knurl Mark






Tensile Strength

205 K PSI

205K PSI

Stainless Steel

Only on Shaft/ chrome sleeves

Only on Shaft/ chrome sleeves

Bar Type

Powerlifting bar

Powerlifting bar

Let’s have a conversation about it.

Thank you so much. 🫶

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