Leeway Fitness 9 Post Barbell Holder in India Review

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leeway 9 post barbell holder rack in India

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Getting our gyms organised and NEAT is a common goal, right?😅 I'm on the same page with you. Barbell storage is a simple way to bring order to your gym life, and you have two choices: vertical or horizontal storage.

When it comes to straight bars, I find horizontal wall-mounted systems great, but for speciality bars, I prefer vertical mount barbell holder. 

✅ Speciality bars come in various shapes and sizes, which makes them not fit well in a horizontal setup❌, causing inefficiencies.

So, today, we’re taking a close look at the Leeway Fitness 9 Post Barbell Holder.

leeway fitness vertical barbell storage rack for gyms

It’s a space-efficient storage option that holds up to 9 bars in a vertical upright position. And the really cool part is that it doesn’t take up much space in your gym. 🙂

Super-efficient, right? 

What mattered to me was finding a piece big enough to fit 9 barbells that I planned to fill it up with my expensive bars.

➡️ And the standout feature of this brand “barbell rack holder” is the tubes’ protective plastic lining, which prevents any damage to your barbell sleeves. This advantage is missing in other options. 

Ultimately, after careful consideration, I chose the Leeway Fitness Bar Rack for the reasons I’ll explain below.

Let’s dive right in!

Leeway Fitness 9 Post Barbell Holder Review

vertical bar holder rack
  • Barbell storage for 9 Barbells | Compact size Barbell Stand rack, made with high-quality durable alloy steel.
  • No Cost EMI & Free Shipping are available.

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Visit Leeway online shop and after adding the product to the cart use coupon code: “mensquats05” on checkout and get 5% off.



Material:4.5mm thick Alloy Steel
Dimensions:18″ x 18″ x 7.8″ inch
Finish:Textured Black Powder Coat
Storage Capacity:9 bars
Sleeve Holder Inner Diameter:52 mm
Weight:20 kg
9 Post Barbell Holder Specifications


  • The plastic cap is on each bar holder, to preserve the sleeve finish.
  • Heavy-duty steel gives it a strong and sturdy feel.
  • Clean welds and a good fit add to its quality.
  • A tube height of 7.5″ prevents outward barbell leaning.
  • Laser-cut LEEWAY logo looks wow!
  • Weight 20 kgs, so it won’t tip over and remain grounded. 😳


  • If a few bars are available, you can’t store them all on one side. Instead, store them diagonally for balance. 
  • Sharp edges.

All About Leeway 9 Post Vertical Mount Barbell Holder in India

Leeway 9 Post Vertical Mount Barbell Holder in India
Gym Storage Rack in India

1️⃣ Measurements:

Speaking of size, I’ll give you the exact numbers. The exact measurements are about 18” x 18” x 7.87” (up to the top of the tube). 

Imagine a grid of bars in 3-by-3 patterns, all lined up nicely. Each bar sits in a sleeve with a protective plastic cover. 

This cover makes sure your bars stay safe when you put them in and take them out.

The website lists its weight as 20 kg, and it handles the load well. Considering that the bars collectively weigh much more than the holder, it’s doing a commendable job.😀

leeway 9 post bar holder weight

2️⃣ How is it built? 

Those sleeves that hold the bars are welded neatly in place – all nine of them. At the bottom, there’s strong steel to support everything.

✔️ But at the top, no welding, just a guide. This isn’t about making things perfectly level or adding extra support; it’s all about making it work well. 

Plus, they’ve done a great job with the branding – the name looks really cool on the outside. 

Whether you have a gym at home or for your gym business, it’s a good choice.

3️⃣ Appearance and Finish:

Leeway Fitness 9-Bar Holder

The Leeway Fitness 9-Bar Holder looks similar to Rogue and Titan brands supplied in America, with 2 vertical fronts featuring laser-cut logos.

I find laser cutting aesthetically pleasing. The finish on my piece is nearly flawless, with no scratches or dents. 

Although I’ve seen pictures of a Leeway vertical barbell holder with some dings, I don’t expect this to be a common issue. 

Leeway's customer service is reliable and would likely replace any defective units.

4️⃣ Design:

The storage system’s tubes snugly fit both two-inch bars and slightly smaller speciality bars like the Leeway Hex Trap Bar. 

Smooth rounded mounts securely hold the bars in place, extending to the bottom plate. They designed each sleeve to grip 7 1/2 inches of the barbell’s sleeve, making it suitable for various bar sizes.

Inside the tubes, there’s plastic, a crucial feature often missing in other vertical bar holders. This safeguards your bars’ clear coat finish.😅

The holder stands 7.8 inches tall, with the sleeves slightly elevated from the ground.

vertical barbell rack for gym

5️⃣ Fit and Security:

You can see the parts where you put the bars are thick. This makes sure the holder doesn’t bend when heavy bars lean on it a bit. 

The 7.8-inch depth of each tube guarantees a secure fit. You might notice that some bars move a tiny bit. This happens with bars that are a little smaller than usual.

It remains steady on rubber flooring due to its 20 kg weight, even when loaded with bars totalling over 180 kgs. (9 X 20 kg each). 😀

6️⃣ Tube Spacing and Fit:

steel pipe for leeway rack at home

The gaps between the tubes and the top frame are minimal in the Leeway model. It has noticeable gaps. This might not affect performance much unless the bottom welds come loose.

However, it’s worth considering, especially if you’re detail-oriented.

Does The Box Slide?

✔️ Even though I put it on my rubber floor, the box doesn’t move around. It’s kind of heavy, weighing 20 kg. That’s like holding three big bags of dog food.

The 2 bars I put in the holder weigh 42 kg together. 

If I add 7 more bars, the whole weight could go over 180 kgs or more.

Who Should Buy it? 

leeway fitness metal barbell rack for home gym

➡️ If you’re a fan of barbells and you also have specialty bars like SSB or Hex trap bars, this holder is perfect for you.

Also, if you’re into strongman workouts or you love camber bars, listen up—this is a great spot for your bars to rest comfortably and safely.

But, as there always is, there’s a little “but,” right? 

If you have BIG bars like LOG bars or really large speciality bars, there’s a small issue. While this holder is great at keeping the regular-sized bars standing up, the bigger bars might take up more space. 

You might not use all the slots, or things could get a bit crowded. For example, the log bar fits, but it’s a bit of a space invader. 

No worries, though! You can shuffle things around. 

What Does It COST?

Barbell Rack 9 Post 07

➡️ The best part is that it’s not expensive at all— right now, it costs only Rs 8,882 on the Leeway Fitness website.🤑 That includes GST & shipping both, as per usual. 

Leeway Fitness offers a great deal compared to any other brand. 

Even against Bullrock Fitness bar holder – Rs 13,558, Leeway remains the better choice. 

For a little money,💸 you get the same or say better quality, fit, finish, and protection.

Sure, if you’re all about supporting local brands and made-in-the-India products, Leeway Fitness is a good choice. 

gym barbell stand leeway fitness

✅ But guess what? If you can’t spend this much, you can also opt for another vertical storage option from Leeway Fitness itself – Barbell Wall Stand. Their version of this holder? 💰 It costs a small Rs 1,899 and shipping is included. 

And if you want to upgrade your gym setup and give your bars a cozy home, the Leeway option is your secret weapon.

👉 Here’s a cool bonus feature I just found out about checking your barbells is easy with this holder. So, if you like to keep your bars in great shape, this holder is like your new best friend. 

Rotate, inspect, and keep those bars in prime condition.

Any Discount on 9 Post Barbell Holder?

Head to leewayfitness.in and after adding the product to the cart use coupon code: “mensquats05” on checkout and get 5% off.

Discounted Price: Rs 8,438 (- 444)

Final Thoughts:

leeway vertical bar holder
Leeway 9 Post Barbell Holder Review

Simple, well-made designs usually have fewer drawbacks. 👉 Leeway Fitness improved on a simple design compared to other vertical gym storage racks. 

The Bullrock bar holder is also great, but I believe the extra Rs 5000 isn’t worth it when Leeway offers a superior product.

If you’re worried about protection or fit and finish, Leeway Fitness is a viable choice. It won’t damage your sleeves, but be cautious to prevent scratches.

In the end, it’s ALL about storage.😀

The decision isn’t as complicated as choosing a barbell, for example.

Either option will make your space more organised than having barbells scattered around or leaning against a wall.

Top Pick
Barbell Rack 9 Post 02 1

✔️ Who its Right For:

  • Who owns multiple bars and several speciality bars. 😀
  • Anyone who is looking to organise his gym space for barbells. 
  • Anyone who is concerned about protecting his barbell sleeves finishes. 
  • If you are concerned about your barbell safety, or tipping over when vertically stored.

❌ Who Shouldn’t Buy:

  • If you’ve fewer barbells to keep. Probably 2-4 and not 9 bars.
  • If you have to keep big-sized bars like LOG bars. 

Leeway Fitness 9 Post Barbell Holder – Rating

Other Leeway Racks For Barbells

barbell holder leeway fitness

Vertical Bar Stand

Rs 1,899

weight rack lf04 leeway fitness 01

Weight Plate Rack

Rs 6,908

bumper weight rack leeway fitness 04 1

Bumper Rack

Rs 6,203

What it is meant for:

It hangs on wall and holds 6 barbells vertically.

It has 6 pegs for weights & 4 Olympic barbell holders.

It can accommodate several weight plates on its 4 pegs & 2 Olympic Barbell Holders.

Q1: How much does the barbell holder weigh?

The Leeway Fitness 9 post barbell holder weighs approximately 20 kg. It’s not made overly bulky, which makes it easy to carry and position it wherever needed.

Q2: What is the barbell holder’s material?

The Leeway fitness “barbell rack for home gym” is constructed using high-quality steel, ensuring both durability and stability. It’s then finished with a textured black powder coat, which is designed to withstand the rigours of regular gym use.

Q3: What barbells can fit in the barbell holder?

Leeway 9 post barbell rack can accommodate a variety of barbell sizes and types. Whether you have standard or Olympic-sized barbells, or speciality bars.  

Q4: How should barbells be stored?

Proper storage of barbells is essential to maintain their longevity and functionality. Always avoid storing barbells with weights on them or on the ground. The ideal way is to store them horizontally on a squat rack or vertically on the bar holder. Either way, it is good.  

Q5: Is it okay to store a barbell vertically?

The preferred method is placing them on a squat rack or wall-mounted barbell rack India. While horizontal storage is best, as it doesn’t put stress on bearing, but in some circumstances gym owners may require vertical storage to save space.

Currently, 9 post barbell holder is the popular way to store barbells in commercial settings. 

Thanks for reading out with us about the Best Gym Storage Rack in India! When it comes to efficient gym storage, make it amazing and badass. 

See you next time! 🏋️‍♂️

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