Bullrock Red Turtle Bar Vs ATE Red Falcon Bar: 2 Best Cerakote barbell in India

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Bullrock red turtle bar vs ATE red falcon bar India Review

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What's going on everybody, today we’re taking a look at some of the most popular red cerakote barbells in India that Bullrock barbell and ATE- Track and Field Equipment Company sell, their cerakote coated & 28 MM thickness barbell range.😃

One of the most frequently asked questions that I’ve been getting throughout is ‘hey I’m starting home gym what’s a good best all-purpose barbell should I get that’s going to last and adds a colour to my room’, and my answer usually lies between the Bullrock Red Turtle Bar vs ATE Red Falcon Bar

(cerakote bar❤️)

The quality you get on both the barbell India is something that pretty much not anybody can get behind.

➡️ It’s good as a powerlifting bar, it’s good as a weightlifting bar. It got incredible build quality and customer service backing it plus there’s a lifetime warranty against bending on both these barbells. 😃

There’s really nothing that is bad about both of these multipurpose barbells in India but at the same time, there’s nothing that they specialise in. 

👉 But what special they have is thier red colour & cerakote coat, which is the greatest differentiator of these types of finishes when you compare them to chrome finish, of Silver colour.

That’s what excites most people towards it and drives maximum SALES.

Bullrock Red Turtle Bar Vs ATE Red Falcon Bar: Compared & Reviewed

  • 20 kg Bullrock Red Turtle Bar India

    Red Turtle 3 scaled
    • This is the go-to barbell choice for Olympic weightlifters and CrossFit people, with its impressive spin and an attractive yet durable Ceramic finish.
  • 20 kg ATE Red Falcon Bar India

    • Sea air, sweat, and dirt are no match to the Turtle Bar’s protective ceramic layer. If you want high corrosion resistance on your bar get this.

DISCOUNT OFFER: 🤑 Buy ATE barbell using the link given above, and punch coupon code: cart5 to get exra 5% OFF on your order value.

Take it!

👍 Pick cerakote if

  • You’re bad at cleaning your barbell.
  • You want to add colour to your equipment.
  • You live in a humid climate.
  • You like lighter knurling.

👎 Don’t Pick cerakote if

  • You’re bad at saving your bar from scratches. 
  • You don’t have UMHW Plastic J-cups on your rack.
  • You want an aggressive knurl.
  • You want a clean look; it gets pretty dirty.
  • You’re on a budget.

What is a Cerakote bar?

bullrock red turtle bar vs ate red falcon bar

✔️ Cerakote is a ceramic-based treatment for barbells and it is basically a military-inspired coating that is used to paint arms.  

Its unique composition improves a variety of physical performance qualities such as abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, and hardness.

➡️ In a nutshell, apart from appearance YES you get cool colours - Red, White, and Green on your cerakote bar (mind you, cerakote can be of any colour) but with that this coating also improves the metal properties. And one of the best things is your barbell will not RUST as usual. 

This means your barbell will possess high corrosion resistance and will be SAFE from oxidation (👉 that’s how it is marketed).  

But not all cerakote bars are created equal. 

Because it is a thick coating, a spread of it on a barbell can really mute knurling. There are companies that try hard to make this finish work but some bars have inconsistent knurls or the coating fills between the knurls and it kills the feeling of holding a good Red Olympic barbell. 

So WATCH IT out in cerakote bars that are priced cheap. (👉They often come with these problems.)  

What Olympic Barbell To Buy In India?

  • Truly if you’re an only weightlifter, I’d say red cerakote bar is probably not going to be the best Olympic barbell for you. It worked for you but it’s probably not the best. Apart from this, you could look at Bullrock Silver Tiger Bar Haunter Edition. 😃
  • If you’re a powerlifter, cerakote bar probably works for you but once again I’d probably recommend an ATE powerlifting bar in India if powerlifting is all you’re doing. 
  • But if you’re looking for something Multi-use, something to Power lift, to CrossFit with, and even come out of lockdown with some incredible RESALE value, there’s probably nothing better than the these.✔️

👉 In cerakote bar: Bullrock Red Turtle Barbell vs ATE Red Falcon Barbell India.

What Are The Other Options For An All-Purpose Bar?

With the ATE – Track and Field Equipment, they have only 1 to 2 barbell options in their 28 MM multi-purpose barbell category, which are:  

  1. 20 kg ATE Eagle Bar – Black Oxide/ Chrome.
  2. 20 kg ATE Red falcon Bar Cerakote❤️

(Red Falcon bar is available both for Men’s and Women’s)

And with Bullrock Fitness you get 3 all-purpose barbells to choose from – ranging from their: 

  1. 20 kg Bullrock Black Panther Bar – Black oxide
  2. 20 kg Bullrock Black Hound Bar – Black Oxide
  3. 20 kg Bullrock Red turtle bar Cerakote❤️

(Red turtle bar is available both for Men’s and Women’s)

But here we’re discussing, which is the best Cerakote Barbell in India: Bullrock Red Turtle bar vs ATE Red falcon bar? 

As far as coating goes, on both barbells, you can get a red cerakote coating/ ceramic, which is basically a military-inspired coating

👍 There are a lot of different things about them and it can get a little confusing when picking one. 

(Let’s understand it one by one…)

Difference b/w specifications of Bullrock Bar vs ATE Bar

Mostly both of these cerakote red barbells are SIMILAR, but there are little details which you must watch. closely (Especially the knurl.😃)  

#Bullrock Red Turtle BarATE Red Falcon Bar
Bar Weight:20 kg20 kg
Shaft Diameter:28 MM28 MM
Knurl Size:1.2mm1.2mm
Knurl Type:IWF5 + IPFIWF5 + IPF
Center Knurl:N/AN/A
Bar Length:7.2 ft7.2 ft
Shaft & Sleeve Coating:Ceramic CoatingCeramic Coating
Tensile Strength rating:210k PSI❤️200k PSI
Sleeve Length:415 MM415 MM
Max Load:1800 lbs/ 816 kg2000 lbs/ 907 kg
Bearings & Bushings:8 NK Needle Bearings❤️10 HK Needle Bearing

Overview of Cerakote Bars

This is Bullrock Red turtle bar.

olympic barbell in India
Red Turtle Bar

Its red cerakote option, it does have dual ipf and iwf markings. 👉 You get ceramic sleeves on both barbells. But I actually would recommend the chrome-coated sleeves just because they don’t scratch up as much as cerakote does.

It kind of depends on what you want and what colour your barbell is so that does take away a little from Bullrock’s knurling but I still feel like this knurl is one of my favourites.

It’s a little more subdued than their black oxide and black zinc coating and I personally like that about it because I like a lighter cut. I don’t really like aggressive knurling. I just personally like a lighter cut of knurling so if you like a bar to be softer on your hands then I would definitely recommend you go with the bullrock barbell option.👍

👉 Another great thing about the cerakote is that it has a matte chalky like finish so it’s a little easier to keep in your front rack. It doesn’t go sliding around like some of the shinier options like black zinc or black oxide do.

But also keep in mind that cerakote does chip away and it can wear down if you’re planning on racking your bar, it’s going to get chipped away pretty quickly in at least the snatch grip area.😮‍💨 

Which is the exact reason why I do recommend getting the chrome sleeves over the cerakote sleeves because the moment that you slide a plate on especially if you're using steel or iron plates it's going to scratch the crap out of your sleeves.

✔️ I do recommend the chrome sleeves or a chrome barbell entirely for that matter.

❌ I don’t recommend racking your cerakote bars but if you’re going to do it, just make sure that you’re good about skipping over the front of the j-hook because that will scratch away the coating of your barbell.

Ok, that’s about scratching and coating in general, what’s about maintenance?

Does Cerakote Barbell Need Maintenance?

Yes, they do. 

👉 One benefit we have discussed earlier of having a cerakote barbell is that it is probably the best coating that has for protecting your bar against oxidation.

But there is a CATCH.

No matter what coating you get your bar will still develop surface rust if you do not take enough care of it. 

Make sure you are wiping down your barbells and you’re cleaning out the knurling from the gym chalk buildup. 

Why to do regular barbell maintenance?

Even though cerakote coating is probably the best for protecting your bar against any kind of permanent damage, your barbell can still rust, if you live in one of those southern states or if you’re in a state that has humidity issues. 

Your barbell will rust no matter what.

What do I mean by ‘no matter if you buy a cerakote barbell it will rust?’ 

It doesn’t really matter where you go. You can’t just set it and forget it. You will have to maintain your barbell.

What barbell coating requires the least attention?

If you’re looking for a barbell that requires less maintenance you could get Hard chrome coating, stainless steel bars. 

Otherwise, Bullrock Red turtle bar the cerakote option requires some maintenance but it is the best one out there.

It’s a little bit more than the other ATE red falcon bar in India, where ATE bar costs you 20000, bullrock bar cost you Rs 28000 approx on Amazon. But bullrock bar does rate high in Tensile Strength: 210k PSI so it’s pretty much made indestructible. 

But ATE barbells are no behind.

I’ve never had any issues as far as build quality goes or bending with the ATE barbells despite all of its barbells being priced lower than bullrock barbells.

So you really don’t have to worry about it.👍

Bullrock Red Turtle Bar Vs Ate Red Falcon Bar: Which is better?

Explained. (Click to open.)

1. Coating/ knurl feel on both barbells

The biggest deciding factor between Red Turtle Bar Vs Ate Red Falcon Bar is how well the cerakote finish/ or coating is done.

The depth of coating decides the knurling feel since the cerakote coat is a thick finish often due to which the knurl gets diminished which takes a carryover on the entire barbell feel in hands. 

So which company takes it right is a thing we got to see. (Currently, I don’t have both the barbells at my place to show you a representation and state a clear winner, but as soon as I do I will UPDATE this blog!)

But generally speaking, I have talked to both companies and they know the problem and claim it isn’t a problem in our barbells. 

👍 So thumbs up to the knurl feeling of both ATE and bullrock barbell. 👍

Rest apart from this, the Bullrock Red Turtle barbell has a few good things when compared it directly to the ATE Red falcon barbell, which you’ll find as you read till the last.

2. Bearing and bushing:

What do both have?

✔️ ATE: 10 HK needle bearings (5 per sleeve) and 2 bronze bushings 

✔️ Bullrock: 8 NK needle bearings (4 per sleeve) which bullrock says is equivalent to 16 HK and 2 bronze bushings.

HK – Drawn cup needle roller bearings. There are various classes of bearing and it gets too complicated to understand them. Let this leave to the company to decide. 

But know 1 thing, NK bearing is better than HK bearing, even if they are less in number. So Bullrock is a WINNER here. 

You can expect both barbells to spin exceptionally well, but Bullrock Red Turtle bar takes a slight edge. 

3. Tensile Strength

What do both have?

✔️ ATE: 200K PSI Tensile Strength rating and a Max Load of 2000lbs. 

✔️ Bullrock: 210K PSI tensile strength rating and a max load of 1800lbs.

The formula to calculate tensile strength is: s = P/a 

Where, s is the tensile strength P is the force required to break a is the cross-sectional area.

These bars are tested under load to determine their tensile strengths figures in PSI. The more tensile strength means the higher capacity weight can be put on them, till it manages to not break/ or bend. 😮‍💨

Here Bullrock barbell again WINS, after having 210K PSI but 200K isn’t bad either. A 10K difference is not significant, but still, a position is taken by bullrock. Sorry ATE! 

One thing to note is that the max load of ATE bar is 2000 lbs despite being less in tensile strength than a bullrock barbell which is only 1800 lbs. 

No it’s not a mistake.

Let me tell you, it is decided by the quality of steel used and what material properties are added. (Secret of companies which they don’t tell anyone.) 

So both barbells are a SOLID option. 

✔️ That’s it, the bar length, knurling type, shaft diameter, and warranty, are all similar in both barbells. Of course, they are multipurpose barbells. No questioning. 

As you can see Bullrock Red turtle bar is a clear WINNER when we compare the specs of both cerakote bars head-to-head. 


The Bullrock barbell is also costlier, and ATE Red Falcon bar still remains a budget but quality red cerakote barbell option in India that retails for under Rs 20000. 😃

Pricing of Bullrock and ATE bar


  • Top-Rated Cerakote bar

    Bullrock Barbell Red turtle bar cost around Rs 28000 approx. (Check amazon for latest prices)

  • Second Best Cerakote Bar

    ATE barbell Red falcon costs you Rs 20240. (Use code: cart5 for additional 5% discount ) 

The decision is yours, would you like to spend 8000 rupees more in purchasing a bullrock cerakote bar India and receive that high tensile rating, better knurl feel, and better sleeve rotation. 


Save money and get the exact same-looking red cerakote barbell at a feature that is still very good, and is of international quality but slightly left behind from bullrock red turtle bar. 

👉 My answer would be to go with the ATE red falcon bar. (You can choose whatever you feel fits right!)

I might be proved wrong later after I test both the bars and may find a difference of day and night between these 2. But at this point, I would like to SAVE some money and invest that money into buying good quality rubber bumper plates instead.

✔️ This would be a logical thing to do.

6 Cons of having a Cerakote Red Barbell India

#1 It’s Knurl has Inconsistencies.

The most important thing is what connects you to the iron or urethane or crumb rubber or whatever types of weight plates you’re using is the KNURL. 

This is what is your connection to the bar and the better it feels in your hand, the better things are going to go overall for the most part and that’s really where cerakote to me number 1 far and away has the biggest disadvantage. 

While it does look nice and while it does have high corrosion resistance, it is one of the worst offenders of killing the feeling of a barbell. It is true that some companies can do cerakote right, but it’s really inconsistent. 

When you hold them, the possibilities are 2 barbells of the same company have a completely different feel.

The reason is:

– Filling in the knurl: Depending on how thick you lay it on it can really tend to mute the knurl and in some cases, companies might sandblast before cerakote, and again it makes a tremendous difference.

✔️ So YES you can get some really cool colours when buying a cerakote bar in India. But it really comes at the cost of the feel which to me is the most important factor to take into note.

#2 Can Get Dirty Quite Easily: 

Now another issue with the cerakote can be depending on which kind you get, in which colour? For me Red, I think it looks really cool. Most people really wanted a red barbell, and that’s the reason they turned towards a cerakote-coated barbell.

❌ But upkeep on these can be pretty difficult as well the lighter colour that you get whether it be white or red. 

👍 For instance, the bullrock – Red Lady turtle bar is also available in a perky pink colour that wear very badly. 

They show wear and dirt a lot more than bare steel or stainless steel or even black zinc or black oxide might in some cases because the dirt can show up on a lighter surface and that can be a problem because keeping these things clean is not the same as you would do with like a bare steel barbell.

#3 It’s Maintenance is Lot Different Than Others.

Barbell clean up is a simple process: just get a rough metal brush and clean it with some 3-in-1 oil or something similar. But with cerakote, you have to take a little bit of a different measure to do so. 

Now it is true you can still clean these but I found that brushes don’t really work as well because typically the brushes you use you’re also using to clean your other barbells. 

This means they probably already contain some other dirt or contaminants and if you’re using it on a lighter shaft it is going to show when you actually try to rub that brush on it. 

👉 Note: Only use a nylon brush to clean the cerakote coating barbell. 

So instead what I typically recommend for cleaning cerakote barbells is to use something like rubbing alcohol and maybe a microfiber cloth but if you have somewhat aggressive knurling and if the company actually did this error code right.

Then too, the cloth rag is still going to get caught up and chewed up and it’s going to be hard to kind of dig into some of those peaks in order to get it really clean so keeping these things clean can be a potential problem.👎

Be Aware: Using cheap cast iron plates on the ceramic sleeve can chip off the coat too.

#4 Not 100% corrosion resistant

Even though I mentioned that cerakote barbells are corrosion resistant it’s not. 

In fact, if you take a look at some companies’ scales of corrosion resistance they put cerakote right under stainless steel. That’s still not to say they aren’t immune to rust and when they rust things can go pretty bad. 

If the application of cerakote wasn’t consistent, you might get patches on your bar where you see stuff rusting or fading or chipping and it can be a potential problem.

#5 Chipping of Coat/ and Scratching. 

If you use it in and out of a rack or even when you’re trying to go from maybe a squat or to a bench position and it’s a loaded barbell. 

When bringing it down a few notches many have the tendency to sometimes hit the uprights or maybe hit the lever buckle on their belt. 

Over time it results in chipping away a little bit at the finish and that could be a potential issue versus again if you had something that was like stainless steel or bare steel you wouldn’t see chipping/ scratching of finish as easily.

#6 Costlier to Maintain.

In addition to the knurling and the cleaning process is just the overall cost typically outside of stainless steel. Cerakote tends to be the most expensive which is again it’s harder for me to recommend given the other factors we’ve already covered.

My Thoughts About Red Cerakote Bar

We all wish to add creative and colourful equipment in our gyms, if we could and if it comes at a better quality.

👍 Red cerakote bar, whether it be a Bullrock Red turtle bar vs ATE Red Falcon bar both are a good addition to your gym. You won’t regret your choice every time you get a hold of them.


  • Unbaised Opinion

    These both are good barbells in them, but where Bullrock Red Turtle Bar wins this comparison by scoring 5/5❤️ in every specification which makes it a great all-purpose bar in India.

  • On the other hand ATE Red Falcon Bar completely flipped the game by offering the same-like quality at a price Rs 8000 less than bullrock barbell. Available at only Rs 20000 this includes all shipping and taxes.😃 

    (🤑Only if you use the link given above, and add coupon code: cart5 to get EXTRA 5% OFF during check out)

But still, paying this barbell price in India is huge for some. Let me tell you can’t get good things at a cheap price. 20000 Rupees is the nominal starting amount for all good barbells in India, and every barbell we review at Mensquats.com

Consider spending this much on your dear BARBELL, so you won’t run into problems later. 

Other cheap Red barbells in India: (Under 10000)

LEEWAY Ostin bar red cerakote India buy

LEEWAY Red Ostin bar

This is the single most budgetory option for anyone who is low on cash, but still want a barbell that is strong enough to support his lifts! That too come with same specifications as bullrock bar do. (Except the max load capacity!)

FAQs about Red barbells

Which are some best red cerakote barbells in India?

➡️ Red Olympic barbell options:

  1. ATE Red Falcon Barbell
  2. Leeway Cerakote Barbell (Cheapest of all)
  3. Bullrock Fitness Red Turtle Bar
What does a red barbell mean?

Red barbell mostly means a cerakote bar (a finishing done on the barbells.) Though cerakote finish can be of any colour, and not limited to only red. But most of the bullrock barbell and ATE barbells in India which are red are all the cerakote barbells.

What kind of brush do you use to clean a barbell?
  • On a Hard chrome coated bar one can use a Brass bristle brush to clean the rust. 
  • To remove the magnesia (chalk), dirt, and other dry materials from the bar with a plastic or nylon bristle brush.
  • Always use the Nylon Brush on Cerakote, Powdercoat, and Zinc finishes otherwise it would scratch the coat.  
  • Only use the stainless steel brush on stainless steel bars.
What is a nylon brush?

➡️ The phrase nylon brush refers to a wide range of brushes constructed from nylon filament. Nylon brushes are used for scrubbing, dusting, surface finishing, rough surface preparation, cleaning, and eliminating contaminants.

How do I keep my barbell from rusting?

➡️ To keep your barbell away from rusting, you have to focus on buying the right coating for your bar keeping in note the conditions you live in and the way you use the bar. Stainless steel bars top the ranking on an oxidation scale. But they came at a higher cost. 

So the ideal option is to go for other coatings like Chrome, Nickel, Hard chrome & Ceramic that provide good-to-excellent oxidation resistivity and require the least maintenance.

What is a multipurpose barbell?

➡️ The multipurpose barbell is a bar that can also be used for different disciplines, like as a powerlifting bar, weight lifting bar, CrossFit bar and specialises in none. These bars are best for people who don’t focus on a single training style but want an all-purpose bar that serves every exercise equally. They are normally found in gyms to be used by the general public. 

What is a good price for a barbell?

In India, a 20 kg Olympic barbell with good spinning sleeves, good tensile strength, and good knurl would cost around Rs 14000 to 25000. Depending on what coating bar you buy, and what quality you are getting. 

➡️ ATE barbells make the best barbell in India which can be checked on their ateonlineshop website here.  

What barbell do gyms use?

➡️ Most gyms use an all-purpose barbell or commonly called multipurpose bars because they’re unsure of the public visiting the gym and what their likes and dislikes are. You also may find specialty barbells in their closet, like squat bars, deadlift bars, and safety squat bars but the chances are highly unlikely.

Which bar is best for deadlifting?

➡️ A deadlift bar is a specialty barbell that is made just for doing deadlifts to your max potential. It is made longer in length than any Olympic barbell, it has bigger collars, a longer shaft length, and a thinner shaft of 27MM just to make an arc/ bend when you lift the weights up from the ground. This has its own advantage which none of the other stiff bars/ or power bars could provide.

Conclusion of Best Red Cerakote Barbell in India

Are cerakote bars good?

At the end of the day, although I don’t recommend cerakote barbells to most people. But there are some really sweet designs that you can get from a cerakote finish which is probably the only reason I’d really recommend them. 

1. If you’re trying to match a theme in a gym 
2. If you’re going for a certain design
3. If you want some sort of branding on a barbell
4. If you want a bar with high corrosion resistance.👍 

Then in these cases, only cerakote barbells are probably the easiest and best option for you. 

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Are you a fan of cerakote barbells or not? 👉 If YES, which barbell you would buy: Red Turtle Barbell Vs Ate Red Falcon Barbell? 

In the meantime as always thanks for reading. 

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