Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar Review: Worth Paying ₹18,000?

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siege fitness powerlifting barbell review

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Today I'm excited to review the highly anticipated bar which is “Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar in India, called "Chieftain Bar”. 😯 This bar stands as Siege's flagship offering aimed at competing with revered options like the Bullrock Fitness & ATE Power Bars. 

✅ The big question: does it measure up? 

Now, I know some might bring up the Bullrock Power Bars as the top-tier choice, and they’re not wrong. They make outstanding bars, & have a long line-up to choose from.

Powerlifting bars are widely popular for good reason—they’re made for the squat, dead lifting, and bench, making them ideal for most home gym owners. 

siege fitness powerlifting bar

Siege Fitness Chieftain Barbell aims to offer the attributes of high-end bars at a more budget-friendly price than others and let me tell you, the specs are impressive.😀 

👍 They offer a compelling blend of affordability, top-notch finish, and functionality that’s hard to beat.

Therefore, I find myself in a spot to always recommend this brand. 👌

And before we go any further, ➡ full disclosure: Siege Fitness has sent this bar for review. If you decide to purchase through the links below, it supports us without costing you extra. In this blog, I’ll delve into the specifics of “Siege Fitness Powerlifting Barbell in India”. 

Now, let’s get to the details.

Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar in India Review!

Siege Fitness Powerlifting Barbell 

(Chieftain Bar)

The Chieftain Bar from Siege Fitness is a precision-engineered Powerlifting Barbell for Powerlifters featuring superior finish and durability.

Made according to IPF standards. Super strong!

Whatsapp Siege on number 7619614418

✔ ️Use My coupon code: “MENSQUATS” to get an extra discount on the price! 

Good for Those looking for a grippy bar to use mainly for Squats, Bench Press and deadlifts! You’ll love it! 🏋️‍♂️


Length:7.2 ft
Length between sleeves:51.5″ inches
Weight:20 kg
Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI
Shaft diameter:29 mm
Knurl depth:1.5mm pitch
Knurl type:Aggressive volcano knurl
Finish: E Coat on the Shaft. Chrome plating on sleeves.
Bushings:4 Bronze bushings
Sleeve length:16.3”
Knurl marks:IPF marks
Centre knurl:Yes
Warranty:Lifetime Warranty
Unboxing of Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar


  • Great value for the price! 👌
  • IPF-specs bar, competition use. 
  • Grippy Volcano knurl
  • Lifetime warranty against Bending.
  • Made in India.
  • 205K PSI tensile strength 😵
  • Self-oiling bronze bushings.
  • The rust-proof coating is done. 


  • During warmups, or when collars have not been fastened, the plates can slide off because of the smooth sleeves surface. 
  • E-coat Finish can scratch easily.
  • Single Variant available.

 What Bar Is Used In Powerlifting?

🚀 It’s crucial to be aware that many bars in the market paste the label of ‘power bars’ without embodying authentic traits.

Without knowing product specifications, you might find yourself with a bar that falls short of meeting your requirements. 

Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar Review
Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar Review

Here’s a checklist to guide you – Powerlifting bar should have 😀

  • bronze or composite bushings, eschewing needle bearings.
  • IPF knurl marks, not IWF.
  • A centre knurl.
  • 29 mm diameter
  • 20 kg weight
  • Aggressive knurling for a secure grip.
  • at the very least, a 190k PSI shaft for durability.

Power bars are usually bushing bars; This is one reason why an excellent power bar is less expensive than an equivalent Olympic WL bar.

To summarise, power bars are thick and rigid. Power bars are also knurled more aggressively than the regular Olympic bar.

They have a centre knurl and their own set of knurl marks (these marks mark the maximum permissible hand position for the bench press in powerlifting). 😵

Key Features of Siege Barbell:

e coat barbell
1. Impressive Tensile Strength:

The standout feature of this bar is its shaft’s tensile strength, a whopping 2,05,000 PSI.

This places it among the strongest power bars on the market. While it may be slightly stiffer, it doesn’t compromise performance, making it an excellent choice for powerlifters in India.

2. Aggressive Knurling:

The Siege Fitness gets the knurling right.

Unlike some bars with passive knurling, this one offers a grip that digs in, essential for powerlifting movements. While not my personal favourite, it strikes a good balance between aggressiveness and usability.

3. Centre Knurl:

Featuring a centre knurl, the bar adds that extra bit of stickiness for squats. Interestingly, Siege Fitness has opted for a slightly more passive centre knurl compared to some competitors. It’s a thoughtful touch for those who prefer a less aggressive feel on their backs.

4. Standard Specs and Coating:

You get all the standard powerlifting bar specs here, including IPF knurl marks, a 4.5-inch centre knurl, and a 29mm diameter. The bar comes with an E-coat finish. While not my favourite due to its tendency to scratch off over time, I prefer stainless steel, but it’s a reasonable choice given the price point.

5. Smooth Sleeves (No grooves):

When all other companies are giving groove patterns on the sleeves, siege has thought differently for the powerlifting community that uses iron plates. It provides a scratchless & easiness when loading iron plates on the bar. It’s a functional touch that is so easy to use for lifters! 

6. Lifetime Warranty:

Siege Fitness stands behind its “Chieftain” Powerlifting Bar with a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking. So no worries!


The Chieftain bar is part of Siege’s revamped bar lineup, showcasing a complete rebuild with a focus on elevating their barbell game. It reflects the rugged quality they’re aiming for. 🙏

✔️ I associate Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bars with an E-coat shaft and chrome sleeves—the classic look.

The bar’s fit and finish are top-notch, featuring a shiny chrome finish on sleeves, weight details, and impressive end caps. Speaking of knurling, this is where things get interesting.

👉 Sharp Volcano Knurling (😍):

Volcano Knurling

Now, let’s talk about the Knurl magic.

The knurl pattern on this bar is a standout feature. Like the popular volcano knurl with more teeth per inch (TPI), resulting in smaller, aggressive peaks. Comparing the feel, the bar is stellar, and the sharper grip might appeal more to those who prefer a volcano-like knurl. It’s aggressive but not hand-shredding, making it a go-to for serious lifters.

The knurling on this e-coat bar has an aggressive bite, resembling what is commonly found on IPF-used bars.

👉 Specifications:

siege fitness e coat powerlifting barbell forgym

The Siege Fitness Bar follows the standard 29-millimetre diameter for power bars, a single powerlifting knurl-mark, a centre knurl, and a weight rating of 1000 kgs. The finish is an e-coat, a choice that holds both advantages and disadvantages, as I’ll discuss shortly. 

The e-coat construction is a standout feature, offering superb grip in the knurling. Now, when it comes to squatting, benching, or deadlifting, the Siege bar performs admirably, rivalling the ALL chrome barbell in every way. 😑

The knurling is designed to be aggressive, resembling the collars commonly found on IPF-used bars. 

💯 As more reviews roll in, it’s clear that this bar is gaining popularity rapidly.

👉 Diameter:

➡️ I’ve found that the diameter plays a pivotal role in the overall feel and functionality of the bar during lifts. Specialised bars, such as squat bars with a larger diameter of around 32 millimetres for added rigidity and weightlifting bars with a smaller diameter of approximately 28 millimetres for increased whip.

You get a 29-millimetre diameter of the Siege Power Bar. 🙏 While 1 millimetre doesn’t make a significant difference, I disagree, especially when dealing with heavier loads. 

The thicker bar, combined with more tensile strength, decreases whip, affecting performance, particularly noticeable beyond 300 kgs.

This, for me, is a significant advantage and a key reason why I suggest it to most users seeking a powerlifting-specific barbell.

✔️ For most users looking for a versatile & multipurpose bar, this specialisation may not be ideal. I typically recommend a 28mm bar for a more balanced performance across all powerlifting movements.

👉 The end of the sleeve, it features a snap ring design, a standard choice in the industry for easy maintenance and plate adjustments. The plain design on the sleeve aims to keep the iron plate finish secure during loading & unloading. While some may find the groove sleeves to keep the plate in position during deadlifts, that also generates more noise during plate adjustments.

👉 Speaking of strength, it’s crucial to note that the Siege Fitness powerlifting bar sits at 205k, which may raise eyebrows given Siege’s initial emphasis on extreme strength. However, this falls within the generally accepted range for quality barbells, offering a balance between flexibility and durability.

chieftain barbell siege fitness 1

👉 Moving to the collar of the sleeve, it doesn’t follow a thin competition style, similar to bars like ELIEKO, or the 20 kg ATE Power Bar. The purpose of this design is to bring the weights closer, minimising the distance between plates and, subsequently, creating a stiffer feel with less bar whip. However, this can pose an issue in a normal power rack, where the plates may be too close to the uprights, potentially interfering during walks. But it’s an IPF specs bar, & IPF doesn’t specify if the bar should have thin collars, or not. 

👉 Examining the sleeve rotation mechanism used, it follows the industry norm of using bronze bushings in power bars. While this may impact spin slightly, it’s not a significant concern and the actual spin is satisfactory. The minimal give in the sleeves serves as a shock absorber, albeit not a decisive advantage or disadvantage.

👉 E-coat finish on the shaft, it comes with both benefits and challenges. 🏷️ The lower price is a clear advantage, and the e-coating offers a direct advantage on knurl feeling to the hands & gives protection against rust. 

Siege chieftain barbells best power power

The knurling is well done, not overly aggressive, but on par with bars. The centre knurling is slightly larger, enhancing grip during squats. The knurling features a grippy pattern with high tips per inch (TPI).

While some may find it MORE aggressive, it caters to those who prefer a secure grip.

The e-coat finish doesn’t diminish the overall knurling quality – that’s cool. 🙌

Regarding upkeep, the e-coat finish requires less attention to combat rust and oxidation. Still, regular maintenance is necessary, making this bar a choice that demands more care.


siege fitness barbell price

✔️ In terms of value, the Siege Fitness powerlifting bar impresses. With the e-coat option starting at Rs 18,000 (plus shipping💸), it competes well with others in its class. 👌

Siege aims to deliver a premium experience without breaking the bank. Also, it is the only Olympic powerlifting barbell currently, which comes in an E-coat option (maintains exclusiveness.)

This bar promises an exciting experience, and I’ve shared my insights in my YouTube video. 🎥 It offers solid competition to other powerlifting equipment manufacturers. 

And its ‘Made in India’ factor and Siege’s reputation give it an edge for some.

If you’re seeking a 20 kg powerlifting bar, don’t mind a bit of maintenance. The bar’s specifications make it a strong contender in its price range. 🏷️

Who should buy a Siege Powerlifting barbell?

🚀 Designed with a deep knurl, this power bar excels for those seeking an enhanced grip during deadlifts.

I recommend this bar as a primary powerlifting option for home gym owners who prioritise strength as part of their training. 

It isn’t suitable for over 95% of lifters. However, for that remaining 5%, it stands out as an exceptional bar that will bring you satisfaction for years to come. 

➡️ Buy Siege Fitness powerlifting Barbell here!

Who should not buy a Siege Powerlifting barbell?

Honestly, if you are not a powerlifter, there’s a substantial likelihood that I would not recommend this barbell to you. 

❌ This siege fitness bar is tailored for a relatively small subset of lifters. If you find yourself within that category, this bar will probably meet your expectations. If not, it might not be the right fit for you—plain and simple.

Individuals in search of their first barbell should steer clear of this option altogether. Instead, I recommend exploring my top-recommended best barbell in India

You’ll definitely find one best for you! 😀 

Final Thoughts:
Siege fitness best barbell for powerlifting

Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar, a seriously aggressive knurled power bar in E-coat (one & only!). I’ve been putting it to the test for the last few weeks of November 2023, and to be honest—I am really happy to get this bar. 👍

SIEGE’s barbell is a good option for those seeking a stiff, aggressive, and made-in-India product at a reasonable price. 🏷️

But is this the BEST Overall? 🏋️‍♂️ I was a bit reluctant about this bar. The hesitation came from already owning several 29MM 20KG powerlifting bars, including what I consider the cream of the top, my ATE Power Bar in stainless steel.

➡️ Why the hesitation? Well, this ATE barbell stirred quite the buzz. With a stainless steel shaft, aggressive knurling, and a volcano pattern, it seemed like a formidable contender. But, shelling out another Rs 6000 to 7000 just for a stainless steel barbell made me pause. 

Now, I find myself in a tough spot. When someone asks me about the best bang for their buck in powerlifting bars in India, it’s a toss. 

✔️ Honestly, Siege Powerlifting Barbell sets high standards & goes toe to toe with industry heavyweights, offering a compelling combination of quality, price, good knurl, and performance. 

While personal preferences and brand loyalty play a role, this 20 kg powerlifting barbell deserves serious consideration.

siege fitness powerlifting bar

Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar

✔ ️Use My coupon code: “MENSQUATS” to get an extra discount on the price! 
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Whatsapp Siege on number 7619614418

✔ ️Use My coupon code: “MENSQUATS” to get an extra discount on the price! 

Q1: What barbell is used in powerlifting?

As a lifter with experience, powerlifting competitions typically use a specific type of barbell known as a powerlifting bar. These bars are designed to meet the standards set by IPF.

In India, we use any IPF specs bar or import IPF-approved bars like Rogue, & Eleiko. 

Q2: What is the weight of a powerlifting bar?

A standard powerlifting barbell typically weighs 20 kilograms for men’s competitions. As lifters need to account for the barbell’s weight when calculating their total lifted weight in each competition.

Q3: Do they add bar weight in powerlifting?

Yes, in powerlifting, the weight of the barbell is taken as part of the total lifted weight. For example, if you squat 150 kg with a 20 kg barbell, your total lifted weight for that lift is 170 kg.

Q4: Does a powerlifting bar spin?

Yes, but not like Olympic weightlifting bars, powerlifting bars are not designed for low spin. 

Q5: Do powerlifting bars bend?

Yes, but slightly & only in max lifts. Powerlifting bars are designed to have a low amount of flexibility, often referred to as “whip.” This flexibility helps in lifts like deadlifts, providing some assistance. However, siege powerlifting bars are engineered to return to their original shape after each lift.

What’s your take on power bars?🙌 Do you find the “Review of Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar in India” enticing, or do you have a different favourite?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thanks for tuning in, and until next time,

Happy lifting! 🏋️‍♂️

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