Best Hex Trap Bar in India: Leeway Fitness.

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best value trap bar in India - leeway fitness equipment review

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Once your gym is stocked with the necessities, there’s an opportunity to get more creative with your next purchase. And buying speciality bars is a solid next step, and trap bars, aka hex bars, are a good choice! 

leeway fitness trap barbell

➑️ Today we’re reviewing one of the best hex trap bar in India that are on the market – that is Leeway Fitness hex trap bar.

This Hex Trap Bar in India is undoubtedly available at great value. At less than Rs 13,649 πŸ’°, you’d be hard-pressed to find another option with the same pricing.  

I’ve been using this trap bar for quite a while so today I’m gonna break down all my findings for you guys!😊 

I’m going to take you through everything you need to know about this trap bar from the price, and the features, some pros and cons that I’ve experienced. Of course, who should or maybe should not add this to their home gym? 

But before I get going I have to let you know we've reviewed a lot of Olympic barbells on, πŸ”₯ if you want to browse our best list just β€Œuse the search bar and type - β€œbest barbells” and you can find out for yourself which ones that we LIKE the best!

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➑️ At Mensquats Gym Reviews, we understand the importance of finding high-quality equipment that aligns with your unique requirements. With our extensive gym experience, we possess the knowledge to distinguish between excellent and subpar home gym equipment. 😊

For today’s review, we’ve ordered Leeway Best Hex Trap Bar in India and tested it in our workouts to let you know how it performed and why you should get this.Β 

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πŸŽ₯ Watch my HINDI video review of this trap bar —

Best Hex Trap Bar in India: Leeway Fitness.

Leeway Fitness – Best Hex Trap Bar in India

hex trap bar leeway fitness 01
  • Benefits:
  • It’s a Great Beginner Movement
  • Provides Leg and Back Stimulation
  • Good for Sports Performance
  • Offers a New Stimulus
  • It’s Highly Functional
leeway hexagonal trap bar


MaterialAlloy Steel
BrandLeeway Fitness
Weight22 kg
Weight load capacity500kg
Sleeve FinishPowder Coating
Number of Grips28mm and 35mm


  • The loading sleeves are 16 inches long.
  • It’s also a Rackable bar, which is going to add to its versatility.Β 
  • Ideal for farmer walks, and deadlift exercises.Β 
  • 2 handle grips to increase the range of motion.
  • Respectable weight capacity βœ…


  • Might get scratched ❌
  • Need a barbell storage to store it compactly.Β 
  • No Built-in Jack, so you might have to struggle to put in and take off plates.
What Do I Like About the Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar

What Do I Like About the Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar? 

  1. Good Knurl: Well, I really like the knurling on these handles. It gives me a sticky tack-like grip. It is going to be really nice as you go to load up for some super heavy deadlifts. 😊
  1. Good For Beginner: This is also a really good option for any beginners out there. Also, for people who are rehabbing from an injury because if you use these raised handles, it’s going to decrease your range of motion and allow you to properly learn how to deadlift.
  2. Allow For More Range of Motion: It will really come into effect as you start throwing on some heavy weight and you make sure that your form is exactly how it needs to be. But as you get the hang of it, you know as you start feeling good about everything, you can also flip this trap bar over. Use these handles down here and that’s going to increase your range of motion. 
  3. Achieve Good Form: A lot of people deadlift with barbells, but I personally think that a trap bar is a superior choice. Here your body’s aligned more naturally with these handles and your shoulders. 
  4. Ideal Loading Sleeves Length: You know a lot of issues people run into with trap bars, though is that the loading sleeves are shorter than what they are on a barbell. Well, that’s not the case here. These loading sleeves are 16 inches long, which is pretty much what you’re gonna find on a barbell, you know, give or take half an inch or so. 
  5. Has Rackable Length: Plus, this is a rackable trap bar, which is pretty unique. It’s going to add to its versatility you can use this thing for shoulder presses, maybe even a bench press if you want to with a power rack.

Build of the Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar 

βœ… Let’s talk about the build.

1. Handles:
leeway hex trap bar handles

Starting with the handles, are 28 & 35 MM in diameter.

The top handle is not fully knurled but the bottom one is, which is good. You can kind of grab it really wherever you want as long as it’s not gonna you know teeter-totter on you as you’re working out.

But that knurling is really nice.😊

It feels really solid in your hands and it’s going to give you a really good grip.

Remember, all you have to do to utilize the other handles is – just simply flip it over whichever way you have it, just flip it and you can use the other side.

2. Loadable Sleeves:

The loading sleeves are 16 inches long and they’re 1.9 inches/ 48 MM in diameter and the square steel tubing right here is 2 X 2 inches in diameter.

This is a really solid build. It’s really sturdy.

Once again, it’s really evident in your hands. The handles are also 25 inches apart from one another.

I think that’s a really solid distance for the majority of weight lifters and from the ground to the top of these raised handles they’re 8.25 inches off the ground.

(This is a rackable trap bar.😊)

3. Overall weight capacity:

I don’t really know that number, So I reached out to Leeway Fitness, and all they told me was just load this bad boy up to whatever you can and it can handle it.

Now I personally am not gonna be able to max this trap bar out.

But a lot of you probably can’t either, but there’s definitely some of y’all that absolutely can.

Best Hex Trap Bar in India

Anyway, since I do not know the exact number, the product description says the max weight capacity of this Leeway hex trap bar is 500 kg and I feel it’s definitely beyond it!

Remember, some companies may say their bar’s weight capacity is 1000 kg, but it all depends on the loadable length of the sleeve.

Practically with thicker plates, you can’t achieve the above weight.

Also, no normal person can deadlift 500 or 600 kgs ever. 

4. Tubes Width:

If we come further down, you will see this is that 2-inch square steel tubing is super sturdy in my hands.

I know it’s welded together, but it really doesn’t feel like that.

It feels like one solid piece of steel, which obviously is a very nice touch, and I really like these raised handles.

Once again, they’re 8.25 inches off the ground.

It’s gonna be really ideal for anybody looking to learn the proper technique when deadlifting and this is that. 

5. Knurling:
leeway hex trap bar 1

Knurling is moderately aggressive, but it feels really good in my hands. It kind of reminds me of a powerlifting bar and to use these other handles down here just simply flip the bar over.

It’s pretty easy to do that.

The knurling on both handles is the same, and grippy enough to not slip even if you lift in 100s.

Black Zinc finish also enhances the grip feel.

6. Weight of barbell:

This is 86.22 inches long trap bar, and it weighs 22 kg on its own and trust me you will feel that weight when you go to pick it up.

You can absolutely implement some exercises with just the weight of this trap bar.

You can do some farmer’s walks and maybe even some lunges and different things with just the bar.

You don’t necessarily have to load on weight if you don’t want to and get a nice burn-in with that workout.

Who should purchase the Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar? 

leeway hex trap barbell in India

βœ… Well, I personally think hex trap bars are the ideal choice when it comes to learning the proper technique for deadlifting. 

Specifically, this one right here, because of the raised handles

So if you are a beginner or maybe you’re rehabbing an injury I think you’re really going to enjoy using Leeway Fitness hex trap bar, cause it’s going to decrease the required range of motion that you need. 

πŸ‘‰ Obviously, once you get comfortable and get that proper technique, definitely just flip this over and increase that range of motion by utilizing these other handles, so that’s pretty cool.

Also, anybody who’s just really wanting to load on a bunch of weight plates on either side you can definitely do that. 

You know a lot of trap bars feature loading sleeves that are around 13 inches long and you kind of run out of the room that’s really not the case here.

These are 16 inches long, very comparable to a barbell. 

So yeah, you can definitely pack on those weight plates.βœ…

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar? 

Screenshot 894

Well, first things first, it’s expensive.

Not everybody’s going to want to spend πŸ€‘ Rs 13,650 on a trap bar because, at the end of the day, it’s a trap bar. 

Yeah, this one’s pretty versatile, but so is an Olympic barbell.

As I said, you can get one of those for the same price actually maybe even cheaper from Leeway Fitness. 

πŸ˜„ This hex trap bar really is geared towards somebody who’s you know looking for a specialty barbell and really wants to focus on their deadlifts. 

The loading sleeves are designed to hold Olympic size weight plate (i.e., 51mm), so if you don't have Olympic-size weight plates, you can buy those from Leeway Fitness. 

You also might want to keep that in mind as well.

The handles are 24 inches apart.😊

The majority of people should be able to work out with this but you know obviously there are people of smaller stature who are gonna want something that is closer together.

You might be able to find that elsewhere online, but you know obviously, that’s not the case. 


pricing of hex trap bar

βœ… In terms of pricing, this Hex Trap Bar on Amazon is listed at around Rs 13,678.

I know that’s kind of expensive but you know remember it is coming from Leeway Fitness. Obviously, they’re known for their high-quality products. That’s no exception here. 

You know once you get this thing in your hands, you can definitely tell you’re getting that high quality. 

πŸ‘‰ So if you’re somebody out there looking for a speciality bar, you’re really wanting to you know to focus on your deadlifts the proper way. 

I think this could be worth the money.πŸ”₯

Wrap Up 

➑️ If you're looking for a really versatile trap bar, this is right at the top of the list of versatile & best trap bars in India, because it's able to be racked into a power rack or a squat rack if you have one. You can definitely use this for shoulder presses and even a bench press if you want to. 
leeway fitness hex trap bar weight capacity

I will sayβ€Œ, nothing gets it done like a good old trusty set of dumbbells or even a barbell, but you know if you want to do that with this, you absolutely CAN.

This is a great option for beginners and anyone rehabbing an injury to learn the proper technique of a deadlift. You’re naturally aligned with your body and the handles, which is a really nice touch. πŸ”₯

But since these have elevated handles, it's going to decrease your range of motion so you can absolutely learn that proper technique. 

It’s also going to decrease the amount of stress on your lower back.

You can increase it in a matter of seconds, which is really cool. 

πŸ‘‰ At the end of the day, though, this is a solid piece of equipment. I really think it could be a really nice addition for anybody who has a more advanced home gym.

Is the Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar Worth It?

leeway trap bar review

According to my assessment, this Hex Trap Bar offers excellent value given its affordable price and impressive range of features. It boasts features comparable to higher-priced bars and demonstrates commendable construction quality.πŸ˜„

βœ… Ideal for:

  1. Individuals with a limited budget who own a home gym
  2. People seeking a multi-purpose barbell
  3. Individuals interested in a trap bar that can be used with a rack

❌ Not suitable for:

  1. Lifters in search of an open-end trap bar.
  2. People who don’t have a budget, as in speciality bars are expensive.
Leeway Fitness Trap Bar Rating
Leeway Olympic Hex Trap Bars Powerlifting

Hex Trap Bar

Leeway multi grip hex trap bar

Multi-Grip Trap Bar


22 KG

24 KG

Number of Handles

2 – 28MM & 35MM

3 – 28MM & 35MM & 50MM

Weight Capacity

500 KG

250 KG


86″ L x 29″ W

65″ L x 31″ W

Q1: How much does a hex trap bar weigh?

The weight of a hex trap bar can vary depending on the specific model, but it typically ranges from 20 to 22 kgs.

Q2: Are there hex bars-trap bars for 1-inch bars?

Hex trap bars specifically designed for 1-inch bars are less common, as the standard diameter for trap bars is 2 inches/ 50 mm. However, it’s possible to find adapter sleeves that can accommodate 1-inch bars.

Q3: What is a hex trap bar used for?

A hex trap bar is primarily used for exercises such as deadlifts, shrugs, and farmer’s walks. It allows for a more comfortable and efficient lifting position compared to traditional straight barbells.

Q4: Does hex bar deadlift work traps?

While hex bar deadlifts primarily target the legs and lower body, they can also engage the trapezius muscles (traps) to a certain extent. However, exercises like shrugs are more specifically targeted for trap muscle development.

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