Does ATE barbell provide Eleiko-like IPF powerlifting bar specs in India? Comparison.

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This blog is geared towards serious powerlifters who are looking to buy IPF powerlifting bar specs in India and they want to buy one bar and they're probably considering the Eleiko powerlifting bar these days. 

👉 Because there’s a ton of history behind it. I really want to harp on the history because I feel like they’re kind of living on a legacy which isn’t necessarily bad but comparatively speaking to what’s out there.

Today I just don’t think Eleiko barbells, which are obviously imported, are a practical option in India as some of the other offerings out there, as there were back in the 70s and 80s when there weren’t a lot of actual good powerlifting bars. 

➡️ This is where ATE powerlifting barbells in India really made their name.😃 At the time, a lot of the bars out there were Olympic-style bars, that were 28MM or 27.5MM and had passive knurling. 

Also, there weren’t a lot of barbell manufacturers out there who introduced center knurling. They also weren’t made as well as they are today, where you’ll have sleeves that have locked up design. You can still buy second-hand bars that are older or vintage barbells and you’ll notice that they’re knurls pretty much run flat the collars. They also require a lot of upkeep because they were just bare steel bars.

ATE really kind of did good solid work for the powerlifting community by launching a go-to bar.

ATE IPF powerlifting bar specs
ATE bar in picture

➡️ My efforts through this blog is to help make you learn, unlearn and relearn the concepts of powerlifting barbell, and assist you in deciding between US-imported Eleiko vs ATE ipf powerlifting bar that is available here in India. And which among two is better ipf powerlifting competition bar for training and all purposes. 

So you SAVE money, TRAIN better and ACHIEVE great PR’s.😃

Basics of IPF Powerlifting Bar Specs:

When shopping for the best powerlifting barbell (not just from ATE India but maybe from any brand), there are a few things you’ll want to consider at first they are:

Power barbell specifications diagram
image source: Outlift

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1. Tensile strength of the bar:

👍 Tensile strength is the measure of the breaking point where the barbell will bend and or break. It is usually measured in psi or pounds per square inch. For the most part, as long as the bar that you’re looking at is at least 190 K tensile strength, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Because when power bars come in under this range or don’t list what their tensile strength is, and instead give you an overall weight capacity they can hold. 

It’s usually an indication of poor steel and the barbell is more apt to bend or break under heavier loads or under certain heavy movements. Obviously, we don’t want that to happen.

2. Diameter of the shaft:

The preferred diameter of the powerlifting bar should be 29MM. The diameter of the barbell will tie into how stiff the bar is when loaded with heavier weights. The thicker the bar, the less prone the bar is to have a flex or whip under a heavy load. 

Now, since you are looking for the best powerlifting bar in India, you also want to do bench, squat, and deadlift with it. So wherein for deadlift movements, a better whip is preferred which is given by a 27MM deadlift specific bar, but for squats, it isn’t much needed. 

Therefore, going with the 29 MM shaft diameter on a power bar is much recommended.💯

3. Distance between the two weights/ collars:

Another consideration for the whip is the distance between the weights. The closer the weights are to each other, the less whip will be present. For this reason, please avoid bars with thicker collars that push the weights out further, especially when looking at the powerlifting bar dimensions. 

Because if you have a powerlifting bar length that’s 7.2 fts with even thicker collars that pushes the weight out, you’ll end up having a significant whip under heavier loads.

Though, having such a bar (called deadlift bar, which is usually of 7.4fts) is advantageous for deadlift movements. But not for squats and bench.

4. Aggressive Knurling:

Knurling on a powerlifting bar should be on the more aggressive side. This will really help maintain a grip on those heavy movements and not let that grip fail. ✔️ The most popular options are volcano or mountain knurl, both can be somewhat aggressive. Whereas a mountain knurl tends to be sharper and a volcano knurl tends to have more contact points and thus feels much more grippy. 😊

The powerlifting bar you’re using should also have a center knurl to assist with keeping that bar on your back during squats. You’ll also look for that the bar has standard powerlifting knurl marks that are 32 inches apart. I would highly suggest avoiding bars with dual knurl marks, IWF + IPF. 

As that’s usually an indication that it’s not a powerlifting specific bar and may have some issues when it comes to the actual diameter of the bar, how much whip that bar has, or even what that bar is typically intended for. 👍

5. Finishing/ coating on the powerlifting bar:

Finishing on your barbell, for the most part, is an important thing to consider because it adds an extra layer of protection to prevent a barbell from oxidation, corrosion, or rust. But it also has its disadvantages. 

This extra layer of coating, zinc, chrome, or cerakote, while it might look nice initially and give you an aesthetic matte look but will fill in the knurling and affect the feel of the bar. 

👉 Many of these coatings also will dull over time, so even though they look great initially they can get scratched up and rub off with any harsh metal-to-metal contact (while racking the bar on bare J-cups) and thus leaving your bar looking pretty janky. 

For this reason, people look at a bare steel hard chrome or stainless steel option when possible, because that’s going to give you the best feeling of the bar. It’s just your hand touching the steel and nothing in between. 

➡️ Note: A bare steel power bar will require more upkeep and a stainless steel bar is the most resistant to oxidation. Stainless steel also tends to be the most expensive one available that you can buy.

Costing somewhere around 50000+ rupees, while hard chrome bars come at half price. But if you are using UHMW / rubberized J-cups on squat racks or stands, then the bar finish can last for years, whether it be cerakote, black zinc, or phosphate.

6. Cost of a powerlifting bar:

The cost of the powerlifting barbell in India largely depends on your own budget, the manufacturer you’d like to go with, the shipping costs where you’re ordering it, and some of the points listed above. 

👉 Generally speaking, ATE powerlifting barbell in India will probably run under Rs 20000, but there are definitely some more affordable options out there or even more premium options.

If you want to spend money on a bar that looks different from silver color and is also lined with IPF powerlifting bar specs.

(Then Bullrock Sabertooth Powerlifting bar India in Black Oxide coating can be your choice💯)

What IPF barbell specifications are?

IPF barbell specification by IPF
IPF rulebook

29MM 20Kg ATE Powerlifting Barbell in India


IPF Bar Specs

  • Self-lubricating Bushings.
  • 1.5 Volcano Knurling
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 433 mm Loadable Sleeve.
  • 20 kg weight
  • 29 mm shaft diameter

Run Down on Specifications:

The ATE powerlifting bar itself is 20 kg, it’s 7.2fts inches in length, a 29MM in shaft diameter with a 200K tensile strength. There are 433mm loadable sleeves on it, which gets vacant half after loading 25 × 3, 20 × 1, 15 × 1, 10 × 1, 2.5 × 1, 2 × 1, 1 × 1, 0.5 × 1. = 131 kgs on each side. Because of the thinner collars, there’s 52 inches distance from collar to collar, and there’s a single powerlifting knurl mark present with a center knurl.  

✔️ What Things I Do Like:

  1. Follow all IPF powerlifting bar specs closely. 
  2. Good 29MM grip to be used for all powerlifting moves.
  3. 1.5 mm Aggressive Volcano knurl on the shaft.
  4. Competition thin collar width found, which makes it very stiff. 
  5. Single IPF Knurl Mark only. 
  6. Medium whip found which is great for powerlifting settings. 
  7. Requires no maintenance because of hard chrome coating.  

What Things I Don’t Like:

  1. Not an IPF-approved barbell, which basically no bar available in India is. 
  2. Because the collar width is thin, it pushes plates closer to make them stiff so you can’t get the initial flex like you may want in deadlifts.
  3. Single coating option available, i.e., hard chrome.  

Truly, there are no downsides to having this bar. You get everything you ask for the price you pay. ✔️

👍 It checks all boxes; IPF specifications, thin-style collar width, which most powerlifting bars have, hard-chrome coating which is scratch and rust-resistant. Powerlifters love these specs. It is a norm in these kinds of bars that are designed for powerlifting, and athletes don’t demand anything different from this. 

➡️ Side-by-side Comparison b/w ATE powerlifting barbell specs vs IPF approved bar Eleiko specs:

Eleiko powerlifting barbell 20 kg review and comparison
Eleiko powerlifting barbell


ATE powerlifting barbell
ATE powerlifting barbell
Brand NameEleiko Powerlifting Bar ATE Powerlifting Bar
Designed ForSerious Powerlifters and competitive athletesSerious Powerlifters and competitive athletes
Available InOnly imported to IndiaMade in India
CertificationIPF approved BarComes with IPF Bar Specs
Weight20 kg / 44.09 lbs20 kg / 44.09 lbs
Length2200 mm / 7.2 fts2200 mm / 7.2 fts
WarrantyLifetime warranty against bendingLifetime warranty against bending
Grip Surface/ Made ofRaw SteelSuperalloy steel
Sleeve SurfaceChromeHard chrome
Bearing or bushingGraphite-infused bronze bushings6 Bronze Self-lubricating Bushings
Grip MarkingSingle IPF knurl markSingle IPF knurl mark
Knurling1.5 aggressive volcano1.5 aggressive volcano
Max Load1500 kg / 3306,93 lbs907 kg/ 2000 lbs
Grip Diameter29 mm29 mm
Sleeve Diameter50 mm50 mm
Flange Width12mm12mm
Tensile StrengthN/A200K PSI
Whip/ FlexLow to MediumMedium
Loadable Sleeve Length433 mm433 mm
CostExtremely Expensive bar, shipping to be included.✔️ 17000 + GST on ATE website
Eleiko vs ATE powerlifting barbell

Does ATE Barbell Cover The Basics of Being A Good Powerlifting Barbell in India?

1. 200 K PSI strength:

The tensile strength of ATE bar is 200K PSI, which is above 190K, that I suggested any basic IPF powerlifting bar must-have. The high tensile strength of ATE bar signifies that it would be less likely to bend, break during heavier loads.

✔️ You also see the max load capacity of the bar is 907 kgs, which is enough to give you a sense of relief.

2. 29MM shaft diameter:

A powerlifting barbell must be an MM more or 2 compared with other Olympic weightlifting barbells. This allows the lifter to grip the bar better in hands, and it is much beneficial for pushing movements because you get more surface area in hands to push.

👉 ATE powerlifting barbell India has 29MM shaft diameter, which is basic for a barbell designed for squats, bench press, and deadlifts. It is the industry standard and obeys the specs followed by IPF rulebook.

3. 6 Bronze Bushing:

Bushing or bearing, the sleeve rotation doesn’t matter in the powerlifting barbells. And most all best IPF powerlifting bar in India, uses bushings for heavier and slower lifts like deadlifts, squats, and bench press. If you’ve ever attempted a bench press with a needle-bearing barbell, you’ve probably noticed the weight swaying in your hands, because the barbell allows the weight to move so much.

✔️ Self-lubricating bronze bushings are used in our bushing barbells. They are built to last in your gym. This indicates that the steel shaft is rubbing against the softer metal of the brass, which is oil-impregnated. This allows the bushings to rotate around the bar more easily.

A bushing bar typically has one bushing at the collar and another at the other end of the sleeve on the same side, for a total of two bushings per end.

4. Thin Style competition collars:
thin style collars in powerlifting bar

You see a competition-style thin collar on here which makes the ATE powerlifting bar stiffer. It also allows you to add more plates to the bar, because of thinner collars the barbell loadable sleeve length got increased.

✔️ This, in theory, is really good. In practicality, I see if you use powerlifting plates and not bumper plates, after loading it to 350kgs+ the half sleeves of the bar still get vacant. But if you like to have the bar just like Eleiko, then ATE would provide you with that.   

5. 1.5 MM Aggressive Knurl
center knurl off ATE power bar India

ATE powerlifting bar India has a 1.5 MM aggressive volcano cut knurl with a depth similar to what you’d find on an Eleiko powerlifting bar for the competition. But instead of going straight peak design, ATE bar still has that peak design with just the tippy tops of those mountains chopped off. Therefore, it gives you a little bit of grip, nothing as severe. 

Things Which are Different In ATE IPF Powerlifting bar vs Eleiko?

1. IPF Certification:
IPF approved bar India

IPF-approved barbells are rarely found in India, and only a few powerlifting barbells brands in the world have their barbell approved by IPF. You can see the entire list in the IPF book. ✔️ Eleiko powerlifting barbell is IPF-approved, while ATE powerlifting barbell follows IPF-specifications closely. 

👉 There is a thin hairline difference between the two. Both obey IPF specs, but one has a certification, and the other does not. If that doesn’t matter to you, then the most sensible option is to buy an ATE powerlifting bar in India.

2. Material used in a Barbell:

All barbells are made with some kind of steel, may it be raw steel or alloy steel. There is a secret formula that each brand uses to construct their barbells, which isn’t open publicly. Like a secret sauce.

👉 Eleiko mentions its raw steel which has been used there, while ATE says it’s super-alloy steel. 

What the difference is between the two, we can’t figure out. But the number of the tensile strength and max load the barbell can hold can help gauge the overall build of the barbell. 🙂      

3. Hard Chrome Finish

For me, the finishing means it’s probably going to be Hard chrome for the most part. It offers the best resistance, as well as one of the best feels out there. It’s below the stainless steel option and ceramic coating, but a lot better in price than both of them.

Most powerlifting barbells do come up with a hard chrome silver appearance and any fancy colored barbell with more deep cut knurling just changes the game overall.

4. Cost:

The cost is the limiting factor for most people, which takes them to the other barbells that aren’t made with IPF powerlifting specs and are made for just utility but not for performance which supports the sport. 

If you compare ATE powerlifting barbell India vs Eleiko powerlifting bar, the cost will amaze you. ATE is available at 3 times less of the cost than what Eleiko offers if you take into the equation the import charges + shipping charges to India.

ATE barbell is available under Rs 20000 (including shipping and taxes) 👏

Who is the winner between ELEIKO vs ATE barbell?

About the Eleiko Power Bar or ATE Powerlifting Barbell India. I have to be honest, they both approved has good IPF powerlifting bar specs. But I did not want to buy an Eleiko bar that is IPF-approved. I didn’t mean that I didn’t want it, I did. 

I just didn’t want to buy it mainly because I have an option for a lot of other powerlifting bars, including what I consider the cream of the top, especially in India, ATE IPF powerlifting competition bar in hard chrome finish. 🙂

I really just didn’t want to spend another Rs 50000 extra on an imported Eleiko barbell that I didn’t really think I needed most. 

That being said, it’s still going to be around Rs 50000+ for most people or 1 lakh – 2 lakh for a complete set, and I was really hesitant to pull the trigger on it, but I’ve heard a lot of good things I’ve seen a lot of good things and I had to get my hands on it and now I’m in a very tough spot here. 

But after enough introspection, ATE IPF powerlifting bar India – is my choice. 👍

My End Opinion:

IMG 20210513 162243 scaled

ATE Powerlifting Barbell 20kg (IPF Specifications)

The ATE Powerlifting Barbell is made according to IPF Specifications and thus is used in professional powerlifting setups all over the country.

now ₹17000
Save ₹8000

If someone’s going to ask me Rishabh, what’s the best IPF powerlifting competition bar in India for money. ➡️ It’s really a toss-up in my opinion between the ATE bar and Eleiko Powerlifting bar, which I think is a huge statement to say for Eleiko even if I can’t feel confident in saying the Elieko bar is better. 

👉 Depending on your preferences, some people might view it as. But the fact that I can say that they aren’t on par with each other and I think there’s no doubt about it.

Even if you don’t like ATE at all, they are the market leader when it comes to a lot of these products. 

➡️ So the fact that ATE sports India can stand toe-to-toe with them they’re probably one of the most popular and well-made bars out there. I think it is a huge WIN for them and they’re doing a lot of other unique and interesting things when it comes to their other offerings for powerlifting plates in India and things of that nature. 

Definitely follow them along on social media or at least take a look at their online store, if you’re in the market for anything strength-related.

Other Good IPF Powerlifting bars in India Options:

bullrock wild rhino bar

Bullrock Wild Rhino 1.5 Powerlifting Bar – Hard Chrome

This “Wild Rhino Bar 1.5” features a complete Hard Chrome Finish. The advantage of Wild Rhino Bar 1.5 over the Sabertooth is, it requires less to no maintenance than the Oxide finished shaft of Sabertooth Bar.

sabertooth powerlifting barbell India comparison

Bullrock Sabertooth Powerlifting Barbell – Black Oxide

It serves greater experience to our lifter’s passion, we’ve integrated Black oxide coating on the shaft with an aggressive 1.5mm knurl, which turns up your grip to feel stronger than ever experienced on a chrome grip, enhancing your powerlifting limits.

Let me know what you think about the ATE IPF specs powerlifting bar below. Put your questions in comments or anything that you think or what bar you want to see me review next.

In the meantime, thanks for reading.

Stay strong.

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