8 Best 20kg Olympic Barbell Price in India

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Best Olympic Barbell in India

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“Olympic Barbell Price in India” are always changing and evolving, but the process of picking one doesn’t.

🚀 The first thing you have to do is decide the type of gym barbell you want.

What style of lifting are you into?

Are you a hardcore powerlifter out there breaking records, even if they’re your own?

An Olympic weightlifter with actual talent, unlike myself?

A CrossFitter doing whatever the hell they do? Or something else?

You’ll want to determine the types of lifts you’ll be doing because that’s going to narrow down your choices and the characteristics of your barbell.

bullrock red turtle cerakote bar

➡️ Powerlifters will look for stiff bars, while weightlifters will want a bearing bar that has more spin & whip. But there’s a lot more to it than that, and don’t worry if you change your mind later.

I’ll narrow down “best 20kg Olympic barbell price in India” and give my top budget and choice for each style of barbell in India. If you decide this blog is helpful and want to support it, you can check out the links to those bars below.🏋️‍♂️

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Anatomy Of An Olympic Barbell.

The Men’s Olympic barbell is approximately 7.2 ft long, or just over 7 ft

Women’s bars tend to be a little shorter but have the same shaft length, so they’ll fit in a standard power rack, but they’ll have a smaller shaft diameter to help people with smaller hands grip them.

At a basic level, barbells are pretty simple, though there are a lot of differences in how they’re put together, build quality, and other important factors we’ll get to.

You’ve got the shaft, which typically ranges from 

  • Weightlifting bar: 28 mm in diameter  
  • Powerlifting bar: 29 mm in diameter 
weightlifting barbell
20kg Olympic Barbell price in India

To simplify things and make it easier to understand, a thicker shaft makes for a stiffer bar, but there are other factors at play, like tensile and yield strength.

But a stiff bar will have less WHIP or bend. You want to limit whip in powerlifting games, but it can be helpful in Olympic weightlifting. 

(Of course, there are exceptions to everything.)

deadlift barbell India
deadlift barbell Rod

For example, deadlift barbells are normally longer and have a 27 mm shaft to increase flex and make them easier to grip.

Then there are the sleeves, about 17.5 inches long, but the loadable sleeve length or how much space you have for plates can vary depending on the thickness of the collar.

🏋️‍♂️ A competition ATE power bar versus the ATE 20 kg Olympic barbell is a great example of that. 

And then underneath the sleeves are the bushings or bearings, which affect SPIN. 

Bushings are found in bars where you don’t need much spin, and bearings are for Olympic lifts. Of course, other numbers matter, but I can already see your excitement, so let’s start with Power Bars and types of knurling.

Olympic Barbell price in India

8 Best 20kg Olympic Barbell Price in India

✔️ Power bars are designed for the big three: squat, bench, and deadlift, though they can be used for many other movements. That means they’ve got to be rigid, hence the typical 29 mm shaft. 

They’ll have bushings to limit spin, an aggressive knurling to help with your grip, and of course, a centre knurl for back squats. And it’s the knurling that’s often the biggest difference, or at least easiest to notice, between power bars.

There are typically three main types of knurling you’ll find on a barbell: hill, volcano, and mountain.

  • Hill knurling is a passive, shallowly cut knurl with a smooth top. It’s normally found on multipurpose barbells and alloy bars and is useful if you’re doing a lot of high-rep workouts, as the knurl won’t murder your hands.
  • Volcano knurling is the most popular knurl style because it sits between passive and knurls that are so aggressive that people might start to wonder if you enjoy pain a little too much. Volcanoes have a notch cut out of the top, making a volcano shape, hence the name, and are cut deeper than hills. Though there is a lot of variety between manufacturers.
  • Mountain knurling is the most aggressive style because the knurl comes to a point, which can result in a very sharp feeling bar. Though the point can be rounded a little, and the density of the knurl plays a role. So, as always, there’s variation. 

For example, the Siege fitness chieftain power bar has a very aggressive, deeply cut volcano knurl. While Bullrock Wild Rhino is much shallower, and the ATE power bar is somewhere in the middle. 

But there are also levels of quality in every aspect of a 20kg Olympic barbell, which is why their prices vary widely. 

Take, for example, the Siege fitness power bar. 🚀 It has the best build quality-to-price ratio💸 that’s unmatched for an Indian-made bar.

All of Siege’s bar knurling is cleanly done, and this one’s no exception. It’s grippy and aggressive without tearing up your hands. ✔️

8 Best 20kg Olympic Barbell Price in India
Source: Outlift

➡️  But ATE, Meerut also has a proven track record and customer service to back up a bar I’ve been recommending for years, which is why I recommend it to the vast majority of people looking for their first power bar.

Bullrock Fitness has the most finish options, which is an important factor we’ll talk about in a minute. 

Where to buy barbells in India?

1. Best Bar For Weightlifting: ATE 20kg Olympic barbell

best olympic barbell in India
  • The ATE Weightlifting Barbell is made in India bar. It is made as per IWF specifications and has a lifetime warranty on bending. It would cost you Rs 19k or near.
  • Share my referral code: “MENSQUATS” to get 5% off on your purchase.
Best budget olympic barbell in India, best barbell for weightlifting in India
barbell rod buy online

➡️  It is our choice for the best barbell for weightlifting. And for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Olympic lifting through power cleans, hang cleans, clean and jerk, SN snatch, all that stuff.

I like how you have 10NK needle bearings in the loading sleeves. It’s quieter overall, it’s probably going to last you longer than bronze bushings will. But the main reason it came in the first place is because it’s more expensive than other weightlifting bars! 

So it comes in two different options, 15 and 20 kg. So the 15 kg version for women’s chrome is going to run you around Rs 17,700, while the cerakote RED 15 kg version is going to be about Rs 18,880. 💸

Now with the Men’s 20 kg version bar, that’s going to be Rs 20,000. Since you have to spend more money on it, that’s pretty much why it’s understood.

Now, when it comes to your weightlifting, well, that’s because it meets the IWF specs.

So it’s got a 28 mm diameter, and I like these needle bearings. It gives you a really solid spin rate allows you to get underneath that bar and reduces the torque on your elbows and your wrists.

➡️  Now these needle bearings also have a little bit of a noise-dampening effect, and that’s nice. You know, you’re repeatedly dropping that barbell, so it’s going to be a little more of a dull sound, which is nice if you have neighbours nearby. 

Also, you know, this 200k tensile strength rating it’s still strong enough to handle your lifts, but you know, it’s going to have a little bit more whip, which is something that you want. 

So whip is flexion with the bar. That’s why it is our pick for the best weightlifting bar. 

2. Best Bar For Powerlifting – ATE Chrome Power Bar.

ATE powerlifting barbell India
  • This barbell is made according to IPF Specifications and thus is used in professional powerlifting setups all over the country. It would cost you Rs 19-20k.
  • Share my referral code: “MENSQUATS” to get 5% off on your purchase.
ATE 20kg Olympic Barbell Price in India

Now enough with some multi-purpose bars, what about some classic powerlifting? And if you’re looking to dominate The Big Three, which is squat, bench, and deadlift, look no further than hmm. 

That’s right, I’m talking about the ATE hard chrome powerlifting bar. The knurling right here is a sharp volcano knurling. 

It’s inspired by the most difficult and steep terrain in the Rockies.

It also has a tensile strength rating of 210,000 PSI, which is plenty strong. It’s also going to allow the bar to be stiff, and you want that when you’re going to do your power lifts.

So that’s the main reason here. But also the money, alright? So it comes in chrome. 

Now, that ATE stainless steel bar gets pretty expensive. 💸It’s around Rs 26,000, but that’s end-to-end stainless steel. 

You can also get a cerakote called ATE Hercules bar, it’s right around Rs 20000.💰 

So it’s cheaper than some other competitors like the Bullrock Wild Rhino Power Bar. I think this is easily the best power bar on the market.

But I mentioned it’s stiff, and since this is a stiff barbell, I love using it for squats. 

So, you know what that means? It’s also our top barbell for squatting.

Aside from an ATE buffalo bar, which has, you know, a curved shape and a tsunami bar, you know, that bends like Gumby, you don’t want your barbell to be bending under heavy loads as you’re squatting. And that’s something you just simply don’t have to worry about here.

You do get the centre knurling right here, and it’s sharp as an attack.

It’s going to stay nice and secure on your back. So that’s it, best for powerlifting, best for squatting, none other than the ATE power barbell.🏋️‍♂️

3. Best Bar For Deadlifting – Siege Fitness Powerlifting Bar

siege fitness powerlifting bar
  • Made according to IPF standards, the Chieftain bar has E-coat on the shaft and hard chrome-plated sleeves, ensuring high durability and extreme corrosion resistance.
  • Use coupon – “MENSQUATS” to get a good price. extra 500 rs off.

When it comes to deadlifting, you definitely want to target a barbell that’s going to allow you to achieve the best grip possible.

You don’t ever want to be limited by your grip. 

siege fitness powerlifting barbell review

So for this category, we’re rocking with the Siege Fitness chieftain Powerlifting Bar. 

The knurling here is sharp as a razor. It’s a cheese grater, whatever you want to call it. I mean, it is super sharp. And that’s because it is an E-coat. 

If you don’t already know, barbells with a coating are pretty notorious for being a little slippery, and that’s something you don’t want in general, especially while deadlifting, right? 

You don’t want that to slip out of your hands, and that’s something that you’re not going to have to worry about here. This coating isn’t a problem & knurling is so sharp that it will leave indentations on your hands. 

Now, that might be too sharp for some people, but I like it. 

The bar is only 💰 Rs 18,000 as well. Remember, though, bare steel offers virtually zero protection from rusting and corrosion, but E-coat bars are corrosion-proof. 

But I need to clean it once or twice a month just to make sure it’s staying in that pristine condition. But at the end of the day, you know, this e-coat grip is tough to beat. And so when it comes to deadlifting, this is our top pick.

4. Best Specialty Deadlift Bar – Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar

Leeway Olympic Hex Trap Bars Powerlifting
  • The Hex Trap Bar or Shrug Barbell from leeway is much safer for your back and shoulder. It has a sound weight load capacity of 500kg.
  • Use coupon – “mensquats05” on the leeway website if you go there.

So since we’re on the topic of deadlifting, I figured I’d go ahead and bust out the Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar, which is my favourite trap bar on the market. 

If you don’t know, trap bars are an excellent tool when it comes to deadlifting because they allow you to lift more naturally with your body.

Your handles are right here on either side of your shoulders as opposed to holding a heavy barbell out in front of you. 

If you’re new to deadlifting, maybe you have an injury you’re rehabbing, trap bar deadlifts are an excellent tool for you to use. 

🏋️‍♂️ Honestly, it’s going to put less stress on your body & allow you to lift heavier weights in the best form possible.

20kg Olympic Barbell Price in India
HEX barbell price in India

Now, this is not the only trap bar in the market, but I think it’s one of the better values due to the overall high quality. But it’s also Rs 12,000 only.💲 I like how you have two different handles. That’s not a rarity, but I still like that. 

The one up top handle is going to be great for anybody who is, you know, learning. And then you can increase your range of motion by going after the bottom one. 

5. Best Bar For Crossfit: ATE Eagle Barbell.

Weightlifting Eagle Bar 20kg
  • ATE Eagle Barbell has a Black Oxide finish on the shaft and a hard Chrome Finish on the sleeves. It comes with a lifetime warranty, 4 HK Needle Bearings and quality!
  • Share my referral code: “MENSQUATS” to get 5% off on your purchase.

We just talked about some powerlifting. We already talked about some weightlifting. What about CrossFit? Well, for us, we had to go to the ATE Eagle Olympic Bar. 

[8 Best List] Buy barbell Rod Online India
ATE 20 kg eagle barbell

Yes, I know it says 20kg Olympic Bar, but it’s also a multi-purpose bar. So you have self-lubricating 4 NK needle bearings in the loading sleeves, which is nice. 

You don’t have to worry about lubricating them over time.

The knurling here, y’all, it is super grippy. You know, this diamond-style knurling, it’s cut deeper than some other bars on this list.

It’s not going to tear you up, but it is just sweet, and really gets the job done.

You also have a tensile strength rating of 190,000 PSI, and it comes in this pretty sweet and shiny black oxide finish. Now, it comes only in 20 kg, not in 15 kg. This is why we ranked it partly while we ranked it as the best barbell for women if it is available in 15 kg. 

This 20 kg version is about Rs 15,000. So honestly, it’s a pretty good deal too, with that approachable price tag. It has a smooth spin, and good knurling that’s passive but grippy, and all around is a very good bar for the price.💸 

So there it is, best for CrossFits, the ATE eagle Barbell.🏋️‍♂️

6. Budget pick: Leeway Archer bar

the archer barbell leeway sports
  • Buy Leeway Fitness barbell – 1.2mm knurling, 20kg weight with 400kg of weight load capacity. Use it in your CrossFit, or Commercial facility.
  • Use my referral code: “mensquats05” to get 5% off on your purchase.
Leeway Archer barbell
Leeway barbell

We’ve done power and multi-purpose bars, so now it’s time for weightlifting bars. 

A weightlifting bar is one that’s primarily designed for the snatch and clean and jerk. It’ll weigh 20 kg and have a 28 mm shaft diameter, which increases whip and a bushing-bearing hybrid system or just bearings to increase spin. 

These two features help a weightlifter harness the energy of the bar and control it better, allowing for a smoother lift. 

✔️ Weightlifting is pretty hard on your equipment because, at the end of your lift, you tend to drop the bar rather than lower it. 

So you can’t use cheap bearings because while bushings are nearly indestructible, bearings are far from it, and one messed up bearing ruins your bar.

I mention all that because it means weightlifting bars are more expensive than other options because of the cost of good bearings. 

I don’t have a true budget pick here. 

I also don’t do enough Olympic lifting to feel comfortable recommending Bullrock bars. So this barbell is a little more on the passive side, and I think it’s going to be nice for anybody who’s, you know, just now learning the proper technique and just getting into the fitness life.🚀

There it is, folks, 20 kg Leeway Archer Bar 2.0, best for my friends balling on a budget and best for those beginners.

7. Best barbell on Amazon: Leeway Ostin Barbell

The Ostin Bar 2.0 Olympic Weightlifting Barbell 20kg, Chrome
  • The Ostin Bar 2.0 is your value-for-money bar. It has as a Black Zinc finish on the shaft and Chrome Finish on the sleeves. Black Zinc gives a bare-metal feel to the knurl.
  • Use my referral code: “mensquats05” to get 5% off on your purchase.
ostin barbell from leeway fitness
20kg Olympic Barbell Price in India

✔️ Now, Amazon’s arguably the best place to buy anything, right? So why not talk about the best barbell on Amazon? 

Now, I don’t have it in front of me, but for this award, we went with the Leeway Ostin Barbell 28MM. 

This barbell has a 190k tensile strength rating. It’s got five needle bearings in each loading sleeve, so you’re going to get a really solid rate of spin. And it’s not going to cost you more than 9,000 for the 20 kg version. 

Now, because the knurling is pretty passive, it’s going to be best suited for Olympic and, you know, CrossFit-style lifts. 

But we’ve been pretty high on this barbell for a while, so it’s one that you should check out.🏋️‍♂️

8. Best standard barbell in India: BULLAR Olympic bar.

BULLAR olympic barbell 7 feet 20kg
  • This barbell is “Amazon’s choice” which means it’s the best-selling among buyers – cost only Rs 4849 or near! Its 7-feet, 50mm solid weight bar & features a solid chromed steel bar

Best standard barbell, we landed on the BULLAR Olympic bar. Now, once again, I don’t have it out here in front of me, but we’ve also been pretty high on this barbell for a while. 

So for anybody who doesn’t know what a standard barbell is, instead of meeting specific requirements set by the International Powerlifting, and International Weightlifting Federations. 🏋️‍♂️

Standard barbells vary in terms of their diameter, length, weight capacity, weight, and all of that.

So with this specific bar, you have 250 kg weight capacity, which is significantly weaker or less, than the standard 700 kg capacity all these other bars have had. 

Now, this bar still has a 30 mm diameter, not to comment.

But it’s great for beginners, & this is a really solid option worth considering.

📞 How to Buy – Need Advice?

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Just write – Hi, tell me about good 20kg Olympic barbells


Q1: Why isn’t a barbell from a company like Bullrock on here? 

Well, we are factoring in money first of all.

You know, of course, a 25,000 or 30,000 barbell is probably going to outcompete some of these bars, but that’s not very practical.

Not very many people have the budget to go and spend Rs 25,000 or more on just a barbell. So I don’t want to lead you down that direction. 

Q2: What to factor in before buying a barbell?

Functionality: If a barbell is listed as an Olympic bar but doesn’t have a quick spin rate tensile strength isn’t very good and the whip isn’t very good either. Well then, it just simply doesn’t belong to that category. 

Durability. The tensile strength, you know, the finish, whether it has one or not, and then the sleeve construction. So whether it’s needle bearings, ball bearings, or bronze bushings, maybe even, you know, composite bushings. There it is, how we landed on the top barbells on the market. 

Q3: Which one do I buy? 

Well, you know, obviously there are specific bars that are meant for specific styles of lifts, and if you’re trying to focus on those lifts, then you should go and get the best barbell that matches up with that lift. 

Q4: What coating should I get?

If you’re somebody stashing all your gear in a humid garage or you don’t have climate control. Then you’re going to want to target a barbell that’s either Cerakote or stainless steel.

That’s my opinion, you know, that way you’re getting the highest level of protection from rust and corrosion.


➡️ Alright, well, that’s a wrap on today’s blog over the 8 Best “20kg Olympic Barbell Price in India” & now it’s completely your decision to “buy barbell rod online India”.

We’re high on all these bars, and I’m confident that every single one of them will serve you well. 

We have a full-written article that pairs with this blog, and you definitely should check it out. All you gotta do is search “Mensquats Best Barbells.” It’s going to pull right up for you.


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