Best 3 in 1 Pull Up Bar For Home India + Dip Bar Review

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3 in 1 Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar For Home India

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Are you on the quest to build a budget home gym to work out in the comfort of your home? If that’s the case, amongst many gym items you should have to have a pull up bar for home with you.  


Today, we’re diving into the Allyson Fitness 3 IN 1 Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar – a versatile and budget-friendly addition to your home gym. You can do pull-up bar and dip bar exercises on it.

I’ll walk you through its features, discuss its performance, compare it to other options, and let you know if it’s worth considering. 

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Let’s dive right in!

Pull up bar with dip bars 

Allyson Fitness 3 IN 1 Pull Up Bar For Home in India 


This wall-mounted pull-up bar is made of heavy-duty steel, which offers great stability and can be used for a variety of exercises that effectively build muscle across the chest, arms, back and core with chin-ups, push-ups, dip stations, and leg raises.


  1. Detachable pull-up and dip bar.
  2. Mount on an interior or exterior wall.
  3. Change from pull-ups to dips within SECONDS without any tools.
  4. More than 20 exercises are possible.

Customer ratings by feature

The Allyson Fitness Pull-Up Bar may look like your typical pull-up bar, but it’s far from ordinary. It’s designed to provide a wide range of functions, making it a valuable addition to your home gym. 

When we evaluated various pull-up bars, this one stood out for its unique features, highly rated user reviews, affordability, and versatility. 

With close to 1900 reviews on Amazon and an impressive rating of over 3.8 stars, it’s a budget-friendly gym item that’s worth exploring. 

pull up bar and dip bar
Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar For Home

So, let’s take a closer look at its capabilities.

What Sets This Pull Up Bar For Home Apart? 

This is unique because it’s removable and modular. When you see it, it turns from a pull-up bar into a power tower-type station. 

Next, it turns from a pull-up bar into a hanging leg raise station that you can legitimately do like you can on a power tower.

But that takes up way more space and is more expensive. 

Power tower station India

This Pull up bar India does pretty much everything that a power tower does on a wall: hanging leg raises, knee raises, oblique stuff whatever you want to do on a hanging leg raise. 

In addition to that, handles are on the front. So if you wanted to turn around you could do dips and it has the ability because it’s so lightweight it’s just quick off the wall and out of the way. 

With these hooks, you could technically just put them in one spot so you have it high enough so you can do pull-ups. Then when you want to do dips you don’t have to like to climb up top and do it.

Who Is the Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar and Dip Bar For? 

Pull Up Bar and Dip Bar

This is the type of thing that I think is really freaking cool for the price for the number of things you can do with it. 

If you want to do just calisthenic training, body weight training is a great way to get into home gyms. 

It’s cheap. You don’t have to buy a ton of weight, you simply bolt it to the wall. 

We recommend doing it into a concrete or a brick wall but I see no problem doing it into studs.

Studs can be really strong. You just need to use the right hardware or you can just place a couple of stringers and it makes it a little bit more secure.

 The other thing is it prevents it from pressing into your drywall. 

Design and Material 

Best 3 in 1 Pull Up Bar For Home India + Dip Bar Review

I think they are great because you can have a lot of functionality and try to figure out if a home gym is something you want and if it is you can spend over time but there’s just a lot you can do on this. 

Now let me just walk through some of the quality features.

This is using a powder coat all throughout on the black It’s not like a really high-quality powder coat but honestly like it gets the job done for the price. 

You would feel pretty safe and stable when on this. They say the max rating is 200 KG. 

So if you want to do really heavy weight pull-ups and dips you may want to look at something that’s secure to the ground or a squat rack. 

I weigh about 90 kg which would allow me to really do weighted dips and pull-ups so long as it’s really secure into the wall.

One reason I wanted to make a blog to recommend it is because I know there are a lot of people that are building cheaper home gyms, and budget home gyms and I just don't have the money to spend on a dedicated power rack. 

What do I need to build in order to get stronger and bigger faster while doing it on a budget? 

This is a perfect example. You can do a lot with this. 

You can get fit and strong.

What Are You Getting With This Pull Up bar For Home?

Unboxing ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 heavy duty multifunctional pull up bar
Multi Grip Pull Up Bar For Home
1. Versatility at Its Finest

The Allyson Fitness Multigrip Pull-Up Bar offers an array of exercise options.

Of course, you can use it for standard pull-ups. But that’s just the beginning. With the central bar, you can perform close-grip pull-ups for a different challenge.

What sets this bar apart is the ability to do neutral grip pull-ups, thanks to the handles in the middle. This opens up a world of multi-functional pull-up variations.

2. Attachments for Added Functionality

But that’s not all. The Allyson Fitness Pull-Up Bar & dip bar goes above and beyond by providing attachment handles.

You can easily secure rings, TRX straps, or other equipment for dips, rows, and various leveraged exercises.

It’s a game-changer for bodyweight training enthusiasts.

ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 heavy duty multifunctional pull up bar for wall mounting, pull-up bar training bar, dip station for training at home, training weight
3. Modular and Removable

Now, here’s where it gets even more exciting.

The Allyson Fitness Pull-Up Bar is modular and removable. You can effortlessly transform it into a power tower-like station, making it perfect for hanging leg raises, knee raises, and oblique exercises.

It’s like having a power tower without the bulky footprint and higher cost.

4. Seamless Dips and More

With handles on the front, you can easily switch to dips and expand your exercise repertoire.

The lightweight design allows you to detach it quickly when you’re done, keeping your workout area clutter-free.

5. Affordable and Accessible

The best part? This versatile piece of equipment comes at a wallet-friendly price of just Rs 2,499.

It’s an excellent option for those building a budget home gym.

Installation is straightforward, and while it’s recommended to mount it on a concrete or brick wall, securely attaching it to sturdy wall studs can work just as well.

image 2
6. Quality and Durability

Now, let’s talk about build quality.

The Allyson Fitness Pull-Up Bar features a black powder-coated finish. While it may not be premium-grade, it gets the job done for the price.

The foam grips, while not the most comfortable, are serviceable.

If you desire better grips, you can easily upgrade with bicycle grips. For the price point, the quality aligns with expectations.

7. Room for Improvement

This pull-up bar is already impressive, but there’s room for improvement.

Thicker, heavier steel for higher weight capacity, better vinyl, enhanced foam grips, and additional safety features would be welcome additions.

An adjustable arm angle for added exercise variety and a more secure connection system would make it even more appealing.

pull up bar handle allyson fitness 3 in 1 heavy duty pull up bar
Best 3 in 1 Pull Up Bar For Home India + Dip Bar Review

A Few Considerations

While this budget-friendly pull-up bar is fantastic, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The rubber grips on the backside may require adjustments for optimal wall contact. Adding additional stringer boards or ensuring proper levelling can enhance stability and safety.

Also, reinforcing the attachment hooks with double bolts can provide extra peace of mind during your workouts.



  • 2 in 1 bar
  • Can mount indoors or outdoors
  • 200 kg weight capacity
  • 5 grip positions
  • 30-day return period


  • Concrete or double brick walls are recommended for installation.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Rs 2,500 is still an investment for a pull-up bar


multifunctional pull up bar in India
Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar For Home

In summary, the Allyson Fitness 3 IN 1 Pull-Up Bar and Dip bar is an exciting and affordable addition to your home gym.

It’s a versatile multi-functional marvel that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises without breaking the bank. 

While it may not be perfect, it offers an excellent entry point into home gym training. 

If you’re building a budget-friendly home gym and looking for a versatile piece of equipment, I highly recommend considering this Pull Up Bar India. 

Do you find this product appealing? Is a budget-friendly home gym your goal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Q1: What is the difference between a door pull-up bar and a wall pull-up bar?

Door pull-up bars are designed to be clamped inside a door frame or attached using a lever-construction system, offering versatility for various door types.

On the other hand, wall-mounted pull-up bars are permanently affixed to a wall.

Door pull-up bars are usually more portable and suitable if you don’t want to drill a hole on your new wall paint, while wall-mounted pull-up bars provide stability, heavy weight capacity and can be used for muscle ups as well.

Q2: How high to hang a wall-mounted pull-up bar?

The ideal height for a wall-mounted pull-up bar is generally around 7 to 8 feet from the floor. This allows enough clearance for a full range of motion during pull-ups and other exercises. However, this depends on your height. 

Q3: Are wall-mounted pull-up bars safe?

Wall-mounted pull-up bars are generally more safe when properly installed on structurally sound walls. Ensure that the bar is securely attached and can support your weight. Regularly inspect the mounting hardware and check if it is not coming out. 

Q4: Are home pull-up bars effective?

Home pull-up bars can be highly effective for building upper body strength, especially the back, shoulders, and arms.

With consistent use and proper form, it will help you build well-sculpted muscles. Nutrition and lifestyle also play a big role. 

Q5: Are multi-grip pull-up bars good?

Multi-grip pull-up bars are excellent because they offer various hand positions, allowing you to target different muscle groups during pull-ups. These little tweaks can help prevent plateaus in your training. Multi-grip bars are versatile and preferred against one plane rod.

Q6: What are the benefits of multi-grip pull-ups?

Multi-grip pull-ups provide several benefits:

  1. Muscle Variation: Different hand positions engage various muscles, promoting balanced muscle development.
  2. Reduced Strain: Varying grips can reduce strain on specific muscle groups, preventing overuse injuries.
  3. Versatility: Multi-grip bars allow for a wider range of exercises beyond pull-ups, enhancing overall fitness.
  4. Progression: You can gradually increase the difficulty by changing hand positions or adding weight, promoting continuous improvement.

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