Best EZ curl bar to buy in India? 1 Best Pick.

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Today we are discussing the Best EZ curl bar to buy in India from Bullrock Fitness, the most premium in quality, of course also the most expensive over-the-top option that's available, in their barbell lineup of over 15 barbells. 😀

This EZ curl bar is special because it is avilable in complete chrome coating. That means not only is the shaft completely built of chrome coating/ finishing but so are the sleeves, something that up until a couple of years ago wasn’t really anybody did in an Olympic bar, let alone in an EZ curl bar. 

This is my favorite curl bar in India that’s on the market not only because it’s chrome on both the shaft and sleeves but also because the 1.2mm diamond knurl provides a good and solid grip at a price no one offers.

Everything about it is just nice.❤️

👉 In this Bullrock best EZ curl bar in India review, I’ll go over all of the bar’s specifications, talk about how it feels and performs, and compare it to other curl bars along the way.

BullrocK Olympic Utility Bar – EZ Curl Bar 4 ft (Chrome Edition)

71+55V1jeUL. SL1500

Why this bar?

  • THE UTILITY BAR – EZ CURL has two angled grips in the shape of an “M” in a zigzag pattern which is specifically designed for arms training, targeting, and isolating the biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles. It helps more of those individuals who have a wrist pain.

Other Models Available From Bullrock –

  • Bullrock EZ curl Bar – Black ceramic

    71OMPorlOvL. SL1500
    • Black ceramic – It offers up to 100x the corrosion resistance of standard black oxide. Also it is hassle-free towards maintenance & comes with an aesthetic matt look, which people love. The only disadvantage is it gets scratches from metal to metal contact.  
  • Bullrock EZ curl bar – Black Oxide

    71gscAJG4zL. SL1500
    • Black Oxide coating – Buy it when price and grip security are more important than oxidation resistance. If you can manage the maintenance frequency, then this barbell will be a wise choice of budgetary & better knurl feel experience bar.

✔️ Good for: If you love seeing your biceps bulging and want to train them from every angle for a maximum effect try investing in an EZ curl bar, along with a bullrock 5 ft straight bar. 

Bullrock EZ Curl Bar Specifications:

Best EZ curl bar to buy in India?
Bullrock best ez curl bar to buy in India
Material:Alloy Steel
Brand:BullrocK fitness
Item Weight:10 Kilograms
Shaft Coating:Available in Chrome, Black Oxide, Black Ceramic😍
Grip Type:Knurled
Knurl:1.2 mm diamond knurl
Grip Size:28 millimeters
Strength Rating:45K PSI
Mechanism:2 Needle bearings and 2 bronze bushings
Max load:300lbs / 136 kg 
Size:4 feet


  • The Bullrock Curl Bar is one of the finest curl bars on the Indian market.❤️
  • Available in 3 coating options to buy, hard chrome, black ceramic, and black oxide.
  • The knurling design is the same as on the Bullrock Silver Tiger Bar, which is a medium-fine knurl that grips well without ripping your calluses.
  • The bends of the Bullrock Curl Bar are carefully thought out and are not as aggressive. 
  • For those who are familiar with Olympic Barbells, the 28.5MM diameter shaft here would not feel new. 
  • The sleeves rotate extremely well, thanks to 2 needle & 2 bronze bushings. This is a little overkill for a curl bar, but they’re useful for preventing wrist torque.
  • The Chrome coating on the shaft and sleeves protects from oxidation and wear.
  • Made in India product.


  • For a curl bar, this is quite pricey. Most home gym owners put this item at the bottom of their priority list, but if you value the good things in life, you’ll appreciate the quality and feel that you won’t get elsewhere.
  • Smaller sleeves length compared to the competition.
  • Bullrock currently doesn’t offer any rackable version of this bar.❌

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EZ bar vs Straight Bar: What’s the difference?

To understand which is best, curl bar vs straight bar first we have to know what the biceps actually do? 

There are two main functions of the biceps but a lot of us only seem to remember one of them is the flexing of the forearm. 

That’s why every bicep curl involves this motion, but what’s the other thing that the biceps do well? ⬇️

👉 They actually help supinate the forearm. 

So if we take this information and apply it to other exercises it’s very easy to see that when utilizing an exercise like a barbell bicep curl you’re not only flexing the elbow joint to perform the movement but your arms are stuck in the supinated position which means we’re getting maximum bicep engagement throughout the entire range of motion. 

And when you use an EZ curl bar, because the EZ curl bar obviously has the different grooves in it, it allows us to grab the barbell in such a way that our hands can be slightly turned inwards. 

👉 This way you’re sacrificing one of the main movements that the bicep does which is the supination of the forearms. 

➡️ Then why do people go for this exercise? 

Well, the main reason is that some people have too much tightness in their wrists that it starts to hurt keeping their hands supinated the entire time and the EZ curl bar can help alleviate that pain. 

My suggestion to you: If you don’t have wrist pain and you can handle doing straight bicep curls there’s no need to incorporate both into your routine. Stick with the one that gets the most biceps engagement which is the straight bar. 

⬇️ However if you start to get pain in your wrist I recommend utilizing the EZ curl bar while working on your flexibility and then once your flexibility gets to a point where you can handle the straight bar switch over to that.   

🔊 It helps take some of the stress off your wrists and elbows and as part of that, you can do it for bicep curls, for triceps, or whatever other freaky exercises you want to get. 

Overview of Bullrock best EZ curl bar in India

Buy curl bar online India

Let me go over some of the specs.

Diameter and Weight You Get:

The diameter on the shaft is 28 millimeters which is 1 millimeter less than most power bars and similar to most general-purpose or weight lifting bars. It’s a good size. It feels good in the hand.

The weight is 10 kgs in total which makes it an Olympic size utility bar.

Coating You Get:

➡️ Now this particular bullrock EZ curl bar is a Chrome coating bar.

Oh, they also offer Black oxide, Black ceramic coating options but personally, I find that black oxide tends to not do so well in the basement gym so I would have preferred a chrome finish.

But depending on what you want, when you get the bar you can pick and choose as you’re buying it. 

✔️ Black oxide is commonly used as a finish when price and grip security are more important than oxidation resistance. Black oxide has a natural, gripping feel to it, similar to bare steel bars, but it provides very little rust protection. It feels fantastic, but it will necessitate some maintenance.

Choose accordingly. 😀

There are no cerakote options in this currently though which is kind of okay in my opinion because even though cerakote is cool.

But when you’re talking about a curl bar you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on it because it’s probably not something that you’re going to use all the time.

Unless of course, you do bicep curls every day.

Sleeve Rotation Mechanism:
bullrock ez curl bar India
sleeve rotation

This EZ curl bar in India uses 2 bronze bushings + 2 bearings which are nice, so you do get some smooth spin on the actual collars. This gives it really a tremendous spin. 

Honestly more spin than anybody would ever need in a curl bar however it feels good when you’re curling because it keeps the weight from spinning and not fixed so you’re not having to like to overcome the gravity of it.  

Tensile Strength of the bar:

👉 It is actually rated for like 45K PSI which is pretty amazing considering that you can’t really fit 300 pounds/ 136 kg on how short these collars and sleeves are, but I guess it’s nice and tells you that the bar is very well made. 😍

bullrock fitness curl bar in India

As far as the quality goes it’s got a good grip as you can tell I haven’t dropped it yet. 

Although I’m starting to get out of breath as I mentioned it is bent so you can do a normal grip or you can go even wide grip the bar itself is kind of short in my opinion too. 

Length / Sleeves of the curl bar:

Not only do they have short sleeves (a little over 6.69 inches) but the total bar length is about 1200 mm/ 47 inches which means if you go for the narrow grip it puts a little bit of awkward feeling on my wrists but that’s not something I would probably do because I like a little bit of a wider grip myself. 

Some people say that’s actually average but when it comes to EZ curl bars I find that’s a little bit short of the bar itself.

Price You Got To Pay?

This Bullrock EZ curl bar in India retails for about Rs 7265 on Amazon for the chrome version or if you want the black oxide it’s about Rs 8494 range which is again in line with most other easy curl bars as I see online. ❤️

If you’re short on budget you can go ahead and get a heavy-duty version from LEEWAY curl bar which has better finishes it’s sleeves are longer (7.5 inches vs 6.6 inches only) that’s gonna cost you like Rs 4000 only, which for most people isn’t just something that you want to spend because again it’s an EZ curl bar and depending on how you’re training.

As for me, I am not going to use it that often because I do weightlifting movements but it’s a fairly good bar for the price. 😍

➡️ Then one thing I will say about the design of Bullrock EZ curl bar is that I do like is the fact that in the middle it’s kind of pointed up so when I do skull Crushers I’m still gonna keep on curling. 

It actually kind of fits nicely right on your skull.

Instead of where most EZ curl bars have a straight bar (no camber) in the middle, but again the downside is I do think it makes the narrow grip even more narrow than what you typically see.

Comparison With Competition in India

BrandBullrock FitnessLEEWAY USI UniversalKOBO
MaterialAlloy steelStainless SteelAlloy SteelA3 Steel
Item Weight10 kg10 kg15 kg10 kg
Grip Size28 mm28 mm28 mm28 mm
Length4 ft4 ft4 fft4 ft
Loadable Sleeve Length 6.69 inches7.5 inch6.88 inches
Coating AvialableChrome, Black oxide, Black ceramicBlack powder, Silver coatBlak oxideBlack zinc
Max Load300 lbs/ 136 kg200 kg 350 lbs/ 160 Kg
Find best EZ curl bar to buy in India

If you’re confused between bullrock EZ curl bar vs straight bar, which to buy?

Refer to this comparison infographic below.

EZ curl bar to buy
Bullrock Fitness Review

Last Thoughts

  • Bullrock EZ curl Bar India

Should You Buy It?

It was one of the first EZ curl bars that were available for most home gym owners, sure there are some like that have been out for a little bit from companies that are a lot more expensive but this was one that was priced really well.😍

➡️ In my opinion, Bullrock best EZ curl bar in India is a better overall curl bar than any other bar on amazon and it’s also using an awesome knurl pattern. Not passive or anything which slips from hands.

Everything about them is nice.

best curl bar in India bullrock fitness
Best EZ curl bar in India

You can get this one in either a black oxide coating for Rs 8949, In comparison LEEWAY black powder-coated bars are like Rs 4000 cheaper and the shipping is all included, but mind it is of inferior quality and also their description is misleading. 

So for most people that are wanting a premium curl bar if you’re gonna spend that much I would say Bullrock fitness is actually superior. 

However, if you’re going to go with something and you want more budget-friendly, the LEEWAY chrome curl bar option is great because it’s not going to rust as quickly. Although that doesn’t mean it’s not going to rust at all.

FAQs on best EZ curl bar to buy

How much does a standard curl bar weigh?

The Bullrock best EZ Curl Bar is roughly 10 kg unloaded, which is a good starting weight. Many of the cheap EZ curl bars have crazy weights, requiring us to use 3rd grade maths to calculate totals.

Like all local brands on amazon, like the KONARK curl bar has 9 kg weight, and MONEX curl bar has 7.5 kg item weight because of these retails at just Rs 2000.  

Are ez curl bars good?

The EZ curl bar isolates your triceps and biceps, allowing you to work on those muscles more intensely. The bar’s multiple angled grips safeguard your elbows and wrists from the joint damage that heavy arm workouts can cause. Anyone who wants to focus on arm growth/ size should invest in a best EZ curl bar.

How to do bar curls?

Start the exercise by elevating your hands slightly to feel your biceps engage.

Keep your chest high and your elbows tight to your sides. Curl the EZ curl bar up to shoulder height while keeping tension in your biceps, then squeeze them for a second.

Return the weight gradually to the starting position, while maintaining your biceps stiff and engaged to recruit as many muscle fibres as you can.

Which is better: a rackable curl bar vs a normal curl bar?

The benefit to using a rackable EZ curl bar is you can do other things and go heavier that maybe you can’t ordinarily do with a normal EZ curl bar, so for instance if you want to do curls you can put it in the rack this makes it easy you just put it up on the j-hooks.

I think a rackable curl bar is vastly superior to a shorter EZ curl bar for most home gym owners because most home gym owners aren’t using a preacher curl bench. They’re just going to use their normal squat rack.

👉 That’s the Bullrock Fitness “Best EZ curl bar to buy in India” Full Review. If you have more questions about this curl bar let me know in the comment section below.

Stay Strong. 

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