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roxan sports best value hex trap barbell

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Hello, Everyone! This is Rishabh from Mensquats Gym Reviews, and today we're going to address topic "Buy Hex Bar for Deadlift" & review one of the “best hex trap bar deadlift weight” from Roxan Sports. 

I’ll determine if it’s truly the best hex trap bar deadlift weight for beginners in India shortly, but for now, let’s dive into its review. ⚡

best value trap bar for beginners in India
Trap Bar Price in India

First things first, let’s address the obvious: this hex bar looks remarkably similar to one of the most popular trap bars in the world— the Rogue TB2 from Rogue Fitness (available in the US ❤️). 

Before we delve into the review, I want to acknowledge that this hex trap bar design is heavily inspired by, if not copied from, Rogue Fitness.

While I wasn’t there when Roxan Sports in Meerut designed this, the resemblance is quite apparent in the specs and details, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

✔️ Let me clarify right away that I recognize this similarity, and you should too.

This Hex Trap Bar is essentially Roxan’s version of the Rogue TB2, albeit at a more affordable price point here in India. (💸 Priced at Rs 11,000 + Shipping)

This trap bar also incorporates elements from other premium trap bars sold here in India, like Bullrock Fitness trap bars, all while maintaining an impressively low price point. 

✅ If you decide to purchase these bars, you can find the links or phone numbers below.  It's important to note that we received these bars for review purposes, free of cost. However, our opinions are unfiltered, and ROXAN Sports sees the blog at the same time as you do.

Now, let’s take a closer look at its features.

Roxan Hex Bar Deadlift Weight Review 

IMG 20231004 114032

The most distinctive feature of the hex trap bar is its hexagonal-shaped frame. This unique shape allows users to stand inside the bar, rather than behind it as with a traditional straight Olympic barbell.

Price: Rs 11,000 + Shipping

Roxan Sports Number: +91-9027123212

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Ideal For: Hex trap bars are ideal for those passionate who want to progress their lifting numbers, mainly in deadlifts. You’ll be able to lift heavier taking a neutral grip, and while being in line with the centre of gravity. With straight bar deadlifts, also do hex bar to improve mobility and build skill.


Bar Weight:22 kg
Pipe:Square pipe 1.5 inch
Sleeve Length:16 inches
Total length:74″
Load capacity:350 kg
Coat:Black Powder coat
Handle:28mm with knurling
distance b/w handles:6.2″
Warranty:1 year
best hex trap bar deadlift weight
best hex trap bar deadlift weight


  • Having 2 sets of handles on this trap bar is fantastic.
  • Provides exceptional value for its price point. 
  • One-piece construction. 
  • Strong Welds.
  • Respectful weight capacity.  
  • Knurling on this bar is quite grippy.
  • Inspired by Rogue Fitness TB-2 bar 💡


  • Non-rackable design.❌
  • No Knurl Markings.
  • Powder-coated sleeves, which are prone to getting marred and scuffed by weight plates.

Product Rating

Roxan Sports Hex Trap Bar Overview

mensquats gym review of hex trap barbell
Roxan Trap Bar Price in India
1. Weight:

This trap bar weighs 22 kg when unloaded, slightly lighter than some competitors, but still heavier than a standard 20 kg bar.

Speciality barbells are always made heavier and its not something you should be worried off.🤔

2. Full Length:

The Roxan Hex Trap Bar measures 74 inches from sleeve to sleeve, offering ample loading area and training space.

However, do keep in mind that it takes up more room than some other trap bars, so consider your available space.

3. Sleeve Length:

The sleeve length is 16 inches. This extra length provides space for adding plenty of weight plates, even accommodating bumper plates with larger diameters.

4. Handle Width:
Buy Hex Bar for Deadlift
Buy Hex Bar for Deadlift

The handles have different heights: the lower handles are about 8-8.5 inches from the floor, while the higher handles are around 11.3 inches.

While this width suits many users, especially those with smaller statues, it might feel a bit narrow for taller individuals or those accustomed to wider handles. Keep this in mind if you’re a larger lifter.💥

5. Packaging:

The trap bar was delivered via a courier company. It arrived in good condition, well-protected with plastic wrap and foam wrap to prevent any damage during shipping. 

6. Capacity:

Roxan Sports states that this trap bar has a 350 kg static load capacity, making it suitable for heavy lifting.

The term ‘static load’ likely refers to the weight you can load onto it, but it may not necessarily mean you can lift that much.

While I haven’t seen anyone test it to that limit, it seems robust and durable based on user feedback. 

7. Welds:

The welds on this trap bar appear well-done and consistent, which is reassuring for its durability. It is quite as robust as what you’d find on top-tier hex barbells.

8. Knurling:
IMG 20231003 224643

The knurling is somewhat mild compared to more aggressive knurling found on other bars. 

Build Quality

hex trap bar India

In terms of build, the handles are 28MM in diameter, with the bottom one featuring full knurling. 

The loading sleeves are 16 inches long and 50 MM in diameter, making them compatible with standard weight plates. 

The square steel tubing is 1.5 inches in diameter, providing a robust and sturdy construction. The handles are 23.4 inches apart, and the raised handles sit 6.2 inches off the ground. 

💥 Overall, the bar is 74 inches long and weighs 22 kg, making it suitable for various exercises.

While I don't have the exact weight capacity, ROXAN Sports assures that it can handle substantial weights, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced lifters.

What does it cost?

unboxing hex trap barbell
✔️ The Roxan trap bar retails for Rs 9,500, but with 18% GST, it costs over Rs 11,000 which is a great price point when compared to other options in the market. 

This is significantly more affordable than the Leeway Fitness trap barbell we previously reviewed, which costs around Rs 12,830 (including GST and shipping)

The company has really done well with their pricing and features on their new equipment. They have the advantage of learning from what’s available and listening to customer feedback. 

Pricing might seem steep, but considering Roxan Sports’ reputation for high-quality products, the investment could be worthwhile.💡

❤️ Things I LOVE About Roxan Trap Bar:

hex trap barbell
1. deadlift Comfort:

The primary reason I opted for this Roxan Sports hex trap bar and why I believe many others might consider it is for deadlifts.⚡

The hex bar significantly enhances the comfort of deadlifts, particularly for individuals dealing with back problems or limited mobility when performing standard deadlifts.

Personally, this addresses my concerns as I’ve had issues with my back related to deadlifting.

2. Dual handles:

A notable feature is the two handle heights.

If you flip the bar, you can use the lower handles for a standard deadlift height.

3. Versatility:

While deadlifts take the top spot, the hex bar can be utilised for a range of exercises, including push presses, and farmers walks.

However, deadlifts are the standout movement.

4. Knurled Handles:

I really appreciate the fully knurled handles on this trap bar. They provide an excellent grip, akin to sticky tack, which is crucial for secure handling during heavy deadlifts.

This feature is especially beneficial for beginners and individuals recovering from injuries.

5. Range of Motion Flexibility:

What sets this Roxan hex trap bar for Deadlift apart is its versatility. You can flip it over to switch between handles, allowing you to customise your range of motion.

This adaptability is essential for refining deadlift form and adjusting to heavier weights.

6. Long Loading Sleeves:

The loading sleeves on the Roxan Sports Hex trap bar are 16 inches long, matching the standard length found on most barbells.

This ample space for weights means you won’t run out of room, a common issue with shorter sleeves on other trap bars.

❌ Things I Don’t Like About Roxan Trap Bar:

steel barbell
1. Fixed Sleeves:

One aspect I’m not particularly fond of is that the sleeves are fixed in position.

I prefer the rotating sleeves of an Olympic barbell for their smooth feel, although it’s not a necessity.🤔

2. Bulky Size:

This hex bar is quite bulky, which may pose a challenge for those with limited space.

In my home gym, it didn’t fit my barbell rack, necessitating an alternative storage solution.

barbell rack for storage.
3. Non-Rackable Design:

A unique feature of our previously tested Leeway trap bar is its rackable design, but you don’t get this with Roxan Sports bar.

If it does it can be safely used in my squat rack, enabling exercises like shoulder presses and bench presses.

This versatility adds to the bar’s value.

4. Paint Wear on Loading Sleeves:

Over time, you may notice some paint wearing off from the loading sleeves.❌ This could be due to the powder coat finish.

It’s essential to be mindful of this, although it hasn’t been a significant issue for me yet.

But I prefer the chrome coat on the sleeves > black power coat.

Some Alternatives In The Market:

loading capacity of hex trap bar

1. Roxan Open Trap Bar (Rs 10,000 + shipping): This trap bar is of a different kind, but people love it. It weighs around 16 kg and is priced at cheaper rates than a full hex trap bar. It’s a top-of-the-line choice for those looking for a built-in jack, an added functionality to do lunges and presses with their trap bar.

bullrock fitness hex trap bar with bumper plates

2. Bullrock Fitness Closed Hex Trap Bar (Rs, 16,992 + shipping): This hex bar is 26 kg and comes with a dual grip, i.e., 28mm and 32mm handles. It is similar in design to the ROXAN hex trap bar but offers more durability, is heavier and displays solid build quality while asking for a HIGHER price. 💸

Leeway Olympic Hex Trap Bars Powerlifting

3. Leeway Fitness Hex Trap Bar (Rs 12,830): This bar weighs 22 kg and is rated to do over 500 kg. It’s a one-hex bar which is in the middle of Bullrock Fitness & Roxan Hex trap bar. If you want more features than what is offered in the ROXAN shrug barbell, this would be your PICK.💥 It has a rackable length, the same dimensions, and a balanced trap bar all. 

🤔 Now, let’s talk about my experience using the Roxan Fitness trap bar. After using it for several weeks, I’m quite impressed. 

While I don’t use it for squats or presses, it’s been excellent for its intended purpose as a trap bar. This barbell has become a regular part of my workouts, and I’m happy with my purchase. 

It’s well-balanced and well-priced.⚡

Final Thoughts:

IMG 20231003 224319

✅ In conclusion, I do recommend you to buy Hex Trap Bar in India by ROXAN Sports. It offers excellent value for its price 💰 and is a versatile and robust piece of equipment. 

However, it’s essential to remember that it’s a close competitor to the Leeway Fitness trap barbell, which comes at Rs 12,830 and has a rackable design. 

The Roxan Hex Trap Bar, while more budget-friendly (at Rs 11,000 + shipping), has some minor yet similar drawbacks❌, such as the powder-coated sleeves.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a great value trap bar that delivers quality performance, the Roxan Hex Trap Bar is an excellent option. Just be aware of the trade-offs compared to its pricier competitors.

I did contemplate getting the more budget-friendly Roxan Bar, which is approximately Rs 1,000 cheaper. 

✔️ However, I opted for this version due to its smaller pipe design & welded handles, which I find highly advantageous.

Roxan Sports hex trap barbell in India

Buy Hex Bar for Deadlift – ROXAN SPORTS

  • Increase your lifting numbers
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Mae Really Strong
  • Full Power coat finish
  • Ideal for powerlifters
  • Good for beginners to learn
  • Not for lunges
  • Takes space
  • Non-rackable length
  • Intendend use for 1 type of exercise.

Price: Rs 11,000 + shipping

Quick Question: Is the trap bar deadlift better than using a barbell?

The debate between the trap bar and the barbell deadlift is a nuanced one. 

Both exercises involve lifting weights off the ground and require a degree of hip hinging. However, they differ in terms of skill requirements and potential risks.

💯 The barbell deadlift demands more skill and precision than the trap bar deadlift. 

BullrocK Olympic Hex Trap Bar Powerlifting Hexagon Deadlift Shrugs and Farmer Walk Bar with 28mm 32mm Dual Neutral Handles 48mm Sleeve Rod for 1
  • When an exercise requires more skill, it inherently carries a higher risk of injury if not performed correctly. This isn’t to say that the barbell deadlift is inherently dangerous; proper form is crucial for safety in both variations.😃
  • For the average person, the trap bar deadlift is often easier to perform correctly compared to the barbell deadlift. This is because the trap bar allows for a more upright position and less complicated form, making it a suitable starting point for those new to lifting or dealing with mobility and stability issues.💥

However, it’s essential to recognize that both exercises have their merits. 

If someone struggles with the barbell deadlift due to mobility or skill limitations, it’s advisable to work on these aspects under the guidance of a coach.

✔️ In summary, the choice between the trap bar deadlift and the barbell deadlift depends on individual circumstances. 

While the trap bar deadlift is an excellent starting point for many, the goal should ultimately be to progress to the barbell deadlift, provided mobility and skill can be improved over time. 

roxan sports India
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Does a trap bar deadlift work the quadriceps or hamstrings more?

A trap bar deadlift primarily works the quadriceps, although it also engages the hamstrings and other muscle groups.

It keeps a more upright torso position compared to doing conventional deadlifts. 

2. How can you decrease back pain in the trap bar deadlift?

To reduce back pain during the trap bar deadlift, consider the following:

  1. Ensure proper form: Maintain a neutral spine, engage your core, and lift with your legs.
  2. Use an appropriate weight: Avoid lifting excessively heavy weights that strain your lower back.
  3. Warm-up: Warm up your lower back and hips before lifting to improve flexibility.
3. What Is The Best Trap Bar For A Home Gym?

✔️ The best trap bar for a home gym in India? Popular options include the 

  1. Bullrock Fitness Trap Bar (Rs 17,000 + Shipping)
  2. Roxan Hex Trap bar (Rs 11,000 + Shipping)
  3. Leeway Fitness Trap Bar (Rs 12,830 (including all))

Factors to consider include build quality, weight capacity, and handle design. It’s recommended to read reviews and consider your budget when choosing the right trap bar for your home gym.

4. What Kind Of Trap Bar Is Best?

There are two common types: standard hexagonal trap bars and open-end trap bars (also known as “Swiss” or “Shrug bar”).

A standard hex trap bar is a staple item suitable for various exercises, including deadlifts.

Open-ended trap bars are designed to do more exercises like shrugs and farmer’s walks. Choose the type that suits your exercise preference. 💡 

That’s all for today reading “ROXAN best hex trap bar deadlift weight review”

✔️ If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them below. Lastly, I’m curious about your deadlift stance –do you prefer having the bar in front of you or behind you? Please let me know, as I’m interested in your perspective. 💭

Thanks for reading! 

Until the next review, have a great day!

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