What To Expect? Bullrock Fitness Combo Rack in India 

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bullrock fitness combo rack for powerlifting

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Hey there, folks! I recently stumbled across some buzz on social media, and it's something powerlifting enthusiasts will be thrilled about. Bullrock Fitness in India is gearing up to launch its own combo squat rack soon, and this has caused quite a stir.😬
Bullrock Fitness Combo Rack

We don’t have clear data as of Oct 17th 2023, but it would be a copy of the Rogue Fitness combo rack which sells in the USA.

Before we talk much in detail, let’s clarify what we mean by combo rack.

What a combo rack is?

✔️ A combo rack is a specialised equipment used in many IPF, PI, and other powerlifting meets.

It allows lifters to perform squats and bench presses within the same setup, complete with quick adjustments to vary the heights for loaded barbells. 

These combo squat racks are known for their small footprint and built-in face savers for benching, making them an attractive piece of equipment.👌

So, you can understand why many aspire to have one in their gym or why gyms that do possess one are considered to have a competitive edge.

Bullrock combo rack in India
Bullrock Fitness combo rack would look the same.

Upcoming Bullrock Fitness Combo Rack

 ☑️ Now, Bullrock Fitness, a brand known for its premium quality fitness equipment in India, is venturing into the combo rack domain. 

Tushar, the founder of Bullrock Fitness, recently shared some teasers on this project.

Today, he posted a full picture, announcing that they are currently in the prototyping phase. (Unluckily I couldn’t take a screenshot😵) But I can tell you they are trying to emulate the design of Rogue combo Rack.

As a Bullrock enthusiast, I’m excited about this new addition to their lineup.

🚀 Bullrock Fitness is renowned for taking products, either beefing them up to a commercial-grade quality while keeping costs reasonable or enhancing the existing designs.

✔️ So, it’s safe to say we can expect some exciting features from their combo rack.

While Bullrock’s entry into the combo rack space is eagerly anticipated, there are a few things worth considering.

Combo racks are commonly used in powerlifting competitions, where safety is paramount.

In such settings, you have 5 spotters when squatting heavy weights and face savers for benching. The presence of spotters in these scenarios ensures safety.

However, in the context of home gyms, things are different.

Most people train alone, with perhaps a spouse or a friend occasionally joining.

Combo racks like the ones used in competitions might not cater to this reality. There’s an issue of safety, particularly during squats.

While I acknowledge that Bullrock Fitness tends to overbuild its products, I doubt their combo rack is certified for squat failures.❌ Even if it were, the design with a single post and flat face savers doesn’t inspire confidence for failing a squat safely.

rogue combo rack for squats India
combo rack powerlifting


✔️ Another concern is the footprint and versatility.

A power cage, which is a staple in many home gyms, offers a safer way to handle squat failures and allows for a wide range of exercises. 

In contrast, a combo rack primarily supports benching and squatting, making it less versatile. So, it doesn’t maximise the utility of the space in your home gym.


Pricing is another crucial aspect to ponder. 

I believe Bullrock Fitness should aim to price their combo rack around Rs 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh, considering their current premium 6-post power rack retails for Rs 84,000 + shipping.💰

Pricing it significantly higher might deter potential buyers. 


Other high-end combo racks on the market, such as the Challenge combo Rack, can go for around Rs 70,000.

ATE (Anand Track & field equipment) offers one at over Rs 60,000, and the PERFORMER version, while more affordable, can still cost around Rs 47,000 without shipping.💸


✅ In conclusion, Bullrock’s foray into the combo rack space is exciting, and it’s bound to set a high standard.

But when it comes to home gyms, especially for solo lifters, there are safety and versatility concerns that might make a combo rack less suitable.

The verdict on pricing is yet to be determined, the expected price is between Rs 1.2 lakh to Rs 1.5 Lakh, but aiming for around Rs 1 Lakh 💸 would make it more accessible to the market.

Feel free to share your thoughts on “Bullrock Fitness Combo Rack in India” in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and stay strong!

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