Best Powerlifting Plates India? Bullrock Calibrated Plates Review 

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Are you one of those people who likes to train as you compete? I put whatever weight on the bar, and it doesn't matter to me. But for other people, weight accuracy is really important and there's no better way to do it than with Calibrated Powerlifting Plates India. ❤️
Best Powerlifting Plates India
Best Powerlifting Plates India

This review blog is about the best calibrated plates used in powerlifting, which come from Bullrock Fitness.😊 These help you train at the gym and give you the same competitive feel in any part of your lift. 

You definitely don’t want to get surprised on stage, so these calibrated plates give you the exact feel and weight numbers to lift as would already have been trained before in your training. 

And that’s the selling point of these plates. 

➡️ Let’s get it beforehand. These are expensive gym equipment which sells at a premium price. For say, attaching the word “Calibrated” at the beginning of any piece of equipment automatically means it would cost more. 

So do these make for the most durable calibrated powerlifting plates in India, which are aesthetically pleasing yet economical?

Let’s find out. 

Best Powerlifting plates India? Bullrock Calibrated Plates Review

159kg Set 1 scaled

Why to buy?

  • Bullrock Fitness has gone the extra step to calibrate all of its plates. All are made in India, however, by having them machine calibrated, these cast iron plates will be more precise than their competitors.🔥


Material made ofMachined Cast-Iron Powerlifting Plates
Plate hole size2 inch/ 50.4mm collar opening for slinky fit.
PaintShot blasted and finished in matt finish powder coat
Weight tolerance+/- 5 to 35 grams
Weight Available0.25kg to 25kg
Loading capacityThin Design for 700+ KG load capacity
StrengthHighly Durable
Warranty3-year warranty

⬇️ What do you get?

0.25kg Pair, 0.5kg Pair, 1.25kg Pair, 2.5kg Pair, 5kg Pair, 10kg Pair, 15kg Pair, 20kg Pair, 25kg Pair (159kg Set) 


  • Ideal as powerlifting plates and can be used in competition.
  • Have +/- 5 to 35 grams weight tolerance.
  • Finished in a matt finish powder coat.
  • The lettering is raised and painted in a contrasting colour
  • Cut thin and have a slim profile.
  • A weight of up to 700 kgs can be loaded on the bar. 
  • Comes with full fractional plates set – 159 kg. (No extra buying)
  • Has 3 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.😊


  • High shipping fees (obviously)
  • Paint can chip off easily, with rough use. 
  • Because they are so thin, these plates are difficult to lift off the ground while laying flat.

Wanted to know my opinion about them? 

Look, they’re the same as anything else and they’re going to be great in that regard. 

A couple of unique things that they’re going to stick out with these which I’ll get to in a second, but let me just talk first about why you need only bullrock powerlifting calibrated plates in general since all of them tend to be fairly similar. 

Calibrated Powerlifting Weight Plates Are Great, If:

#1 You Compete in Powerlifting:
Best Powerlifting Plates India deadlifting 300 kg
Pic credits: Yt channel “Fit Minds” (Singha)

👉 These cast iron weight plates could be great for powerlifters. Obviously, if you want to practice like you play and especially if you haven’t lifted calibrated plates before. 

The thinness of the plates themselves can barely be off-putting. The first time you load them on your barbell, these plates will get you ready and feel like the plates you get in the competition.

So, if you compete, these would be great. 😊

#2 You Want A Weight Tolerant Weight Plate:

👉 Calibrated plates are much thinner and have much tighter tolerances to give you the exact gains you are looking for.

These could also be great if you don’t compete but are looking for weight plates that are extremely thin and accurate. 

barbell jack used for powerlifting plates India

They’re all within +/- 10 grams of the stated weight and also have extremely tight tolerances on the centre hole, really close to 50 MM, which means they’re not going to be any slop on the barbell. ⬇️

In fact, these things are so tight-fitting on your barbell that the first couple of times you put them on your barbell sleeve is going to look like a rainbow just because the paint on the inside is going to scrape off. 

There’s really not any wiggle room whatsoever, so these are going to fit super snug on your bar and be great overall. 😊

#3 You Want Thin Plates Profile:
thickness of calibrated plates by bullrock fitness India

👉 A great feature of these calibrated powerlifting plates is how thin they are. You can get way more on the bar and have it way tighter to you. These plates are just over an inch wide and about 20 to 30% thinner than other machine plates. 

The reason you want a thinner plate is it keeps the weight closer to your centre of mass and gives a completely different feel on the bar, one that you will feel in competition. 

Even if you don’t compete, they could potentially be for you.

Overview of Bullrock Fitness Calibrated weight plates

The main focus was to design these plates for the competitive lifter. For the person that wants the most accuracy when they’re lifting their weights.

Bullrock Fitness made sure that the manufacturing of these plates met all the IPF standards. Like Eleiko or rogue.  

Bullrock powerlifting plate
These actually have 5 or 35 grams of tolerance of their actual weight. (pretty precise) 

Bullrock calibrated weight plates in India were made of cast iron using a sand mould technique in order for us to have this smooth finish that almost has a machine look to it. 

👉 In order for us to have the most accuracy in your lifts. 

They come in very thin as you can see so you’re able to fit as many as you can on the bar (700 kgs). 

But if you’ve handled calibrated powerlifting plates before, you know they can be quite a pain to pick up and get on and off of a bar or a weight tree. The better design on the lip on the other plates I find gives me a little better grip. 

These ones are doable but the lip is very small, especially if you have big hands and chunky fingers like I do. These things are going to be pretty slick.

Now, outside of that point, I think the thing that really sticks out for me on the classic plates is the red colour. 

Also, putting it closer to the centre of gravity will make it much of a stiffer lift for you to be able to perform your bench and your squat. 

👉 All the Bullrock calibrated powerlifting plates were designed to be able to fit an Olympic size barbell. 

✔️ Who should buy Calibrated weight plates?

👉 Let’s get this straight: For a powerlifter, a difference of even 250 grams might make the difference between a Gold and Silver medal. 

Knowing exactly what weight you are lifting (not 250 grams, more or less) means it helps you in choosing the proper weight and performing well on the competition day. 

Possibly, a person who is competing and wants to perform his max squats, deadlift and bench press with great accuracy is usually a customer of calibrated powerlifting plates.

bullrock powerlifting plates review in India
Who shouldn’t buy Calibrated weight plates?

👉 They are significantly more expensive (than other cast-iron plates) and less adaptable than bumper plates.

But if you’re looking into calibrated plates, you’ve already decided that you don’t need the versatility of a bumper plate and not be dropping them from a height. 

So weightlifters and people buying on a budget should skip them for other types of weight plates. 🔥

Dimensions of each plate:

bullrock powerlifting plates dimensions
  1. Colour Red: The diameter of the 25 Kg is 450 millimetres and in thickness, you’re going to be sitting at 25 millimetres. 
  2. Colour Blue: The 20 Kg comes in 450 millimetres in diameter and the thickness sits at 21.5 millimetres.
  3. Colour Yellow: The 15 Kg diameter is 400 millimetres and in thickness, you’re only going to sit at 20 millimetres. 
  4. Colour green: The 10 Kg is coming in a smaller diameter, which is 327 millimetres and the thickness will be 20 millimetres. 
  5. Colour White: The 5 kg sits at 228 millimetres in diameter and the thickness of the plate is 22 millimetres. 
  6. Colour Black: The 2.5 kilograms come in 190 millimetres in diameter and the thickness will be 15.4 millimetres. 
  7. In a chrome finish: The 1.25 kg comes in 160 millimetres in diameter and the thickness sits at 8 millimetres. 
  8. Chrome plated: The 0.5 Kg comes in 135 millimetres in diameter and the thickness is 8 millimetres thick. 
  9. Chrome plates: The 0.25 Kg comes in 90 millimetres in diameter and the thickness of 8.3 millimetres thick. (Also on the chrome plate comes the smallest plate that we have for our calibrated cast-iron plates.) 

Why is it set apart?

  • The Bullrock calibrated powerlifting plates are a great addition to your powerlifting gym or for a commercial facility or who want to have something with the greatest calibration possible.
bullrock powerlifiting weight plates review

Bullrock Calibrated Plates Rating

Bullrock Powerlifting Plates FAQs

1: How does the paint hold up on these?

➡️ Not like other calibrated powerlifting plates in India, they are shot blasted and finished in matte finish powder coat to increase durability & its appearance.

But still, over time, as they bang and they clang, whether from doing deadlifts, whether from being in a rack or taking them on and off a weight tree, it’s going to chip the paint in time. 

These will chip just as much as any other plates, so over time if these are in a commercial setting, they’re going to look like crap probably in a couple of months. 

2. Does the chipped off plates look bad?
paint of bullrock plates

➡️ A lot of people like that extra character. They looked weathered; they looked used, but if you’re buying plates to look pretty and you don’t typically take care of your equipment, well just know that these are going to chip over time. 

But as of right now, like I said, they’re a little more unique because of the front face. 

They do look different from the other ones out there from the side view. They look the same as any other more expensive brand or sold-out brand that you can get.

3. Are Bullrock Calibrated Plates Worth It?

➡️ These are among the most premium calibrated plates on the market, just like Rogue.

Because they are made according to IPF specs, these plates are extremely precise, and if they aren’t, Bullrock Fitness will send you a replacement.

The plates’ thickness is small to allow for easy max loading.

4. Why Do Powerlifters Use Calibrated Plates?
best powerlifting plates India

➡️ Powerlifters buy calibrated plates because of accuracy in weights. Most Olympic weight plates like those of Bullrock Olympic Cast Iron Plates have a tolerance of +/- 3% to +/- 7%, which means a plate of 10 kg can be 10.3 Kg or 10.7 kg, or 9.7 kg. 

That means if you load 2 plates of 10 kg on the bar, it would have a large 600-gram difference. Which is highly delusional for some. He would say I lift 200 kg while he may be lifting 195 kg or so. 

5. What’s the difference between Calibrated plates Vs standard steel plates?

➡️ The most noticeable change is that instead of being grey or black, competition plates are colour-coded like Olympic Weightlifting Competition Bumper Plates. 

Aside from colour, competition plates are thinner to accommodate more weight on the bar. 

Although this isn’t a problem for most people, if you’re an elite powerlifter, you’ll love the extra room on the bar the calibrated plates provide. Finally, its accuracy. 

⬇️ Price of Bullrock Calibrated Plates

A Calibrated Powerlifting Plates – 159kg Set (0.25×2, 0.5×2, 1.25×2, 2.5×2, 5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×2, 25×2) cost

Product Price = Rs 39999 (GST + Shipping extra)

👉 Approx Price = Rs 45000-49000 (283-300/ per kg after taxes)

You can also buy individual plates of your requirement and ADD it to your current weight set.

Buy Bullrock Powerlifting Plates on Amazon. 😊 

Final Verdict:

Best powerlifting plates ReviewInStockINR124.84.85Bullrock
Calibrated Plates copy scaled

The Bullrock Calibrated Powerlifting Plates and found to be the greatest value-calibrated plates we’ve ever seen. If you want to participate in powerlifting and want an accurate weight with beautiful colour-coded plates, they are by far the best option. 

They also look nice, however, the paint will probably chip over time. But that’s the case with every cast iron plate in the market, and if you keep it with care, the paint and the plates themselves would last for a LIFETIME. 

A one-time investment to make break international records and your PRs. 

👉 If you’re looking for powerlifting plates India, give these a hard look.

  • Accurate weights.
  • Ideal to be used in national powerlifting competitions.
  • Very thin cut., and can be loaded up to 700 kgs.
  • Looks beautiful and appealing. (High-quality)
  • Paint can chip off with metal contact
  • Expensive.

Price: Rs 380/ per kg

Other Powerlifting Plates Alternatives: ⬇️

challenco powerlifting plates India

CHALLENCO Calibrated Metal Plates:

CHALLENCO Barbell is an INDIAN manufacturer based in, Howrah, West Bengal. These plates are the same as CHALLENGE plates and the oldest & most used plates for powerlifting. These are painted and not powder coated, therefore the finishing isn’t as good but is as good as affordable plates for powerlifting.

Price: Rs 237/ per kg

bullrock plates for home gym powerlifting plates

BullrocK Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates:

Their powerlifting plate design is unique, which is a kind of sticking out a little differently than the rest of your normal calibrated powerlifting plates, which are available in India. This is the classic design. The colour is ALL black, still, these are made of cast iron for powerlifting with little less precision in weight.

Price: 280 per kg


KAKSS Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates:

These are also called by the name deep dish plates. The surface is expertly treated under Resin Sand Casting Treatment which gives good oxidation resistivity compared to traditional painted cast iron plates. The weight tolerance you get here is +-5%, it suits more budget seekers people.

Price: Rs 249/ per kg

I hope you liked the best powerlifting plates in India – Bullrock calibrated plates review. 😊

If you have any more questions or want my recommendations on any purchase, you can write me a mail at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram _mensquats_

Stay Strong. Keep lifting. 

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