How To Build A Cheap Home Gym In India (Step by Step Guide)

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How to build a home gym for small space in India

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Let's be honest, a home gym is not for most of us a cheap endeavour, and every single home gym is going to look different. There are a lot of reasons to want to know how to build a cheap home gym in India. 

✔️ The convenience of it can’t be beaten and there’s a privacy factor maybe you want to try out certain movements without being judged. 

Well, your home might be a safer place to explore that. There are literally no cons to owning a home gym. 😊

How to make a home gym?

How To Build A Cheap Home Gym In India
How To Build A Cheap Home Gym In India

➡️ These are my 5 steps for planning your home gym in India.

Part 1: Choose Your Style of Training And Goals

You decided you want to be the biggest guy in the gym and there are only two ways to do that and you can’t afford the steroids so it looks like we’re building a home gym.

The first thing you’re going to want to determine is your style of training and your lifting goals. 

Those two factors are going to play a huge role in the equipment you need for your home gym.😊 Whether you’re doing CrossFit or Strong Man or Bodybuilding or Olympic lifting, your needs and wants are going to vary. 

Just realize that your end goal is going to some extent to dictate the path and the pieces.

Part 2: Prioritize Your Wants And Needs 

With regards to planning, you want to break it down into 3 things: your budget, your space, and your equipment, and you have to be flexible with all three. 

So, for example, if you knew the space you had to work with, that space would dictate the equipment that can fit into it. 

✔️ Once you know the equipment, you’ve got an idea of a budget, but your needs and wants are going to change and when you know the one, you don’t really know the other.

You have to be flexible and jump back and forth to make it all work. 

Follow This Numbering System 

Level 1: Essentials. 

The minimum equipment you needed. Rack, Benches, Platform, Collars, Plates and Barbell. That’s the minimum you needed.

Level 2: Versatile

That’s things that added versatility, like Dumbbells whether you get fixed dumbbell, loadable dumbbell or adjustable dumbbells is up to you, but these are things that are going to add versatility to your style of training. 😊

Level 3: Big Equipments

This is where I picked up rubber flooring and Landmine attachment and the list goes on. Then you get to level up again and complete your home gym with a functional trainer or power rack, whatever you think puts the finishing touches on that home gym. 

Level 4: Basic Equipments

You realize a home gym is never complete with Barbells and the list goes on and on.  

MEANS it’s your home gym who’s stopping you.

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Part 3: Planning the space 

We all do things differently and all of our minds work differently so how you accomplish this is up to you. But I would recommend sitting down for a few minutes and drawing out this space. It is a nice place to get things done instead of doing your actual job. 

➡️ The first thing you’re going to want to do is to get your measurements. 

Now we’re gonna run my renderings that I probably put too much time and effort into. The first thing I did is measure out my space. I had an idea of what type of equipment would fit in there? 

Then I started putting my essentials into the space. So my rack, my platform, and for you whatever’s essential to your style of lifting. Then using my gym levelling system I went to level 2 those things that add versatility. 

Where could actually fit my dumbbell rack in there that I wanted, where would I mount my landmine and how much flooring would I need???

You’re going to want to think vertically as you plan your space as well. Not only because of the height of the power rack for doing things like pull-ups and overhead presses but you might want to get gymnastic rings for example. 

Later on down the road or for me my functional trainer took up a lot of space and that’s vertically as well. 

If you’re not sure what type of equipment you might need, I will link my home gym essentials blog here ⬇️

You can even go so far in this space to remove a window/ wall so to orient your power rack the right way so that everything would fit there. It can be a little overwhelming but if you put the time in you’re going to end up with a great result. 

bullrock gym mats for lifting (high end stuff)

Now for example we’ve talked about gym flooring and you probably want your flooring in pretty early, because moving heavy stuff sucks and thinking about lighting isn’t particularly exciting. 

Then you’ve got your wall space to organize things so you can look at yourself because all eyes are on you, because you’re alone in your own home gym. 

Part 4: Picking out your equipment 

✔️ I guess it’s not a very good numbering system but that’s budgeting. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but that’s where you get to pick your actual equipment.

What you want to do is you want kind of a short and long-term budget. 

You’re going to prioritize your wants and your needs that’s basically what I did with my levelling system. I had my essentials and then things that would give me a lot of variety. 

In my end game, I just created a wish list. I would research the items and I would go from there it’s a pretty good system unless you have unlimited money. 

As you’re researching your equipment you want to find stuff that’s quality-rich and gives you a lot of versatility in the gym because space and money is a premium on a home gym. You can buy used equipments and look locally if that works or if you have the ability to build stuff that’s a good resource as well. 

Just make sure you’re patient because all those companies that were selling like crazy before are now competing for your money and sales are starting to come back. 

I’ve seen a lot from ATE, Bullrock fitness, SF healthtech literally everybody is pushing their stuff so if time is on your side you hold the power essentially. 😊

What you're trying to do is future proof your home gym by knowing your end goal and planning out your purchases and knowing your time frame. You're trying to make it so that your gym is useful forever or you can at least adapt it to your needs as you go. 

➡️ So buy the best thing you can afford. You’re only buying it once. 

You can’t really over plan your gym but you can spend forever planning it out. 

Save space with folding rack.

Point 5: Managing Temperature 

Our final point the stuff nobody thinks about that is until you experience it. Chances are if you’re building your home gym on earth you’re probably dealing with the seasons in the environment of where you live. 

Like this HVAC unit. I also bought two dehumidifiers before I got to this point and let’s not forget the fan to blow some air around in these two infrared heaters for the wintertime. 

❌ I don’t care what any real man says gripping that shaft when it’s 30 degrees does not feel good and squatting when it’s 90 and 100 humidity is a real trip.

It doesn’t matter where your gym is you’re going to be battling moisture and rust. If you don’t love it then you won’t do it. 

So when it comes to building a home gym you want to make sure you're planning out all aspects think of that heating that cooling and that humidity. 

➡️ If you’re wondering what are the biggest home gym mistakes you can check out this blog I made right here.

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Thanks for reading my blog on “How To Build A Cheap Home Gym In India”

Stay Strong.

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