Full Home Gym Setup in India – 10 Unique Ideas

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home gym setup ideas on a budget 2024

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Namaste! 🙌 This blog showcases some awesome home gym setup in India created by fellow Gym Rats like you, who shared their builds with us. 

These home gym setup Ideas 2024 contain ALL or maximum equipment bought from SIEGE Fitness (in Bangalore), which is the most-liked Indian manufacturer of power racks & other commercial gym items. 

👍 I also own some of these like their Flat bench & chieftain barbell, which I absolutely LOVE & recommend to anyone out there looking!

siege fitness equipment
My Home Gym Setup in India

We know the 2020 COVID lockdown sparked a fitness revolution in India. From then people have brought the gym experience indoors.

✅ Though the “Home Gym concept” is Western & people in the US/ Canada & other nationalities have been making garage gyms/ basement gyms for a long time, because of the weather conditions there & for other reasons too because of which home gyms are better.

But now in India itself, it’s been adapted so rapidly. Every Celebrity, Athlete & or may it be a Fitness YouTuber, like me, all have their own kind of “home gym setup for home” with them! 👍

How to start? Here for this blog, I have picked 10 photos of gym setups built with SIEGE fitness equipment, which will blow your head! You can take an idea & build your own style of home gym, depending on your budget! 💵

Siege Fitness has a maze of options, and considering the home gym ideas on a budget, these setups start from Rs 50,000. So keep that in mind!

Feeling inspired? Want your own gym featured? Just DM me on Instagram (@_mensquats_) and your creation might be next!🙌

Let’s get started!

📞 WhatsApp Siege Fitness at +91-7619614418 (Mr. Pranav) Share my reference code “MENSQUATS” for a discounted price.

You can use the same coupon on their website – siegefitness.in & get the benefit!

10 Home Gym Setup in India 2024 (ft. Siege Fitness)

10 Full Home Gym Setup in India
home gym ideas

Equipments Includes:

  1. Patriot Tri-Axis Adapter: Rs 7,250
  2. Jammer Arms: Rs 27,000 
  3. Crusader Rack 6 Post: Rs 56,000 + Rs 20,000
  4. Golem Adjustable Bench: Rs 19,000

 🤑 Total – 1,29,250 + shipping*

Siege fitness Home Gym Setup price
Home Gym Setup in India

Equipments Includes:

  • Jammer Arms: Rs 27,000 
  • Crusader Rack 6 post: Rs 56,000 + Rs 20,000
  • Golem Adjustable bench: Rs 19,000 

💰 Total: Rs 1,22,000 + shipping*

small home gym ideas in India
small home gym ideas

Equipments Includes:

  • Patriot Jammer Arms: Rs 27,000 
  • Mammoth Power Rack: Rs 67,000
  • Chieftain Power Barbell: Rs 18,000

Total – Rs 1,12,000 + shipping*

siege fitness power rack 4

Equipments Includes:

  • Patriot Jammer Arms: Rs 27,000 
  • Warlord Rack 6 post: Rs 47,000 + 20,000

Total: Rs 94,000 + shipping *

best home gym setup ideas
home gym setup ideas

Equipments Includes:

  • Patriot Jammer Arms: Rs 27,000 
  • Crusader Rack 4 post: Rs 56,000
  • Golem Adjustable bench: Rs 19,000
  • Chieftain barbell: Rs 18,000

Total: Rs 1,20,000  + shipping*

siege fitness power rack 6
home gym setup equipment

Equipments Includes:

  • Mammoth Rack 6 post: Rs 90,000 
  • Chieftain barbell: Rs 18,000
  • Atlas Prime deadlift Platform: Rs 49,900 

Total: Rs 1,57,900 + shipping* 

siege fitness power rack 7
home gym setup for home

Equipments Includes:

  • Chieftain barbell: Rs 18,000
  • Warlord Rack: Rs 47,000 
  • Golem Bench: Rs 19,000

Total – Rs 84,000 + shipping*

siege fitness power rack 8

Equipments Includes:

  • Gladiator Rack: Rs 29,000 
  • Flat Bench: Rs 13,750

Total – Rs 42,750 + shipping*

siege fitness power rack 9

Equipments Includes:

  • Warlord Rack: Rs 47,000
  • Flat Powerlifting Bench: Rs 13,750 

Total – Rs 60,750 + shipping* 💰

siege fitness power rack 10
home gym setup ideas

Equipments Includes:

  • Mammoth Rack: Rs 67,000 + shipping* 💵

Siege Fitness Racks! 

Probably your biggest both in cost and physically, and that’s a power rack. 

For many of us, the power rack is the centrepiece of our gym as it’s not only what a lot of our workouts revolve around, but if you choose a good one, it’ll grow with you as you add more attachments. 

That’s the BENEFIT why people buy power racks for home gyms! Siege has many attachments ready with them for you to use to do a complete workout like you do in gyms!

1. Siege Warlord Rack

Siege Warlord Rack

Price: Rs 47,000

  • Available in Red & Black colour. 
  • Weight: 130 KGs
  • Height: 90”
  • Depth: 36”
  • Width: 48”
  • Safeties: Heavy Duty Pin and Pipe Safeties OR Safety Straps

Warlord Rack: It’s a compact & space-efficient 30” depth option in racks. It is best for home gyms, & places where space is a limiting factor.

It’s nothing less in stability, safety, and versatility. You get a total footprint of 40×52”, and a weight of 130kg, the rack features extra-large 6.5×6.5”, 8mm thick base plates which can be bolted down.

You get pipe safeties here, not safety straps! It can even be extended to have up to 6 vertical posts, which will be charged extra.

2. Siege Crusader Rack

Siege Crusader Power Rack

Price: Rs 56,000

  • Available in Red & Black colour. 
  • Footprint: 54” x 52” (Inclusive of Base Plates)
  • Weight: 150 KGs
  • Height: 90”
  • Depth: 48”
  • Width: 48”
  • Accessories Included: J Hooks, Safety Straps 4” width, 34mm Pull up bar

Crusader Rack: It’s Siege new “flagship” power rack featuring a working area of 42” (depth) and a weight of 150kg. It provides ample space for all your powerlifting & bodybuilding exercises.

The rack features extra-large 6.5×6.5”, 8mm thick base plates, which can be bolted down for max stability.

This can even be extended to have up to 6 vertical posts & all siege attachments are compatible with this rack. 🙌

3. Siege Daemon Half Rack

Siege fitness half squat rack India

Price: Rs 54,000

  • Colour: Black & white
  • Footprint: 47″ width x 48″ depth(inclusive of feet)
  • Weight: 160 KGs
  • Height: 84”
  • Back post height: 72″
  • Accessories included: J hooks, Spotters and 2 sets of weight storage pins.

Daemon Half Rack: The Daemon – siege fitness 3×3 half rack, is characterised by its visually striking design.

Weighing in at 160 kg, this half rack promises better stability and safety than the other 2 post squat racks or squat stands.

It comes with heavy-duty spotter arms, two sets of weight storage pins, and complete compatibility with every Siege Fitness Rack Accessory, delivering a comprehensive package like a 4-post rack.

4. Siege Mammoth power rack

mammoth siege power rack

Price: Rs 67,000

  • Colour: Black, Red
  • Footprint: 59 x 56”
  • Weight: 250 KG
  • Height: 92”
  • Hole Spacing: 2 ” throughout
  • Safeties: 2  Safety Straps OR Optional Box Safeties

Mammoth power rack: This is our top pick, the SIEGE Mammoth power rack. Because while it’s pushing your budget, it’s a high-value rack. In reality, the Mammoth is a well-done rack, and Siege has a good ecosystem to go with it.

With an impressive weight of 250 kilograms and a 5×5 feet footprint, this heavyweight rack offers ample space to meet all your lifting needs. It has an astonishing weight capacity exceeding 1.5 tons, the Mammoth Rack stands as steadfast as a mountain, providing a stable foundation for all your workouts

Siege chieftain powerlifting barbell
Siege chieftain barbell

The best thing about these racks is they’re highly compatible with each other since they’re all 3×3, 11-gauge power racks with 16mm hole size. Their overall dimensions are identical. It means you can use attachments from one to the other.

So, if you wanted to put spotter arms onto your Mammoth rack, you could use them. You can also use attachments from companies like Bullrock Fitness or whoever else you can find, as 1-inch holes are the most popular size for 3×3 racks.

Sure, they aren’t going to come close to the options a 3×3 rack will have, but you’re not dropping a mortgage payment on one, and they’re a great starter rack that could potentially last you a lifetime. 💰

Tips For Picking Power Racks!

I’ve got 5 crucial insights you absolutely need to consider before hitting that ‘buy it now’ button.🙌

1. The Color Scheme.

Now, it might not be a deal-breaker, but it’s worth noting that your accessories, safeties, and dip bars will likely all come in a matte black finish, regardless of your chosen rack colour. If you’re going for a specific theme, like a Star Wars vibe, be mindful as it could clash with your gym’s colour.

2. Stabilisation:

Unless you’re bolting your power rack to the floor (which most of us won’t bother with), there’ll always be a bit of give. To address this, consider opting for a wider rack for added stability, add a rear stabilising bar, incorporate front-facing feet, or use weight storage to prevent any wiggling during your workouts.

3. Space.

Measure twice, cut once. Before making that purchase, tape off the dimensions in your home or garage gym to ensure your power rack fits seamlessly. Take into account the required space for benching, squatting, and any stabilising additions you plan to include.

4. Scratches.

Your power rack, like a new car, will eventually accumulate nicks and scratches. It’s inevitable with weights and metal bars, but the good news is, unlike a car, the functionality won’t be affected. A fresh coat of spray paint down the road can restore its aesthetic appeal.

5. Longevity.

Whether you go for a budget or a high-end option, your power rack is a long-term investment. Don’t regret going cheap and later upgrading. Invest wisely upfront to avoid unnecessary expenses down the road. Power racks are versatile, allowing you to add attachments and enhancements as your needs evolve.

Remember, take the time to map out your ideal setup and hit that ‘buy it now’ button on your terms. If you’ve already got a power rack, let me know in the comments.

Siege Benches!

1. Siege GOLEM bench

Siege fitness Golem Adjustable Bench

Price: Rs 19,000

  • Height: 18″
  • Length: 52″
  • Pad width: Backrest: 12″, Seat: 12″
  • Weight 50 Kgs
  • Total width inclusive of wheel base: 22″
  • 9 Adjustable Incline and Decline Settings.
  • Premium quality Wheels and Handles
  • Lifetime Warranty. 

Siege GOLEM bench: The most exciting purchase of any home gym – the bench. My top pick is literally – the GOLEM Bench.

If you’re looking for a high-quality adjustable bench, one that’s stable, heavyweight (weighing 50 kgs), and has an exceptional pad, this is probably the one for you. I think the vast majority of people will be very happy with this gym bench.

Are there nicer options out there? Sure, but if you don’t need overbuilt and high-end, this is what I’d tell you to get. 

2. Siege Champion Flat bench

siege fitness bench review

Price: Rs 12,750

  • Length: 48″, Width: 12″, Height: 17″
  • Weight: 34 Kgs
  • Footprint: 49×20″
  • 2.5″ thick rubberized EVM pad
  • dual-bearing wheels and a handle for easy mobility.
siege flat gym bench
siege flat gym bench

Siege Champion Flat bench: If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, the Siege Champion bench is my alternative pick. This is a flat powerlifting bench (IPF specs), meaning it can also be used in powerlifting meets.

With an 850 kg weight capacity, it’s a little beefier & weighs 34 kg. It’s not as easy to move around, but you have wheels below! It does store vertically. It’s a stable bench with a tripod design, so the bench’s feet won’t get in your way.

Siege Barbells!

1. Siege Chieftain Power Bar

siege fitness powerlifting bar

Price: Rs 18,000

  • Length: 7 feet 2 inches
  • Weight 20 kgs
  • Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI
  • Shaft diameter: 29 mm
  • Bushings: 4 Bronze bushings
  • Whip: None
  • Finish: E Coat on the Shaft. Chrome plating on sleeves.
siege fitness powerlifting barbell review
siege fitness powerlifting barbell review

Siege Chieftain Power Bar: A barbell – depending on how you’ve spent so far, you’ve actually got a ton of options. But if you’re into powerlifting and want a power bar, then my top pick is and has been for years, Siege Chieftain Power Bar.

Rupee for rupee, this is the best option out there. As an Indian-made bar, you really can’t ask for much more – great knurling, build quality, and pricing. I think they shine with an e-coat shaft, but that’s pushing our luck with the budget.

Bonus Attachments To Buy:

  1. Trident Rack Mounted Leg Trainer – Price ₹24,000
  2. Jammer Arms – Price ₹27,000
  3. Tri-Axis Adaptor – Price ₹7,250
  4. 6 Post Extension Kit – Price ₹22,000
  5. Stabilizer Kit – Price ₹4,000
  6. J Hooks – Price ₹5,800
  7. Adjustable Dip Adaptors – Price ₹8,750
  8. Landmine – Price ₹3,000
  9. Safety Straps – Price ₹12,500
  10. Spotter Arms – Price ₹7,950
  11. Box Safeties – Price ₹15,000
  12. Adjustable Dip Bars – Price ₹2,000
Why buy them EXTRA? With these all additional attachments you can fully load your power rack, to do complete workouts on the same equipment. These attachments are versatile, so you don’t need to buy machines for every other exercise.👍 SAVE cost! 

📞 WhatsApp Siege Fitness at +91-7619614418 (Mr. Pranav) Share my reference code “MENSQUATS” for a discounted price.

You can use the same coupon on their website – siegefitness.in & get the benefit!


Q1: How much will it cost to build a home gym in India?

It’s all about your choices! A basic setup with resistance bands and a yoga mat could cost less than ₹5,000, while a full home gym setup cost India with weight machines/ racks could run into lakhs. Set a budget, and shop around for deals. Remember, quality should not be compromised.

Q2: Is a home gym a good idea?

Absolutely! Here’s why:

  • Convenience: Ditch the commute, skip awkward stares, and sweat it out in your PJs!
  • Flexibility: Work out anytime, even during that afternoon! No more rushing after “machines.”
  • Privacy: Your home gym is your own private sanctuary to sweat it out without feeling self-conscious.
  • Customization: Choose the equipment that’s perfect for your interests. No more using the equipment you don’t like or have been in bad condition. 

Remember, if you are not enough motivated you won’t be using the equipment anymore! So home gyms are for people with experience & knowledge of training on their own.  

Q3: Which gym equipment is best for home India?

Here are some popular options for home gym equipment:

Q4: What are some best commercial gym equipment brands in India?

There are many companies to name, but here we’re addressing one major brand (Siege Fitness) which I feel is doing differently than others – manufacturing the toughest Power Racks, Power Cages, Squat Stands, Olympic Barbells, Powerlifting Barbells, & Home Gym Setups. All their Gym products are 100% Made in India.

Q5: Who Should Build a Home Gym?

Simply, people who have an interest & money to do so. Others who are living in rural areas or without convenient access to quality gyms are more likely to consider a home gym setup india.

Q6: Is home gym necessary?

I get it. Not everybody needs to build it. Buying equipment can get very EXPENSIVE, that’s why commercial gyms are available which charge your subscription fee monthly.

But trust me if you decide to build one for yourself, it’s not that expensive like buying CARS or paying your college fees. Plus you’re doing good for your HEALTH!

The biggest benefit I see of home gym is? I can train anytime, any hour & remain more consistent with the gym while being busy with my other work!

If this blog “10 Home Gym Setup in India” is helpful, give me some kind of comment. And of course, spend all of your money with Siege Fitness. You won’t be disappointed since you get a lifetime warranty on all of their products. 

Thanks for reading, and happy lifting!

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