5 Best Fractional Plates in India For Barbell

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Best Fractional Plates in India For Barbell

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Fractional plates are the plates for those who strive to lift heavier, push further, and constantly test their limits. 

However, sometimes, the standard weight increments on plates feel like roadblocks, hindering our ability to make those crucial micro gains

This is where fractional plates emerge as your help, unlocking a world of making precise adjustments in the gym workouts. 😊

✅ There are a few basic characteristics you want out of a fractional plate:

  • A High-Weight Accuracy
  • Easily Identifiable Weight Identification
  • A wide variety of Weight Increments
  • Thin as Possible

Best Fractional Plates in India For Barbell

BullrocK Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates

Made in India! Plates accurate to specified weight by +/- 5 grams.

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What are Fractional Plates?

✔ ️ Fractional plates, which are also known as change plates, are weight plates which are meticulously made in smaller incremental weights.

It’s all about making small, incremental increases in weight, especially when a larger weight number isn’t appropriate for your goals. 

ATE weightlifting set in India

These increments typically range from 0.25 kg to 2.5 kg, allowing for much finer adjustments. Let’s say you’re aiming for 3 sets of 10 reps with a specific weight, but a 10 kg jump would throw off your rep range. 

That’s where fractional plates come in handy.

They’re particularly useful for exercises where you’re lifting lighter weights, like overhead presses or curls, and you’re aiming for precise REP ranges. Additionally, they can be a psychological tool for breaking through mental barriers.

➡ ️ Now, you might wonder if fractional plates matter if your gym’s plates aren’t perfectly “calibrated”. 😊

The truth is, they still offer a degree of control and consistency. Even if your plates vary in weight by a few kgs, the incremental increases provided by fractional plates remain constant.

What Are The Benefits of Fractional Plates?

✔️ While big weight plates are good for strength training, fractional plates do offer you a unique set of advantages that can help you grow & do progressive overload when needed:

1. Precise Progressions:

With fractional plates, you can gradually increase the weights in smaller increments that’s number #1.

This approach not only prevents plateaus but also minimises the risk of causing injuries often associated with doing ego lifting.

It’s beneficial for beginners who are still building their strength & experienced lifters too, looking to fine-tune their training to break through plateaus.

2. Personalised Training:

Lower weights allow you to focus on your specific weaknesses, target different muscle groups with varying intensity, and ultimately, help you to do in-control training. 

3. Competition Ready:

Where every Kg/ gram counts, like in powerlifting and weightlifting competitions, it’s become a necessity there. Even the smallest weight differences can make a significant impact on the outcome of a competition.

At that point in time, fractional plates allow you that edge you need to succeed from your competitor. 

Types of Fractional Plates?

Fractional plates come in all varieties, materials, and weights, each offering its unique advantages:

1. Cast Iron:
kobo fractional set

✔️ These plates go well with both bumpers & iron plates set. It is renowned for its durability, making it a robust choice in plates which would never break. However, they can be noisy when dropped, & can leave its colour paint when used more.

2. Rubber Coated:
bullrock fitness rubber coated plates

✔️ Offering a quieter alternative, rubber-coated plates are a good option. It is a miniature version of bumper plates. Also, they cost like bumpers, so rubber fractional plates are more expensive than cast iron. So those who prioritise noise reduction and greater finish should go with this option.

3. Magnetic plates:
magnetic Micro steel discs with weights ranging from 0.5 kg to 1 kg

✔️ These are very rare to find, but they feature magnetic attachments that securely fasten to the barbell, minimising the risk of plates falling off. Particularly beneficial for exercises like overhead presses or cleans, where safety is paramount.

Selecting the Right Fractional Plates

😊 When selecting the best fractional plates in India, it’s crucial to consider the following factors to ensure they seamlessly integrate into your training:

1. Weight Range:

You can buy a full set of fractional plates 10 kg or 15 kg.

But if you are buying individual plates, carefully assess the weight increments you require. If you’re just starting, a set with smaller increments (0.25 kg, 0.5 kg & 1 kg, 1.25 kg) might be sufficient.

However, experienced lifters may benefit from a wider range (up to 2.5 kg or 5 kg) to do progressive overload.

2. Material:

Choose the plate material that is the best for your training style. Cast iron offers exceptional durability at a lower cost, while rubber-coated plates provide noise reduction with a slightly higher price tag. 

3. Compatibility:

Ensure the plates you’re ordering are compatible with the diameter of your barbell. Standard bars typically come with a 25 mm diameter, while Olympic barbells are true 50 mm.

Purchasing fractional plates that match your barbell’s diameter ensures proper fit and use.

How to Use Fractional Plates?

✅ Ready to incorporate fractional plates into your training? Here are some essential tips to maximise their effectiveness:

1. Start Slowly:

Begin with smaller weight increases to allow your muscles and joints to adapt to the gradual progression. This helps prevent injuries and ensures your body can handle the increased load effectively. As you get accustomed to the weight, you can gradually increase the amount added with each session.

2. Strategic Implementation:

Don’t just blindly add fractional plates to every exercise. Use them strategically to:

Fine-tune specific exercises

where standard plates leave you with an insufficient or excessive challenge. For example, if you can easily complete 10 bicep curls with a 10 kg plate, but find 12.5 kg too heavy, adding a 0.5 kg fractional plate can bridge the gap and provide the optimal challenge.

Gradually progress past plateaus.

Once you’ve plateaued with a specific weight, adding a fractional plate can provide the small increase needed to stimulate further muscle growth and break through the plateau.

Target specific muscle groups with varying intensity.

You can utilise fractional plates to create personalised drop sets within an exercise. For example, after completing your sets with a standard weight, you can reduce the weight by adding a fractional plate and continuing the exercise for additional repetitions, targeting different muscle fibres within the same exercise.

How Much Weight is Necessary?

The ideal amount of fractional weight in India depends entirely on your individual needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer & your training program plays a role. 

✔️ Here are some general guidelines:

  • What should beginners get? Starting with smaller increments (0.25 kg to 0.5 kg) is recommended.
  • Intermediate Lifters: As you gain strength and experience, consider increments between 0.5 kg and 1 kg to continue making progress and challenge your muscles.
  • Advanced Lifters: For experienced lifters pushing their limits, increments of 1 kg to 2.5 kg might be necessary to achieve continued progress and maintain a challenging training stimulus.
➡️ Remember, the key is to listen to your body and gradually increase weight over time. Start with smaller increments, adjusting the amount added as needed to ensure you're continuously challenging yourself without risking injury. 🚀

Best fractional plates

ATE isn’t the sole player in the fractional plates market. If you search on Amazon, you’ll find plenty of fractional plate options, with many priced comparably to or even lower than a full set.


However, what distinguishes ATE fractional plates from its competitors is its origin: all products are proudly made in INDIA. While this aspect may not hold significance for every consumer, for those who prioritise supporting domestically manufactured goods, ATE emerges as the prime choice.

Indeed, for some individuals, the country of origin may be inconsequential, and they may opt for cheaper, imported fractional plates readily available on the market. 

✅ Nonetheless, for those who value the ‘Made in India’ label and the quality assurance it often represents, ATE stands out.

In terms of appearance, these plates look great. They have the same raised white lettering as my other bumper plates, and compared to many fractional plates on the market, they look fantastic.

✔️ Why should you own fractional plates?

Fitness Aim Fractional Plates Competition Level (15Kg Set) for Olympic Weightlifting

For someone like me, who isn’t competing at the bleeding edge of lifting performance, these fractional plates aren’t a necessity. ❤️ 

ATE even mentions on their website that they’re designed for serious lifters who need precise incremental increases for their lifts.

However, there are instances where these plates come in handy. 

For example, when a certain weight becomes a mental roadblock, adding just a tiny increment can make it feel more manageable. That’s what got me through a plateau when squatting 120 kgs.

❌ Who should not own it?

Even if I don’t use these plates regularly in my lifting, they serve various purposes in my gym. They make a great deadlift jack, and they even double as stylish coasters for dinner parties.

If you’re in the market for fractional plates, ATE easily offers the best-looking ones. 

While they might cost a bit more than generic options, you’re paying for ATE’s quality and the added rubber coating. Plus, they’re just downright adorable.

Are fractional plates worth it? 

✅ Absolutely. They look sleek and feel sturdy. I did some research and found that these offered the best value for the price. You can get them for around Rs 150 to 230 per kg or lower, which is a steal considering their quality. 😊

If you’re in the market for fractional plates that offer a great balance of look, fit, and price, ATE-calibrated fractional plates are your best bet. They work like a charm and won’t break the bank. 

So, if you spot them on sale, don’t hesitate to grab a set. You won’t be disappointed!


ate change plates fractional plates set

Best Fractional Plates in India For Barbell

Check ATE weight plates, if you want fractional, bumpers or may it be iron plates. They offer all under the same roof.
 ₹ 16,804
now ₹ 8,812
(Inclusive of GST)

Fractional plates may not be essential for everyone, especially if you’re not aiming for specific rep ranges or heavy singles. 

➡️ However, they can be valuable tools for those seeking precise control over their lifts, especially with smaller exercises or when breaking through mental barriers. 

But don’t discount its effectiveness—give fractional plates another shot and see the difference it can make in your progress. ⭐

Q1: What are fractional plates for?

Fractional plates are small-weight plates designed to help you gradually increase the load on your barbell. They are especially useful for powerlifting, and weightlifting, allowing you to make incremental progress in your lifts.

Q2. How much is 1 plate in kg?

The weight of one plate can vary depending on the specific set you have. However, fractional plates typically come in weights ranging from 0.25 kg (250 grams) to 2.5 kg (2.5 kilograms). These small increments help you to make precise increments to your lifting sets.

Q3. What are the colours of the weight plates?

Standard colour codes for weight plates are often associated with the following weights:

  1. Red: 2.5 kg
  2. Blue: 2 kg
  3. Yellow: 1.5 kg
  4. Green: 1 kg
  5. White: 0.5 kg

These colour codes can help you easily identify the weight.

Q4. What are micro weights?

Micro weights are typically fractional plates, ranging from as little as 0.25 kg up to 2.5 kg. They allow lifters to progress gradually by adding small amounts of weight to their barbells or dumbbells, helping to overcome plateaus and improve overall strength and performance.

Q5. Why are fractional weight plates so expensive?

Fractional weight plates are often expensive because they require precision manufacturing, and specialised materials, and serve a niche market. Their small size and accuracy demand higher production costs per unit, which contribute to their relatively higher prices.

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Stay Strong.

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