My Honest Review on Bullrock’s Best Deadlift Bar in India

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Today we are reviewing the most well-known barbells out there, which is The Deadlift Bar by Bullrock Fitness India. This specialty bar is the best deadlift bar in India and on a lot of people's shortlist of things to buy as they're enticed by the possibility of it allowing them to lift more weight. 😀

This is typically the case as these kinds of bars have more bend or flex and it allows the lifter to get in a better position while pulling and shortening the range of motion of the lift, rather than focusing on how much weight a deadlift bar will add to your particular deadlift.💯

In most cases, a deadlift bar will allow you to pull more weight, especially as the load increases. But don’t necessarily expect it to add 20 kgs the first time you use it as pulling the additional whip out of the bar is mostly a skill. 

✅ It’s true because anytime you see some crazy amount of weight being pulled on YouTube and the bar is bending like crazy, it’s almost always a deadlift bar. (This is by far the standard in my opinion.❤️)

So what makes Bullrock 27MM Deadlift Bar, a good deadlift bar in India? But first, know what are the basics of a deadlift bar and what it has different from other general barbells?

Let’s begin…

✔️ Basics of Deadlift Bar

In a deadlift bar, there are three things you’re going to want to look at. The first of which is the.

1. Overall length of the bar.
deadlift barbell India

Where most standard Olympic barbells are around 7 ft, most deadlift bars tend to be a shade over 7.6 ft. Not only is the bar itself longer, but the distance between the collars tends to be greater than what you’ll find on a regular barbell.

These two factors push the weight out further, allowing the bar to have more whip.

2. Diameter of the bar.
power bar vs deadlift bar

The deadlift bar is typically of a thinner diameter compared to other barbells. Where a power bar, like Bullrock sabertooth bar, is usually 29 millimeters, a typical deadlift bar is only 27 millimeters.

👌This thinner shaft has two main benefits: 

  1. It allows more bend or whip because the steel is not as thick, and 
  2. The thinner shaft also allows for a much better grip for average people or people with small hands. 

✔️ Speaking of grip, the last feature associated with deadlift bars is the knurling.

3. Knurling:

Knurl on the deadlift bar is usually on the more aggressive side to prevent grip issues and these deadlift bars typically do not contain a center knurl as during the lift sometimes the bar can and will drag against your shins and legs.💢

Having this area be free from knurl will help keep your legs safe from the chewing up of skin and hair in that area. 

➡️ Now there are some bars, however, that are specifically labeled as Sumo. On these particular bars, you’ll typically only find a center knurl with the outer sides knurl free. This is due to how someone would set up pulling sumo verse conventional, with the main idea of keeping the legs safe from getting chewed up by the knurling. 

📢 Additional Point: Looks

Besides, just the knurl, length, and diameter is also the LOOK. They almost always have a black zinc shaft and raw steel sleeves and that’s exactly what this deadlift bar has. (Not always necessarily) 

➡️ Regardless if you’re talking about the power bar, the squat bar (which Bullrock 29 MM Sabertooth bar can be used, as both), and the deadlift bar, they must always have that same finish. Though, you must check for even better finishing options like phosphate or cerakote, if the option is available.

For Whom Deadlift Bar is Well-Suited?

Bullrock Fitness: Best Deadlift Bar in India Review

best deadlift barbell in India to buy Review
  • ✅ Ideal For: This Bar is an incredible deal for the deadlift diehards & serious lifting facilities. You get Standard Knurling and Markings, superior strength and finish, high-quality bearing and bushing, door delivery anywhere in India, lifetime warranty against bending, and a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

In my opinion, it really depends if you just want to play around with it and you have the extra money by all means go for it. 

If you compete in a federation that uses this as part of its competition lifts like the USPA, for example, I do think it makes sense. But if you’re an IPF lifter and traditionally pull in a stiff bar and want to pull towards competition-style lifts, I don’t think this barbell is really for you necessarily. ❌

I also don’t think this is a bar that you would get as your first barbell, because you don’t want to squat or bench on it as that flex and that bending which is so helpful on deadlifts can really throw you off on some of those other lifts like squatting, bench. 💢

📢 The thing to remember: 

Don’t assume that you’re automatically going to be able to pull more weight after having a DEADLIFT BAR. A lot of it depends on how much you’re able to pull the slack out of that bar, your technique, and also how much weight you’re loading onto the ends to get that initial bend in the bar before the weights break the floor. 

✅ But if you’re a serious deadlift guy/ or girl, this is definitely a bar thats going to help!!❤️

Bullrock Best Deadlift Bar in India Specifications:

Bar Category:Men’s 20Kg Barbells, Speciality Barbells
Bar Use:Powerlifting, Speciality
Bar Weight:20 Kgs
Shaft Thickness:27mm
Knurl Size:1.5 mm
Knurl type:IPF 4
Center Knurl:No
Whip:Great whip
Bar Length:2300 mm / 90.5 inch / 7.6 feet
Sleeve Length:394mm
Shaft Coating:Phosphate
Sleeve Coating:Hard Chrome
Bearings & Bushings:4 Bronze Bushings
Tensile Strength:190,000 PSI
Max Load Capacity:680kg ✔️

Detailed Bullrock Deadlift Bar India Review

1. Long Length

When you take a look at its overall length that is 7.6 ft/ or 2300 mm (which should be normally 7 ft) and the distance between where the weights are actually loaded on the collars on Bullrock deadlift bar, it’s going to have the greatest area (56″) in between, compared to any other barbell. (51.5″)

diving board

Which is kind of similar to an analogy that best fits here is, take an example of a diving board if you’ve ever been on one when you first get on it right where it’s centered or screwed in. The board is pretty stiff but as you walk out further and further away from the center point, there the board will Bend more and more. And if you weigh more, the board will BEND even more.😀

The same premise works with these deadlift bars, as well. Getting the weights further out and heavier weights is going to add more and more flex or bend in this deadlift bar. 

That’s why oftentimes you see people who use deadlift bars will traditionally put a bumper plate on the first plate on the inside to further distribute the weight off.  

2. Thicker Collars, Thinner Shaft, Shorter Sleeves

In addition to being longer, Bullrock Deadlift Bar India actually has a very thick collar, which again allows you to add some more weight. In comparison, this bar roughly has an inch and a half shorter sleeves on either side. 

bronze bushing design of deadlift bar best deadlift bar in India bullrock

Sticking with the sleeves here you’ll also notice that this bar uses a 4 bronze bushing design which gives it an adequate, reliable, safe spin that is required for an ideal deadlift exercise. Which is an industry-standard these days. 

Because of the thickness of the collar compared to any other bar, or say the Rogue variant of deadlift bar (found only in the USA). This allows the weights to be out even further, so I would think that this specialty barbell is actually going to give you a little bit more bend or flex than the rogue version. 💯

That’s one of the things that sets these apart, so you combine the weight distribution with the thinner shaft of 27 mm itself. By reducing 2mm diameter (almost 6mm circumference) compared to power bar that is of 29 mm makes an incredible difference in your grip which directly spikes your overall performance. 

You will get a lot of bend or flex in the deadlift bar, especially as the weights get heavier and heavier. You’ll actually find the bar can bend quite a bit before the weight even breaks the floor.

Also, the grooves on the sleeves which you see in almost all bullrock barbells will help you keep weight plates in place, and not sliding, but you must always use Olympic bar collars for additional safety.

grooved sleeves in deadlift bar
3. End Caps

What makes this bar iconic are its end caps. You see, the big Bullrock brand name outline inside, and under it clearly mentioned that this is a deadlift bar of 27 mm thickness and of 20 kg weight. It’s really nice because if you have a bunch of different bars from Bullrock India, you can easily identify which bar is which. 😀

Hopefully, that’ll lead people from not benching or squatting with these, although I have seen them in some instances, which isn’t the right thing to do most times. 

✔️ You also see it is made of high-grade spring steel and snap ring construction, which I think those are easier to get on and off if you need to do maintenance work. But you shouldn’t have to do maintenance on a bar like this ever.

4. The shaft of a Deadlift Bar:

The shaft is the thing that everybody really cares about. Though I have already given you a hint of it above, but there are more things about the shaft that shouldn’t be missed. 

Bullrock deadlift bar is 27 millimeters in diameter, this one is coated with phosphate on shaft and hard chrome on sleeves, which prevents oxidation’s wear. 

The knurling on here is also very aggressive, which should be expected when you’re talking about a bar that’s specifically made for a lift that’s dependent on your grip, only so aggressive, not the most aggressive, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Because this bar will eat into your hands as is and anymore it could get pretty ugly. So the terms grip and rip could really come into play here. 

hook grip for deadlifts
pic source: mspfitness

Especially if you pull with a hook grip, your thumbs will not like you very much using this bar consistently.  📢 I think one of the things that I’ve seen with the black zinc in general, as those knurlings are typically dulled a little just because you’re dealing with the steel and then the black on top and then your hand itself. 

So you will see there’s an extra layer between yourself and the steel, but I don’t think anyone will have any complaints with the knurling on here.❌

5. Knurling Area & Type

Telling you more about the knurling, you’ll notice that it’s just in this region where you grip the barbell for deadlifts. It’s not extended out to the sleeves. That’s because you should not be gripping a deadlift bar out here like you would on squats or some Olympic lifts. So, no Knurling near the sleeves. 

That’s also why you don’t have any Center knurling because this bar shouldn’t be on your back. It’s just where you would grip the bar. I think it works out very well. It does have knurl marks or powerlifting marks, i.e., 1.2 MM IPF-4 Knurl Type, which I find a bit interesting. 

knurl type on deadlift bar India

I don’t think they’re necessary only because at least personal experience is when I set up for a deadlift I typically use the start of the knurling to really gauge where I’m going to be gripping, but they are here.  

✔️ I find that most people probably prefer the more aggressive shape of the knurling on the Deadlift bar, similar that you find here i.e., 1.5 MM aggressive volcanic knurl, which has more points per square inch that is helpful in increasing the surface area for friction & digs so you get a better grip, but this doesn’t rip your palm skin either. 

6. Tensile strength

The deadlift is a game of showing brute strength. Where the world record for heaviest deadlift is 501 kg (1,104.5 lb) and was achieved by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Iceland). We can’t expect the bar to break at 500 kgs point, that would be a terrible scene. 

That’s why Bullrock Deadlift bar India, has a bar that is made of high-grade spring steel and snap ring construction, which gives it a 210K PSI tensile strength rating and a max load of 1500lbs/ 680 kgs💯, more than any world record has ever been made. I am not exaggerating about this brand at all, but being true to what the specs say. 

✔️Whatever bar you choose to get with it’s going to be good overall, but if you are asking for the best one, I do believe it’s the Bullrock Deadlift Bar, for serious deadlifting. 

Comparison Between Deadlift bar vs Power Bar 

power bar vs deadlift bar

Not to say that the stiff bar, commonly called Power Bar, is any worse or the deadlift bar is any good, they’ll are great barbells. It all depends on where they are been used, and with which exercises compared to others. 

➡️ But if I had to pick though, I would probably pick this one, Bullrock Deadlift Bar India, for deadlifts specifically. 

They both have different anatomy and key 8 differences. 

✅ Deadlift bars,

  1. Are longer overall than power bars
  2. Have thinner shaft than power bars
  3. Have no center knurling, power bars do
  4. Have lower tensile strength than power bars
  5. Have shorter loadable sleeves than power bars
  6. Have a longer sleeve lip than power bars
  7. Are used in different federations than power bars
  8. Are better for sumo deadlifting than power bars

But still, if you want a barbell that does a little bit of all, and is good for squats, bench, and deadlifts, the 3 main lifts powerlifters do, then it should be only a POWER BAR. 

➡️ And the only best 2 options available in India are: 

Sabertooth Barbell Bullrock Fitness India Mensquats
  1. 29 MM Sabertooth Power Bar, with Black Oxide coating on the shaft & an aggressive 1.5mm knurl, which turns up your grip to feel stronger than ever experienced on a chrome grip, enhancing your powerlifting limits.
bullrock white rhino power bar india
  1. Complete hard chrome finish bar, i.e., The 29 MM Wild Rhino Power Bar ❤️An dedicated Powerlifting barbell with a 1.5mm Aggressive Volcano knurl on a Hard-Chrome shaft that is second to Sabertooth Oxide feel. It requires little to no maintenance than the Sabertooth Bar’s oxide coated shaft, making it a better alternative.

✔️ Things I like and don’t like about Deadlift Bar


  • You are pulling less range of motion.
  • There is some bend/ whip in the bar. That makes the weight easier to come off from the floor.
  • Deadlift bars are a bit thinner, so your grip is better.
  • Knurling is aggressive here. 
  • You can go for a wider stance for sumo deadlift.
  • Good to train with them, if they are being used in competitions you compete in. 


  • Can’t be used for back squats
  • Less stable due to greater whip
  • Sometimes, harder training might benefit you 🙄

Which is the Best Bar For Deadlift in India to BUY?

The best deadlift bar weight:
deadlift barbell India

Looking at its practicality and quality build. I say Bullrock Deadlift Bar is the best, if not the only best deadlift bar available. But that also doesn’t mean it’s the right bar for you necessarily.

And when it comes to bars on the market, there aren’t many choices here in India as of now, other than what Bullrock Barbells are offering, but still really pale in comparison when you compare it to the number of bars that are available for Olympic lifting or Powerlifting. 

📢 Personally, I consider the Bullrock Deadlift bar to have a slight edge here, because of its exclusiveness and also because it covers all 3 basics of being a good deadlift bar we discussed firstly, possibly you will face no issues here! 

✅ Given the fact that they have the thickest collars, which means the weights are pushed out a bit further than other comparable bars. Thus giving you potentially the most whip of any bar out there. (The obvious reason because people buy deadlift bars.)

That is the Bullrock Deadlift Bar Review, I think when it comes to deadlift bars in general, this one is the king. 💯

Where to Buy Bullrock Deadlift Bar in India?

You can buy this at the best price of an estimated of Rs 27500, which is quite reasonably priced for getting such a quality barbell in the strength industry. 

➡️ Now if you’re interested you can buy it directly through Bullrock Store on, and lookout to more such barbells listed there.   

There is no difference, from where you buy them. Just in case of any bank offers available, you get all the benefits of being a Prime Customer that amazon offers when you go that route. Also, you help support and my hard work to bring such informational content when you buy through my amazon associate affiliate link. 

But if you don’t find this particular bar on amazon, no worries go to and order there. Please mention our name to the support team.

best deadlift barbell in India to buy Review
Staff Pick

Bullrock The Deadlift Bar in India

The bar built quality is good, IPF knurls, performance-wise, good while performing deadlifts, the feel is definitely better than other barbells of Challange, Nelco.
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FAQs around deadlift bar weight

Q1: Are deadlift bars thinner?

Yes, deadlift bars are almost 2 to 3 mm thinner on the shaft than most power bars. The bullrock deadlift bar in India is 27 mm in diameter because it supports getting an additional whip during heavy loads, which allows the lifter to get an initial bend quite a bit before the weight even breaks the floor.

Q2: How much does a deadlift bar weigh?

Most people want to know “how heavy is a deadlift bar?” The deadlift bar isn’t heavy. They weigh exactly the same as any Olympic or power bar does, which is 20 kgs. Despite many conceive wrong after seeing them that they are heavier because of their added length and size of collars.

Q3: Do you count the bar when deadlifting?

Yes, the barbell weight squat be counted in your total weight lifted. If you were lifting an empty barbell, you’d be lifting (how much the barbell weighs) in kg or pounds.

Q4: Can I use a short barbell for deadlift?

Yes, you absolutely can. But this wouldn’t give that bend/ or whip, which is beneficial in the deadlift movements.

Q5: Is a deadlift bar easier?

For some, deadlift bars are easier, for others they might be harder. There is a lot of technique that goes in. You have to be a bit more patient at it.

That’s all about this review “Bullrock Best deadlift bar in India”. 

Thanks for reading.

Let me know if you own a deadlift bar in the comment section below and which one’s your favorite. 

In case you are unsure about barbells then, read our best guide: How To Choose Best Barbell For Home Gym India

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