(Review) Prowolf 5MM Knee sleeves for olympic weightlifting

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prowolf knee sleeves for weightlifting India review 2024

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✔️ Knee sleeves, ha. Let's talk about ProWolf 5mm best knee sleeves for olympic weightlifting in India.

Here we’re going to review the Prowolf knee sleeves price; & also we’re going to introduce the topic of what knee sleeves are and why you might want to use them. 👍

Watch HINDI Video – weightlifting knee sleeves

👉 A knee sleeve goes on your knee. They’re generally made of neoprene, and they should fit pretty snugly.  

A reasonable approach is to make sure that they fit pretty tight but not so tight that you would have to have someone else help you put them on. 

Because of the extra warmth, compression, blood flow, and stability they provide, Prowolf weightlifting knee sleeves are among the most popular accessories in a gym-goer’s bag. 🦵

But similar to any other fitness equipment accessory, you name it, there are tons and tons of options that are on the market.

A question we get a lot is ❓

Which Knee Sleeves are the best? 

5 mm Prowolf weightlifting knee sleeve

➡️ ProWolf weightlifting knee sleeve is 5 MM in thickness and is their standard offering, also it’s a lighter knee sleeve. This makes it ideal for individuals engaging in more dynamic movements.

It’s notably stretchier compared to something like a “7 MM knee sleeve”.

So, if you’re doing a CrossFit-style workout involving running, and dynamic lifting, and you’re seeking support, compression, and warmth for your knee, this is a suitable option. 

Additionally, some users purchase these specifically for running, addressing knee issues, or even for hiking. 

➡ One important thing to note is that, unlike the USI knee sleeves, the Prowolf knee sleeves are sold in pairs. So, if you order it, you’ll receive a pair. 

Despite the initial impression of being a more affordable option than USI, the price ends up being quite comparable. This brand has a longstanding reputation in strength sports. They produce high-quality, durable products designed to last. 

These knee sleeves are more of a tapered fit, snug around the knee and then tapering out towards the calf. This differs from pro wolf XTM powerlifting sleeves, which have a more uniform cone shape. 😐

If you have larger quads or calves, the 5 mm knee sleeves provide a different fit.

👉 The design is excellent, with all seams double-covered to ensure durability under heavy use. 

ProWolf 5mm Knee Sleeves For Olympic Weightlifting

PRO WOLF 5mm Weightlifting Knee Sleeves
  • Made using 5mm SCR neoprene (level 1), these best 5mm knee sleeves strike an ideal harmony between flexibility and compression. These sleeves help you sustain a complete range of motion useful in Olympic weightlifting moves. 😐


Material:SCR Neoprene
Thickness:5 mm
Compression:Level 1
Length:25 cm
Stitched Uses:Weightlifting & Crossfit👍
Sold in:Sold in Pairs
Made inTaiwan
  • Trusted By 9500+ Athletes
  • 100% Secure Payment
  • Cash On Delivery

What Thickness of Knee Sleeves To Buy?

best knee sleeves for olympic weightlifting in India
ProWolf 5MM Knee sleeves

➡️ When it comes to providing support for your knees, selecting the right knee sleeve thickness is almost as important as selecting the right size. 

Each of the 3 different thicknesses varies in support and is designed for different activities.

3MM Thick:

3-millimetre knee sleeves are the latest, making them ideal for distance and endurance sports like running and obstacle course racing. These sleeves will support the knee and help you maintain control as you start to get tired at the end of a workout without weighing you down.

5 MM sleeves

They are ideal for all-around MetCons, going from snatches to box jumps, jump ropes to lunges. 5 MM provide great support and great flexibility.🦵

7 MM sleeves

These are for your heavy lift days, one-rep max days in powerlifting and strongman. These provide powerful stabilisation and act as extra support during rehab.

Ultimately, as a functional fitness athlete, you may find the need for more than one thickness in your bag. But to start, we recommend selecting the thickness based on your primary workout movements.

Then, over time with use, be able to decide if you need to expand your collection.

Full Review

 best weightlifting knee sleeves

🏋️‍♀️ Let me start this review off by saying that these are the best knee sleeves that I have ever used.

I’ve used pretty much everything that you could possibly think of—popular ones, not popular ones—and they all have the same problems: they all slip down. 

These are the best knee sleeves for olympic weightlifting 🦵 because they do not slip down. 

They stay in place, they don’t bunch up, they’re very comfortable to wear throughout your workout, and you don’t have to spend any time of your workout worrying about pulling your knee sleeves up.

Now, the trick to it is the Neoprene interior of the sleeve. It feels like neoprene, smells like neoprene, but it’s better for the earth. 

🚀 It’s naturally occurring, made of limestone versus petroleum. And longevity-wise, these knee sleeves will last a lot longer.

Obviously, I haven’t had them for long enough to give you any kind of long-term results, but so far so good. They have held up. 

I’ve washed them a few times, and they still look like they’re brand new, they still fit like they’re brand new.😀

Now, I’d recommend the Prowolf 7 mm weightlifting knee sleeves if you are more into powerlifting. If you need a lot more stability, then those are what you’re gonna want.

They do fit slightly tight, so make sure that if you are a Medium, you’re probably going to be sizing up to a LARGE. 

Whereas if you are more of a CrossFitter, you’ll want to do WODs (Functional Fitness Workouts) with your knee sleeves on, you don’t need a ton of support but you like to keep your knees warm.

Then I would recommend the Prowolf Best 5 MM knee sleeves. 

You’re going to want to size normally. I have a size XL, and they fit me slightly loose, but I can get away with it. But size your 5 MM normally and your 7 MM up.

Prowolf knee sleeves are sold as a pair.

The 5-millimetre sleeve is 💸 Rs 1900 for a pair, and the 7-millimetre sleeve is Rs 3200. A good price difference. For my money, I would probably go for the 7-millimetre knee sleeves. 😁

The one thing that can get a little annoying is since the interior is unlined and the material does not absorb moisture, moisture kind of just builds up behind your knee inside the knee sleeve, and leaks down your leg. It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s a little weird at first. 

All things considered, still the best knee sleeves and still my #1 Recommendation when it comes to any kind of knee support. 

Best Knee Sleeves For Olympic Weightlifting.

➡️ Now, as an Olympic lifter, you already know it. You need a high level of support, but you don’t want your mobility to be reduced. And when you hear 7 mm thickness, you might think, isn’t that going to reduce mobility? 

Yes, I don’t find that to be true, they still allow me to be mobile and hit full range of motion for whatever lift I’m going to do.

Also, with the contour design you can bend your knees and get low into your lift. That’s what USI company sells. 

At 7mm thickness, you know it’s going to provide a whole lot of warmth and compression for your knee, keep it stable, and essentially, you know, help you lift heavier weight. 

But another thing I like about the “Prowolf 5 mm sleeves” is the contour design, that’s really what’s making it, you know, that best overall option rather than just squatting and powerlifting. 🏋️‍♀️

Because, you know, it goes with the natural bend of your knee. It’s going to allow you to hit depth on those squats, which is a very good thing.

✔️ We want to be hitting our full range of motion, right? 

So none of these other ones have that. 😐

Also, this won’t slip off the knee. It’s a cherry on top with these sleeves because the last thing you want to be worrying about is messing with the position of your knee sleeves in general, but also you don’t want those sleeves to be sliding down on your mid-lift. 

You’re not going to have that happen here, I haven’t noticed it, and I don’t think you’ll notice anything like that either. 

So there it is, 👍 best knee sleeves for Olympic weightlifting.

Should you buy it?

mensquats knee sleeves by prowolf
Best Knee Sleeves For Olympic Weightlifting.

➡️ All of these knee sleeves provide warmth, right? That’s part of, you know, what they’re intended for.

Now, they’re not the thickest, but they’re going to provide more warmth, whatever with this neoprene build!😀

Whenever I go and put them on my knees, it’s almost suction-cuffed and more compression just creates more warmth overall. 

But if you’re looking for the most warmth possible, I think it has to go to Prowolf 7mm neoprene knee sleeves. 

Are These Best Knee Sleeves For Mobility?

They're 5mm thick, and they're going to allow you to be more mobile than any of the other ones. But I also really enjoy the contour stitching, it's double contour stitching. 

So instead of having a stitch on the back of your knee you just have two contoured ones on the back. It’s going to allow you to bend your knee better, and that’s something that you want when you’re going to be as mobile as possible. 

These are going to cost about Rs 1900.💸 Their sizes also range from extra small to XL.

None of these other ones have an extra small option for you to choose. The fact that you can get this with Prowolf is just a little, you know, cherry on top for some people.

Okay, so whether you’re looking for, you know, something just to keep you mobile and just provide a little warmth.

Or maybe you want something thick that’s going to be great for squats, there is an option with Prowolf for everybody. 

I’m confident that all of these are going to last you at least a year or maybe even longer than that. 

When it comes to finding the right one for you specifically, all you need to do is just prioritise your lifting style. 

Are you a dedicated powerlifter? Get a pair of 7mm knee sleeves. 

Are you a CrossFitter? Get 5 mm knee sleeves that might be fine.

5mm Knee Sleeves Weightlifting

Prowolf Knee Sleeves For olympic Weightlifting.

Comfortable and helpful for improving olympic weightlifting performance. However they could’ve added more colours but over all it’s a good product!
30 People Used
10 Only Left

➡️ All right, well, that’s a wrap on today’s blog over the best knee sleeves for olympic weightlifting. 

Q1: How do knee sleeves help?

The main reason is if you have that highly-specific medical condition known as “cranky knees”.

Now if you’ve got achy knees when you’re squatting, there may be some technical considerations to examine.

There may also be some programming considerations to examine, but your coach can help you with that. For our purposes, it’s useful to just know that knee sleeves simply make your knees feel better.

They provide some compression; and warmth, and those two factors simply allow your knees to be more comfortable. 

(It’s like a nice warm hug for your knees.)

Q2: Where to buy knee sleeves?

There are a ton of companies out there that make them. Some of the more popular brands are ProWolf, there’s also Hack Athletics, there’s 1RM, there’s USI, and there’s a lot of options. 

There’s a fairly big price range for knee sleeves. In my experience, the biggest difference seems to be simply longevity.

The cheap ones tend to wear out or tear within a couple of years, whereas the more expensive ones tend to last quite a bit longer, to the point that I would say you’ll probably spend more money in the long run by going with the more expensive pairs.

That being said, your mileage may vary.

Q3: What thick knee sleeves are good?

Your usual stores to search for will be on Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and will have a whole bunch of options, which brings us to what you should get. 5 millimetres and 7 millimetres are the most common thicknesses of the neoprene knee sleeves, and having used both, I would recommend the 7-millimetre thickness.

Q4: When do you use Knee Sleeves? 

The short answer is squatting and Olympic lifting. You’ll appreciate them in squatting, and you’ll also appreciate them for Olympic lifting because of the squatting involved in the full versions of the snatch and the clean, and there’s also probably some benefit to the landing or the impact aspect of the Olympic lifts as well.

Q5: Do knee sleeves increase deadlift?

In the deadlift, the knee doesn’t go through as big of a range of motion as it does in the squat, so if your knees ache while you’re squatting but feel fine while you’re deadlifting, I would recommend not using the sleeve.

Q6: How long should you wear a knee sleeve?

The recommended wear time for knee sleeves depends on the activity you’re doing. Like if you’re squatting, & the compression is very high you can remove & put them on multiple times before & after executing a lift. But generally, for mild discomfort, wear them for a few hours at a time.

Q7: Do beginners need knee sleeves?

Beginners generally don’t need them. If you focus on proper form and technique, it automatically helps strengthen the knees naturally. However, sleeves can be beneficial later for extra support during heavier lifts, like squats & other exercises.

Q8: Are knee sleeves good for weightlifting?

Yes, knee sleeves are great & can be used for weightlifting. They provide mild compression and warmth to the knee joint, which creates a safe environment for a lifter. This can help you build confidence to lift heavy.

Q9: What is the downside of knee sleeves?

There aren’t many downsides, but the common one is over-reliance. Wearing them all day & every time can weaken the muscles that naturally support your knee. Also, wearing the wrong size or very high compression sleeves can cause discomfort. 

Overall, the Prowolf 5 MM knee sleeve for olympic weightlifting is an excellent choice for CrossFit, and dynamic workouts where you want something lighter, less compressive, and not as thick as SBD, yet still offering solid support.

Everyone has different criteria, but I’m confident that you’re going to be able to find a pair of knee sleeves that suits you the best.


I hope this blog was helpful and I was able to highlight all the heavy hitters about these knee sleeves. 

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