Cult Bike Review: Best Spin Bikes In India. 

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cult bike review India

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The Cult bike is a sturdy and functional exercise bike that offers an enjoyable riding experience at home. It boasts a quiet and smooth 100-level magnetic resistance, typical of high-end stationary bikes. 

But what takes it up a notch is the attached flywheel at the front that allows the frame to be stable when you pedal on it. 

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The interactive and engaging experience is further enhanced by the large 22″ touch screen that is equipped with Cultsport App, offering over 16,000 trainer-led guided workouts, including cycling, running, rowing, strength training, yoga, meditation, and more. 

The touch screen is adjustable and can tilt and rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to take classes off the bike. Cultsport App is also available on other equipment.

We highly recommend considering the Cult spin bike in India for those who desire a top-notch, sturdy exercise bike for home that offers an immersive and enjoyable riding experience.

Cult Bike X1 Review

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Best Spin Bikes In India. 

  • Sessions with expert trainers
  • On-Demand workouts – Anytime, Anywhere workout. 200 + On-Demand workout videos
  • Scenic rides – 100+ Scenic views to choose from and ride
  • Weekly Updates – Celebrate every milestone with weekly updates. Keep track of every important aspect
  • Multiple Profiles – Exclusive profiling for everyone. 7 different user profiles


  • Compatible with LIVE trainer classes
  • Has Virtual Rides
  • Adjustable seat
  • Large 22″ smart HD touchscreen
  • Adjustable handles
  • Dual-sided pedals
  • 100 digital resistance levels
  • FREE CULTPASS live membership for 12 months


  • Expensive
  • You have to pay for a Cultsport App membership which is not necessary, but most beneficial.
  • Hard to move and weighs more than 68kg

In this Cult bike review, we’ll take a closer look at this interactive indoor cycling machine that’s designed to simulate an outdoor riding experience. 

With its quiet magnetic resistance, this bike provides a realistic feeling of riding a bike. The cult app offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor cycling classes taught by top instructors. 

You can also access off-bike workouts through the 22″ HD touchscreen that pivots 360 degrees.

The bike’s hybrid pedals are designed to accommodate any athletic shoe or SPD cleats, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, the bike has an impressive weight capacity of 150 Kg, making it a solid option for riders of all sizes and abilities.

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Cult Bike X1 Specifications:

TypeMagnetic Resistance
Resistance100 Levels
Supported Weight150 kg
Exercise TypeCycling, Yoga, Strength, Cardio
FeaturesAdjustable Resistance Levels, Adjustable Seat, Water Bottle Holder, Personalized Training Programs, Heartrate Monitor
Power Requirement12v4A
Flywheel11 kg
ScreenDimension-21.5”, Gross weight – 68.6kg,
Belt systemVariable Magnetic Adjustment Quiet Poly-V

Why  Trust Our Cult bike Review

To ensure that our reviews are comprehensive and reliable, we devote significant time to testing and assessing each exercise bike. We put in the effort to cover every feature and log extensive miles on the bike, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what you are investing in. 

Additionally, we make sure to compare the bike being reviewed to other similar models on the market, including the Flexnest Flex Bike, for a more accurate assessment.

The Cult bike X1 has several advantages, such as a 22” touch screen that tilts and pivots 360 degrees, which is equipped with Cultsport App, a comprehensive training library for the entire body and mind. 

Moreover, the bike operates quietly because of the belt drive system and magnetic resistance. 

Additionally, the hybrid pedals provide greater riding preferences, and adjusting resistance.

On the other hand, there are some cons to consider. The saddle is rigid and difficult to use, although it can be replaced with another seat. Also, the 22” touch screen has a slight tendency to shake, particularly if you move your upper body from side to side.

Who should buy Cult Spin Bike in India?

This exercise bike, priced at approximately Rs 59,000, could either be the perfect fitness equipment or an expensive clothing rack.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals who prefer engaging and interactive workout programs
  • Tech-savvy individuals
  • Who wants a trainer always by their side to motivate them.
  • Those who aspire fun while keeping oneself fit.

Not recommended for:

  • Individuals seeking an air bike
  • Those with budget constraints
  • Individuals who require a portable and compact option

Features of Cult Bike X1 Review

1. Cult App

Cultsport App is a dynamic fitness application that offers an extensive library of over 200 virtual classes. For the first month, the Cult bike comes with a free 12 month Cultsport App subscription for up to five profiles.

With a subscription, users have complete access to Cultsport App programming, which we believe is highly beneficial.

Cultsport App’s studio classes are structured like in-person spin classes, with the instructor surrounded by participants.

The camera captures multiple angles of the instructor, and classes include a range of rides such as sprints, hill climbs, HIIT, and boot camp sessions, which combine bike training with off-bike exercises using weights.

The Cult bike review is ideal for all types of classes.

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Cultsport App also offers an array of outdoor rides that are filmed in various locations worldwide, featuring different terrains, including mountains, cities, dirt and gravel roads, and real-life races.

The videography is of exceptional quality, making for an immersive experience. For users who prefer to create their own routes, Cultsport App has a Google Map feature that allows them to draw their own routes anywhere in the world and explore on their own.

In addition to cycling classes, Cultsport App has classes for other enabled equipment like treadmills, rowing machines, and ellipticals.

There are also many off-equipment classes, including strength training with free weights, Pilates, yoga, bodyweight exercises, and meditation classes.

A subscription to Cultsport App provides users with a complete training program, ensuring their workouts are balanced and target the whole body and mind. Cultsport App’s on-demand classes can be taken anytime, and users can schedule classes in advance using the app’s calendar.

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Live classes are available primarily in the morning hours and feature a leaderboard where users can compete with other members. The leaderboard is also displayed in on-demand classes, allowing users to compare their performance with others who have taken the same class.

2. Customizable Workouts
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If you’re not interested in a Cult fitness membership, the Cult spin bike India still offers pre-programmed workouts and trainer-led Cultsport App classes when you bypass the login page. 

The pre-programmed workouts showcase a location through Google images, similar to Cultsport App’s Google Maps feature, but the routes are preselected. 

These workouts include predetermined resistance to guide your ride, but you can also access the manual mode for complete control. The manual mode is available among the pre-programmed workouts and in Cultsport App’s full library.

3. Interactive Console
Best Spin Bikes In India

The Cult bike console primarily consists of the 22″ touch screen, which houses much of the bike’s functionality. The adjustability on the touch screen is helpful in achieving the perfect position for both on and off the bike.

The screen tilts upward and pivots 360 degrees from side to side. While the Peloton Bike+ has a slightly larger 24″ touchscreen, the Cult bike review’s 22″ screen is more than adequate and is less wobbly due to its lighter weight. However, there is some slight screen shake when using light resistance levels or shifting one’s upper body from side to side, but it has significantly improved from the previous model.

The 2022 model’s screen has the same functionality as the previous model but is slimmer and sleeker without any cords protruding from the back. This new model also features front-facing speakers just below the screen, with volume buttons beside the speakers, making them more accessible. 

You can balance the volume levels between the trainer’s voice and the music provided by Cultsport App within the screen. 

The console lacks a device holder but provides a tray to place your phone or keys, and the bike still includes 3 lb weights between the handlebars for upper body training. 

4. Frame 

The Cult bike – A best exercise bike to lose belly fat boasts a sturdy and well-engineered design, featuring a steel base, stabilizers, and posts. The Cult spin bike has been designed from the ground up, with internal wires and cables and a quiet drive train. 

Despite its ability to pivot up and down, the bike remains stable while riding, whether in or out of the saddle.

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In terms of adjustability, the Cult bike offers three adjustment points, with the saddle being able to move up and down and forward and back, while the handlebars can move up and down as well. 

These adjustments have a wide range, accommodating riders of all sizes, with a reach ranging from 15″-18″ and a leg span ranging from 28″-41″. These measurements indicate that the bike can handle a wide range of users comfortably.

5. Flywheel

The Cult bike indoor cycle has a flywheel that weighs 11 kg, which is ideal for home use. Commercial gym bikes usually have flywheels that weigh about 20 kg. 

Despite the smaller size of the flywheel, the Cult bike still has smooth movement and ample resistance due to its inertia-enhanced flywheel and magnetic resistance. 

This type of resistance is more expensive but creates less noise and is suitable for home use. It is also customizable, so the resistance level and watt output can be displayed on the screen.

The Cult bike has 100 levels of resistance that Flexnest Spin bike doesn’t have. However, the bike remains quiet and produces no noise regardless of the resistance level selected.

6. Drive System

The 2022 model of the Cult bike India boasts an upgrade to the hybrid pedals, which feature toe cages on one side that can accommodate any athletic shoe.

With its adjustable strap and deep design, the Cult bike offers a more comfortable and practical alternative to bikes with shallow-toe cages.

Additionally, the bike’s compatibility with SPD clip shoes allows road cyclists to easily clip in, catering to riders with diverse preferences.

Furthermore, the Cult bike employs a belt drive system, ensuring seamless and noiseless motion when in use.

7. Handle Bars

Users of all sizes can comfortably grip the handlebars on the Cult exercise bike, which are designed to be thick and wide. They offer three different grip options, allowing riders to change hand positions while cycling.

The handlebars are also coated in a spongy material that provides a comfortable grip that doesn’t get slippery.


The bike features a resistance knob below the handlebars that allow users to easily adjust the bike’s settings without having to reach for the touch screen. 

The speed buttons adjust by one increment and the incline buttons adjust by 0.5%, making it easier to hit specific resistance levels compared to using a resistance knob.

The knob below the handlebars on the Cult bike serves as a brake that can be pressed to immediately stop the flywheel when pedaling.

8. Performance & Functionality:
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The Cult spin bike India provides a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience that closely resembles outdoor cycling. This is thanks to its solid build and virtual rides, which makes the rides more challenging and fun.

The bike’s adjustability allows users of varying heights to comfortably fit and use the bike. Even as the shortest reviewer, I was able to move the seat forward to reach the handles and the screen. 

Unlike other exercise bikes with fixed touchscreens, the Cult spin bike India adjustable handles make it easier to reach the screen. In contrast, the BowFlex Velocore’s screen is too far away from the handles, making it hard to reach.

Although the 2022 model’s saddle has improved contouring and padding, it still feels somewhat stiff and uncomfortable. Narrow exercise bike saddles are typically uncomfortable, but a wider seat may not be suitable for long-distance riding as it can cause saddle sores.

Fortunately, the saddle can be swapped out for a different one. Despite weighing 68 kg, the Cult bike is easy to move around as it can be tilted and wheeled with its 2 front wheels.

Another great addition to the Cultsport exercise bike is the on/off switch located near the rear of the bike’s power cable, allowing for a more convenient way to power it down instead of unplugging it.

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9. Warranty:

It is highly recommended to have two people set up the Cult exercise bike for a smoother process.

The warranty that comes with the bike is standard, with a 10-year warranty for the frame, a 2-year warranty for parts, and a 1-year warranty for labour.

Product Rating Bar

Bottom Line

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Cult Bike X1 – Best Spin Bikes in India

Take a seat on the cultBIKE: A compact, durable and intelligent addition to your workout regime.

Cult bike is currently the top exercise bike in India available on the market. It has been crowned the best spin bikes in India of 2023 on our comprehensive best exercise bike list. 

The bike’s robust build, state-of-the-art features, and advanced technology not only cater to riders of all sizes but also provide an enjoyable riding experience.

We appreciate the thoughtful updates in this model, such as the hybrid pedals, sleek touch screen, and front-facing speakers. 

Although the saddle may not be our favourite, this exercise bike is still comfortable, silent, and highly adjustable. As well as the 22” Cultsport App-enabled touchscreen, add to the realistic outdoor riding experience, and with numerous Cultsport App classes, you’ll never get bored.

The Cult bike India is undoubtedly an excellent investment and an exceptional exercise bike with all that it offers!

Other Options in Spin Bikes to Buy:

flexnest exercise spin bike

Flexnest Flex Bike Plus – Rs 65,000

The Flexbike is equipped with a 16.5 lbs flywheel. A number of Resistance Levels: 10, Drive System: Belt Drive. 

Flexnest Flexbike Exercise Cycle

Flexnest Flex Bike Lite – Rs 20,000

The Flexbike LITE is equipped with a 14.5 lbs flywheel to offer great momentum for your exercise, step-less resistance system 

Cultsport smartbike c1 Bluetooth Enabled Exercise Spin Bike

Cultsport smartbike c1 Bike – Rs 20,000

Bluetooth Enabled Exercise Spin Bike with Flywheel: 13.3lbs, Max Weight: 110kg.

Cultsport smartbike c2 Bluetooth Enabled Exercise Spin Bike with Flywheel

Cultsport smartbike c2 Rs 20,999

Bluetooth Enabled Exercise Spin Bike with Flywheel: 13.3lbs, Max Weight: 110kg, Free At Home Installation

Thanks for reading this blog on “cult bike review”. Ask any questions if you have in the comment box below.

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