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best pull up bar for home India

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Hello, everyone! 😃 Today, we're diving into the world of best pull up bar for home in India. We often receive many inquiries about this category, as we regularly review fitness products and gym equipment. 

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Pull-up bars offer a versatile upper-body workout and are excellent for bodyweight exercises. Whether you’re looking for a doorway pull up bar, a wall-mounted, multi-grip pull up bar, or something to attach to your squat rack, we’ve got you covered. 

So, let’s dive into our recommendations.

Best Doorway Pull Up Bar for home India

Best Pull Up Bar For Home India Reviews


  1. Best Mobile pull-up bar: IRIS Multi-Grip Doorway Pull Up/ Chin Up Bar
  2. Best Door Mounted Pull up bar: Cube Club Pull Up Bar for Home PRO
  3. Best Pull Up Bar For Most People: USI Chin Up Bar for Home
  4. Multi-grip Pull-Up Bar: Sapphire Wall Mount Multi Grips Pull Up Bar
  5. Best Budget Pull-Up Bar in India: Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR

1. IRIS Multi-Grip Doorway Pull Up/ Chin Up Bar

IRIS Multi-Grip Doorway Pull Up/ Chin Up Bar


Brand: IRIS
Colour: Black
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 100 Kilograms
Mounting Type: Doorway Mount
Material: Iron

👍 Ideal For: An inexpensive doorway pull-up bar option, if someone wants more handle grips this is what you need. No drilling is required.


  • Affordable, priced under Rs 1,500.
  • Ideal for door length 24” – 32”
  • Offers multiple grip options.
  • Soft foam padding on the grip.
  • Simple and hassle-free mounting on the door.
  • You get FREE delivery.


  • May potentially leave marks on the door frame.
  • Foam grips may wear out earlier.

👉 If you seek a straightforward door pull-up bar that won’t strain your budget, consider the IRIS Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar. Priced under Rs 1,500 it has a good rating on Amazon, so it’s an enticing option.😃

This doorway pull-up bar effortlessly attaches to your door frame through a tension rod, securing itself tightly to the door’s end. It ranges from 24 to 32 inches in length, so your door length should match this. 

Multi Grip Lite Pull Up Bar

One common issue with tension-mounted pull-up bars is the chances for slippage, which could result in accidents and thus lead to injury.

However, I’m pleased to report that I did not find any such incidents when seeing the IRIS Multi-Grip door pull up bar amazon reviews, an achievement for an affordable doorway pull-up bar like this.

What’s more relaxing is that this bar requires no drilling or hardware, making it easily removable from your door frame for use in floor exercises like elevated push-ups. 💡 Its compact design also allows for convenient storage when not in use.

You can uninstall it and move it to places where you want to workout. 

Customers were highly satisfied with the quality of this product, given its budget-friendly price tag. It’s a rare find to secure a piece of home gym equipment for less than Rs 1,500  and still enjoy a sense of safety and security during use.

The Bottom Line:

✅ The IRIS Multi-Grip door pull up bar stands as a reliable and budget-friendly choice for those exercising at their home gyms.

It’s better than a straight-door pull-up bar, because you get more grips here. 

2. Cube Club Pull Up Bar for Home PRO (73-95cms)

61TdiKBJXFL. SL1080


Brand: The Cube Club Pro
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 220 Pounds
Mounting Type: Doorway Mount
Material: Carbon Steel
Width: 73 cm to 95 cm (28.7″ to 37.4″ inches)


  • Easy to use design and its durable frame
  • Does not slip for 100 kg body weight.
  • Fits perfectly in between door frames.


  • Wide pull-ups not possible. 
  • A bend/ flex can be seen.
👍 Ideal For: It is usually good for people who don’t want to get into the hassle of drilling and want a portable, single-pole pull-up bar attached to their doors to do anytime pull-ups. 

Customer ratings by feature

If drilling holes into your wall isn’t an option❌, these Doorway Pull-up bars offer a sturdy alternative.

They’re available from various manufacturers, and what sets them apart from traditional doorway pull-up bars is their larger rubber surface area.

This increased surface area provides significantly better stability because the pull-up bar has a more substantial grip on your door frame.

cube club pull up bar PRO

This Cube Club Doorway PRO doorway pull up bar is priced at around Rs 1,800 and can be easily set up in most doorways, providing a stable platform for pull-ups.

It comes equipped with clamps on both sides to ensure a secure fit. When you hang from them for the first time, you’ll notice a remarkably solid and stable feel.

It is well-constructed, using high-quality thick steel, and the rubber grips appear to be more durable compared to cheaper alternatives.😃

Cube club sells different options of their doorway pull-up bar, NEO and PRO, also the comes in 2 sizes depending on the door length you want it to get installed.  

👉 Additionally, these bars offer some extra features not typically found on regular doorway pull-up bars, such as easy-to-use clamps for tightening and a built-in leveller to help you mount it perfectly straight. 

The bar’s diameter is designed to be thick yet comfortable, so there’s no risk of discomfort while using it. 

cube club pro pull up bar
best door mounted pull up bar India

Basically, the quality offered on CUBE club bars is superior to other cheaper door bars available on Amazon. You can trust it with your weight.

But always in the matter of stability and dynamic workouts, wall mounted pull up bars > doorway pull up bar. 

🎥 Watch this Video For Getting More Clarity:

Best Pull Up Bar For Home India

Bottom Line:

✅ Doorway pull-up bars are popular for home use, especially in apartments. We recommend the Cube Doorway Pull-Up Bar.

While many options exist, this one stands out due to its durability and secure attachment mechanism. 

3. USI Chin Up Bar for Home India

5188vg6oZTL. SL1443


Heavy duty metal construction
Anti rust powder coated
27mm thick pull up bar
2 Bar positions options
6 sets of mounting hardware included (screw, washer, wall plug)
Maximum user weight capacity: 100kg/220 Lbs

👍 Ideal for: People seeking an affordable, robust yet simple wall-mounted pull-up bar with no limitations on what you can do and what you can’t. Get this. 


  • Impressive weight capacity: Supports up to 100 kg.
  • Can be installed on concrete or wood surfaces.
  • Constructed from durable, heavy-duty steel.
  • Straight black powder anti-rust finish.


  • Not suitable for weighted pull-ups if weight exceeds 100 kgs. 
  • Limited 1-year warranty coverage.
  • No Soft foam for comfortable grip.

👉 This Pull up bar from USI offers a range of features similar to higher-end bars but at an affordable price. 😃 Priced at under Rs 3,500 on Amazon India, it’s a fantastic value. 

It delivers on multiple fronts: a remarkable 100 kg weight capacity, a generous 56 cm bar-to-mount depth, a sturdy  27 MM bar diameter, and various mounting possibilities.

USI Chin Up Bar for Home
Heavy capacity pull up bar

It looks simple, straight bar-like, but constructed with durable anti-rust powder-coated steel, which, while not the best for grip, is a common feature among various manufacturers in the industry. 

 👉 When properly installed to wall or ceiling studs accurately with mounting hardware (including washers, wall plugs and screws) it provides a stronghold to do various exercises, including kipping muscle-ups, leg raises and more. 

Plus, it’s modular, allowing you to link 2 bars together.

One of the standout features of this bar, favoured by most people, is its versatility. It can be easily mounted on wood studs spaced at 16, 32, or 52 inches apart, or on any concrete wall with widths up to 52 inches apart. 

USI UNIVERSAL THE UNBEATABLE Chin Up Bar for Home, Chinup Stand for Home

This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of home gym setups.

The combo of robust construction and adaptable mounting options makes this pull-up bar an ideal choice for those looking to expand their workout repertoire beyond traditional pull-ups.

🎥 Watch this Video for better idea:

Bottom Line:

✅ This pull-up bar is a cost-effective solution. It boasts a substantial weight capacity and offers versatility in terms of mounting options.

You can do literally any pull exercise on it, just have to be careful about your grip strength on the powder coat finish.

Do use a lifting chalk sometimes. 

4. Sapphire Wall Mount Multi Grips Pull Up Bar

615vQ63QaqS. SL1500


Maximum Weight Recommendation: 150 Kilograms
Type: 5 grip positions, pro level workouts
Strong Grip of Hand
Size: 55x 127 x 45 Cms

👍 Ideal For: For individuals seeking sufficient space for secure mounting, it offers a highly satisfying solution.


  • Impressive weight capacity: 150 kg
  • Versatile 5 Grip options
  • Diverse range of exercise possibilities
  • Material is sturdy and provides a good grip. 
  • Compatible with body suspension trainers, resistance bands, and gymnastic rings


  • Requires ample space for installation.
  • Could have included a 10mm bit along with the bolts instead of the spanner given.

The SAPPHIRE Wall-Mounted Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar India offers an extensive range of grip options, providing diverse workout possibilities.

This versatile pull-up bar includes close-grip, neutral-grip, and wide-grip options, as well as a 2-inch thick rear bar designed to take a firm grip onto the bar.

Sapphire Wall Mount Multi Grips Pull Up Bar

One of the standout features is its configuration, featuring 2 external bars and 6 internal short bars. This ingenious design allows you the almost limitless possibility of grip variations, making it an excellent bar for improving functional fitness.

👉 This product has a top rod length of 38 inches and a pillar length of 20 inches, both meticulously crafted from metal for maximum durability. Installing it is a breeze, but you still require a carpenter at work. 

With a total of 8 hole positions for mounting, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect placement for your needs. 

You get bolts, washers, and nuts, to help your convenience every step of the way.

Beyond traditional pull-up exercises, the multiple grip options make this bar suitable for suspension training and gymnastics ring setups, adding versatility to your fitness routine.

multi grip pull up bar India

If you’re into weighted pull-ups, this is an excellent choice, as it can handle heavy weights.

However, it may not be suitable for skill training due to its 24-inch ground distance; a 32-inch depth pull-up bar is better for that purpose. 

You can still practise muscle-ups on this bar, but there’s less room for swinging.

🎥 Watch this video to get best idea:

The Bottom Line

✅ Priced at just INR 3,000, or even lower at times, I believe this pull-up bar offers exceptional value for money, making it the top choice.

This SAPPHIRE pull-up bar doesn’t tend to slip much unless your hands are particularly sweaty. If it has a textured powder coating on the multi-grip area instead of paint, it offers greater durability. 


71wbG7zEhCL. SL1500


Fixed Pillar Length 20 inches
Top Rod length 38 inches
Black powder coating given.
Three grip positions, narrow, wide, and neutral
Maximum Load 120 kg

👍 Ideal For: It is good for beginners, who want durability and an inexpensive price for a durable product. 


  • Good for basic pull.
  • 3 Contact points were given to hold the bar. 
  • The bar is decent and does its job. 
  • Good in terms of long term value for money. 


  • Hassle to install
  • Foam Grips come off after a few months of use. 
  • Can’t put too much dynamic force onto it. 
  • Not for people with 80+ weight.

Customer ratings by feature

  1. Durability: 3.9
  2. Stability: 3.8
  3. Sturdiness: 3.7
  4. For beginners: 3.5

✅ My preferred choice among budget-friendly best wall-mounted pull-up bars is this KORE pull up bar.

It’s the No. 1 selling pull-up bar on Amazon, and you can see a 13,210 rating from people who have already bought it. The average rating currently is 4.0 stars. 

This Kore pull-up bar boasts an affordable price tag and includes some notable features, such as 2 holding grips, and comes with an Ab strap.

KORE pull up bar India
Best Pull Up Bar For Home India

👉 These also allow you to attach resistance bands or other equipment, significantly expanding its versatility for exercises like rows, chops, and tricep extensions.

You may find many review videos of this equipment especially. It is constructed from solid steel. The pull-up bar is resistant to rust and built to last. The inclusion of foam-padded grips at 6 points ensures a comfortable and secure grip every time you hang on it. 

👉 It is recommended for installation on brick or concrete walls, which could pose a challenge if your available walls don’t meet these criteria. 

Installing it on a hollow wall or drywall is not what I recommend. You get mounting hardware (8 x M8 Screws, 2 x 3″ screws with bolts) and installation instructions.

So like any other wall-mounted pull-up bar in India this also needs drilling work and assistance from your friend. 

best wall mounted pull up bars is this KORE
best wall mounted pull up bar under 1000

You can also install it on a stud wall, it may not always align perfectly with the studs, requiring some minor construction work to ensure a secure fit.

This may involve attaching a stringer, a horizontal piece of wood, to enhance the wall’s structural strength. While this adds some installation time, it is not a complex project.

Despite these considerations, the KORE wall-mounted pull-up bar India remains a worthwhile choice, especially given its affordable price point and an impressive weight capacity of up to 300 pounds/136 kg. 

It stands out!

🎥 Watch this video to get an better idea:

Best Pull Up Bar For Home India

Bottom Line: 

✅ There are plenty of other options to explore, which offers a high-quality build and finish, though it comes at a higher price point.

If you’re willing to get both: quality & cheap price, this might be the right choice for you.

Other Good Pull-Up We’ve Found:

  1. Bullrock fitness Babloon Pull up bar: This Pull-Up Bar distinguishes itself from the competition because of its robust steel construction. It offers three pipe variations: Plain, Knurled, and Neutral, each accompanied by dual-purpose hardware for mounting on both brick walls and concrete surfaces. You can incorporating different Pipe Handle variations, to get a wide range of exercise options. I didn’t include it in the list because of its high price. It’s good for gyms only. 
  2. Adipro Doorway Pull Up Bar for Home: This is the strongest pull-up bar for doors, as it can handle 150 kg weight easily. It is engineered to endure the demands of consistent use and provide reliable support for your body weight.
  3. Hashtag 2-in-1 Pull-Up Bar: While it’s a unique power tower-like product that doesn’t occupy floor space, most individuals may find a traditional power tower more suitable.
  4. Dolphy Adjustable Power Tower: While we generally recommend other equipment over power towers, if you’re set on getting one, we suggest this budget-friendly Power Tower. It’s a cost-effective choice that allows you to perform dips, pull-ups, and leg raises. However, keep in mind that, for most people, dedicated pull-up bars or squat racks offer better value and versatility.

What are the types of pull-up bars available?

✅ There are several types of pull-up bars to consider:

  1. Doorway Pull-Up Bars: These fit across a standard door frame and are cost-effective and space-saving. They are great for home gyms and are easy to move to the next location. 
  2. Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars: Bolted to a wall or ceiling (solid brick), these offer exceptional stability and are great for home and commercial gyms.
  3. Free Standing Pull-Up Stations: These standalone pull-up bars provide stability and are suitable for gyms. It can be installed onto the racks and another good example is the power stations. 

What to Consider When Buying A Pull-Up Bar:

Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar India
1. Grip Variety:

Having multiple grip options in your pull up bar is always beneficial. This allows you to switch between overhand, underhand, or neutral grips when doing pull-ups.

Each grip helps engage different upper body muscles. For instance, an overhand grip targets the trapezius muscles more, while an underhand grip emphasises the biceps muscles.

A neutral grip activates the latissimus dorsi more effectively than other grips.

So if you can get a pull-up bar with multiple grip attachments, take it! 💡

2. Wall Clearance:

Consider the distance the pull-up bar extends from the wall, as it affects your freedom of movement.

Pull-up bars that project further provide more space like USI Chin Up Bar, while those closer to the wall offer less freedom like a doorway pull up bar.

The major con if you don’t get wall clearance in your pull up bar is – you can’t do muscle-ups, or chin-ups on it.

Ensure there’s adequate space provided for your pull-up exercises.

3. Width:

The width of the pull-up bar impacts the wall space it occupies and is crucial for proper installation, especially when finding wall studs.

If you plan to perform wide-grip pull-ups, make sure there’s enough width to hold onto your ideal hand placement.

4. Weight Capacity:

Always check the weight capacity of the pull-up bar you buy to ensure safety.

Avoid using a bar with a lower weight limit than your body weight or if you do weighted pull-ups. Confirm that the bar can handle your combined weight effectively.

Additionally, the wall on which you’re going to place it checks its strength. 

5. Cost vs. Value:

Find out the cost of the pull-up bar in relation to your budget and intended usage.

If you are going to use the equipment for a short time, then investing in an expensive pull-up bar doesn’t make sense.

For daily pullups, and people who are going to engage at most in home workouts a high-quality pull-up bar is a wise choice, as it offers better durability and performance.

How We Selected and Tested the Best Pull Up Bar For Home India

best pull up bar in India

✅ First, we have gone through the extensive range of options offered by major fitness equipment manufacturers here in India, leading retailers, such as Amazon, and other sources.

What immediately caught our attention was the striking similarity among many pull-up bars. 

💡 Just as with dumbbells, where numerous rubber hex and cast iron variations hail from the same factories, but are branded differently for various companies, pull-up bars seemed to follow a similar pattern.

After scrutinising countless products, we’ve got some very famous pull-up bars. 👉 We follow a set of comprehensive criteria, including but not limited to:

  1. Assembly Process and Mounting: We have first given focus to how straightforward and secure the assembly process was, along with the ease of mounting.
  2. Grip Options: We’ve seen the variety and comfort of grip options provided by each pull-up bar.
  3. Stability and Durability: This helps us ensure they can withstand rigorous workouts over time.
  4. Weight Capacity: Does it meet the expectations of users?
  5. Workout Experience and Variety: What overall workout experience did each pull-up bar offer, including the range of exercises it facilitated?
  6. Construction: A good quality ensures long-term reliability.
  7. Value: Lastly, we weighed the cost against the features and quality each pull-up bar offered.
1. Is a pull-up bar worth it?

A pull-up bar can be worth it. It’s an affordable and space-efficient way to perform pulls. However, how frequently you plan to use it and how much you weigh, the high quality product you need to buy.  

2. Is a pull-up bar good for your back?

Yes, a pull-up bar can be beneficial for your back. Pull-up exercises engage several muscles in your upper body, including the latissimus dorsi, which are the large muscles in your back. Regular use of a pull-up bar can help strengthen your back muscles, improve posture, and enhance overall back health.

3. Are pull-up bars safe for doors?

Most are designed for doorways and are safe when installed correctly and used within their weight limits.

They typically use rubber limiters with screws to stay in place. It’s important to follow installation instructions carefully and ensure the bar stability before relying on it completely.

4. Is there an at-home pull-up bar that doesn’t damage doors?

Yes, many at-home pull-up bars are designed to be installed without causing damage to doors. These bars do not require drilling or screws to secure them in place. 

5. Can you kip on a doorway pull-up bar?

Kipping, a dynamic pull-up technique, can be challenging on a doorway pull-up bar due to the limited space and potential instability. You can perform kipping pull-ups on a more stable bar like on an independently standing pull-up bar or on a wall-mounted pull-up bar

6. Can you use resistance bands on a wall-mounted pull-up bar?

Yes, you can. It would assist with your pull-up exercises. Attaching resistance bands to the bar and looping them around your knees or feet can provide additional support and you don’t need to invest in a dedicated pull-up assisted machine, which you find in the gym.

7. Does a pull-up bar increase height?

No, a pull-up bar does not increase your height. Pull-ups primarily target upper body muscles and improve posture, making you appear taller but not changing your skeletal height, which is determined by genetics and nutrition during growth.

To end this blog, there are various best pull up bar for home India to suit your specific needs and budget.😃

We’ve done the research to help you make an informed decision. If you have any personal favourites or other recommendations, please share them in the comments section. 

👍 Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you next time!

Thank you for reading! 

Stay Strong.

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