Best Foldable Gym Bench in India — Cube Club Bench Review?

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cube club foldable bench India review

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You might think that a gym weight bench is a pretty basic piece of equipment and while that might be true in a lot of cases. The right weight bench can actually help take your workouts to the next level that you're looking for.😀 

The Cube Club folding bench is a multi purpose bench for home gym India which means it allows you to work out your entire upper body. 

👉 The Cube Club foldable bench for gym might be one of the better commercial-grade options that you could add to your home gym. So today I’m gonna break down my findings for y’all. 

Best Foldable Gym Bench in India
Best Foldable Gym Bench in India

➡️ Today we are discussing everything you need to know about this weight bench in India from the price, the features you’re going to find, of course, some pros and cons, as well as who should or maybe should not add this to their home gym? 🔥

But before I get going we’ve reviewed a lot of weight benches on and you can find out for yourself which ones we like the best. 

The Cube Club Bench Review (Best Foldable Gym Bench in India)

71C93l O9oL. SL1500
  • Cube club folable bench are designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to move around, making them ideal for those with limited space in their home or gym. The ability to fold and store the bench when not in use is a significant advantage, as it frees up valuable floor space for other activities.
  • Best Bench Press for Home Gym.

Ideal For: People who have home gyms, and don’t have enough space so they can store it under the closet after use. Also, people who don’t bench press with heavy weights.



  • It’s a complete FID bench 🔥 
  • Extremely affordable, at under 10,000 
  • Only weighs 12.5 kg, and it folds for easy storage 
  • 6 adjustment angles – 30°, 45°, 60° 90°, flat and decline (-45°).
  • Offers flat and incline adjustment positions
  • ✔️ Comes with 1 year warranty. 


  • It’s a bit too tall for some users 
  • The max weight limit is 150 kg, which may be too little for some lifters  
  • The Pad gap is around 2 inches. Problematic for some. 
  • No seat adjustments for seats.
  • No Rack attachment, for placing a barbell. (Can’t complain about the price)

Adjustable bench press dimensions

BrandThe Cube Club
Item Weight12.5 kg
Adjustability7 back positions
Foldable Yes
MaterialAlloy Steel
Product dimensions96D x 43W x 29H Centimeters
Warranty1 year
Weight Limit150 kg
Number of Pieces1

Customer ratings by feature

Watch the product video:

What do I like about the Cube Club Foldable gym bench? 

✔️ Well, for starters, it’s rated to hold up to 150 Kgs (max 200 kgs)

So all my lifter friends out there. It’s a pretty solid option for you to consider. It’s a multi adjustable bench so you can adjust it to do incline, decline or flat bench presses if you want to. 

It’s also pretty comfortable thanks to the foam padding you get here, and it does fold and can be kept in a closet out of sight. You can also move it around your gym with no difficulty. 

👉 It weighs only 12.5 kg so it is also easy to carry, no wheels required. 😀

What I don’t like about this Cube Club Foldable gym bench?

cube club bench

It is a multi adjustable bench. 🔥

➡️ You can technically use this for your flat bench press but as you can see there’s nowhere for your legs to go, nowhere to keep your body really in place so that could be a bit of a problem just you know in terms of getting that traction.

While you’re doing a decline bench press there’s also a bit of a pad gap between the two pads.

That’s pretty common with adjustable weight benches such as this one, but it’s still not fun. ❌

It’s still a little bit uncomfortable and you have to deal with this piece of steel on your lower back. That might be fine for somebody like myself, but there are also people out there that might want a wider back pad. 

Unfortunately, you just can’t add that on to this weight bench. Listed right around Rs 9,499 you don’t get any extra attachments that itself could be a turn-off for some. 

Cube Club adjustable gym bench Price?

Let’s talk about money. 🤑

Now with this weight bench if you head over to the Cube Club amazon listing you’ll find this weight bench to be listed right around Rs 9,499 (200 rs discount coupon).🤑

Best Foldable Gym Bench in India

👉 I know it’s a little expensive considering people are buying on a budget for home gyms, but overall quality as well as the weight rating of this bench is really what’s driving that price. 

It might be well worth your money because it is going to be able to hang in there and handle that heavy weight that you’re pushing.

🤟 But if you want a weight bench to feature a leg roller attachment, handles, wheels or you know maybe even a preacher curl attachment you have to look elsewhere. 

👍 You know you can get that bench with Leeway Fitness which has both of those attachments with your purchase, but the weight rating/ or quality of that bench is nearly half of what this one is. 

So you know a few pros and cons with both of them. 

✔️ Here the good news is as I mentioned earlier you do have a 1-year structural warranty on this weight bench. It’s going to cover any manufacturing defects.

Top Pick
The Cube Club Adjustable & Foldable Gym Bench

✔️ Great For:

  • Those on a budget 
  • People who don’t want to get into the hustle of assembly (it ships pre-assembled)  
  • Anyone looking for space-efficient design 🤟
  • Shorter people, but Cube Club insists it’s taking care of the height issue 
  • Those who need a bench with a high-weight capacity 
  • Powerlifting community
  • Home gym owners who want other attachments with benches.

Is Cube Club foldable gym bench India worth it?

👉 At this time, the Cube club bench costs around Rs 9,499 (on Amazon), which is a great deal for an adjustable foldable bench for gym. In fact, it would still be a great price even if it were a flat bench.

Other brands, such as National bodyline, and KOBO, have similar products that start at around double the price of the Cube Club bench. 👍

While On-The-Go Bench is priced the same, it has a 180 kg weight capacity but has few customer reviews, which we find problematic.

When you take into account the cube club bench’s value, the price becomes even more appealing. It can be folded when not in use, has a remarkable number of adjustment positions, and has a weight capacity that is suitable for most people.❤️

✔️ However, it’s not all positive about this bench. Some of our least favourite aspects include

  • Its excessive height for certain individuals
  • Substandard foam padding
  • A significant PAD gap between the back and seat pads. 🤟

Some of these issues can be attributed to the price (budget home gym equipment in India often sacrifices quality), but we’ll discuss how they might impact your training experience.

Overview with Cube Club foldable bench for gym

Unboxing Video

👉 The Cube Club bench is a versatile gym bench that is designed for the average home gym athlete who needs a reliable piece of equipment to support them during various exercises. 

It is not intended for powerlifters or bench press world record holders, but it is suitable for individuals who want to engage in bench press, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, step-ups, and incline and decline bench press exercises.

This home gym bench is lightweight (14.5 kg) and compact, making it a space-saving piece of equipment that is ideal for small home gyms. It is also more affordable.

We found the bench to be sturdy, although not as heavy-duty as some other benches from more expensive brands like Bullrock Fitness – Stallion FID bench. 🤟

bullrock best adjustable bench for home gym India

We noted that the footpads were a nice touch and provided extra stability during different exercises.

The bench features a knob system that is secure enough to prevent it from moving during a workout. However, the back pad was a little more slick than benches from more expensive brands like Bullrock Fitness or Siege Fitness. 🤑

This made it less grippy and not as safe. Nevertheless, it was still safe to use.

1. Seat Height

👉 My main complaint about the bench was its height. Its height didn’t allow you to get your feet touched on the ground because it is too small. 

For reference, the bench is 29 Centimetres (11.41 inches) from the ground to the back pad. The bench was originally even taller than that, but Cube Club reduced its height after receiving customer complaints about it being too high.

Our concerns about the bench’s height are valid. 

Weight benches that are approved for use in IPF competitions only need to be 17 inches high, which Siege Fitness Adjustable bench India is, so it is strange that Cube Club would make a bench that is smaller than that. 

A smaller height bench does not allow for ample foot drive, which is essential for producing force and achieving a stronger bench. It also makes it challenging for taller individuals to use the Cube Club bench. 

2. Pad gap

cube club bench for home India

👉 The Cube Club “foldable workout bench for small spaces” has a standard pad gap of about 2 inches, which is common for most budget weight benches in India. 

This gap may not be a problem for some people. But zero gap benches, like SFhealthtech Elite bench are more ideal since they give full support. ❤️

3. Footprint And Stowability 

👉 The Cube Club gym bench is smaller than most weight benches, measuring only (96D x 43W x 29H Centimetres).

When folded it is – 86cm x 35cm x 30cm only. 

Screenshot 708

✔️ In comparison, the FITNESS WORLD foldable bench is 12.4D x 16.2W x 46.5H Centimetres. 

The compactness of the Cube Club gym bench makes it a good choice for those who want a space-saving piece of equipment. 

However, it can only support people up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

4. Seat Adjustment 

👉 You do have 7 different adjustments for the back pad. Equipped with 6 different settings for total versatility, no matter what your angle.

30°, 45°, 60° 90°, flat and decline (-45°).

back adjustment for cube club bench

The seat doesn’t adjust, which is a con. However, The padding here is super comfortable. It’s made from foam, so I could probably take a nap on this thing if I wanted to. 

➡️ In terms of features, there’s really not a lot that you’re working with. What you see is kind of what you get. 

Talking about adjustments. If you want to put this in the decline position, all you gotta do is push forward on this back post and you’re going to unlock that ability. 

You don’t have any extra attachments, which might be a bummer for some of y’all or you know some of y’all really might not care about that. 

5. Construction And Durability 

cube club gym bench
Best Foldable Gym Bench in India

👉 Cube Club claims that the bench is made with “alloy steel,” although they do not provide any details about the quality of the steel used. 

However, given the bench’s price, it is unlikely that it is made with a 7-gauge steel frame or anything like that. 😀

Nevertheless, the bench feels stable and durable for the most part, and the stitching and welding look clean for the price. 

🤟 Overall, the Cube Club foldable gym bench is a suitable choice for individuals who want a reliable, budget-friendly workout bench for their home gym.

Who should purchase this Foldable gym bench? 

foldable gym bench India

👉 Well, anybody out there looking for a foldable yet budget weight bench to add to their home gym this is a really good option for you to consider. 

You know, especially if you are training your chest and you’re really pumping some iron because this can hold up to 200 Kg (the company says 150 kg is the safe limit). 

It’s also adjustable, so anybody looking to hit their workouts from different angles you’re gonna love that feature. 

Plus, you know it is super sturdy, so this could be really the only weight gym bench that you need. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty but could last you a really long time in a home gym setting, potentially even a lifetime. 🤑

Who should not want to purchase this weight bench? 

👉 Okay, so while Rs 9,499  might be a pretty good deal for anybody who’s you know, putting the weight limit of this bench to the test. 

best foldable bench for gym
Best Foldable Gym Bench in India

But if you’re not lifting that heavy, then you know you don’t need a weight bench that can handle up to 150 kg, so I would suggest you know exploring some other options that are probably going to be a little cheaper. 

Also, if you’re looking for a foldable weight bench that comes with extra attachments, this one does not have any. ❌

So that might be a little disappointing and it’s also not compatible with any. Once again, I’d explore some other options and while you definitely can technically use this for a decline bench press as well. 

Also, if you’re just not interested in the adjustments of this weight bench, then well I would just suggest going and getting a regular flat bench and that’s also going to save you a couple of money in the long run. 

Final Verdict Of Cube Club Adjustable Bench Review

Best Foldable Gym Bench in India — Cube Club Bench Review?
Best Foldable Gym Bench in India — Cube Club Bench Review?

✔️ Numerous people who own a home gym in India just require a multi-adjustable bench that can accommodate their specific exercises without burning a hole in their pocket, yet still provide ample support. 

The Cube Club foldable workout bench for home India checks all these boxes and can be highly beneficial for individuals who are not too keen on increasing their bench press weight.

👍 Considering the price, it is difficult to find a gym bench with such an extensive range of adjustable positions and the added advantage of a leg roller. 

This bench is a better recommendation than cheaper options found on Amazon, or even branded benches sold at Decathlon or other similar stores.😀

6181oEivHnL. SL1500
Top Rated Product
Best Pick

 The Cube Club Adjustable Bench for Home Gym India

Commercial quality frosted steel & stable triangular structure bring you the real experience of a gym.
120 People Used
10 Only Left
On-Going Offer

If not, Cube Clube bench – what other Alternatives to buy

best weight bench price in India
Check weight bench on Amazon

AlternativesBest bench for home gym India

siege fitness bench

Siege Fitness Goldem Adjustable Bench – Price 18,000

With its exceptional construction, this bench is extremely robust and steady, weighing 45 kgs. It boasts a multitude of customizable features to meet your every workout need, even when handling heavy loads of up to 800 kg. Its durability is unmatched.

Use code: “MENSQUATS” for 3% extra off on your purchase.

SF healthtech Basic Adjustable Bench

SFhealthtech Adjustable bench – Price 18,500

Whether you’re a commercial gym or home fitness enthusiast seeking a heavy-duty bench, this is an ideal choice. If you want a bench for the gym – get SFhealthtech benches

Use code: “MENSQUATS5” for 5% extra off on your purchase.

the cube deck stepper bench

Cube Club Stepper bench cum Weight bench – Price 13,999

With incline, decline and flat positions, use it as a stepper or a bench with 16 configurations of height as well as angle.

multifunction bench for home

Fitness World Foldable Bench For Home – Price 8,999

Built with a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and upgraded with fully-padded cushions for both the backrest and seat, this weight bench ensures a safe and comfortable workout experience. It folds the same way as the Cube club bench. Ideal for home gyms.

FAQs on benches
Q1: Are foldable benches good?

Foldable benches can be a good choice for those who have limited space, as they can easily be stored away when not in use. They are also generally more affordable than non-foldable benches. However, the durability and stability of foldable benches may be a concern, especially for heavier lifters or those looking to use them for commercial purposes.

Q2: What is the price of a foldable gym bench?

The price of a foldable gym bench can vary widely depending on the brand, features, and quality. Entry-level models can cost as little as Rs 9000, while higher-end models like Bullrock Fitness Panzer bench can cost Rs 35,000 or more.

Q3: Which bench to buy for a home gym?

The best bench for a home gym will depend on your specific needs and fitness goals. Consider factors such as the weight capacity, adjustability, and overall durability of the bench. Some popular options include adjustable flat/incline/decline benches, adjustable Olympic benches, and compact foldable benches.

Q4: Which is the best multi-purpose bench for a home gym in India?

There are several high-quality multi-purpose benches available for home gyms in India. Some popular options include the Kore Adjustable Bench, the Cockatoo Multipurpose Bench, and the Leeway Multi-Purpose Fitness Bench. It’s important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase.

Q5: What is a weight bench good for?

A weight bench is a versatile piece of gym equipment that can be used for a wide range of exercises, including bench press, chest flys, shoulder presses, and core work. It allows you to lift heavier weights safely and effectively while targeting specific muscle groups and building strength and endurance.

Q6: What is a gym bench called?

A gym bench is also commonly referred to as a weight bench or exercise bench, and is used for weightlifting and other strength training exercises.

Q7: Is a 20 kg bench press good for beginners?

A 20 kg bench press can be a good starting point for beginners who are just starting to build strength and endurance. However, it’s important to gradually increase the weight and challenge your muscles over time to continue seeing progress

Q8: How to make a gym bench?

Making a gym bench can be a challenging DIY project, and requires advanced woodworking skills and tools. Detailed plans and instructions can be found online or in fitness equipment books, but it’s important to ensure that the bench is sturdy and safe before using it for workouts.

Q9: How to Use Cube Adjustable Gym Bench?

Thanks for reading the blog “Best Foldable Gym Bench in India” — Cube Club Bench Review?

If you have any questions related to the weight bench or want to buy any bench at discount rates from – siege fitness, leeway fitness or Bullrock Fitness.

Send me a message or comment below. I will surely help you out!

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