Best Gym Bench for Powerlifting in India (ft. Siege Fitness Flat Bench)

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siege fitness flat bench for powerlifting gym

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As a home gym owner, one of the primary concerns is the durability and longevity of the equipment, given the hard-earned money invested.💲 Today, I want to review the Siege Fitness Flat Bench after having owned it for a few months now, which I believe is the most strong & durable bench for powerlifting. ⚡

✔️ In this blog, I’ll cover everything this siege fitness flat gym bench has to offer, including the price, pros, and cons, and who should or shouldn’t consider buying it.

Even if you’re a layman who knows nothing about benches, I will clear the air for you. 

siege fitness bench review

Before we dive in, a quick heads-up: We’ve reviewed numerous weight benches on, and if you want to check out our top picks, just Google “Mensquats Weight Benches” to see which ones we recommend.😁

However, I see a couple of features with the Siege fitness flat bench that could give it the upper hand and potentially crown it as the best-value flat bench ever.

Let’s start. 

Best Gym Bench for Powerlifting in India

Best Gym Bench for Powerlifting - Siege Fitness Flat Bench Review

(Siege Fitness Flat Bench Review )

✔️ The bench highlights are – it’s a robust framework, tripod foot design, 14-inch wide pad, and eye-catching clear black powder coat finish. Ideal for powerlifting & commercial use in gyms. 🙌

Price: ₹13,750 + Shipping costs.

🤙 Whatsapp Siege to order – 7619614418

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✔️ Good For: Perfect for those who bench super heavy & want the toughest build quality inside their equipment. 😁

Watch my HINDI video review 🎥

(ft. Siege Fitness Flat Bench Review)


Weight:37 kg
Construction:High Quality 11 Gauge chassis used
Pad:Excellent Quality Rubberized EVM Foam seats.
Movability:Polyurethane wheels with dual bearings.
Pad Width14 inches
Warranty:Lifetime warranty


  • A 14” wide pad adds more stability.😍
  • 3 Post Design for free feet placement.
  • Heavy-duty & weighs 37 kg. Most-heavy bench. 
  • Easy to move with the bench wheels and handle.
  • 2.5” thick Medium-Hard density pad feels secure.
  • Doesn’t wobble. It doesn’t rock side to side when using it. ⚡


  • Expensive bench. (But, you get what you pay for.)
  • Can’t be used for hip thrusts or jumps! 

What I Like About the Siege Fitness Flat Bench?

➡️ As a competition specs bench, it almost meets the (IPF) International Powerlifting Federation’s height & length standards, making it ideal for serious competitors. 

Built from robust 11-gauge steel, it can handle up to 850 kg, ensuring durability for the long haul. Despite its strength, it weighs 37 kg, making it easy to move around with polyurethane wheels with dual bearings and a handle for added portability. 

The 2.5-inch thick & 14” wide non-slip rubberized EVM foam pad provides stability and comfort—a win-win. 

Last, but not least, it has a 3-post T design which enables free foot placement at the single front post.

In contrast to typical 2-post designs that feature a front wide leg frame posing an obstacle for feet, this design eliminates that issue. 

✔️ Pros:

  • The pad is good for those serious about lifting maximal weights while prioritising safety and stability.
  • It stands out as a TOP option for bench press people seeking a reliable and comfortable solution.
  • It’s a worthwhile investment for those committed to maximising their bench press performance.
  • Good to be used in powerlifting competitions.


  • Those who prioritise incline presses can’t use it!
  • For those who do barbell hip thrusts on a bench, with this type of tripod design it won’t be stable.
  • You can’t do any jumping exercises on this bench.
11 guage steel on siege bench

What Are IPF Specs for A Bench?

📢 The IPF bench shall conform to the following dimensions:

  1. Length – should not be less than 1.22 m and shall be flat and level. (Siege Bench length is 1.2m (48” inches))
  2. Width – not less than 29 cm and not exceeding 32 cm. (Siege Bench width is 35.56 cm (14” inches)) [Only this Parameter exceeds the IPF guidelines.]
  3. Height – not less than 42 cm and not exceeding 45 cm measured from the floor. (Siege Bench height is 43.18 cm (17” inches))

By looking at the above specs – “The wide pad”, measuring 14 inches, deviates from standard powerlifting specs.

The wide pad option, while outside competition specs, provides a comfortable and supportive surface for various exercises.

✔️ However, the bench’s overall dimensions—48 inches in length, 17 inches in height, and a width of about 12 inches + 2 extra —adhere to powerlifting standards. 

OverviewSiege Fitness Flat Bench Review

Not only does it deliver exceptional performance, but it also comes with a remarkably low entry-level cost of Rs 13,750.💰 If that’s not enticing enough, it also serves as an excellent seat for shooting my YouTube videos.

Some key specs. 

tripod design bench for powerlifting

➡️ This bench has a tripod design, featuring a single leg in the front and a wider base in the back. It accommodates various foot positions, which are crucial for benching. 

The Siege bench aligns closely with competition standards, offering a 48-inch length, 17 inches in height, meeting IPF specs (closely). 😁

The 2.5-inch thick & 14-inch wide pad provides a firm surface, ideal for heavy bench press training. It has a 14 mm reinforced chassis & 11 gauge steel frame. 

Notable differences include the placement of metal plates with the siege logo in the front, adding a unique touch to the design.🙌

Moving on to its handling,
roller wheels for flat bench

The bench has two rollerblade-style wheels at the back, making it easy to manoeuvre.

The branding includes a laser-cut logo and Siege Fitness white font against a black background, lending the bench a sleek appearance.😅

The bench weight exceeding 37 kg comes in a single box, requiring assembly. You get a vertical handle orientation facilitating easy movement and placement within your chosen rack. The Siege Fitness flat bench opts for a vertical plastic handle.

This proves more convenient, requiring less bending down and ensuring a smoother grip. 

Moving on to the pad,

It’s a 2.5-inch thick ‘rubberized EVM foam pad’, living up to the ‘SIEGE’ name.

pad of siege bench

Additionally, Siege Fitness designed the frame specifically to accommodate a fat pad, offering a thoughtful solution compared to other brands.

While the padding is firm, the rubberized EVM foam is appropriately sticky, adhering to competition standards for a solid grip. 😁

This 14-inch wide pad provides more shoulder room providing ample width for scapula support, resembling the Rogue Thompson fat pad. It’s a great alternative for users seeking a bit more space without a significant price increase. 

Moving on to the Usability –

😃This is a gym bench, & you can preliminary use it for various exercises like barbell bench press or dumbbell work.

However, due to the tripod design, stability might be a slight concern for certain exercises.

But I don’t see it as a problem due to the heavy design.

For activities like barbell thrusts, this bench offers the same desired stability compared to models with wider feet on both ends.

How Much Does It Cost?

Best Gym Bench for Powerlifting in India (ft. Siege Fitness Flat Bench)
Siege Fitness Flat Bench price

One major reason everyone loves this flat bench is its cost compared to alternatives. ❤️

It used to be of Rs 13,750 before shipping, but with my coupon code “MENSQUATS” applied on Siege’s website, it’s worth checking the discounted rates. 😃

It means under 14 to 15k this bench would be available to you. 

While it may seem like a hefty investment, especially for a flat bench with a wide pad, but considering the quality, steel gauge used and its suitability for powerlifting competitions, it’s a reasonable deal.📢

Who Should Buy a Siege Flat Bench?

➡️ Recap: In terms of specs, this bench stands 17 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 48 inches long—meeting IPF standards. Weighing in at 37 kg, it’s heavy & easy to move around. With 3 by 3-inch tubing and 11-gauge steel, it boasts an 850-kg capacity. 

This means it’s a wise investment for decades to come. 

Need more than that? 

Siege Fitness Flat Bench

For powerlifting competitors seeking a durable, competition-standard bench, with 3 post design the Siege Fitness Flat Bench left no stone unturned to be the “best flat bench in India”.🙌

Who Shouldn’t Buy a Siege Flat Bench?

However, if the budget is a constraint, or you have a lack of interest in the powerlifting movement – flat press, you might want to explore other cheaper options which are more versatile.

There are multiple affordable adjustable benches to choose from, which allow you to do incline bench presses, and you can use it for supporting your back during shoulder presses. 

Overall, there are only 2 reasons why someone can cancel this:

  1. He either wants an adjustable bench. 
  2. OR budget is an issue. 

Apart from these 2, I didn’t see any other reason to not recommend this bench! (I am absolutely in love with it.😍) 

Why Is a Wide Pad Bench Helpful?

Before moving into the specifics of the Siege Fitness Flat Bench review, let me share the reasons behind why I got this bench press pad. 

⚡ In the process of fixing my bench press technique, I faced challenges related to leg drive and bench stability, especially when using cheap benches in my home gym setup. 

I need a sturdier gym solution which turned my head to the Siege Fitness Flat Bench, a game-changer in gym equipment.

✔️ Features and Benefits:

Siege Fitness sets them apart from normal bench pads.

With a width of 14 inches, it provides more contact area, making it ideal for individuals with wider shoulders. 

The grippy EVM rubberized foam surface ensures minimal sliding during intense workouts, addressing the issues of instability and discomfort associated with conventional bench pads.

✔️ Enhanced Stability and Comfort:

The wider pad used in this bench not only enhances stability during bench presses but also allows for better positioning of shoulder blades. 

The increased thickness of the pad, without compromising on firmness, offers added comfort and support. 

This is particularly beneficial for exercises like hip thrusts, where additional padding is highlighted.

Flat Bench versus Adjustable Bench

Moving on to the Flat Bench versus Adjustable Bench debate, it ultimately comes down to budget. 

  • Best in Adjustable Bench
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    Siege Fitness Golem Adjustable Bench

      Its superior build quality makes it a rock-solid, stable bench (weighing 50 kg).
  • Best Gym Bench for Powerlifting
    3cb8a8 9665ea5bffb34e08914b4c2419e49082~mv2

    Siege Fitness Flat Bench

      The heavy-duty flat bench from Siege Fitness.

🤙 Whatsapp Siege Fitness to order – 7619614418

Share my coupon code “MENSQUATS” at the time of buying to get a discount on Siege equipment! Go get it.

✔️ A good adjustable bench costs at least double the price of a flat bench. 

The Siege Fitness Flat bench, priced at Rs 13750 + shipping, is a solid flat bench option, while the Golem adjustable bench, a Solid adjustable bench, is priced at Rs 19,000 + shipping. 

There is a difference of Rs 5000 roughly. 

After a month of ownership,😃 the Siege Fitness Flat Bench in India has proven to have a grippy pad, stability at 37 kgs, and no visible signs of wear despite regular heavy use by multiple individuals.

siege fitness bench review

Best Gym Bench for Powerlifting in India

Strength, Stability & Durability – are the 3 areas where this bench shines! Absolute must for powerlifters!

➡ ️ In conclusion, Siege Fitness is a compelling choice for serious powerlifters looking for a reliable, competition-ready bench. While the price might seem steep, the quality and durability justify the investment. 

Considering the nearly identical design, specs, and pricing with any other IPF specs bench available, the Siege Fitness flat bench might outshine the competition, like Bullrock Fitness model – “Hedgehog” priced at Rs 16,520 + Shipping. 

The Siege Fitness – Marauder Flat bench costs only Rs 13,750 + shipping. 💰

However, the key differentiator is the additional savings on shipping, with Siege Fitness charging a more economical shipping cost. This cost advantage, combined with the heavier & wider bench, makes the Siege Fitness flat bench a potentially better buy.😃

✔️ While the Marauder bench’s significant price difference makes Siege Fitness a compelling choice for a budget-friendly, high-quality flat bench in India.

Both benches are excellent options, and personal preferences may influence the final choice. 😅

Q1: Are flat weight benches good?

Yes, flat-weight benches are excellent for bench press exercises especially, offering max stability and sturdiness. It’s a solid piece of equipment which hardly gets broken & can also be used as a utility bench.  

Q2: Is a flat bench enough for a home gym?

Yes, a flat bench is often sufficient for home gyms, particularly for basic bench press & dumbbell exercises. But in case you want to train all parts of your pectoral muscles, you’ll need an adjustable bench. 

Q3: Is The Siege Fitness Flat Bench Worth It?

The worth of the Siege Flat Bench depends on your personal needs; it offers tough build quality & competition specs for heavy lifts. Even if you’re 6 ft tall, the height & length of this gym bench will be sufficient for you. But, in case, you’re a woman & lift hardly 40 kg, this bench would be more than what you’ll be needing. 

Q4: What is the best weight bench for a home gym?

Popular choices suggested by me include the Siege Fitness Flat bench, Bullrock Fitness Hegehog bench, and Leeway Fitness LF-98. Which works well, is based on your preferences.

Q5: What benches do gyms use?

Gyms use a variety, including flat benches, adjustable benches, and machine benches. You may find plenty in gyms, but I personally like the long & flat ones.   

Q6: What benches is used for powerlifting?

Powerlifting meets typically use flat benches with sturdy construction and a wide pad for MAX stability. This bench design focuses on a solid foundation to support the heavy lifting of powerlifters.

Thanks for reading; I hope I addressed your questions about the Best Gym Bench for Powerlifting in India (ft. Siege Fitness Flat Bench) 💭

Stay tuned for more reviews, and in the meantime, visit for detailed information on all gym benches and other products.

Stay Strong.

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