Best Cast Iron Weight Plates in India ft. Bullrock Fitness

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bullrock fitness cast iron plates in India

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Looking for Classic Olympic Iron Plates? Today we will be talking about BullrocK Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates in India. 

Cast iron weight plates are different from your standard weight plates, obviously because of the deep dish appearance, but they’re also thicker by Design. 

Cast Iron Weight Plates in India

Quick history lesson: Before bumper plates were invented in the 60s, deep dish plates were actually used during weight lifting competitions and this is because of that greater surface area, which led to a decreased chance of the wooden platforms cracking when the weights were dropped. 

I’ve been seeing these bad boys for a while in most gyms and I am pumped to break down my findings for y’all. 

Today I’m going to tell you everything that you need to know about these weight plates from the price and the features, of course, the pros and the cons. As well as who should or maybe should not add these to their home gym.

BullrocK Fitness – Best Cast Iron Weight Plates in India

BullrocK Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates in India
  • BullrocK Olympic Cast Iron Plates are built to fulfill a budgetary appeal towards the Iron Plates for Strength Training. Elegantly designed cast-iron discs suitable for Powerlifting & Weight training.
  • Weight Tolerance: 1.25kg: 7%, 2.5kg: 3%, 5kg: 7%, 10kg: 3%, 15kg: 5%, 20kg: 2%
Best Cast Iron Weight Plates in India Review


  • Very tight weight tolerance (2%)
  • Ductile iron construction and resin sand powder coat for durability
  • Best value cast iron plate on the market for consumers.


  • Super thick plates—not great for loading a lot of weight on the bar.
  • Not available in 0.5 kg, or 1 kg change plates.

What Do I Like About These Cast Iron Weight Plates? 

Well, let’s talk about Aesthetics first. 

I love the way they look. I love that deep dish design right there.

The Machining is also super nice. I really don’t see any imperfections, maybe a little bit on the inside of this collar just from you know normal wear and tear when loading and unloading the plate onto a barbell. 

The Resin Sand Casting Treatment is going to protect these weight plates from any corrosion from forming on the plates, so that’s really nice as well. 

Since they’re thicker than your standard weight plate. They’re also going to be more durable and the chances of them cracking or breaking when they’re dropped are really slim. 

They’re made of ductile iron which is stronger than your standard grey iron.

And finally, there’s a lot of buying options here.

You can purchase these individually or as a full set. So clearly there’s a lot to like about these cast iron weight plates.

What I Don’t Like About These Cast Iron Weight Plates? 

bullrock fitness cast iron plates for gym India

There are really not too many issues you might run into, but there are still a few. 

  1. Space could be a problem for some of you, especially those powerlifters who are getting close to maxing out the weight on a barbell. This might not be the ideal choice for you, because they’re thicker than you know any other plate. 
  2. Storage, in general, could be an issue because they’re going to take up more space than you really want on your weight horns and that’s just obviously not a good thing.
  3. Thickness: It could potentially affect the whip on your barbell for certain lifts. If you don’t know what whip is essential – it’s the amount of bounce that occurs during the middle of your lift and so these plates could essentially just change the overall feel of your exercise. 

Lastly, there are no change plates under 1.25 kg so you’ll have to mix and match with some Olympic-style plates or really just whatever you have at home. 

Bullrock Cast Iron Weight Plates Price Per Kg

cast iron weight plates

Let’s dig into the money. 

Now, once again, you know you have a lot of different buying options for you to work with. 

But let’s kick this off with the individual plates, so after GST, this bullrock cast iron weight plates in India is going to run you right around

  1. 20 kg pair will be around Rs 8,968 
  2. The 15 kg are going to be around Rs 6,726
  3. These 10 kg are about Rs 4,484 
  4. Those 5 kg plates are going to cost you around Rs 2,124 

Okay so in terms of sets: 

  • 100kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×2): ₹22,302
  • 140kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×4): ₹31,270
  • 180kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×6): ₹40,238
  • 220kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×8): ₹49,206 
  • 260kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×10): ₹58,174

So clearly there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

I love that because that essentially means there’s an option for everybody out there. 

These are actually some of the cheaper plates that Bullrock Fitness has to offer, so if you want the Bullrock brand you might want to take a hard look at these. 

But remember, you know they do take up a good amount of space on your barbell as well as your weight horns, so they might not be worth it for those Elite Power lifters. 

Build Quality

Commercial Competition Plate of 1.25Kg 2.5Kg 5Kg 10Kg15Kg 20Kg 10kg Set 5 x 2 1

Some of the features that you’ll find with these weight plates. 

Once again, these are made right here in India out of ductile iron, which is stronger than your standard grey iron.

The machine finish just looks really good. I don’t really notice any imperfections. I might need a magnifying glass. 

To do that, the Sand Resin Coating is going to add to the corrosion resistance as well as just overall protect these weight plates. I mentioned all that earlier. It’s just worth mentioning it again. 

Now as you can tell by now, the appearance of the 15 kg and the 20 kg are different. 

So this is actually done by Design because 10 kg and 15kg are technically change plates.

They’re going to go on top of the hundreds and the 20 kg and they’re not really meant to hit the ground so they don’t necessarily need that extra thicknessYou know that this 20 kg plate does.

thickness of bullrock olympic plates

So in terms of thickness, they’re right at 1.3 inches thick. 

These 15kg plates are just under 1.33 inches thick and the 10 kg plates are just under 1.25” inches thick. 

Now if you compare the thickness of these plates. 

Let’s say to an Olympic colour powerlifting style plate from Bullrock Fitness, the  

  1. 25 kg Olympic colour powerlifting plates are nearly only 0.98” thicker.
  2. 20 kg are about 0.84” thicker.
  3. But with the 15 kg and 10 kg being both 0.78” inches, there’s not that much of a difference. 

I will say though all across the board you’ll find that the thickness of these plates is actually thinner than what you’ll find with some bumper plates or cast-iron plates. 

The only reason people go with these black cast iron ones is because it costs LESS. 

Shipping is to be charged extra. (Not cheap though.)

Cast Iron Weight Plates 2 inch Disc for Powerlifting

They’re right at 50 millimetres, and you will get Bullrock Olympic Cast Iron plates in the sets of: 

  1. 100kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×2)
  2. 140kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×4)
  3. 180kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×6)
  4. 220kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×8)
  5. 260kg Set (5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×10)

Just remember it can’t exceed 260 kg pounds so if you’re an advanced lifter, I’d probably suggest going after that 260 kg set. 

For those intermediate lifters, I’d probably suggest that 180 kg set that way you do have some variety with your plates just as long as you’re able to spend Rs 40,000. 

Quick Walk Around of These Bullrock Plates

Best Cast Iron Weight Plates in India Review

Obviously, you have a nice surface area right here for you to grip onto.

It’s really helpful when you go to load and unload your barbell as well as for storage. It is a little funky though because you know it’s nice and flat on the backside. 

It can be a little hard just to manoeuvre it sometimes. But all in all, I really love the appearance. It looks like a cast iron skillet, I mean, at least I could be frying some eggs in here (obviously I’m not going to do that) but anyways. 

So there are really not too many imperfections whatsoever with this finish, maybe a little on the collar on the inside just from normal usage. But for the most part, I mean these look beautiful in my opinion. 

Obviously, you know this 5 kg is significantly smaller than the 10 kg plate. 

Well, that’s once again by Design because this is considered a change plate. It’s going to go on top of that 10 kg plate or 20 kg plate, so it doesn’t need to be as big or as thick. 

Because ideally, you don’t want this 5 kg cast iron weight plate India hitting the ground. 

So that’s why these 20 kg is thicker, gonna really handle all of that shock and absorb everything so that this smaller plate and that 5 kg plate do not have to do so.

Who should purchase these cast iron weight plates?

Home Gym Commercial Competition Plate

Well, because of how durable they are I really think these could be a great option for anyone to add to their home gym. 

Not only are they thicker than your standard plate they’re also made of ductile iron and that Eco is just going to add to the corrosion resistance. 

Since there are a lot of buying options for you to choose from there’s really an option out there for everybody. 

Plus you can add on more weight individually as you become stronger. 

If you're interested in a weight plate that is as accurate as possible with what is advertised, it's a really good option for you to consider foreign. 

Who shouldn’t Buy these best cast iron weight plates in India?

Well, let’s talk about money. 

Yeah, I mentioned earlier these are some of the more affordable plates that Bullrock Fitness has to offer, but they can still fall out of some people’s price range. 

So if you are in fact falling on a budget, I’d suggest looking for a cheaper option out there. 

The thickness of these plates may not be ideal for any power lifters out there, because I could essentially just, you know, decrease the chance of you really being able to get to your 1 rep max because of how much weight they just take up on your barbell. 

As well as, when it comes to storage, you know they just are going to dominate a good amount of space.

That could be an issue that you don’t really want to deal with. 

And sticking with that thickness you know could affect the whip on your barbell and just could mess up your form and change your overall experience. 

Q1: Is cast iron good for weight plates?

Yes, cast iron is excellent for weight plates. It offers several advantages, including high durability, stability, and compact size. Cast iron weight plates are known for their long-lasting performance and can withstand heavy use. 

Q2: Are cast iron weights better?

Cast iron weights are considered better by some due to their durability, affordability, and compact size. However, the choice of weight plates ultimately depends on personal preferences. People may prefer alternative materials, such as rubber-coated plates for noise reduction or Olympic bumper plates for certain weightlifting disciplines.

Q3: What is the weight of a cast iron plate?

The weight of a cast iron plate can vary depending on its size and design. Common weight increments for cast iron plates include (1.25×2, 2.5×2, 5×2, 10×2, 15×2, 20×2). These weights are typically used in sets to allow for progressive loading during weightlifting exercises.

Q4: What is the price of 20kg cast iron weight plates?

The price of 20 kg Bullrock cast iron weight plates in India is Rs 8.968 After Gst. You may find the lower prices with other retailers or manufacturers like FITMAN, but the quality will not match. Check the product as per convenience.

Q5: What is the price of cast iron plates per kg?

The cast iron weight plates price per kg is Rs 223/ per kg (Approx) after GST. It can vary depending on factors such as brand, quality, and quantity purchased. Prices may also vary depending on your location and the prevailing market conditions.

Commercial Competition Plate of 1.25Kg 2.5Kg 5Kg 10Kg15Kg 20Kg 10kg Set 5 x 2 1

That’s about all I got for you today on the Bullrock Olympic cast iron weight plates in India I love working out with these bad boys.

I love that extra thickness makes them more durable.

Plus they’re about as spot on as it really gets when it comes to their true weight. 

But you know, remember this might not be ideal for any Elite powerlifters because of how much space they’re gonna take up on your barbell. 

Other Options in Powerlifting plates
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71yLyX+6RfL. SL1500

2. BullrocK Calibrated Powerlifting Plates


Thanks for reading everybody my blog “Best Cast Iron Weight Plates in India Review”.

I hope this answer was super helpful and that I was able to answer any questions you might have about these deep-dish plates.

As always, stay on the lookout for my next review. 

Stay Strong.

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