5 Best Skipping Rope Brand in India 

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5 Best Skipping Rope Brand in India 2024

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Working out doesn't have to be complicated—well, sometimes it is, but if you're generally healthy and looking to burn some calories, lose weight, increase energy levels, or prevent injuries, then skipping rope might be the answer.😁

✔️ Now, let me be clear, I’m not an expert skipper, or skipster, as I like to call it. 

But I’ve found skipping to be a great addition to my workouts, and I wanted to share how I’m incorporating it into my routine.

Today we’re diving into the world of jump ropes, especially for all you beginners out there. I’ve been getting tons of messages about ropes, but you don’t know where to start.

Well, this blog is for you, packed with value, so stick around till the end.😊

jumping rope benefits
Best Skipping Rope Brand in India

I want to start by highlighting 3 essential elements to keep in mind as we go through this:

1. Comfort:

Whatever jumping rope you choose, make sure you’re comfortable with it. Don’t pick up something that doesn’t feel right, especially if you’re just starting out.

2. Fitness Goals:

Understand your fitness goals. Are you looking to lose weight, warm up for other workouts, or maybe just enjoy some skipping? Your goals will guide your rope choice.

3. Style:

Your skipping style is crucial. Some ropes are better suited for specific styles, so keep this in mind.😵

4 Types of Jump Ropes:

✔️ Before diving into recommendations, let’s categorize the 4 main types of jump ropes: PVC, beaded, weighted, and cable or speed ropes.

1. PVC Ropes:
Long Handle PVC Jump Rope
Long Handle PVC Jump Rope

PVC ropes are the happy medium between beaded jump ropes and wire ropes. They typically are made of 4 or 5-millimeter plastic tubing and they’re great on a variety of surfaces.

Long handles on 5mm PVC are reserved for complex, speedy routines with intricate elements. These ropes are super versatile. 😲

The PVC rope is not only aerodynamic for doing speed skills but it’s also resistant enough to help you develop and master jump rope skills. For beginners, PVC jump ropes strike a good balance in weight.

2. Beaded Ropes:
Buy OHYAIAYN Soft Beaded Jump Rope

Beaded jump ropes, with a series of beads wrapped around the string, offer more weight and are budget-friendly. These are super colourful and very fun to jump with.

A beaded rope consists of a nylon cable with beads threaded onto it.

One-inch beads are great for single freestyle, providing better control and feel during coordination practice.

Beaded ropes hold their shape well, making them ideal for skills like mic releases and leg crosses. They’re durable, easy to resize, and offer a more significant workout compared to basic PVC ropes.

The beaded rope is also great on a variety of surfaces, including outdoors, and it’s very long-lasting. Beaded ropes aren’t the greatest for working on speed skills, and this added weight will tire out your muscles quickly.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn new jump rope skills, the beaded rope is the one for you.

3. Weighted Ropes:
Burnlab Premium Weighted Skipping Rope with Extra Thick cable

There are various types, including thick-tabled ones and modular systems like Cross Ropes.

Weighted ropes increase the challenge, requiring more strength and energy, contributing to calorie burn and muscle development. I prefer ropes with weighted bodies rather than handles for an effective workout.

However, it’s crucial not to go too heavy, as even a slight increase in weight can lead to fatigue. I recommend starting with a quarter-pound weighted rope.

4. Speed/Cable/Wire Ropes:
Ultra Speed Cable Rope

😊 Speed ropes or cable ropes, though not inherently bad, are not ideal for beginners due to their lack of weight, making it challenging to establish a rhythm.

Speed ropes, these guys are made of thin wire with a plastic coating.

They have super light handles, often made with ball bearings and have a 90-degree rope-to-handle exit angle. These ropes are very aerodynamic and made for one-directional movement, so they’re great for single-enders double unders, triple unders, and more.

They work best on smooth surfaces, but if you’re an inexperienced jumper they may leave a lot of whip marks. Whether you’re a jump roper or a CrossFitter, if you’re looking to go fast these are the ropes for you.

Apart from types of jumping ropes, there are handles.

There are generally two types: long and short.

  1. Short handles bring your hands closer to the rope, enhancing the feel, but demand precise arm placement.
  2. Long handles allow more room for error and body clearance, making them versatile. It’s okay to learn with both types and adjust based on your preferences and the complexity of your routines.
Best Skipping Rope Brand in India 2024
Best Skipping Rope Brand in India 

7 Best Skipping Rope Brand in India 

✔️ Now, let’s talk about skipping rope review

1. Speed Jump Rope with Ball Bearings

Wearslim Professional Skipping Rope with Ball Bearings Rapid Speed Jump Rope Cable

Wearslim® Professional Skipping Rope

Special Feature: ‎Light Weight and Durable
Material: Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC)
Handle Material: Foam
Item Weight: 170 Grams

This isn’t just any rope; it’s a game-changer for those who love speed and efficiency. 😊 The secret lies in its ball-bearing system, ensuring a smooth, fast rotation every time you swing it.

This allows you to focus on speed and timing without worrying about tangles or delays. The modern design features a lightweight handle that’s comfortable for even the longest workout sessions.

Beyond comfort, the ergonomic design helps reduce hand fatigue, letting you push your limits without discomfort. Built with durable materials, it can withstand the rigours of intense workouts. What truly sets this rope apart is its adjustability – you can easily customize the length to suit your height, making it a versatile choice for users of all sizes.

When it comes to storage and portability, this rope is a winner, thanks to its compact design. Take it anywhere. 

2. Soft Beaded Jump Rope

71YYvrP6L9L. SL1200

Target Audience: Adults
Special Feature: Lightweight, Beaded, Adjustable Leng
Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Handle Material: PP

☑️ A unique and visually appealing option, perfect for those who prefer a more tactile and rhythmic jumping experience. The segmented beads add a distinctive sound and feel to your jumps, making it a fun and effective workout tool.

Made from soft, durable material, the beads provide a gentle impact, easy on your hands and wrists, making it suitable for beginners and those with joint concerns.

The rhythmic tapping of the beads helps maintain a consistent pace, crucial for building endurance and rhythm.

Great for teaching and practice, the Soft Beaded Jump Rope is visually and auditorily engaging, making it popular in schools, fitness classes, and for individual users starting out with jump roping.

3. Speed Rope:

51zA1zZ0 YS. SL1100

INCHDOWN® Speed Skipping Rope

Target Audience: Men, Teens, Women
Special Feature: Tangle Free, Adjustable Length
Material: Alloy Steel
Handle Material: Memory Foam

☑️ This is the most popular speed rope globally. It’s been used by thousands, even Floyd Mayweather. 😊 What makes it special? The feel, balance, and high-quality alloy steel.

Not all ropes are the same – this one’s stretch-free doesn’t tangle easily and feels light and loose.

Perfect for intense workouts like double unders, run skips, and crossovers. It’s a calorie-burning machine, great for weight loss and an excellent warm-up tool. Plus, it’s ideal for learning tricks and combos due to its lightness.

4. Heavy Rope:

71iz11zYFVL. SL1500

High Activity Heavy Jump Rope 

Special Feature: Weighted, Tangle Free, Ergonomic
Material: Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC)
Handle Material: Plastic
Item Length: 10 Feet
Item Weight: 640 g

☑️ Now, if you want to up the intensity. 😊 A heavyweight jump rope/skipping rope at 453 grams, it’s all about resistance and pushing your limits.

The custom handles and ergonomic design make it comfortable for everyone. This rope adds a different feel to your workout, enhancing timing and endurance.

Great for those focused on shredding weight, burning calories, and building stamina. You can still look cool doing tricks and combos while feeling the burn. 

5. Speed Skipping Rope with Adjustable Wire

619sHh5GN+L. SL1080

Cube Club High-Speed Skipping Rope

Special Feature: Slip Resistant, Adjustable Length
Material: Aluminium
Item Weight: 700 Grams
Grip Material: Aluminum Alloy
Handle Diameter: 3.5

☑️ This rope stands out for its unique blend of style and functionality. With vibrant colours and a playful design, it not only makes your workout effective but also fun and visually appealing.

Crafted with high-quality, durable materials, the cube club Jump Rope is built to last, enduring intense workout sessions for users of various fitness levels.

The balanced weight of the rope provides a steady rhythm for jumps without straining your wrists. The handles are designed with ergonomics in mind, offering a firm, non-slip grip, crucial for high-intensity interval training sessions where every second counts.

Adjustable in length, it fits both adults and children, making it a fantastic choice. Whether you’re working on cardio, or simply adding a fun element to your workout routine.

In conclusion, if you’re a beginner, I recommend having both a speed rope and a heavy rope in your collection. Balance and timing are key, and having the right tools for the job will set you up for success.

Which Should You Choose?

☑️ In conclusion, if you’re new to jumping rope and want to practice on a variety of surfaces, the beaded rope is for you.

If you want to challenge your speed skills and maybe even compete, go with that speed rope.

And if you want to truly master and develop new jump rope skills, choose the PVC rope.

Top 7 Benefits of skipping Rope. 

7 Benefits of skipping rope

Now, let’s talk about some unexpected benefits of skipping. 😊

  1. Build bone density, crucial for preventing fractures and sprains as you age. The impact of skipping encourages bones to break down and rebuild stronger. If you find jumping challenging, start with the 100 Up exercise to build stability gradually.
  2. Enhances ankle stiffness, allowing you to return more energy to the ground during activities like sprinting or jumping. Landing on the balls of your feet while skipping teaches you to stay light on your feet, beneficial for fighters and athletes alike.
  3. Fantastic brain exercise. Focusing on the rope’s rhythm improves timing, an essential aspect of athletic performance. Learning new skills while skipping adds an element of fun and engagement, making it a rewarding workout.
  4. It’s just plain fun! If you’ve seen people jump rope or if you’re already doing it, you know it’s a blast. It’s not just exercise; it’s an enjoyable activity that keeps you engaged.
  5. Burns calories like crazy: The beauty of skipping is that you don’t need fancy skills to reap its benefits. Skipping is fantastic for burning calories, and some estimates suggest it burns more calories than running or jogging. Even a short 10-minute session can burn around 100 to 300 calories, depending on factors like intensity, weight, and height.
  6. Skipping is versatile; you can do it anywhere—no need to worry about outdoor spaces like running. You can even skip without a rope or use special ropes with just a ball on the end. Personally, I’ve been incorporating skipping into my routine throughout the day, burning extra calories without the need for a full workout.
  7. Increased blood flow: Burning calories is just one benefit. Skipping also promotes increased blood flow, spiking your metabolism, and supplying nutrients to muscles for growth and recovery. Using a weighted rope can be highly effective for those interested in extra-calorie burn and muscle toning.

How To Choose Jumping Rope?

✔️ This guide dives into the essential factors to consider before hitting “buy now”:

1. Sizing and Adjustment:

Think of jump rope shopping like t-shirt shopping – proper fit is crucial! Rope length reigns supreme, so choose wisely.

Some ropes come in fixed sizes, while others offer a standard 10-foot cable you can customize to your height. I prefer the latter for ultimate personalization.

Remember, even if you fall within the height range of a pre-cut rope, it might feel awkward. If tinkering with tiny screws isn’t your thing, stick with non-adjustable options.

2. Rotation Mechanism:


Jump ropes, like barbells, utilize bushings or bearings for rotation. This seemingly minor detail significantly impacts your workout experience. Bearing ropes boast smooth 360-degree rotations while bushing ropes have limited movement.

Bearing ropes:

  • More forgiving, especially when fatigued or with inconsistent rhythm.
  • Generally faster.
  • Might be pricier.

Bushing ropes:

  • Ideal for beginners seeking slower spins and tactile feedback.
  • Often more affordable.
3. Cable: Material, Width, Weight:

The cable dictates your jumping speed, regardless of skill level. Here’s a breakdown:

  • High-quality bare steel wire: Lightning-fast but unforgiving (hello, welts!).
  • Thicker braided rope: Slower pace, gentler on your legs if you miss a skip.

In between, you’ll find coated stainless steel speed cables, flexible PVC options, thick tangle-free ropes, and even weighted ones. Remember, the thinner and lighter the cable, the faster it spins.

4. Handles: Material, Shape, Length, Width, Grip:

Just like cable variety, handle options abound. From classic plastic to aircraft-grade aluminium and memory foam, you’re spoilt for choice!

While I wouldn’t solely base your decision on handles, prioritize comfort in terms of length, width, and material.😲

5. Portability and Packability:

A jump rope should be your perfect on-the-go companion unless the cable easily warps when rolled up (rendering it useless or frustratingly annoying).

Opt for ropes with PVC or coated steel cables, as bare steel is more prone to warping.

With these key factors in mind, you’re well on your way to skipping rope success!

Remember, the “perfect” rope depends on you. So, experiment, have fun, and find your ideal jumping partner❗


In conclusion, the rope matters, but how you use it matters more. It’s popularly said, ‘It matters who’s swinging the stick.’ Don’t give your power away to the rope; focus on your training and attitude.

71QIEoosjWL. SL1500

Freestyle Beaded Jump Rope, Skipping Rope

 1-Inch Beads provide just the right resistance to get down your timing and rhythm
Q1: Does jumping rope increase height?

Unfortunately, no. Once your growth plates close (usually in your late teens), jumping rope won’t directly make you taller. However, it can contribute to good posture and strengthen your core, which can make you appear taller.

Q2: How many jump rope sessions per day?

It’s not about “numbers” of jumps, but consistency and building up gradually. Aim for 10-15 minutes of jumping rope most days, starting with shorter sessions if you’re new. Gradually increase duration and intensity over time.

Q3: Is jumping rope a cardio exercise?

Absolutely! Jumping rope is a fantastic high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. It gets your heart rate soaring, and burns calories efficiently. It’s a convenient and effective way to get your cardio fix!

Q4: Will jump rope burn belly fat?

Jumping rope engages your core muscles and boosts overall calorie burning, which can help reduce fat throughout your body, including your belly. However, spot reduction isn’t possible, so you may not see drastic changes solely in your midsection. 

Q5: What type of jump rope is best? 

The best type depends on your goals and experience level:

  • Beaded ropes: Smooth and quiet, ideal for beginners or those learning basic jumps.
  • Speed ropes: Lightweight and fast, perfect for experienced jumpers wanting to improve their technique and speed.
  • Weighted ropes: Add intensity to your workout, good for advanced jumpers looking for a challenge.
  • Leather ropes: Durable and versatile, suitable for various jumping styles and skill levels.
Q6: Are weighted jump ropes better? 

Not necessarily. Start with a regular rope to build strength and technique before adding weight. Weighted ropes can put a strain on your joints and are better suited for experienced jumpers.

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