Nike Strength Home Gym Equipment Price?

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Nike Home Gym Equipment Price

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For those unfamiliar, Nike has just unveiled their latest line of strength equipment, called “Nike Strength” and I must say, it's quite impressive when I first saw them in an Instagram post. 

Covering everything from free weights to Nike weight benches and Nike power racks, they’ve got your home gym needs fully covered.😁

Nike Strength Home Gym Equipment Price
Nike Strength Home Gym Equipment Price?

🚀 In today’s blog, we’re diving into a detailed breakdown of Nike gear, discussing specs, and comparing how it stacks up against the competition in the market. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on Nike’s brand-new strength gear.

While I haven’t got my hands on everything just yet. I’m excited to give you a close-up look at the details of these products and discuss the gear I haven’t tried yet.

👉 Before we dive into that, a quick heads up— we’ve extensively reviewed various fitness equipment on, with the best list for every imaginable category.😄

Whether you’re looking for the best barbells, best weight benches or exploring other fitness gear, you can find our recommendations there.

Nike Strength equipment Unboxing

Nike Strength Home Gym Equipment Price

Starting with what’s likely the most sought-after item in Nike’s lineup—the barbells.

1. Nike Barbells


– Bar Use: All-Around
– Internal Components: 8 needle bearings
– Diameter: 25 mm
– Knurl: Medium volcano knurl with dual knurl marks
– Shaft Coating: Premium Ceramic-Based Coating
-Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI

✔️ Nike has released two types: the standard Nike barbell and the premium Nike coated barbell, boasting a ceramic finish for enhanced rust resistance. 😄

 premium Nike coated barbell

Both are multi-purpose bars, featuring 4 needle bearings in the loading sleeves, providing a solid spin rate. The coated premium version, with its volcanic-style knurling, stands out. Dual markings ensure identical hand placement, with compatibility in pricing. 

The aesthetic is top-notch, and it comes in three colours—orange looks WOW, but it’s also available in black and red. The versatility extends to weight options too, with both 15 kg and 20 kg versions.👌

The 15 kg version costs around $250, while the 20 kg is approximately $285.

Both offer a 190,000 tensile strength rating, suitable for heavy lifts and providing a solid whip, crucial for explosive movements like power cleans. 

However, there are some potential cons. ❌

👉 While the spin is adequate, it’s not the fastest compared to other barbells in the market, which might matter for certain users.

The knurling is moderate, suitable for a multi-purpose bar, but the volcano-style design may not suit everyone’s grip preferences. It lacks a bit compared to other barbells I’ve tried. Improvements are likely in future versions. 

So, who should consider buying this Nike Barbell?

It’s a great choice for those who prioritise accessibility, want a multi-purpose bar, and appreciate the aesthetics of this new bar.

However, if you’re looking for the best performance in specific lifts or want a more budget-friendly option, you might explore other choices with Rogue Fitness.


Nike Coated Premium Barbell 20 KG – $325
Nike Coated Premium Barbell 15 KG – $290
Nike Barbell 15 KG – $250
Nike Barbell 20 KG – $285

2. Nike Dumbbells



– Weight range: 5 to 100 LB
– Weight Precision: +/- 3%
– Handle Diameter: 28mm to 37mm depending on size
– Handle Width: 128mm
– Handle Type: Ergonomic (5 through 65 LB); – Straight (70 through 100 LB)
– Handle Material: Chrome-plated Steel

Moving on to the second highly sought after item – Nike Dumbbells. 

Nike Dumbbells

✔️ These rubber-coated hex dumbbells range from 5 lb to 100 lb. The handle design varies with weight, and given the hype, let’s dive into the details. Rubber coating protects the dumbbell, floor, and surrounding equipment. 

The Contour design adds an aesthetic touch. The steel handles, chrome-plated for rust resistance, are ergonomic, but personal preference plays a role.

👌 While the quality is top-notch, the pricing is a bit steep. 

For instance, the 50 lb pair costs $95 each, totaling around $200. Weight accuracy is within +/-3%, and they’re not sold in pairs or sets. The 100 lb ones are priced at $185 each. 

Comparatively, other brands like Rogue Fitness offer competitive options at different price points. The chrome-plated steel handle is rust-resistant, and the knurling varies based on weight. An interesting note is the ergonomic-shaped handle for weights up to 70 lbs, transitioning to a straight handle for 70 to 100 lb dumbbells. 

👉 For the best bang for your buck, consider adjustable dumbbell systems; check our best list blog for recommendations.

Should you buy Nike dumbbells?

In conclusion, Nike Strength hex dumbbells are a solid choice for those seeking visually appealing and easily accessible options. Despite the higher cost and weight accuracy considerations, these dumbbells cater to a wide range of users.

If you’re looking to add durable and stylish hex dumbbells to your home gym, Nike Strength offering is worth considering.


Choose Your Weight:

5 LB – $17.50 each
7.5 LB- $20.00 each
10 LB – $27.00 each
12.5 LB -$30.00 each
5 LB – 33.00 each
17.5 LB – $37.00 each
20 LB – $41.00 each
22.5 LB – $44.00 each

3. Nike Kettlebells. 



– Weight Range: 26 LB (12 KG) to 53 LB (24 KG)
– Weight Precision: +/- 3%
– Handle Diameter: 30 mm to 40 mm depending on size
– Handle Width: 160 mm to 238 mm depending on size
– Material: cast iron

✔️ Available in weights from 9 lb to 88 lbs, these kettlebells are competitively priced, offering a good deal in comparison to other brands. 

nike kettlebells

Similar to the Nike’s dumbbells, the weight accuracy is listed as plus 3%, which we’ll examine closely in the upcoming full review.

These gravity-cast kettlebells are pretty standard, featuring a powder coat finish for a solid grip. The packaging effort is commendable, with extra layers for protection. Unfortunately, the construction quality falls short. ❌

👉 A noticeable seam, unfinished bottom, and blemishes indicate suboptimal craftsmanship.👌 Unlike gravity-cast bells, these seem to lack precision. The branding, raised instead of recessed, poses discomfort during exercises like cleans and racks.

Now, the positives: the weight range is comprehensive, and the powder-coat finish offers a reliable grip. Nike’s attempt at secure packaging is appreciated. However, the construction quality, branding design, and weight accuracy are areas that need improvement.👍

Speaking of price, the 9 lb bell costs around $40, the 53 lb bell is $100, and the 88 lb bell is $160, with additional shipping costs. While competitively priced, the quality may not justify the expense. For comparison, Kettlebell Kings offers a 53 lb bell at $136, with free shipping and better quality control.

✔️ In terms of weight accuracy, the 53 lb Nike kettlebell weighed in at 54.1 lbs, within an acceptable range considering the advertised +/- 3% accuracy.

However, the visible imperfections and discomfort caused by the branding affect the overall user experience.

So, who should consider these kettlebells?

If you’re a dedicated Nike fan or seeking budget-friendly options, these might suffice. Nike’s kettlebells offer a decent range and grip but fall short in construction quality and branding design.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options with a recognizable brand, these may fit the bill.

Remember, personal preference plays a role, so weigh the pros and cons based on your priorities.


Choose Your Weight

9 LB – $40.00 each
13 LB – $50.00 each
18 LB – $55.00 each
26 LB – $65.00 each
35 LB – $75.00 each
44 LB – $90.00 each
53 LB – $100.00 each
62 LB – $115.00 each
70 LB – $130.00 each
80 LB – $145.00 each
88 LB – $160.00 each

4. Nike Bumper Plates. 


– Compatible Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm (2″)
– Thickness: .98″ to 2.83″ depending on weight
– Diameter: 450 mm
– Weight Precision: +/- 1%
– Bounce: Low, durometer of 88 +/-3

👍 Nike offers two types—virgin rubber plates and crumb bumpers, known as The Grind bumpers. 

nike plates

Made from recycled shoe material, the crumb bumpers provide more balance than virgin rubber plates. The thickness is a notable difference, impacting lift experience. 

With these Nike bumper plates, I appreciate that they’re made from recycled Nike shoes, adding an eco-friendly touch. The co-moulded collar, seamless profile, and thickness of about 3.15 inches contribute to the durability of these plates. 

The weight accuracy of these plates is within an acceptable range, with a measured weight of 46 lbs.

✔️ Drop test. The durometer rating of 65 for these plates results in a noticeable bounce, as demonstrated in the drop test. Comparing this to Rogue’s Echo bumpers, which share the same durometer rating, the Nike plates exhibit more bounce.

❌ Moving on to potential cons, the absence of full sets might be a drawback for some users. The increased bounce, while a plus for some, could be a concern for others, requiring extra caution during use. The thickness might affect the barbell whip, especially for Olympic weightlifters.

🏷️ Speaking of pricing, a pair of these 45 lb plates costs around $220, aligning with market standards. Rep Fitness offers similar plates for about $214, while Rogue’s Echo bumpers, which share a similar durometer rating, are around $160 upfront, with additional costs for shipping.

So, who should consider these Nike Grind bumper plates?

If you value aesthetics, environmental sustainability, and a reasonable price point. These plates are a solid choice.😁 They’re easily accessible to local sporting goods stores and competitively priced at $220 for a pair.

However, if you prefer thinner plates with less bounce, you might want to explore other options.

In conclusion, the Nike Grind bumper plates offer a unique combination of style, eco-friendliness, and competitive pricing.


Nike GRIND Plates

10 LB / GRIND – $38.00
15 LB / GRIND – $46.00
25 LB / GRIND – $66.00
35 LB / GRIND – $86.00
45 LB / GRIND – $110.00

Nike Rubber Bumper Plates

10 LB – $35.00 each
15 LB – $42.00 each
25 LB – $60.00 each
35 LB – $80.00
45 LB – $100.00 each

5. Nike Weight Benches. 

Nike Weight Benches


– Bench Weight: 56.1 lb (25.4 kg)
– Bench: 18.2″ x 16.4″ x 48.9″
– Pad Width: 12 in/ Pad Length: 47 in
– Weight Capacity: 1100 lb
– Material: Synthetic leather pad with 11-gauge 3×3″ steel tubing

👉 Nike provides two flat-weight benches, both with an 1100 lb weight capacity.

The one with a handle and wheels stands out as the more practical choice, priced only $85 higher than the other option. 

With 3×3 inch steel tubing compared to 2×2, it offers better durability. However, it’s worth mentioning that the bench does not meet IPF height requirements, standing at 18 inches tall instead of the required 17. 

Why too high? 17 in, IPF standard. Do your research. Not to dog on you too much, but 18 in, a little high. I don’t think you need it that high.

Maybe they’re doing that because they have a lot of taller basketball players or something.👍


Nike Flat Weight Bench – $200
Nike Rolling Weight Bench – $285

6. Nike Racks. 


– Height x Width x Depth: 93.0″ x 50.8″ x 58.3″
– Pull-Up Bar Diameter: 1.25″
– Weight: 191.4 lb (86.8 kg)
– J-Cup + Rack Weight Capacity: 1100 lbs
– Pull-Up Bar Weight Capacity: 660 lbs
– Tubing: 3×3″

👉 Nike offers squat racks and power racks, with the latter referred to as a squat cage. Their racks, 58 in holes, 11-gauge steel, 3×3. These don’t look very innovative, but they’re coming in at a good price point. 😁

nike racks

And from a company that, I think, their welds are probably going to be robotic welding. They’re going to be nicer. I bet there’s some people scared. I bet some people are scared. Let’s see what the outside to outside width. 

So inside to inside width is 43, 46, 49. Oh, they’re going 49 in. 👦

They’re trying to match Rogue Fitness Racks, 49 in outside to outside width, not the greatest, but that’s okay.

Priced at around $450 for the squat stand, $700 to $750 for the squat rack, and $950 for the power rack, they all feature 3×3 inch 11-gauge steel tubing, ensuring durability. 

The power rack, while more expensive, provides ultimate versatility with a built-in pull-up bar.


Nike Squat Rack:
Size: 93″ – $700
Size: 103″ – $750

Nike Squat Stand – $450


In conclusion, Nike’s new strength equipment lineup “Nike Strength” is a significant addition to the fitness industry. 😁 This is a blog on Nike Strength Home Gym Equipment Price.

Leveraging Nike’s resources has allowed them to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. This move could potentially drive more competition in the industry, prompting other companies to step up their game and reduce prices for consumers. 

Given the generally positive impression of the weights I’ve tested, I’ll be providing individual reviews for each product soon.

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