7 Undeniable Pros and Cons of Home Gym India

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A lot of you are finally about to start training in a commercial gym, which is great. However, I know just as many of you are probably still stuck at home and losing your hard-earned gains, which is always heartbreaking.

So with that, I’m going to go over some of the pros and cons of home gym and why making the investment is going to be such a great idea for a lot of you. 😀

Because many of you still won’t make a decision until they view the inside story about, Is it worth it to build a home gym? Or Is a home gym a good idea?

👉 If that’s something you are interested in to know, more coming up…

7 Advantages of a Home Gym

1. The time you save training at home

✔️ If you don’t have to get ready to drive out in public and enter the commercial gym, think of all the time you’ll save every week, month, years, and even decades to come. 

Being able to simply walk into your garage and start training will save you tons of time and to some people, this is the most important reason to drop the commercial gym and invest in a garage gym.

2. The money you’ll save over time

✔️ If you only have a 500 Rupee membership at some gym, sure it’s going to take a while before the savings come in. 

Unfortunately for everybody else, most gym memberships can range anywhere from 1000 Rupee a month to even 4000 plus per month, which is kind of crazy to me to even consider wasting money on by investing at a garage gym. 

Which of course it costs money upfront, but you’ll save money forever and it will constantly be reminded of what investing in your training properly can do for you.😀

3. The music you can play of your choice

✔️ When it comes to music and commercial gyms, quite frankly, it sucks. Not everybody likes listening to mainstream music, especially not while training. 

➡️ Also, the idea of training with headphones in and having your phone in your pocket never made any sense to me. I feel like for most people it’s going to get in the way and distract you on your heavy sets. 

That’s why having a garage gym with your own sound system set to your music is awesome. Plus, you can have PR songs available when you need to dig deep and push yourself for a new personal record listening to music that pumps you up definitely gives you a psychological edge. 😀

4. You can spend more time with your kids

✔️ As well, I know a lot of you have kids out there, and having a drive-in to the gym with you is probably a huge pain. Somedays even having to pay a babysitter every time you go in the gym doesn’t sound very appealing at all. 

Instead, training in the comfort of your home will allow you to get your kids in on staying healthy and developing good habits from a young age. 

Or if you don’t want them in the gym with you just being able to train peacefully, knowing they’re safe inside is going to be enough reason for most to drop the gym membership and start building a home gym. 

5. You can add Quality Equipment

✔️ Let’s be honest, some equipment in commercial gyms just sucks. Sure, the cables and machines are pretty nice and give you a ton of training variety. However, when it comes to power racks and barbells, a lot of gyms just don’t invest as wisely as they could. 

That’s why building your own gym is so fun to me. You can get whatever equipment you want and slowly invest in new pieces as time goes by. 

Of course, there will require some maintenance in the future but you don’t have to worry about a wobbly gym bench and barbell with aggressive knurling causing an injury like what some public gyms have. Moving on to the next pros and cons of home gym India. 

6. No one bothers you at home

✔️ This one’s pretty important that is no people bothering you and having to wait for your turn to use equipments. 

I shouldn’t have to tell you guys that most gyms have a ton of people that want to be social and talk to everybody not only is this distracting but honestly, I think it’s quite annoying, especially when you have to wait for equipment because of them. 😑

This is always a pain when you see guys curling in a squat rack. For instance, not having to wait for equipment and constantly being distracted by other people is such a huge positive.

This is the main reason I built mine and why home workouts are better than the gym. I’ll never go back to a commercial gym ever again.

7. You have never had to look for weights.

✔️ This is probably the best reason for wanting a home gym and then I can think of and that’s not having to look for your weights, which should be in one spot at all time. 

So many times that gyms you hear stories about not being able to find the weights you need because they’re being used by somebody or, even worse, nobody rerack the weights.💢

Honestly, having a nice organized storage area in your garage and where the weights are always accessible is awesome and definitely a huge positive for any garage gym. 

5 Main Disadvantages of home gym

home gym essentials pros and cons of home gym
pros and cons of home gym

➡️ Let’s get to the cons of home gym, which I will admit isn’t a very long list. Well, owning a home gym is seriously awesome. It makes a ton of sense. Unfortunately for some people, it just isn’t in the cards. 

This list of disadvantages of home gym is something that I thought of for average people, but if I miss some definitely let me know about it. 

1. Big Investment to make

❌ Probably the number one biggest disadvantage of a home gym is the investment necessary. Sure, you can make do with the basic rack, some weight plates, and a barbell, but to get more beyond, that is going to cost you. 

If you choose to get a full dumbbell set, for instance, that’s going to cost you over $1,000. Right! 

There, getting rubber dumbbells all matches a couple hundred bucks, then, of course, there are extra plates which are usually priced per kg or more add in cable machines, incline benches and it could cost a couple grand to make the home gym of your dreams. 

Luckily, you can mitigate all these costs by investing slowly over time. Start with ATE barbell and plates and slowly start adding pieces. As you go, along that way, you won’t break the big all in one time and you can still keep making progress building your home. 

2. Compromised Training Variety:

❌ I don’t have to tell you that most commercial gyms have access to tons of weights barbells and dumbbells but they also have access to machines, which is a big part of a lot of bodybuilders’ training. 

If you want more variety, you’re going to have to buy machines. They give you the best bang for your buck while also being space friendly or just join a public gym. 👉 Whatever you choose, there are still tons of options available with just a barbell bodyweight and Dumbell training. 

If you have adjustable dumbbells, it really is up to you and your particular training style to determine if it’s worth the long-term investment. 

➡️ For 99% of the population, you’re going to make more progress using a barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight training than anything else. 

You can never use machines or cable work and still get all the gains you will ever get in your lifetime, which is definitely something to consider. 

3. You need to have a dedicated space for your home gym: 

❌ Obviously, a big reason people can’t get a home gym is because they don’t have a space. Most apartment buildings don’t come with garage units. They’re tiny aka one-car garages for those that have, garages they might not want to take up all the space available for equipment only. 

That’s why most people just spend the money on a membership and all the houses would come with that instead luckily there’re options out there for people that don’t have a ton of space. 😑

If you get a wall-mounted rack like this one from Schultz India, you can save a ton of space and still gear your training in for a cheap price. Check it out and see if it works for you.

4. You need to invest or watch for climate. 

❌ Climate issues are a big factor to consider when it comes to training in a garage, unlike big box gyms which have AC units and heaters. Garages are exposed to the elements. When it’s hot you’ll boil inside. 💢

When it’s cold, you’ll freeze and when it’s raining, snowing or meteorites are falling from the sky where all they are experiencing it front and center. 

Once again, though, these are pretty easy to fix. Simply get a big fan for your home gym for summer and wear layers in winter that way as you warm up in wintertime. You can take the layers off and use the fan in summer just to stay cool. 

5. You may feel less motivated, working out alone. 

❌ This is the final problem that I can see people having and that is – it might cause motivation issues for some people by training at home. It’s really easy to make excuses and call it a rest day. After all, right inside is where your kitchen and bed are both easy excuses to just stop what you’re doing, get some food, and take a nap. 

➡️ For those that are extremely motivated, they need other people around to keep them going. 

And for those that are internally motivated, training in the garage gym or home gym is super easy and requires no effort. I would know because I can motivate myself to do anything. That promises better performance in the gym. I know a lot of you guys out there are just like me and for those that lose motivation easily. 

You simply need to be disciplined enough don’t complain to be upset that you have to work out. Be excited that you get to work out and move the needle forward a little every time you go out and keep progressing.👍 

After all, our time is limited. Spending it out of shape and being weak is pointless and will never make any sense to me. 

FAQs on pros and cons of home gym India

Q1: Can you put a home gym on second floor?

🤨 It is safe to install gym equipment on the second floor as long as you do not exceed the uniform, or live load restrictions of your flooring. Most flooring can sustain 40 pounds per square foot, thus a 70-square-foot space might support up to 2800 pounds (spread across the room).

It’s also a good idea not to drop your weights when working out on the second floor.

Q2: How big should a home gym be?

You need not require a 1000 sq ft space to first set up your own home gym. A good size of home gym should be 150-200 sq ft, or less it all depends on an individual level. Just pre-decide what kind of workouts you want to do.

For example, cardio equipment like a treadmill, or exercise bicycle would take more space so before buying in take an assessment where each item fits and if you still have room left to move.

Q3: Why home workouts are better than gym?

Home workouts aren’t any better than gym workouts. In my opinion, no one is superior or inferior; it’s only upto the person where he finds his sweet spot.

At home, people find enough focus and less noise to go through the hardest set. On the opposite, at home, there aren’t many people to spot you, and alone it becomes hard to get motivated and reap out a great performance. Find which is best for you? 🤨

Q4: How much does it cost to set up a home gym?

A single piece of high-quality home gym equipment costs a lot of money, and to have a complete functional trainer, you must spend a LOT of money!!

A simple home gym may cost nearly between 50,000/- and 5 lakh, depending on your need for weight machines and your likes. You can send your requirement to [email protected] and I could try to help in any way possible. 

Q5: Is a home gym a good investment?

Absolutely, consider your home gym to be a long-term investment. Yes, it will cost you a little extra in the near run. However, you will save a lot of money in the long term.

With a home gym, you make workout decisions based on your needs rather than what is available. So you invest in quality equipments and only in items which are necessary.

Q6: Can you build muscle with a home gym?

While at home, you might not have all the gym equipment necessary or enough of what you find in the gym. Still, by trying out some bodyweight exercises and a few basic dumbbells, you can build muscle mass. It all depends on how consistent you are and how you maximize your effort to continuously challenge yourself. 

Bottom Line

Hope you find blog on the pros and cons of home gym India helpful. Learn how to build your own home gym in India by checking our most popular blogs. 

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