Best Deadlift Jack in India: IronJack Review

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One of the most underrated and maybe underappreciated tools in the gym is a mini deadlift jack.😊 

Now, if you’re one of those who thinks that deadlift jacks somehow make you weaker, then this is definitely not for you.

If, on the other hand, you see the benefits of a deadlift jack, namely how it helps you save time and energy, then you’ll definitely want to stick around because today in this blog we’re taking a look at the newly released IronJack.❀️

IronJack- Best Deadlift Jack in India

Mini Deadlift Jack India
  • A Deadlift Jack makes heavy barbell loading and unloading easier so you may perform deadlifts and other exercises that begin on the ground without hurting your back.

    Put the jack under the bar, raise it by pulling back on the handle, and then add extra weight as you would if the bar was racked.Β 


  1. Aesthetic black powder-coated finish. 
  2. Weighs under 1.5 kg.
  3. Body: Mild Steel
  4. Grip: High tensile acrylic grips.
  5. Hook: High tensile acrylic hooks for bar protection.
  6. Feet: HDPE plastic ensures your floors/platforms are not damaged.


  • Easy to carry.Β 
  • It can be kept inside the gym bag and carried anywhere you wish.Β 
  • Lightweight design.Β 
  • Faster Weight Assembly.Β 
  • HDPE plastic ensures your floors are not damaged.
  • Aesthetic black powder-coated finish.
  • Doesn’t move or wobble the loaded barbell. ❀️


  • Can lift one side at a time.Β 
  • More force is to be applied by hands to lever it.

➑️ This is a new deadlift Jack alternative that’s going to try to take the place of the tried-and-true mini deadlift jack, dead wedge or everybody’s favourite change weight plate thrown under a couple of 25s, which just do the needful – change the plates for your next sets.   

Now all of those options are great, neither of which are perfect, however, I think the IronJack – the best deadlift Jack in India may have solved some of these issues.

I’m really excited to try it out and let’s see if it does the job or if it’s just going to be another Jack we’re gonna have to off from our list. 😊

Ironoid is one company’s answer to the age-old problem of putting weight on the bar to deadlift.

Now as mentioned earlier we’ll likely use a change plate to do this in the past while I’ve also used a dead wedge and Bullrock Fitness mini deadlift Jack.Β 

While those have worked they’ve also had some issues the Ironoid barbell jack is aimed at fixing those problems. 

Before getting into the Ironoid Ironjack review. Here’s a very quick primer on deadlift jacks and why they’re useful. ✨

What is a deadlift bar Jack?

➑️ When you’re loading or unloading a barbell on the floor. It can be annoying doing so because of a little thing called gravity that keeps everything firmly on the ground. 

A deadlift jack uses leverage to effortlessly lift the bar enough to provide clearance for plates to slide on and off without restriction. This allows you to conserve your energy for the actual lift and it makes your back feel easier after the lift. 

The deadlift jack just speeds up the entire process thereby making your gym time more efficient. 

What’s the benefit of deadlift jack?

➑️ The main benefit of this IronJack mini deadlift jack in India is the fact that it’s very lightweight. It’s very portable. If you want to throw this in a gym bag you can.

Outside of a normal mini Jack which actually gets really heavy. The fulcrum design on this allows you to easily lift weights. 

This original video demonstrates how easy it is to lift weights with this particular one and this is better in some regards. 

Then let’s say just throw in a 5-kg plate or something like a dead wedge under the plate because this is actually going to lift the entire weight stack off the ground which means you’ll always be able to push the weights all the way into the collar and you’re not going to get any loose or sloppy plates around. ✨

βœ… This is the main benefit of Ironoid best deadlift Jack in India.

Design of Ironoid barbell jack India 

The Ironoid barbell jack is made from a strong lightweight material, 6061 aluminium which allows it to lift an extreme amount of weight while remaining light and portable. 

➑️ The barbell jack itself weighs less than 2 kgs and I’m gonna go ahead and break down the design into three parts: 

#1 Base of the jack: It has 3 feet for stability that curve up towards the front and ends up being 7 inches long. Now, this is the part that initially touches the ground and allows you to lift the weight back. 

#2 Feet: The feet are grouped for added grip and are 2 and 1/4 inches wide; the middle foot is part of the overall handle of the jack and stands at 18 inches tall. 

#3 Hook: Now about halfway up you have a UHMW hook that helps you grab onto the bar which by the way is user replaceable and the plastic not only protects the bar but the jack as well.

At the top of the handle, you have 4 grooves for easy gripping.

If you're unfamiliar with Ironoid, they're an India-based equipment company that first made its name back in 2018 when they released the original deadlift jack/ barbell jack. ✨

βœ… One of the things that I really appreciate about Ironoid is that they believe in unique design and they bring a fresh perspective to the products that they build.

πŸ‘‰ This Mini deadlift jack is not a unique product; it’s been around for many years but the unique design of the IronJack was enough to catch the eyes of many, myself included. 

Other Options To Lift A Barbell

➑️ Before I get into how the IronJack works. Let’s take a look at the other options I was using before: 

#1 Dead Wedge
Dead Wedge The Deadlift Jack Alternative for Your Gym Bag mensquats

It’s nice because it’s small in its light, however, my issue with it was that it was wider than the plates I was using at the time and putting on a second plate was sometimes difficult because it would hit the rubber wedge.

The biggest issue I had though was when it was rolling and adding plates on the plates oftentimes became loose.

Now because the wedge is in contact with the bottom of the plate, it is difficult to push them all the way back to the collar without physically lifting the weight and bar up, which kind of defeats the purpose of the wedge in the first place.

If you wish to buy a dead wedge, get this one here.

#2 Mini deadlift jack:
deadlift jack from bullrock

With using Bullrock mini deadlift Jack. It did a much better job of this as it lifted the plates completely off the ground.

However, it’s fairly big and pretty heavy, almost 5.64 Kg. It also has another severe issue which I didn’t find out until doing some testing.

Where the wedge travels well but performs below par. The mini barbell Jack travels terribly but performs really well. 😊

#3 IronJack Mini deadlift jack:

Now, this is where the Ironoid barbell Jack called IronJack comes into play because it’s really the best of both.

It not only travels well but it performs better than the other heavy mini deadlift Jack, it can be easily carried inside your gym bag and in most cases weighs less than your Olympic shoes and or weightlifting belt. 

βœ… Here you can see it in action that simply attaches to the bar and brings the weight right up with a little movement.

One of the things I also really like about it is that it doesn’t need as much space on the floor to get the bar off the ground for the wedge. 

You have to roll the weight and for the mini Jack not only do you have to roll it a little bit you then need another 19 inches or so behind the bar so you need clearance and the IronJack just needs those 7 inches and you’re good to go.

πŸ‘‰ It's one of the few instances where less is more.

Ironoid Deadlift Barbell Jack Features

➑️ The overall look of this barbell deadlift jack is pretty sweet and definitely reminds me of some sort of weapon almost like an Ice pick.

  1. Light Weight:

    The first thing to note about this jack and probably my favourite thing about it is just how light it is. This is built with a combination of aluminium and carbon steel which results in a total weight of just 1.5 kg. 

    πŸ‘‰ The Ironoid jack is much easier to move around and has more storage capabilities when combined with some of its other benefits and features. It’s just better all around. 
  2. The Handle:

    Most deadlift jacks have a simple tube steel handle which works fine, but it uses a contoured handle with individual finger slots.

    Not only do I think that this just feels better and more natural but I also think it looks better and creates a more refined-looking product. 😊

    The grip also has a dual-sided acetyl cover for comfort and durability and you can tell it’s just really well machined given the fact that these three pieces sit perfectly flush. 

    πŸ‘‰ You’ll notice that the handle has a little bit of lateral flex to it given that it’s not made out of thick steel which kind of caught me off guard at first but ultimately it’s completely inconsequential and it’s one of the big reasons why this deadlift jack is so lightweight.
  3. Foot Design:

    This is the same concept as the original and smaller Ironoid jack and it’s one that looks cool and also performs really well. 

    You’ll notice that the feet are covered in moulded plastic to help protect your floor and they also have a low profile grooved pattern on the underside just to provide a little bit more texture and grip to the floor relative to a smooth finish.
  4. Hooks:

    You’ll also notice that it has nice laser-cut IJ logos on the side which again help to contribute to a very refined-looking jack. On top of the feet are the hooks for our actual barbells similar to the handle.

    These also have dual-sided acetal coverings. 

    βœ… The big benefit of acetyl relative to the UHMW that we commonly see in space is that it’s harder, it’s easier to machine and it results in tighter tolerances which you can clearly see here. 

    These hooks do have total acetyl coverage which is going to be great for the health of our barbells.

    πŸ‘‰ The top of the Ironoid hooks measure 2 inches wide and then they taper down towards the bottom to cradle your bars. 

Mini Deadlift Jack vs Full Deadlift Jack 

That’s an in-depth look at some of the features of the Ironoid deadlift jack, but the big question is how does it compare to the smaller Ironoid jack and also how does it compare to some of the other full-sized deadlift jacks on the market, like the Challenco one.😊

➑️ The biggest benefit of a full-size jack compared to a smaller jack is that it lifts the entire bar up versus the smaller jack only lifting one side up at a time.

πŸ‘‰ This speeds up the process, it removes a step altogether and it’s generally just easier to use because you don’t have to bend down at all. You can operate the entire thing just while standing. 

The downside to the full deadlift jack is of course space; the smaller IronJack takes up practically no space at all. Whereas the full-size jack takes up approximately 47/3 quarters inches wide 18.5 inches deep and 31/3 quarter inches tall. 

If you have the space to dedicate to it I would personally recommend the Ironoid jack because it’s just much easier to use, but the Ironoid jack is a great little jack on its own. Right!!❀️

πŸ‘‰ Again the Ironoid deadlift jack is substantially lighter and I find that it’s just a little bit easier to use the leverage even if it is marginal just feels a little bit better to me and while the bullrock mini deadlift jack works fine and it can handle a lot of weight I just enjoy the operation of the IronJack more. 

One of the other things that Ironoid company did when they designed this relative to some of the other full-size jacks on the market was they extended their hooks to be a little bit wider with the thought that this would reduce some of the bend in the bar and over time limit some of the stress imposed on it. 

➑️ Now this is going to make your bars magically perform better and last longer than they would otherwise.

Technically this could be a perceived benefit and it is something worth noting. 

Price of Ironoid Deadlift Mini Jack India

290916417 382014110479401 6255464460691833646 n

➑️ I personally prefer a full-size deadlift jack but full-size jacks are bigger and they’re generally more expensive.

The Ironoid deadlift jack – IronJack is on the expensive side at Rs 2000 in mini deadlift jack category, it’s not the most expensive but it’s certainly not the least expensive either. 

Their price might be a little bit high but I think the return on investment is definitely there and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a deadlift Jack. 

πŸ‘‰ It's the most unique and the most feature-rich full-sized deadlift jacks on the market but I'm curious on what side of the aisle you guys fall on. ✨

GET Ironoid Jack – Rating

FAQs about Mini Deadlift Jack 

Are deadlift jacks worth it?

πŸ‘‰ Deadlift jacks are much more effective when loading and unloading heavy weights. It removes the manual work to lift the barbell with your hands and ease the stress caused to your back when bending down to put/remove the 25 plates from the barbell.

How much does a deadlift bar help?

πŸ‘‰ The deadlift bar, in my opinion, makes 183 kg seem 7 to 10 kg lighter. In other words, it might allow you to boost your deadlift by 3 to 5%. And when you become accustomed to how the bar feels, this number might even be a little higher.

How do you load a deadlift bar without Jack?

πŸ‘‰ Either use a 5 kg plate underneath and lift the plates up from the ground and put in/ remove the weight as per your need OR take the help of a second person who holds the barbell one side up by his force so you can remove plates easily.

How much can an Ironoid deadlift jack hold?

πŸ‘‰ This only weighs about 1.5 Kg and can handle big loads. I’ve got 350 kg loaded on the bar. This is a fairly routine warm-up set. Watch how easy it is to use, get it in position under the bar, give it a nice little tug back, and look at that seamless operation. I think most of us can agree that deadlift jacks are pretty cool. Ultimately it comes down to how much space you have and what your budget is.

Is a deadlift jack something that you would favour as a budget option or are you willing to pay a little bit extra for a better product even if it’s just a deadlift jack? Let me know in the comment section down below. 

Thanks for reading. Stay Strong. 

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