ROXAN Open Trap Bar in India Review | Budget-Priced, But…

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open trap bar in India review

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Hey there, it's Rishabh from Mensquats Gym Reviews, and today we're diving into an in-depth review of the Roxan Sports Open Trap Bar in India | Ideal For deadlift and shrugs.
Open Trap Bar in India Review

👍 This is an open trap bar that’s been on our radar for a while, and we finally got our hands on it. 

We’ll also touch on their regular closed hex bar in the next blog, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Both trap bars are quite similar, with a few minor differences in strength and functionality. 🔥

👉 We’re on a mission to scrutinise every piece of workout equipment on the market, and today, we’re closing in on the trap bar category. While new options keep cropping up, we’ve put quite a few to the test. If you’re interested in our previous reviews, please check out our back blog. 

✔️ Now, let’s focus on the main product: the ROXAN Sports Open Trap Bar. 💡

Open Trap Bar Review
Unboxing both of their trap bars.

As is typical with ROXAN equipment, they’re designed to be budget-friendly options, but…

The real question isn’t whether they offer value—they certainly do—but whether they outshine other options in the market. 

We’ll delve into that shortly, comparing them to other models and discussing whether this is the “best trap bar to buy”, and what we like and dislike about them, as we always do.

✅ If you decide to purchase these bars, you can find the links or phone numbers below.  It's important to note that we received these bars for review purposes, free of cost. However, our opinions are unfiltered, and ROXAN Sports sees the blog at the same time as you do.

Now, let’s break it down step by step.

Open Trap Bar in India by ROXAN Sports

loading capacity of hex trap bar
  • This trap bar weight brings an exciting combination of features from high-end trap bars while keeping its price tag on the lower side. This is an innovative design similar to a trap bar, with an open end. Because of its jack stand, you will have NO trouble putting weight plates in and off.❌

Price: Rs 10,000 + Shipping Charges.

Roxan Sports Number: +91-9027123212

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Material:Pipe Bending (Round pipe – 2 inch)
Bar Weight:16 kg
Sleeve Length:14 inches
Overall Length:66 inches
Standing space:25 inches
Load capacity:250 kg
Handle:28MM with knurling
Warranty:1 year
Shaft diameter:50 mm
Source:Made in Merrut, Uttar Pradesh

✅ Ideal For: Powerlifters, beginners, and people who find it difficult to deadlift with straight barbells due to limited mobility. On this bar, with deadlift exercises you can also perform LUNGES, which is not practical to do with a closed HEX trap bar.


  • Competitive price-to-features ratio.
  • Suitable handle width for most users.
  • Versatile design.
  • Dual handle heights add exercise variety.
  • You can do LUNGES with this open trap bar.
  • Power coat handles with a medium knurling.
  • Easy to carry weight (16 kg only.)
  • Comes with a built-in jack so putting plates is easy, and effortless here. 🔥


  • The bar is not perfectly balanced, which can be a slight annoyance.
  • Small in dimensions, so you can’t do squats, or other exercises for that say.
  • It has a lower weight capacity (250 kg) compared to some close hex trap bars, limiting its use for very heavy lifts.

Product Rating

Gym hex trap bar
Best Open Trap Bar in India

Why Choose an Open-Ended Trap Bar?

🙂 First things first, you might be wondering why you’d want an open-ended trap bar.

Well, these bars offer increased versatility compared to traditional hex trap bars.

With an open design, you’re not confined, allowing you to perform exercises that require more movement, like lunges, carries, presses, and bent-over rows. 

You can even do unique movements that involve lifting the bar over your head safely. 

Plus, many open-ended trap bars, including the Roxan Sports Open Trap Bar in India, come with a built-in jack stand, making plate loading & unloading a breeze.😮‍💨

Product Overview:

lifting on trap barbell
Open Trap Bar in India

👉 For those of you building a home gym, you’ve probably noticed that speciality bars are essential additions after the BASICS like barbells and squat racks

One of the go-to speciality bars for many people is the hex trap bar, and it's easy to see why. The versatility of trap bars opens up a whole new world of exercises, and they're usually quite budget-friendly.

While a standard 20kg barbell is a staple for most, a trap bar or safety squat bar can be a fantastic addition.

Personally, I’d recommend a Trap bar weight as your next purchase after a barbell. 

The Roxan Sports –  Open Trap Bar in India is no exception. It allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, from traditional deadlifts to squats and jumps. 

What sets it apart is its open-end design, which also makes it suitable for pressing movements, lunges, and other exercises that you can’t do with a standard closed hex trap bar.

I frequently use MINE for neutral grip presses, thanks to the open-end design, allowing for comfortable overhead presses with your head in the middle. 

Most multi-grip bars can’t offer this due to obstructions. ROXAN Sports aims for budget-friendliness without compromising quality. 💡

Roxan Open Trap Bar Deadlift Features:

✅ Now, let’s explore some features of these open trap bars. 

#1 Jack Stand:
deadlift bar India
comes with a JACK

One standout feature is the jack stands they come with. These might seem like a small addition, but once you’ve used them, you’ll wonder why every bar doesn’t have them. 😅

Jack stands to make it easy to lift the bar, keeping it stable and allowing you to slide gym plates on effortlessly. It’s a convenient feature that you only realise you need once you have it. 

ROXAN Sports uses rubber feet for these stands, which provide grip and protect your gym floor from damage. 

This thoughtful detail sets them apart from other trap bars, which lack such coating and can potentially harm your gym floor.🔥

#2 Dual Handle Heights:
dual handlesfor open trap bar
28MM grip on both handles

The Roxan Sports Trap Bar comes with dual handle heights, providing options for various users and exercise variations.

Having multiple handle heights is a significant advantage when it comes to trap bars. 

This feature is important for trap bars, as it provides better balance and a more comfortable starting point for lifts. 

The higher handle height also allows for a more vertical starting position, which can be advantageous for certain exercises.

#3 Handle Materials and Knurling:

The handles on the Industrial Trap Bar feature moderate knurling, making them ideal for heavy lifting. 

This bar is built for those who lift substantial weights, boasting a weight limit of 250 kgs, backed by ROXAN’s 1-year warranty.

While this weight limit is likely conservative, it’s a testament to the bar’s durability.

#4 Handle Width:
mensquats gym reviews India roxan sports
open trap bar deadlift

The bar has two interchangeable handles of different widths, allowing you to customise your grip based on your preference and body type. 

The handle width is 23.6 inches, a suitable size for most users. It strikes a balance between narrow and wide grips, accommodating a broad range of body types.

#5 Construction:

The bar is constructed from PSI steel, despite its open-ended design, making it quite robust. The powder coating on this version not only looks great but is also highly corrosion-resistant.

It’s applied thinly, preserving the knurling’s texture. 

The more budget-friendly option, however, uses black oxide coating, which tends to wear over time and isn’t as corrosion-resistant. 🙂

#6 Weight:

This Roxan Sports open trap bar weighs 16 kg, which isn’t the standard weight for many Olympic barbells, but close enough to the standard 20-kg Olympic barbell for easy weight calculations.

#7 Assembly:

Putting this open hex bar together is a breeze. It’s shipped to your door or your nearest warehouse, and the assembly is not required since this comes in 1 piece.

Straightway, take it out of the wrap and use it in your exercises.

#8 Price:
IMG 20230928 165200
full design of trap bar deadlift

One of the standout features of the Roxan Sports Open Trap Bar deadlift weight is its affordability.

It’s often on sale for around Rs 10,000 + shipping💰, making it a budget-friendly option compared to many other open trap bars on the market. Recommendation & Comparison:

✔️ Now, let's address the big question: who should consider these bars, and how do they stack up against the competition in price and features? 

These ROXAN trap bars are undoubtedly solid options, offering good value for their price.

However, when we compare them to other trap bars in the market, it’s evident that they face stiff competition.

Top Competitior

  1. 👉 For example, the ROXAN open hex bar, is somewhat in line with or even more expensive than the Bullrock Fitness Open Trap Bar in India, which we believe offers one of the best values in this category, often priced around Rs 17,216 + shipping. 
  2. The Bullrock Fitness bar boasts similar features, including being open-ended and equipped with jack stands, making it a more appealing choice.

As for the Industrial Roxan Open Trap Bar, priced at around Rs 10,000 + shipping, it faces tough competition from the Bullrock Fitness open trap bar.

The Bullrock Fitness bar offers a modular design, comes with dual chrome plate handles, features a long sleeve, and offers rotating sleeves, all at a higher price point. 💰

✅ So, if you’re looking for fantastic value and don’t require those specific features, the Roxan Fitness Open Trap Bar in India shines. 

Its price-to-value ratio is hard to beat, and it delivers a great performance as a dedicated trap bar. ✌️

✔️ Given these considerations, we find it challenging to recommend the ROXAN Sports open trap bars over some of the other options available in the market.

My Last Opinion:

roxan hex trap bar
Roxan Sports – Best Open Trap Bar in India review

In conclusion, this Open Trap Bar Weight offers impressive value.

While it may not match the quality of high-end options like the Bullrock Fitness trap bars, it provides an excellent balance of features, versatility, and affordability. 

Whether you’re a beginner building your home gym or a seasoned lifter looking for a budget-friendly trap bar, the Roxan Sports Open Trap Bar is worth considering. 

Just be aware of its slight balance issue and lower weight capacity compared to some competitors.

roxan sports bran
Staff Pick

Roxan Sports: Most Budget Open Trap Bar

Give my Reference for an attractive pricing.
Call: 9027123212
Place: Merrut, UP
Price: 10,000 + Shipping
On-Going Offer

Lastly, Why Should You Buy A Trap Bar? WHY at all?

✅ One of the standout features of the hex bar/ or "shrug barbell" is its centred weight distribution, which places the weight directly over your hips. 

This is particularly beneficial if you have any lower back or knee injuries, as it promotes proper form without adding stress to your spine, unlike traditional squats or deadlifts. 

For taller individuals like myself, the hex bar also addresses ‌squeezing into a V-shape during squats, which can strain the lower back.

When it comes to upper body workouts, the hex bar offers a neutral grip, which is gentle on your wrists and engages muscles differently compared to a barbell. 

This variation can help you break through plateaus and achieve better results.🙂

gym trap bar
trap bar deadlift

Exercises You Can Do With Open Trap Bar:

  1. Push-Ups: Flip the hex bar with the handles higher for an extended range of motion and a comfortable, neutral grip that eases wrist strain. You can adjust your hand placement to target different areas of the chest.
  2. Bent Over Rows: The hex bar’s grip allows for a more centred pull, emphasising lat engagement and potentially adding depth to your back muscles.
  3. Shoulder Press: Clean the bar to your shoulders for a neutral grip shoulder press, particularly effective for targeting side delts and enhancing upper body width.
  4. Hex Bar Deadlift: Adjust the handles to accommodate your height or address any back issues, making this exercise a safer and effective alternative to traditional deadlifts.
  5. Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs): Perform RDLs with proper form, keeping a slight knee bend, hinging at the hips, and maintaining a neutral spine.
  6. Kickstand Stiff-Leg Deadlifts: Focus on unilateral strength by performing this exercise one leg at a time, using the other leg for balance and stability.
  7. Farmer’s Carries: As an unconventional cardio option, load up the hex bar and walk for 15 to 20 minutes after your workout. It’s an efficient way to burn fat and engage your entire body.

The hex bar’s underutilised status in the gym makes it likely available even during busy times. You can incorporate these exercises into your routine as a circuit or individually to diversify your gym training.✌️

bar holder
Showcasing all my BARS
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is a Hex bar good for traps?

The primary purpose of a hex trap bar is not to target the trapezius muscles (traps). But we use it for exercises like deadlifts, which work in various muscle groups, including the traps indirectly. Some also call this a Shrug Barbell. 

2. Is a hex bar and trap bar the same?

Yes, a hex bar and a trap bar are essentially the same thing. It’s just a different name. They are both hexagon-shaped barbells with handles on each side and are often used interchangeably.

3. How much more can you lift with a hex bar?

Many people find they can lift more weight with a hex trap bar, including me compared to a straight barbell. This would reduce the strain on the lower back and allow for heavier lifts.

4. How much weight can a hex bar hold?

The weight a hex bar can hold depends on its design and build. However, most hex bars can hold several 1000 kg of weight.

5. Who designed a trap bar?

The trap bar, invented by powerlifter Al Gerard in the 1980s, was initially conceived to work around lower back injuries. Gerard successfully developed a method to continue training the deadlift with limited mobility.

6. Are trap bar deadlifts safer?

Yes, the neutral grip and centred weight distribution reduce the risk of lower back injuries and provide a safer lifting experience. The trap also allows your back position to be more upright without bending.💡

✅ Thank you for joining us today at – Most Trusted Gym Review Blog in India 

We value your opinions, so please feel free to share your thoughts on “ROXAN SPORTS Open Trap Bar in India” in the comments section below. We’ve been asked about these bars frequently, and we appreciate your feedback. 

This is Rishabh, signing off. 

Stay strong!👍

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