Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India: Bullrock Stallion Bench Review

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best multi purpose weight bench for home gym in India

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Today we will talk about Bullrock Stallion FID Bench: The Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India. It is a heavy-duty bench, and possibly the most quality purchase in the benches that are available right now. 

We’re talking about one of the first pieces of equipment, which also happens to be one of the expensive one’s.

In fact, outside of the power rack which was supposed to be the most expensive gym equipment, this is the 2nd thing people spend a lot on. Benches.

Bullrock workout bench for home

That’s saying a lot because as you know spending on a home gym is a costly thing. (No doubt!) But still spending on quality, heavy-duty, and stable weight bench is an investment. 

✔️ So let’s get right into it and find out if this multipurpose weight bench from Bullrock Fitness is worth the money or not? And should you consider buying it?

In this blog, we’re going to talk about it and also briefly compare it to some of the other multipurpose bench for home gym on the market. ❤️

Bullrock Stallion: Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym 

first image 1

Flat Incline Decline Bench.

  • This Stallion bench is a commercial-grade bench created to support 1000 lbs., bearing in mind that your bench must take both your weight and the weight of how much you’re lifting.

If you have 99 problems in life, a workout bench for home shouldn’t be one of them.

A lossy gym bench only welcomes accidents/ instability while performing your heavy lifts later in life. 

✔️ The Bullrock Stallion adjustable bench in India is a heavy-duty multifunctional piece of equipment for any home or even commercial gym and the importance of this cannot be understated nor can the build quality. 


  • Come with a Foot Rest. 
  • Made with Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel.
  • Tested with 1025 lbs (465 kg) load. 
  • 2.5” Thick high density foam pad used, which is also grippy. 
  • Bench has competition-like specs.
  • Easy to move, with wheels. 
  • Doesn’t wobble. A very stable bench.✔️
  • On Pads 1-year warranty is given.


  • Don’t have a handle to pull. 
  • Don’t fold up for easy storing.
  • No zero-gap bench.
  • Not many settings for a decline position. 
  • No laser cutting number to indicate the adjustment angle.  

If you’re in hurry, and don’t have time? I got you. Check this Youtube Video from FIT WITH REPS.

Adjustable Bench Press Dimensions:

gym bench for home adjustable
Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India
Material:CR Steel | High-density Foam | Plywood
Weight:43.5 KG
Weight Capacity:1000 Lbs/ 453 kg
Footprint without wheels & Footrest21” x 44”
Total Footprint21” x 60”
Warranty 5-Year Structural Warranty

Bullrock Stallion FID bench is made from 2 by 3 11 gauge steel and it weighs a whopping 43.5 kg.

This thing is super sturdy and even though it’s considered portable when you’re using it, it’s gonna feel like it’s bolted to the ground. The overall footprint of this bench is 21” broad x 60” long x 18″ in height. 

Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India

☑️ The bench also includes convenient 2 wheels to assist in moving this beast and although the wheels are a nice touch I feel like they don’t match the quality of the bench and I would have liked to see something better here. 

Now obviously this gym bench for home is meant to be used in both flatten, and inclined positions. So the bench offers 9 incline positions varying from 0 degrees to 75 degrees and the seat offers 4 different positions as well.  

👉 I personally only found myself using about half the available positions. 📌Those would be flat positions, the first incline for incline bench, and 75 degrees for shoulder pressing. 

adjustable gym bench price in india

✔️ Speaking of inclines, the second seat position is a lot lower than most other benches in the category. I would say one is flat and the other is not as flat so I would expect some more options here.

Also, the padding on the bench is very nice as well. Not only is it firm but it’s pretty grippy.

One of the other things that sold me on the bench is the less gap (not 0, but 3" inches) between the upper and lower pads. On most adjustable weight benches I'm used to seeing a large gap to accommodate movement which oftentimes is in the worst spot when trying the flat bench position and is extremely uncomfortable.🙄 

But on this bench you will see an almost 3″ inches gap only. I hope this bench has 0 gap which would make it seem more like it’s a dedicated flat bench. 

No Doubt, Bullrock Stallion it one of the best multipurpose weight bench on the market and maybe one of the best flat benches on the market as well. 

Because the height behind it is, the width/ length of the upper/ and lower seat and the pad itself all dimensions are very similar to what I might see in competition. ⬇️

multi purpose bench for home gym
Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India

👉  If you’re interested in other benches options, then read: 5 Best Adjustable Weight Bench in India (Compared)

Bullrock Adjustable Bench In Detail Explained


The points I discussed above, may get repeated below but it’s just to explain to you in a better way about this awesome bench.

Please, let’s continue reading.

#1 Height of the Bench

Bullrock weight bench height

➡️ One of the things I like is how high this bench is or how high it’s not?

The measurement from the floor to the top of the pad I get is 18 inches which is a very good height right around what I want to see in competition. Setting up on this is a breeze. 

📌The interesting thing here is when I take a look at the Bullrock website the specifications closely match the finished product. So, quite accurate.

padding size of bullrock bench

The pad is made up of commercial-grade Rexine & high-density foam and has a 2.5” thick padding that hasn’t compressed the full half an inch and it’s always been around 17.5 inches.😀 

They also do list a tolerance on their bench of +/- 3% so maybe that applies to some of the specs that I’m going over with you but otherwise most of the specs from what I measure on my bench to what’s listed on their website lines up pretty well. 

#2 Padding

➡️ The other thing that I like about this adjustable bench is the width of the overall pad on the bench. In general, its lower pad is 10″ in width, and kind of tapers off as it goes towards the front to 16.75”.

The bottom pad measures 12 inches in length, this for me is a competition-spec. ❤️

Some benches also offer a lower pad larger than 12 inches, but if you compete in powerlifting I do think you should stick with the actual 12-inch pad itself.

The bench also measures 34” in length, 10" wide across on the upper pad. That makes it easy for a 6ft height male/ female to set up comfortably. 👉 It definitely feels a little bit better in digging your shoulders and scapula in here. 

Speaking of the pad this is probably my favourite part when it comes to flat benching on the Bullrock Stallion bench.

The pad is awesome, it is supple, it compresses really well so when you’re trying to dig your shoulder blades in and set up for a bench press this allows you to do so very well. 

✔️ Especially when you combine that with the actual cushioning used here, which is their grippy material.

#3 Adjustability levels

Angle for declination in bullrock bench

➡️ Let’s talk about the adjustability and versatility of this bench. I really like the fact that the bullrock stallion FID weight bench is adjustable in 9 different points. Going anywhere from -15 degrees up to 75 degrees and in 10-degree increments. 

How do I know that? Their product description says, “It has 9 back pad adjustments & 4 seat pad adjustments i.e. a total of 36 adjustments technically.”❤️
how many holes are there in the bullrock adjustable bench

Adding to this a Stainless-steel Pop pin for seat pad adjustment is provided that allows a smooth adjustment.

#4 Improvements That Can Be Done

➡️ I hope there are the numbers that are laser cut on the base of the unit and the bottom tray so you can know exactly which angle you’re adjusting it, that makes it really convenient and gives a nice touch to the bench.

But there aren’t any laser-cut numbers visible. Except the Bullrock logo.

As far as the bottom pad goes there are 4 seat adjustable points.

There are flat and different levels of incline and no matter what you’re trying to do from an adjustability standpoint I think you’ll be able to find a good range of motion here on this bench. 😀

Bullrock bench adjustable angles
Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India

Again the highest it goes is 75 degrees which I think is fine. Not a lot of people need a true 90-degree angle bench. 

Especially if you’re doing things like pressing where again people tend to retract their shoulder blades, some stick out their chest and even put their head back as they come down either with a barbell or a dumbbell. So 75 degrees is fine here. 

#5 Issues Faced With this Bench

➡️ Now one of the things I do want to call out though this doesn’t have many settings for a decline position (only -15 degrees). There are other benches out there that do allow that feature but truth be told I don’t think I’d use that often with my own setup and own training. 

  • Anyway if you’re looking for something that can decline sharply ❌ this Bullrock adjustable bench does not do it. 
  • The bench doesn’t have a handle.❌ It would be a nice touch if they give it but it’s absent. 
  • Also the leg attachment/ foot rest is not adjustable to make the bench moving from one place to another position simple & easy.
bullrock bench with leg attachment India

#6 Stability On The Bench

stability on bullrock bench

➡️ This adjustable bench feels super solid and speaking of super solid the pad has a nice cushion, but it also doesn’t feel like benching on concrete.

This might be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re seeking. It’s great if you’re looking at longevity-wise. 

👉But if you’re using this for other things outside of just pressing movements. Let’s say you want to use this for step-ups, or sitting on or anything where you’re going to be pushing something down into it. 

It has to be carefully watched. But definitely, it is great for benching because again it’s a very sticky pad that has a lot of giving to it to allow you to dig in. 

wobble issue in bullrock multipurpose bench for home gym

#7 The grip on the Floor:

✔️ I really like the front foot plate on here. It’s that Flat foot design which I find is really good for setting up with.

 👉 You do also see some big rubber feet/ caps on the front which means that this multi adjustable bench is not going to slide/ slip. No matter what kind of surface you’re training on. With an additional footrest at the bottom, it helps a user to maintain his power position during his heaviest set. 

It does also include 2 very hard wheels made of heavy-duty nylon, that roll great on stall mats. ‘

The bullrock multi purpose bench for home gym itself weighs around 43.46 Kg so even though it’s heavy you would never know because the wheels take care of that. 

3 Important Questions About Bullrock Stallion Bench

Q1: Is This Also A Good Flat Bench?

The first thing I want to talk about is a flat bench. Even though this is an adjustable multipurpose bench and it has a lot of different angles, in which you can adjust it in. 

👉 Let’s start it where everything starts. A lot of people want to get an adjustable bench to serve the purpose of being a flat bench replacement and also having that adjustability feature. 

➡️ Truth be told a flat bench or dedicated flat bench that doesn’t adjust is going to be better in a lot of ways but this Bullrock Stallion Bench is still great at being a flat bench which is a good trade-off because oftentimes with the adjustability you typically lose some of the benefits of having a flat bench.✨ 

best flat bench for home gym India
Bullrock Flat Bench Model
If you want to Buy Bullrock Flat bench, then check: Best Flat Weight Bench in India Review
Q2: What’s the Gap Between The 2 pads?

☑️ One of the biggest things people look to call out is the gap itself. I don’t think that’s necessary here because I find this gap is very minimal; it’s about 3 inches or less. 

gym bench for home adjustable
Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India

Depending on where the pad sits and where you really want to measure and because the upper pad length on here is longer than most other benches I’ve dealt with at about 34 inches and maybe even a little bit more. 

You typically no matter where you set up can still get some contact points where the gap is.

It’s never going to play a role if you put your butt in the lower pad the smaller your back will be. But this isn’t a problem because some smaller people could even put their butts on the upper pad and again have plenty of room in order to bench. 😀

So that goes a long way in making this a very good bench press. Even though the bullrock fitness stallion adjustable bench doesn’t have a zero-gap I haven’t found this gap here to be any issue whatsoever. 

✔️ Honestly, we can overlook the gap in a lot of cases.

Q3: Can This Bench Fold Up?

If you can get this bench up in the air and that’s also one of the areas where versatility comes into play. Because if an adjustable bench actually has a stand where you can put this up and tuck it away on the side when not in use, it’s an ADD-ON. ❤️

📌 Truth be told, I never use this feature on any bench; it’s not a selling point for me. I have enough room in my gym where I can just roll the bench away. I don’t have to worry about putting it away. 

But if you’re training in a garage or even a basement that you don’t have a ton of extra space on this might come in really handy. As you could simply roll up the bench and tuck it in a corner while you utilize the rest of your space. 

However, it’s not a CON that the Bullrock Stallion adjustable bench doesn’t roll up. 

3 Types Weight Benches Avialable

weight bench

Although flat, adjustable benches are the most common, there are other styles available as well.

  1. Olympic weight bench: An Olympic weight bench is normally broader than regular benches that are free-standing and normally comes with some sort of rack attached to the bench.
  2. Folding weight bench: This bench has a lower weight capacity than the average weight bench but this can be folded for simple storage.
  3. Preacher curl bench: Along with an adjustable seat, this bench also has an attachment that permits the user to also do a preacher curl exercise to train biceps muscles. 

Other Weight Bench Options in India We Picked

➡️ We are familiar with quite a few weight benches in India, however, we have either not tested or just do not advise them.

But the popular weight benches in India are listed below:

  • Flexnest Flexbench:

    This 34 kg adjustable bench actually has a lot of features, including incline and decline settings. For those with limited space, it can also be conveniently kept upright. It costs Rs 29999 but can only support 150 kgs.

  • Sfhealthtech Elite Adjustable Bench:

    This bench is similar to the Bullrock Stallion FID bench (for Rs 30000), and is our best choice for the finest adjustable weight bench (if not the TOP Best). It comes at the same price or, to put it another way, this bench competes directly with Bullrock in being a heavy-duty bench in India.✨

  • The Cube Club Adjustable & Foldable Bench:

    This bench is at the top of our list of the best compact exercise equipment. Its entire length is about 49.2 inches (the majority are 50 or little more), and when folded, it is only about 30 inches long. Whether we were utilizing this bench for flat or incline work, we felt quite stable on it, and the lock pin system provided us confidence that it wouldn’t move on us.

  • OtG ON THE GO 6 in 1 Multifunctional Weight Bench:

    Normally, it costs roughly Rs 12000 at retail, but if you timing it just right, you can purchase it for less. If you don’t believe us, consider the fact that this bench has only received 5-star reviews on amazon.

  • Dolphy Adjustable Weight Bench:

    This Rs 15000 bench should do the job if you absolutely need a weight bench but don’t want to spend a lot of money. According to customer reviews, it can support 200 kg and performs admirably when put to use.

Price of Bullrock Adjustable Bench:



Why this bench? The design & Heavy-duty material usage in this multi purpose bench for home gym sets it apart from the crowd.
12 People Used
1 Only Left
On-Going Offer
✔️ Now all that being said I still can't recommend that you go out and buy it. Yes, even though this is one of the best on the market I don't suggest many people go and get it and that's really due to the bottom line of the cost. The bench isn't cheap. 

👉 Bullrock adjustable gym bench price in India costs roughly Rs 32000 on Amazon and because of that heft which was so good in many of the aspects that we look for in a bench, it’s really bad in many aspects when we look forward to shipping costs. 

bullrock adjustable bench review
Bullrock bench review

Let’s face it, it’s very expensive to ship a big piece of gym equipment that weighs 43.5kg.

In fact, for a customer, it adds approx Rs 2000 to the final cost which brings the total investment to its MAX, and even though this is a really best gym bench it ain’t that nice for most people. ❌

I think you’ll be better off looking at something that maybe doesn’t have as nice as features or as nice as build quality and it’s gonna be a little bit less expensive overall.

The Cube Club Adjustable & Foldable Bench India
Cube Club Bench

Like The Cube Club Adjustable & Foldable Bench that costs under 10000 ruppees.

This will also lead to less expensive shipping charges which are going to open up some money for you. 

✔️ If you’re looking to invest in other pieces of gym equipment as well, I know cost is something that we all take into consideration when building a home gym, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally out of line for some people. 

multi purpose gym bench

So if money is no object then this might be the bench for you, or if you’re looking for the best available heavy-duty bench in the market this also may be the bench for you. ⬇️

Best Adjustable Weight Bench FAQs
Are weight benches worth it?

Unquestionably, one of the most essential equipment for any home gym is the weight bench. No matter what your training objectives are, they may support you in your barbell movements and be used for a range of movements.

How to Assemble the Bullrock stallion FID bench?

Refer to this video to make things easy.

What is the best weight bench for a home gym?

There is no concrete answer to which weight bench to buy. It all depends on your training goals, budget and space constraints. While it is clear that if you want a solid, heavy duty bench in India then there isn’t anything better than a Bullrock Stallion FID bench. However, if you want a foldable option that saves your space and is adjustable in all positions, then The Cube Club Adjustable & Foldable Bench. 😀

Should I get a flat or adjustable bench?

Flat or Adjustable bench? Beginners should simply choose one of our low-cost flat benches if they are new to strength training or are unsure of what to perform.🙄

Others who are somewhat smart about working out in the gym would be interested in simply an adjustable workout bench for home that can adjust at different angles and give trainees the ability to increase their exercise selection dramatically.

Get both if you compete, enjoy being very versatile, or are just functional and efficient like myself.

Where to buy a gym bench?

The best brands of gym bench in India, includes from Bullrock Fitness, Sfhealthtech, Cosco, Cube Club, National Bodyline, & LEEWAY Fitness. These brands deliver the best weight benches that are heavy-duty as well as in the budget range.

Do I need a bench for home gym?

For a beginner, a workout bench for home is not absolutely necessary. Though, the best way to increase upper body size and strength is using it. This is so that a bench may be used for heavy bench pressing, chest engagement at multiple angles, and chest workouts that require a wider range of motion.

Which adjustable bench is best?
The Bottom Line
Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India: Bullrock Stallion FID Bench Review
Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India: Bullrock Stallion FID Bench Review

How Much We Rate This Bench?

  • Height
  • Padding
  • Incline & Decline Adjustability
  • Stability
  • Build Quality
  • Space-spacing


Overall at the end of the day, Bullrock Stallion: Best Multipurpose bench for home gym in India is a very good bench with a couple of downfalls that can easily be addressed by either bullrock fitness themselves or even you if you want to go and take that initiative. It’s a great piece of equipment but for many people, the price point just puts it out of reach.

👉 But when you take a look at it versus some of the other similar benches. Considering adjustable gym bench price in India, the Bullrock Adjustable bench usually comes in as the best commercial adjustable weight bench with a list price of Rs 32000 on Amazon versus the Flexnest Bench at 2nd position which is for Rs 30000, and then for budget-seekers OtG ON THE GO 6 in 1 Multifunctional Weight Bench is good which is only available for Rs 12000. ✨

☑️ Now all three of these benches like I mentioned do have some ADD-ons. I didn’t get too into them.

But the one that Bullrock Fitness offers is mainly just being made superior in quality to any other benches, so you want to take that into consideration what you want out of a bench. 

I do think for regular bench pressing and maybe even dumbbell work flat, any bench would work. But for heavy bench press, step-up exercises, and anywhere where stability and strength of the bench are tested. I think the Bullrock Stallion FID bench WINS. Hands down!!

Anyway, the adjustability issues like I said can be somewhat addressed but overall this multi-bench is great.😀

Thats all for this blog “Bullrock Stallion FID Bench Review: The Best Multipurpose Bench For Home Gym in India”

If you have any other questions or comments about it leave them in the comment section below I’ll be sure to get to you. But in the meantime as always thanks for reading. 

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