Bullrock Best Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set in India Review

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Bullrock Fitness best rubber hex dumbbell set India | Best Dumbbell Brand In India

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Today we're going to talk about the one type of dumbbell, not the adjustable ones but something more traditional, i.e., fixed weight dumbbell, like Bullrock Best Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set India. 

➡️ This is among the best value hex dumbbells on the Indian market right now. Which clearly surpasses the feel of any normal hex dumbbell, with its unbeatable finish and rubber composition that stands the test of time.

Combining high-quality rubber heads with a straight, fully knurled handle is rare for a dumbbell at this price point. 😲

If you can’t tell already, I prefer individual fixed dumbbells, but I understand why somebody would get a bullrock adjustable dumbbell. If you’re low on space, adjustable dumbbells make sense. If you want to buy 1 and work with 15 weights, adjustable dumbbells make sense, and all for many things. 

But if you run a commercial gym, where many people do use a dumbbell at the same time. Or you do practice at home, but either want a (solid) adjustable dumbbell set that adjusts super quick or nothing in between. Then, in that case, the rubber hex dumbbell set should be your ideal pick! 😍   

In my Review of Bullrock Fitness Best Hex Dumbbell set in India, I’ll tell you everything you need to know before you buy, including pricing, materials, durability, and overall value, so you can decide if they are a good match for your home gym.

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Why buy dumbbells at first?

Of course, the dumbbell is the staple of any gym, because of its ease of use and the sheer magnitude of exercises that you can actually do with it. It’s so simple to use. You can pretty much load any movement pattern in all planes. 

Depending, of course, on what kind of training outcome you’re actually after. 

The cool thing about it is you can do really dynamic movements. You can do slow grinding movements and you can get right into your ballistics as well. 

Hex dumbbells meaning?

buy hex dumbbells online India

Hex means hexagonal shape, with 6 edges. 

What’s the hex dumbbell use? Now we’ve gone through a hex-style design with our dumbbells because we want to open up the exercise variety. So for all your ground-based exercises, you’ll notice that when you do your push-ups and your renegade rows, these things are ultra-solid on the ground. 

They’re not going to move around on you. So once again we’re not putting that back down again, it just pretty much locks itself into place, which makes it perfect for every exercise variation and also dips as well. 

If you really want to get into handstand variations, you can balance really well because they’re not going to move around. 

👉 These things are ultra-durable. They’re rock solid, which makes them absolutely perfect for your home setups, your commercial gyms as well as those top and sporting institutes as well.

Bullrock Hex Dumbbell Gear Specs:

features of hex dumbbell set
1. Available Weight Variants2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg, 22.5kg, 25kg, 27.5kg, 30kg, 32.5kg, 35kg, 37.5kg, 40kg, 42.5kg, 45kg, 47.5kg, 50kg
2. Handle Straight:Fully Knurled
3. Handle Length:130mm
4. Handle Diameter:2.5kg to 5kg: 28mm, 7.5kg & Onwards: 34mm
5. Weight Tolerance:+/-3%
6. Warranty:2 years


  • Straight & Fully knurled handle 
  • 2 years warranty for home use
  • Completely fixed heads
  • Low odor
  • Easy to stack, or store.
  • Friction welds on heads, which makes them indestructible.


  • Synonyms of having a fixed dumbbell weight. 
  • A bit longer handle than what is necessary.  

A Quick Look At Bullrock Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells India 

71Ct0ZOyI7L. SL1500
  • Robust construction
  • Proprietary rubber composition
  • Firm and Stable Handle Design
  • Low Odour Proprietary Rubber
  • The Sustainable Surface Colour
  • No Rolling Off due to Classic Hexagonal Design

Under close inspection, you’ll note that the Bullrock best rubber hex dumbbell set has a sturdy and uncomplicated design. Each dumbbell has been clearly marked with weight numbers in KG, making for easy identification, and they’ve also been branded. 

The ends are made from a high-quality proprietary rubber, which will help protect your floors and also prolong the life of your dumbbell as well. 

Now through the center, Bullrock hex dumbbell has gone with a flat handle design which sits very comfortably in the hands. It’s a soft knurling pattern which makes it absolutely perfect for his extended sets, and also there’s plenty of grip for those heavier dumbbells. 

Bullrock hex dumbbell goes from 2.5 KG to all the way up to 50 KG’s and there are actually 22 separate dumbbells in our range to buy. 

➡️ Here’s a quick chart just illustrating the breakdown of those weights. 

Now, because there are plenty of weights in the range, you’ve got plenty of versatility with these dumbbells. The simplicity of this tool is what makes the hex dumbbell such a versatile piece of equipment. 

You can balance this thing so easily in the hand you pretty much load whatever movement pattern you wish to train for. 

best rubber hex dumbbells set 15kg rubber hex dumbbells cheapest rubber hex dumbbells

Is the rubber hex dumbbell worth it?

My Personal Tips:

1. If you are used to dropping dumbbells, always use a gym rubber flooring. Though these dumbbells won’t break because of friction welding done on heads, this would preserve the finish of your dumbbell for longer.

2. Be cautious, when you unbox these, the machining oil can still be intact, which keeps the rubber from cracking but can be slippery on the hands for the first few uses. 

✔️ Recommended For: These Rubber hex dumbbells are a safer choice compared to steel dumbbells, for fitness studios that need to maintain a full rack of dumbbells. They are equally good for home gyms as well! 

❌ Not Recommended For: If you do have a small place to work out, don’t overcrowd it with 10 other fixed dumbbells. Or if you’re on a small budget, buy an adjustable dumbbell instead.

Using the Bullrock Best Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

bullrock rubber hex dumbbell review in India

Dumbbells are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles but the most common has always been a rubber hex dumbbell weights. ➡️ Hex dumbbells are the best combination of durability and versatility, thatwhy we choose to do this review. 

Durability & Construction

Bullrock hex dumbbell set is also really durable because of this rubber coating on the outside. If you’re going for reps, where it’s hitting the ground every time. You don’t need to worry about it chipping. It’s gonna last a long time. 

If you do drop them on the floor, you know the sound is going to be minimized with this rubber hex shape that adds a really nice element of stability. 👌

If you want to put them on the floor, they don’t roll away, but also if you do have multiple sets, you can stack them on top of each other and they pack down really nicely into a small space.

Handles on Hex Dumbbell

One thing that makes this the best hex dumbbell in India is that they have given Knurling from the top to the bottom on the handle. Whereas another cheap rubber hex dumbbell has an ergonomic grip that tapers toward the heads and is just partly knurled. The knurling is also often passive. 

Here you get 1.2mm pitch and 0.25mm deep Knurling, which is firm and comfortable. Also, the handle diameter is of: 2.5kg to 5kg: 28mm, 7.5kg & Onwards: 34mm. For most higher-end commercial dumbbells, 34 millimeters is fairly standard. 

dumbbell knurling

It has deep knurling. It’s not too coarse, not too sharp around your wrist, but it does give you a really nice element of grip. So you are able to get a super solid grip and when you’re talking about maybe high reps or heavyweight. You know you’re not going to be flinging it around. That grip is going to become a huge safety point. 

The knurling is still quite mild in comparison to most quality barbells, but the grip is noticeably better than the ergonomic handles of a regular cheap rubber hex dumbbell in India.

Friction Welding

In every cheap dumbbell, you might have seen heads are either screwed or poorly welded onto the handles, which raises the question of its durability. 

That is the real problem with cheap dumbbells and bullrock fitness has solved it by providing friction welding techniques to secure the handles with the weights. 

👉 Friction welding involves quickly spinning one of the welded components while squeezing the two together. Friction between the parts generates enough heat to bind them together. The final weld is incredibly robust, making it highly unlikely to break away under normal dumbbell abuse.

Rubber Quality on Bullrock Hex Dumbbell

Bullrock dumbbell rubber quality
rubber hex dumbbell set with rack

How many times you have noticed that most dumbbells develop cracks, tear from edges, and smell like rotten fruit? These all problems indicate the cheaper rubber quality has been used by the manufacturer. 

The rubber is intended to be resistant to cracks, as well as odorless. And the higher-end rubber hex dumbbells are constructed of more durable rubber.

However, nearly all dumbbells you’ll find have a strong odor to begin with, which may be a significant issue in confined spaces such as garages. 👉 The Bullrock Fitness dumbbells are made of high-quality, low-odor rubber that is nearly imperceptible, which helps to address this issue. Having a low odor, it’s just going to make it a way better experience.

Bullrock Fitness India is so confident in its dumbbells’ longevity that they provide a 2-year warranty for commercial use. This is something that most ordinary rubber hex dumbbells, such as those made by Rogue, or Titan do not provide😲, and it only adds to the value.

Price of Hex dumbbell

👉 Another reason that it’s so popular is at this price point. It’s really hard to get a fully knurled handle. Usually, you only see this fully knurled handle at a higher-end dumbbell or higher cost. So they’re able to give you quality at an affordable rate. 

Also, all their products come with at least 2 years of warranty, so NO compromise on that end. 

At roughly this rubber dumbbell set price in India is Rs 300 per kg🤑, these dumbbells are around Rs 40 more or less expensive than others of comparable quality dumbbells. 

While there may be some that are less expensive, they will be less durable and will not be worth the slightly reduced price. 

✔️Aside from that, there isn’t much more we’d like to see altered for the price.

  1. 5kg hex dumbbellsCheck Price on Amazon
  2. 12.5 kg hex dumbbells Check Price on Amazon
  3. 15 kg hex dumbbell pair Check Price on Amazon

Final Verdict

Pros of bullrock best rubber hex dumbbell set India
Pros of bullrock best rubber hex dumbbell set India

👉 Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the Bullrock Fitness Best Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set India. They’re of premium quality, long-lasting, have a good warranty, a straight fully knurled grip that feels like a barbell, and don’t smell like a rubber band factory. 😅

Unless you’re short on room and want to with Bullrock T Rex adjustable dumbbell choice, these best rubber hex dumbbell set are a terrific addition 👌 to almost any home gym. 

The beauty of these dumbbells is their versatility — you can use them for nearly anything that requires weight. Dumbbell snatches, preacher curls, Arnold presses, and tricep kickbacks are among exercises that may be performed with the renowned hex dumbbells.

Full Rating of Bullrock Best Rubber Hex Dumbbell set

91bXpnfyKfL. SL1500

Bullrock Fitness Best Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set of 2.5kg to 50kg Pair.

Have you ever wished, the hex dumbbells should be like Barbells, straight and knurled? Get this.
Starts From ₹1500
Save Big!!

Product Brand: Bullrock Fitness

Product Price: Rs 1500 – Rs 50000 

Product In-Stock: In Stock

Editor’s Rating: 4.7

Product Rating Bar

FAQs on best rubber hex dumbbell set in India

Q1: Which dumbbells are best rubber or steel?

Steel dumbbells are often a less expensive option for your home gym. The fact that non-coated steel or iron dumbbells are often smaller than those coated with rubber or urethane is a plus. 

The coating on rubber dumbbells makes them much bigger and, as a result, takes up more room. But the biggest pros of rubber hex dumbbells are they’re quiet, scratch-resistant, and soft in touch, which is liked by many.  

Q2: How much do hex dumbbells cost?

Talking about the Most-premium dumbbell set – Bullrock Fitness Best Hex dumbbells in India. Its pricing starts from Rs 3428 for a 10KG set (5kg x 2), and goes all way upto Rs 28927 for a 95kg Set (47.5kg x 2) on Amazon. 

They are pretty expensive if you consider other options, or measure them in price per kg. But the additional money paid to the quality received +2 years warranty is unmatchable!

Q3: Where to buy rubber hex dumbbells in India?

Hex dumbbell is the most common item which is available all where, locally and online. But the bad quality of the cheapest rubber hex dumbbells would largely trouble you after a few uses, so spending only a decent amount on an average dumbbell would do the work. 

Amazon and Flipkart are the 2 best places to search for rubber hex dumbbells for sale. My top favorite sports manufacturing brands in India to shop from are:

  1. Bullrock Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
  2. Aurion Hex Dumbbells
  3. CubeClub Hex Dumbbells
Q4: How to clean rubber dumbbells?

Mostly all rubber hex dumbbells come in black paint, where carbon is added to maximize its shock-absorbing properties and they get easily clean with a cloth. Just wipe them down. But in cases, if you bought colorful dumbbells, their maintenance & upkeep would largely increase.

Q5: How to get rid of the rubber smell from dumbbells?

For removing the rubber dumbbell odor, rubbing alcohol is a common cleaning method. To begin, clean the dumbbell with warm water and soap. To eliminate petrochemicals from the dumbbells, use rubbing alcohol to any spots where you sense odors. 

Allow the dumbbells to completely dry before storing or using them again. There are other ways of cleaning dumbbells which you can check.

Q6: Are rubber dumbbells good?

Yes, rubber dumbbells are good for both commercial and home gym owners. They are durable, quiet on the floor, are resistant to drops. Are they the most durable option? No, they are a less strong option than the high-quality urethane dumbbells. But they get the job done, depending on what quality of rubber does the manufacturer used.  

That’s all about the Review of Bullrock Fitness “best rubber hex dumbbell set in India” for more read our recent posts.

Thanks for reading!!

Comment below if you have any questions for me, or write on [email protected] for quick answers.

Stay Strong. Keep Lifting. 💪

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