Flexnest Flexpad Review: Best Walking Pad Treadmill in India 

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Do you sit for lengthy periods at home or the office and wish to be active while wondering how you can squeeze in a decent cardio workout? This may appear to be impossible, but it is doable with the help of a Flexnest walking pad treadmill India or called "The Flexnest Flexpad".😊
best walking treadmill in india

It is a 2 in 1 mini treadmill for small spaces that has the ability to fold the handrail down, so it can be used under a standing desk in your home office or gym.

💯 This Flexnest Flexpad walking pad treadmill India can be found on Amazon starting at Rs 27999. It is the sleekest treadmill out there. Designed in Germany. 

Apart from both running and walking, it also offers 500+ trainer-guided workouts, 50+ virtual walks, and more options for developing your daily running habits. 

✔️ Let’s take a look at it and find how this under-desk treadmill for walking can help you kick in a great cardio workout session while being low in space and size. 

➡️ Disclaimer: Keep in mind we're not sponsored or paid by Flexnest to make this review.😊 

Flexnest flexpad Review India: Best Walking Pad Treadmill in India

Best underdesk treadmills

  • A 2-in-1 walking pad that can be used as underdesk treadmill and for running at home. Pull the hand rails up and this treadmill can go up to 12 km/hr speed. It comes with Dual Display, Bluetooth Speaker, Remote Control & Free Classes and Virtual Walks – Just like all Flexnest products.

✅ Recommended For: The walking pad treadmill/ or under desk treadmill is perfect for people who want to work out at home without buying an expensive or bulky treadmill. This is a smart integrated treadmill, much like other flexnest products.

flexnest subsription coupon code

If you are fond of taking virtual runs, LIVE trainer-led classes, and tracking everything onto your mobile App, and are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee then this equipment is for you. 

❌ Not Recommended For: This under desk treadmill is not meant for fast runners, who want great speed to increase their agility without any limitations. It has a low motor powered treadmill, which is great for only walking or low-speed running.

Flexnest Flexpad Technical Specifications

Speaker SystemWireless Bluetooth Speaker
BluetoothCompatible / Enabled
Net Weight33.5Kg
Gross Weight40Kg
Unfolded Product Size51.57*26.57*45.27 inches
Max User Weight120Kg
Running Surface15.75*41 inches
VoltageAC 220-240
Power Supply12V Power Adapter
Motor1HP (2HP Peak)


  • This is a great low-cost option for an under-desk treadmill.
  • Has many great features & smart connectivity. 
  • Also comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.
  • There’s a safety latch on both sides.
  • Can be stored easily. 
  • Nice supportive deck with 14 shock absorption underneath the belt. 
  • It has a led display on the top that displays speed, calories, time and distance.


  • Low Max running speed. (12km/hr available)
  • Small horsepower motor given (1.0 HP)
  • Not recommended for taller users. 
  • Belt itself is only 15.75 inches wide and roughly 41 inches long so you do have a limited stride length. 
  • This treadmill doesn’t have an incline and decline.❌

What is a Walking Pad?

what is walking pad treadmill

✅ Walking pads often known as under desk treadmills differ from ordinary treadmills because they are foldable in design and have smooth places. 

This is a convenient and practical method to stay active even when you don’t have much space.

They are ideal for at-home workouts because of their compact designs and motorised walking decks that keep you moving in most situations. It can be used behind a desk or underneath a sofa in your living room. 

The speeds are slower but they are still fast enough to get your pulse pounding and keep you active. One of the primary advantages of a walking pad is its ability to fold.✔️ 

It’s multi-purpose cardio equipment that can help you increase your fitness level even while you are working in the office doing a job so you don’t need to step outside walking.

There are many different types of walking pads on the market today but some are better than others in quality and durability – like flexnest flexpad India. 

Unboxing Flexnest Flexpad 

unboxing flexnest flexpad

Let’s take a look at what comes inside the box. 😊

📣 Flexnest walking pad treadmill ships in a large box that weighs 42 kgs or more. You’ll definitely need help to carry it, especially up a flight of stairs.

Inside the box, you’ll find a walking pad treadmill well packaged and protected in the box. 

Along with the mini treadmill, you get the power cord, the safety clip, a wireless remote (that requires 2032 cell type battery), the manual, some belt lubrication and a bag of screws for setup. 

All you need to do is screw on the phone mount and magnetically attach the safety clip to the bottom of the handrail and you’re good to go. 

Setting up the Flexnest walking pad 

walking pad treadmill India

✅ There is no assembly required. It comes completely pre-assembled all you do is roll it out of the box which is my preferred form of assembly.

Also, Flexnest does cover the best walking pad treadmill Amazon with a 12-month warranty on parts.

To unfold it, you first need to loosen the hand screw on either side to bring up the front holder. Then you can easily unfold the walking pad. Plug it in and you’re ready to walk and run.

Getting started you need to make sure you have the security lanyard on you and plugged into the front of the bar. 

We like this front bar on this flexnest walking pad. It easily fits the remote, a phone and even an iPad. There’s a slot to hold the remote controller which is super useful if you don’t want to lose it. 

virtual walks on flexnest

You can watch shows or videos while walking and running or PLAY 500+ trainer-guided workouts, and 50+ virtual walks of the Flexnest App (part of a subscription).

The remote also has a soft lanyard if you want to keep it on your hands at all times.

➡️ The Flexnest Flexpad – Best basic treadmill for walking India has a built-in safety mechanism that will not let you start the treadmill unless the safety clip is attached flashing an error code as well as a continuous beep. 

You also have the option of attaching the included side rails for additional support if needed. 

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Flexnest Walking Pad Treadmill India Features


✔️ The full size of the Flexnest Flexpad is 4.29 feet long, 2.21 feet wide and 3.77 inches tall when folded.

The running area of the pad is 15.75 by 41 inches which feels comfortable enough for someone of the height at 5’11 ft.

It’s a little bit smaller than other treadmills but still large enough to walk and run at 12 km per hour when the handlebars are up.

It Fold Away Easily
folding treadmill for home

✔️ It can fold in half so it can easily transport it in your house or apartment when unfolded.

When you’re done the treadmill can easily be wheeled around and stored underneath a bed or sofa that has at least 5 inches of clearance or it can be propped up against a wall if the furniture isn’t an option.

Safety Function

✔️ There’s a safety latch on both sides that will release the handlebar on top of the handlebar. There’s a big stop button underneath the cover.

There’s another set of quick buttons for adjusting speed and quick preset modes. 

There’s also a holder for your phone or tablet but we found our phone bouncing a lot so you may want to use a rubber band or hair band to secure it, but we do like the addition of the orange lines on the side and front of the treadmill and they serve a good purpose helping you stay aligned on the belt. 

The feet on the bottom of the treadmill and are also adjustable for uneven surfaces you also can quickly add occasional oil to lubricate the belt which is included and is important to keep your treadmill running smooth and quiet the

Built-in Speakers
flexnest flexpad speakers volume
flexnest flexpad review

✔️ You can also connect your phone directly to the treadmill via Bluetooth and play music through its built-in speakers.

The sound quality is good though it is only a single speaker with minimal bass while running. 

It doesn’t tell you how close you are to the top volume or how close you are to the bottom volume but you do have the option to adjust your volume on the screen. You can also do it on your phone. Either one will work. 

Actually, the speakers are pretty good so they really don’t get fuzzy but pretty good sound while you walk.

LED Display

✔️ The Flexnest walking pad treadmill features a sleek and minimalistic design with a simple led display that cycles through different views of how long you’ve been running your current speed and calories burned. 

Speed it goes upto

✔️ Once you get started the treadmill has two different max speed options when the handrail is folded down. The treadmill can easily fit under a standing desk for a light walk at 5 km per hour. 

For higher speeds you can simply pull the latch and easily bring the handrail back up for a top speed of 12 km per hour.

With the included wireless remote you can adjust the speeds to your preference or power off. 

flexpad remote
flexnest walking pad review

✔️ The handrail also features an adjustable tablet/ phone mount so you can watch shows while you run or listen to music.

Unfortunately, the mount is too small to fit a tablet.

The handrail is also not adjustable and is fixed at 3.7 feet tall, so it’s less ideal for taller runners. 

Shock Absorber

✔️ The treadmill itself has shock absorber pads on the bottom of the frame that can be adjusted so it can be level on any surface. It makes minimal noise for runners who weigh under 100 kg. 

Though we did notice with a runner of 110 kg that the treadmill was making a small squeaking sound on harder strides.

All we had to do was tighten a single screw located on the front of the treadmill as instructed in the manual and the squeak was gone. 😊


✔️ For noise the treadmill is very quiet while you’re operating it, however if you live in an apartment the neighbours downstairs may hear the vibrations when running.

We recommend using flooring/ padding under it to reduce the noise for neighbours. We used a thick yoga mat of flexnest, which you can buy from here. 

Modes of running

✔️ You can toggle between two modes: Foldable or Unfoldable mode. 

The 1st mode allows you to walk swifty at a slow pace. The top speed on the walking pad in this mode is 6 km/h which is slow but while working on a laptop, and using it as underdesk treadmill this won’t bother much of your attention.

For unfolded mode, when handrails are down. It uses pressure sensors in the front and rear pads to automatically adjust the speed while you walk. The automatic mode only works when you fold down the front bar and then the speed goes up to 12 km/hr. So you could RUN! 

Quick Overview of Flexnest Flexpad Treadmill India

Check the promo video.

✔️ This is a very quiet treadmill so quiet in fact that Flexnest had to put LED DISPLAY on it just so that users could tell it was ON.

It’s really good for a home office situation where you might be working and there’s others around or a shared office. 

It’s great for professional environments and they’ve made it black which I really LIKE because basically you can tuck it anywhere with any desktop combination and it will fit right in. 

This has a 1.0 horsepower motor with a good size walking surface. So you’ve got about 15 inches wide and 41 inches for that walking surface which gives you plenty of space for a nice stride. The step up height is about 4 ft so not too far off the ground and easy to get on and off. 💯

The slowest speed is 2 km/hour so that’s as slow as it’ll go but it will go up to max 12 km/hour which is actually considerably faster than other walking treadmills. A lot of the office mini treadmills that we see are designed to be used while you’re working at a desk max out at 2 km/hour so this will go up to 12. 

It has a slightly narrower footprint and you can pretty much slide it under any standing desk which is really nice.

The total footprint is 27 inches wide and 52 inches long. Your walking surface is 15.75 inches wide by 41 inches long so you do get a nice walking surface. 😊

Then you’ve got these 2 side rails that support you when you want to get on or off the treadmill or just step off ever so gently.

Then the motor hood at the front just isn’t obtrusive, it doesn’t get in your way and you can tuck that up under your desk so that it’s out of your way and you don’t lose any track length. 

firm sturdy deck of flexnest

➡️ This has a really firm sturdy deck so you don’t get any vibration or noise underneath and it has 6 compression shocks, so most of the time when you’re on a walking treadmill at a desk or in an office situation you know in theory you could walk up to several hours a day.

So why is this flexnest flexpad treadmill designed to handle slow speeds for longer periods of time.

It has those compression shocks underneath to mitigate some of that impact that you would get just from walking. That keeps you nice and comfortable on the treadmill. 💯

Oftentimes in an office environment especially if you’re at work you might be wearing more like business shoes or something rather than like workout shoes so compression in the deck helps as well. 

It has a 1.0 horsepower motor, which is low, but it won’t overheat and it can withstand extended use, and the treadmill can lift it from the back end down underneath and roll it when you need to. 😊

▶️ The treadmill itself weighs about 40 kg but it will support up to 120 kg of user weight so this is a great option for pretty much any size user in an office environment and it really won’t disturb those around you.  

Wrap up

best folding treadmill for home in India
foldable treadmill walking pad

✔️ As you can see, the Flexnest flexpad walking pad treadmill reviews. It is a really good under-desk treadmill in India, it’s quiet, it has a minimum speed of 2 km an hour and goes up to 12 km an hour.

You’ve got a nice walking belt that’s 20 inches wide and 50 inches long. 

The belt is textured and thicker to support you regardless of the type of shoe that you have on and the slightly narrower profile works well under pretty much any standing desk.

It does have a 1.0 horsepower motor so it will support longer use at those slower distances. 

A few cons to this it the console is a little large so you will kind of have to make room for it on your desk and it takes up just a touch of the room.

This particular model the Flexpad does not include a standing desk so you do have to either have your own desk or make sure and order a separate one. 

➡️ But in general this is a quiet easy-to-use treadmill. It arrives fully assembled. All you do is slide it out of the box and plug it in. 

How much we rate Flexnest Flexpad?

5 out of

Alternative Options for Buying Best Underdesk Treadmills:

 Sparnod Fitness STH-3000 walking treadmill

1. Sparnod Fitness STH-3000: This is a 27000 rupees Walking Pad, which is equipped with a powerful 2.25 HP (Continuous) and 4 HP (Peak) efficient DC Motor. When folded it goes from 1 to 4 km/hr, and when unfolded it goes from 1 to 12 km/hr. You can consider it as the second option, after Flexnest. It doesn’t come with a subscription, so if you like to keep things simple, get this. 

SPARNOD FITNESS STH-3050 5.5 HP Peak Motorised Under Desk Walking Pad Treadmill for Home

2. SPARNOD FITNESS STH-3050: Cost Rs 41000, this walking pad treadmill is developed with both running and walking modes. When the treadmill is folded it becomes under desk/ walking pad with a speed 6 km/hour and upto 10 km/hr. Less than flexnest flexpad but it makes our list because it has a bigger motor (2.25 HP) and has foot-sensing speed control and instant understanding of your desired speed. 

Cockatoo WP100 4.5 HP Peak Ultra Slim DC Motorised Treadmill for Home

3. Cockatoo WP100 Best walking pad in India: This is the lowest priced walking pad on our list with price tag of Rs 21999, but uses a 4.5 HP Peak DC motor with a speed range: of 1-8 km/hour. Max user weight is 120 kg. It is also operated through a remote and button. It does have a lower speed than the Flexpad walking pod, but a powerful motor is what drives you to be unstoppable and you don’t need to get off/ on this mini treadmill after a few hours just to cool it down.

My opinion: Which to buy?

There are several options for walking pad in India you can get, and in different pricing, out of which Flexnest Flexpad ranges in the middle of somewhere retailing at Rs 27999 only. 

Despite other walking pad alternatives having bigger motors, their speed is not more than 12 km/hr. In fact, they offer less top speed. 

Therefore, the Flexnest flex pad treadmill for walking is what seems the best option with all the infotainment, smart connectivity features and 500+ trainer-guided workouts, and 50+ virtual walks at a monthly subscription fee of 500 only.

Of course, you can use the machine without it.    

FAQs about best walking pad treadmill:

What is the flexnest coupon code?

You should always buy Flexnest products from Amazon because their different bank card discounts and great festival 2022 SALE can get you great discounts. 

Check here.

What are the subscription fees of flexnest?
flexnest subsription coupon code
flexnest subscription rate

Flexnest charges Rs 500/month for its flexnest app subscription after its free-subscription period ends with your new purchase. You can also use flexnest products without a subscription, but it won’t act so smart then. 

Is walking on a treadmill good for sciatica?

It is okay to walk rather than run on your treadmill. But don’t push yourself if you’re in pain. I would say that sciatica or nerve pain, unlike painful muscles, is not a ‘good pain’ that folks should push through.

Which are the good shoes for a treadmill walking pad?

Generally, if you use a walking pad treadmill in your office, most people wear sports shoes to the office. Therefore, you can also hop on the walking pad wearing your formal shoes. Otherwise, it is always recommended to wear a running shoe with memory foam, any brand will work.

What is the difference between a treadmill and a walking pad?

A walking pad is similar to a treadmill, however, it has fewer bells and whistles. Most walking pads aren’t as fast as a commercial treadmill, and also don’t have the inclination or endurance settings, and are deliberately built to be small enough to be folded in half and stored easily.

Can you jog on a walking pad?

Most walking pads have a max speed of 12 km/hr, they are not meant for fast running but you can absolutely get them for jogging. 

How fast does a flexnest walking pad go?

Flexnest flexpad – a walking pad treadmill can go upto max 12km/h. Walking pads usually offer low speed, and are desired for only walking and jogging under a standing desk so you can get your steps in while you’re getting work done.

Buy Flexnest Flexpad https://mensquats.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/best-walking-treadmill-in-india.pngThis is the Flexnest Flexpad Review: Best walking pad treadmill for walking.InStock2INR4.5555B08SW92C5BFlexnest

That completes our Flexnest flexpad review. Overall we think it is the best inexpensive treadmill for walking in India that takes very little space and is easy to store for the price.

It’s a great option that can do both walking and running and can be used under a standing desk.

We also LIKE the added features of the speaker and the phone mount.  It’s a great alternative to traditional treadmills out there. It might even be a good treadmill to get your dog some exercise since dogs can actually be trained to use a treadmill. 

  • Great for walking and jogging
  • Smart classes from trainers
  • Flexnest App to keep you motivated.
  • Tracks everything
  • Change speed by remote.
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to store
  • Great as under-desk treadmill.
  • Lots of plastic used, which seems not so durable.
  • Have to pay a subscription fee each month (but that’s with every same product)
  • Not like other commercial treadmills.
  • Doesn’t come with an inbuilt tablet/ screen.


Let us know in the comments what you think of the Flexnest Flexpad Review: Best walking pad treadmill in India and what other smart workout tech you want to see next. 😊

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