Bullrock’s Best Flat Bench for home gym India Review

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Today we’re reviewing which I think is one of the best flat bench for home gym India, i.e., Bullrock Fitness Gym Flat Bench 1000lbs rated. Not only is it a great performing gym flat bench, but the heaviest bench available at a very low entry-level cost of Rs 13454 (on an estimate) on Amazon India. 

If you need to buy gym flat bench online India, this one I would recommend. 


I will explain its specs in this blog, but I don’t want to harp on those just because specs don’t always tell the whole story in terms of performance. But I will still say that this Olympic flat bench does meet competition specifications, of what you see in competitions. 😀

➡️ There are a couple of good things with Bullrock’s flat weight bench that might push it over the edge and take the crown of best home gym bench India ever. Which we will discuss further in this review. 

What exactly does this bench have?

The name of it literally describes what you’re buying, a flat bench. Even though the Bullrock exercise bench for home has a very simple and basic design, it’s also of very high weight load capacity (475 kgs to be exact) of what you are getting for your money.👍

Why put money on an expensive Flat bench? 

You may see 100+ flat benches on amazon/ Flipkart combined costing Rs 3000, 5000, or less. But why spend on equipment like a flat bench priced at 13000? 

Here’s why. 

buy gym flat bench online india

➡️ When you’re pushing the weights, if the gym exercise bench wobbles, you will think twice about lifting the bigger weights, but when you are certain that the bench is strong enough to withstand 3-10x what you can lift all with no wobble, nothing else will hold you back in your progression.😀

Multiple times, we see videos on YouTube of lifters who fail a lift, or the benches that couldn’t hold the weight when set at an incline angle and lifters fall onto his back with the weights he’s supposed to be lifting.❌ We don’t want that to happen to us. 

Taking this into account, the Bullrock Gym Flat bench for home has a weight load capacity of 475kg. It stands out with characteristics such as a completely welded frame made of 12-gauge steel, an angled profile, wider base feet, and thick dense cushioning.

👉 If you’re willing to overlook a few of the design choices that they made with this.

Let’s take a quick look at the specs and then we will talk about if this workout bench is worth spending your money on or not?

See a Short YouTube Video of Bullrock Flat Bench:

Full Bullrock Home Gym Flat Bench India Review

BullrocK Flat Bench 1000lbs rated for Home & Commercial Gym

BullrocK Flat Bench 1000lbs rated for Home Commercial Gym for Multipurpose Strength Weight Training Exercises Workout

Gear Specifications:

  • Material: 12 Gauge CR Steel | High-density Foam | Plywood
  • Height: 18″
  • Weight: 19.5kg
  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs+ rated, 475 kgs
  • Padding Dimensions: Length: 47”, Width: 12”, Thickness: 2.5”
  • Total Footprint: Length: 48”, Width: 14”, Height: 18”
  • Warranty: 1-year on Pads and 5-year structural 👌  

✔️ Things I like About Bullrock Flat Bench

  1. Priced affordable compared to other heavy benches.
  2. Free shipping with Amazon
  3. No assembly needed. 
  4. 2.5″ thick padding made of rexine, base ply & Thick dense foam.
  5. Max weight capacity 475 kgs. 
  6. Has competition style bench dimensions.
  7. No wobble, or dis-balance issues found. 😀

Things I Don’t Like

  1. No wheels and handle for easy moving. 
  2. No color options available other than black. 
  3. Due to flat foot design, your feet can be hit when placing them too close. 

➡️ Specifications of Bullrock Best Flat Bench For home gym in India

1. Solid Construction:

👉 Even though this is a basic bench, the construction of it is actually really made very sturdy. No cosmetic or all show and no go touches you would find here. 

When you take a look at the frame itself, it’s made of 12 gauge CR steel which is really popular in a lot of powerlifting racks configurations these days. 👌

Now, this bullrock flat bench doesn’t have any kind of holes like you would find in a rack to add attachments. Still, 12 gauge CR steel in this black powder coat looks pretty & nice overall, which is typically not something you find on a more budget-friendly heavyweight bench in India. 

Here, the entire frame is welded together, and no other components are to be put together to set it for use. This unit can be straight taken out of the carton and put in use.😀 

Backside of bullrock weight bench India

There are only 4 total bolts, which are for connecting the pad to the frame and the feet are welded to the frame without needing any bolts. Super simple and easy to put together.

2. Rubber End Cap:
Rubber end caps on flat bench best in India

Because there are no moving pieces and there’s not a lot of pieces as is and what really cements that fact when we’re talking about sturdy things is that Bullrock decided to go with wide feet on both ends, so you have 14 inch wide feet on both ends of this bench.

You also see the base tubing of this bench is rounded out with two rubber end caps per foot. These rubber caps help the base feet of the bench from slipping and prevent scratching the floor. 👍

No matter if you’re putting this on gym mats, concrete, wood, or whatever, this bullrock flat weight bench is not going to slide around anywhere.

What really reinforces this even further is the fact that the bench weighs 19.5 kgs, so it is on the heavier side of things. 

3. Wide Flat Feet Design:
wide flat feet design

There are some design things that you might want to consider when buying this bench, and it really comes down to the feet. If you look at the front and the back, this bench has a flat-foot design. 

👉 In fact I have trained on benches that were higher or lower, thinner or wider or slipper, in various gyms and then tried on lifting on a competition specs bench, and the bench is quite different to what I’m used to training. 

Their dimensions are vastly different, or even an inch, because an inch does make a big difference despite what people may have told you. It can definitely throw you off.🙄

Obviously, having those wide feet in the front and back adds to the stability of this bench for the one-arm rows compared to the 3-post bench/ or tripod design benches. But it also adds to how much they’re going to get in the way when setting up for a bench or using this for any other exercise. 

It could hit your feet on the feet of the bench. I’m very apt to hit them or need to set up with my feet further out. Which then kind of has this chain effect where I feel like I can’t get as tight as I normally would setting up on this bench. 

➡️ Now this isn’t a new design by any means, and if you’ve been to a commercial gym before, chances are you’ve used a bench like this. Depending on how you set up for your own bench and do movements, it may or may not be an issue, but it definitely is something to consider.😀 

4. Ease of Moving:

Because this workout bench doesn’t have any wheels and it also doesn’t have any handles. Meaning that if you want to move this bench, you literally have to pick it up and move it. 

You will definitely feel that 11.5 kgs weight versus any other bench that has a handle much lighter because you never actually have to pick it up. 🙄

The bright side of this bench not having wheels is the fact that it can kind of stand up on its own in either orientation. So if you’re the type to want to store your bench vertically, this could be a great bench for you. 👌

In that regard, because there are no extra kickstands or anything that you’d have to really worry about. 

5. Padding:
Padding on Bullrock Gym Flat Weight bench India

👉 Talking about the pad itself, this is an important aspect for a lot of people because it is where you have to sit or bench. And it’s not like with gym benches that ‘the softer the better’. 

Because if the material is like the soft mattress, then it won’t provide good stability and if too hard, then it would pinch the back of yours. In both cases, it’s not ideal for bench pressing movements. 

After reading the description of this flat bench from bullrock fitness India. The padding specs feel really good to me. It’s 18 inches off the ground, 12 inches wide, 47 inches long. Not too short, or too tall. Not too wide, or too compact. 

exercise bench for home India review bullrock

✔️ The specs here closely match the competition-style benches. But to be honest, I’ve experienced a lot of the benches from a lot of different providers out there, and none of them have really 100 lined up to the description on the website. 

I am sure this isn’t the case here, because, for the price they charge, there isn’t any room for any differences.   

➡️ You get 2.5” thick padding made of heavy-duty rexine, base ply & Thick dense foam. It’s a firmer pad at first feel, but if you give it some pushing you’ll definitely feel some cushion underneath. The material they use on this bench is really good as well. It’s a grip of material. It’s not super loose.  

Though there is some play on the padding itself, I think over time this is going to break in really nicely. I think most people would appreciate this bench, especially given the price point. 👌

Negatives: Things I Didn’t Like❌ 

1. No Handle Attached:

👉 Because most people who order this very basic, but very heavyweight bench are mostly powerlifters who do lift inside the rack. If there is a handle attached to the bench to help you lift it up, and move the bench inside or out of the rack, it would be super convenient. 

But since here, no handles are given. To do that, you can just grab the pad and it moves pretty easily. The problem with the pad, though is, there’s no support under the very end or the very top either because of the way that the structure works. 

➡️ All you really have for support on this is just a very thin layer of material under the pad which could potentially give out.

2. Feet Stick Out:

Another negative on this is the fact that the feet stick out at the end when you position for a bench press. 

Because a lot of people like to set up with their feet very close together or even tuck them back under the bench. And if you have that longer design in the back in the front as well, that’ll prohibit you from doing so.

Depending on where you set your feet up, you could probably hit these. In single post benches tripod design, this isn’t a problem. But there the stability of the bench is highly questionable. 

Also, if they are stable, then they weigh and cost 3X as much as this bench. Thus, you can get this or that. 👍

Conclusion: Is the Price of this bench justified?

Let’s get into pricing right. I told you this was a budget-friendly bench from bullrock Fitness India.

It’s listed on Amazon for MRP 18836, but currently, they’re running a sale on this bench and it’s in-stock for Rs 13000 (prices keep varying) which I think is a pretty good deal when you take a look at this flat bench in India.👌

Best Budget Weight Bench

  • BullrocK Flat Weight Bench 1000lbs rated for Home & Commercial Gym


I typically don’t expect much but this flat bench is super solid having the wide feet on the front and the back butplus the quality of the padding and the 3×3 12 gauge steel.

I think this is a really good buy if you can get over the fact that the feet are probably going to get in the way of your feet and #2 it’s kind of a pain in the butt to move this thing around because there are no wheels you get in here. 
81TzhakYsmL. SL1500

BullrocK Flat Weight Bench 1000lbs rated for Home & Commercial Gym

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✔️ But the pros of it are: 

  1. It’s very solidly constructed.
  2. It has a great pad on it.
  3. It includes free shipping, so if you’re in the market for a bench like this and you can get over some of the design choices they went with. I do think it’s a really good value for 13000 rupees and it’s worth taking a look at. 👌

Other Options of Weight Bench in India

Okay! But I Want to buy an Adjustable Bench? Bullrock all benches are tested and made with vigilance, keeping in mind any strong athlete could use it.

Using this bench is pretty simple right, most people are probably going to use it for barbell bench press, dumbbell work or other things that they’re going to do. Either way, no matter what you use, I don’t think you’re really going to have too much of an issue with it. 

That sums up this blog.

If you’ve any questions related to best flat bench for home gym, or enquire about any flat bench price, you can leave a comment or write to me on [email protected]

Thanks for reading!!

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