1-on-1 Bullrock T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbell India Review

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Today I want to talk to you about bullrock t-rex adjustable dumbbells and why I feel it is the best adjustable dumbbell set in India and that's including for both home use and commercial gym use. 

There are many retailers/ brands from which you can buy adjustable dumbbells online in India, but it is hard to figure out which is best for you and your budget? 😃

After figuring it inside out, understanding the pros and cons of bullrock t-rex dumbbells based on 7 primary attributes – setup, adjustability, ease of use, knurl grip, durability, storage, and overall value, I’ve rated them on a scale of 5 on each attribute.

👉 Which then helps us to calculate an overall average score. (so you can make a decision!)    

Yes, I know that’s quite a tall order, but please hear me out. ➡️ When I was first building, my home gym, one of the things I actually wasn’t really sure about was adding an adjustable dumbbell set to that. 

Because, for the most part, I wasn’t aware of anything on the market that looked like it would really stand the test of time and score a perfect 5, on all these 7 attributes I listed. 

👉 I was familiar with some of the most popular adjustable dumbbell brands in India, like the Cube Club Powerbells dumbbells or even Flexnest dumbbell option (which feels close to Bowflex). 
best adjustable dumbbell price in india cheap

However, this didn’t look like they would hold up that great, and with previous experience with them. I knew that they were kind of a little shitty because you’re talking about tons of moving parts, plastic that could break if dropped, and nothing that really gave you that true feel of a strong & quality dumbbell. 

They were 3/5. That’s a deal-breaker for me.❌  

But for beginners trainees, Flexibell – quick adjustable dumbbells are the best dumbbells for home use India, who want a more space-saving alternative to owning an entire dumbbell set in different weights and want them really quick to adapt to their workouts, but it wasn’t for me. 🙅‍♂️

Why? Because I was looking for an adjustable dumbbell that has these qualities:

➡️ Starting with… 

  1. Firstly, they are made of steel or iron, not plastic. 
  2. Don’t have a lot of moving parts. 
  3. Is Reliable.
  4. Comparatively quick to adjust.
  5. Resistant to drops.
  6. Have a small footprint/ overall design.
  7. Gives an amazing feeling in hand – Knurl.  
  8. Is Durable and lasts longer. 
  9. Last, of course, adjustable in weights. 

Which any regular dumbbells can’t provide. That’s the reason my head turned away from buying any ordinary fixed dumbbell. 😑

Prefer watching videos? See this complete detailed video in Hindi.

t rex dumbbell review

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What to Look for When Buying an adjustable dumbbell?

Now, obviously, when it comes to buying equipment and using equipment, everyone’s preferences are going to be different.

👍 But the things that I really take a look at when I buy or get anything from the home gym really come down to:

  1. Price – How much is the cost? 
  2. Convenience – How easy is it to use, and
  3. Effectiveness – It is something that I will use and I’ll actually get a good return on my investment.

These are the 3 things I really look for and I think fixed dumbbells also provide them, but at a high cost, and after acquiring more footprint in your gym. 😅

Kobo Home Gym Grippy HEX Rubber Dumbbell 1 KG to 30 KG

👉 What’s more, I want to talk about is:

1️⃣ It’s expensive to buy 10 different dumbbells:

Buying a separate fixed dumbbell set ranging from 2.5 kg to 40 or 45 kg or whatever number would get pretty expensive for most parts. Probably I need to spend about 25000 to 55000 rupees or more to get all the weights that I would want and that would almost be the cost of my entire home gym. 😨

Why that much? Because obviously, I won’t be turning to cheap rubber dumbbells that give a rubbery smell that is available at 30-40 rupees/ per kg or so locally. (✔️ Quality > Usability > Price)

2️⃣ Limited space:

Not to mention with limited space available to me, I didn’t want to have a whole wall of dumbbells. So it just never really made sense for me to buy a bunch of dumbbells that I don’t have enough space to keep. 

That is, until someone turned me on to Bullrock T-rex Adjustable Dumbbell Kit India 2022 a couple of days ago, which really knocks them out of the park in all three aspects – Price, Convenience, and Effectiveness.

➡️ So let’s go ahead and take a look at what these adjustable dumbbells in India really provide.  

Snapshot of Bullrock T-rex Dumbbell

5 49

Spin lock

  • 👍 Ideal For: People seeking a high weight adjustable dumbbell option (up to 71 kgs) that is equally durable, made of steel, and resistant to drops. 


  • Made of Machined Steel. Extremely durable. 
  • Weight can be adjusted from 2.5 kgs onwards
  • Max weight option 71 kgs, that’s huge in the category. 
  • No corrosion or rusting chances, thanks to E-coating.
  • Absolutely no maintenance/ oiling is needed.  
  • The best part: You can double the weight plates of a single dumbbell. 
  • Ease in transportation.  
  • Cost-efficient. (Onetime purchase, and can be upgraded later.)  
  • Flat bottom to rest comfortably on the thigh.
  • Made to commercial standard. Engineered Just Right for lifters!!👌


  • Takes a little more time to adjust, 30-35 seconds approx. 
  • Can’t be used for drop sets. 
  • Some scratches can appear.

Gear Specifications:

Bullrock t rex dumbbell features
bullrock t rex dumbbell
Material:Machined Steel E250
Surface Treatment:E-Coat, 7 tank resin Textured Powder Coat
Shaft Diameter:32 mm
Knurl:1.5mm Aggressive Knurl
Possible weight settings:2.5kg to 71kg in 2.5 kg increments.
Possible weight settings with 0.5kg Fractional Plates:3.5kg, 6kg,8.5kg, 11kg, 13.5kg, 16kg, 18.5kg, 21kg, 23.5kg, 26kg, 28.5kg, 31kg, 33.5kg, 36kg, 38.5kg, 41kg, 43.5kg, 46kg, 48.5kg, 51kg, 52kg, 54.5kg, 57kg, 59.5kg, 62kg, 64.5kg, 67kg, 69.5kg, 72kg
Warranty:1-year against manufacturing defects and 10-year against the construction
Weight Tolerance:All the Weight plates, handles, and Standard Studs are calibrated to accurate weights; however, the extra Long Studs have 130-gram surplus weight compared to standard studs due to their extended length.
Make:Made in India

Full Bullrock T-rex Adjustable Dumbbell India Review 2022

1. Extendability (Max weight it can go upto?)

50 kg dumbbell in India

The first thing to note about t-rex dumbbells is that this particular dumbbell is advertised as “India’s strongest adjustable dumbbell”. I have to say I tend to agree with it. It’s made like a tank. That being said, I initially picked up the Basic 35 (17.5 * 2) dumbbell set

This include (by default): 

  1. The dumbbell handles
  2. 4 plates of 1.25 kgs, 2.5 kgs, and 3.75 kgs each
  3. 4 standard studs
  4. Spanner to fasten the studs. 

But you also have an option to select between 7 different weights set which bullrock fitness offers, that are:

  1. Basic 35 (17.5 kg * 2)
  2. Pro 50 (25 kg * 2)
  3. Elite 65 (32.5 kg * 2)
  4. Elite 80 (40 kg * 2)
  5. Elite 95 (47.5 kg * 2)
  6. Elite 100 (50 kg * 2)
  7. Elite 142 (71 kg * 2)

✔️ Check all models here. 

(Depending on what you buy. Price would adjust accordingly.) 

Where does it start & end?

Adjustable dumbbells are all about weight adjustments/ or extendibility. They are made compact and priced extremely competitively than fixed dumbbells. 

Within seconds, you can transform a weight from a 10 kgs dumbbell to 12.5 kgs, to 15 kgs or heavier depending upon your workout requirements. 

This gives convenience to the end-user, to jump from one weight setting to another in no time.

Bullrock t-rex dumbbells can also be adjusted in 1.25 kgs increments, but usually, 2.5 kg up to 17.5 kgs (for basic 35 kit) and so on, where all other dumbbell brands adjust at least from 2.5 kgs. 

t rex adjustable dumbbell
assembly of t rex dumbbell India

➡️  For a top-variant, Elite 142 weight can be extended from 2.5 kg upto 71 kgs for an adjustable dumbbell set.👍 

Yes, that’s huge. 

This offers the best price-to-performance ratio of any available adjustable dumbbell in India.    

The 1.25 kgs incremental change in these dumbbells is great for beginners

Many people who are new to lifting don’t know how heavy they should go for each workout. Smaller jumps in these dumbbells allow you to experiment with a wider range of options in your home exercises.🤗

2. Adjustability (Quick or Slow?)

In addition to offering great extendibility, it does provide quick adjustability as well but not as fast as dial mechanism dumbbells provide. But still good.

In how much time can one dumbbell be ready?

It takes close to 34-35 seconds to adjust and get ready 1 bullrock t-rex dumbbell. That means for a pair, it takes 1 minute or 1 minute 20 seconds. ⏱️

Not as fast as a pin mechanism or quick selector dial-adjustable dumbbells, which get ready in less than 5 seconds.

But still considerably fast.

Would a slow adjustable dumbbell still be good?

❌ No, dumbbells have to be adjusted quickly & easily so you can focus more on sets rather than being a tool master and spending the whole time adjusting the weights. 

spanner of bullrock dumbbell India

So herewith a t-rex dumbbell India you get a spanner and stud/ screw which has to be fastened tightly to fix plates in its place and set the required weight.

You don’t get any tray along with it, to align the weights at the center and place the stud just right in the middle.

You have to by yourself figure out the weight numbers, calculate the final weight you want on each side, and place them right in the center to lock it.   

👉 But to do all this 1 minute or so is an OKAY time to consider. You can get some rest between the sets. If you’re fond of doing multiple sets with the same weight, it won’t be a problem. 

Looking at the pros and cons of how quick this is, I still feel the t-rex dumbbell is highly appealing for those who want adjustable dumbbells but didn’t want to go for PVC plates dumbbells or any other cheap route.

What else can be said?
loadable handle set India

☑️ T-rex dumbbells look nice, feel good in the hand, and are of the same length even at lightweights. Where though flexnest flexibell dumbbell is extremely quick to adjust but feels extremely wide in hands at 2.5 kg.      

A dumbbell that is too wide or lengthened can impair your exercises. In shoulder presses, this could hit your head, or you have to move the dumbbell out a little to save it from clanging. 

Also, for CrossFit-style workouts or drop sets/ supersets, they are not meant to do well.  

So it’s either this or that, can you bear adjusting the t-rex dumbbell with a spanner for a minute before your next set. Or you’re the guy that wants absolutely no BS, and wants your dumbbell, to get ready in a second.

Decide for yourself. (I prefer to be the first one.🔥)

3. Upgradability (Limit progression or gives you FREEDOM?)

What’s the best thing I found with bullrock adjustable dumbbells is that you can always UPGRADE it later. That won’t depend on what weight set you buy currently. 

👉 Later, when you feel a need, or as your strength grows, your t-rex dumbbell would transform being a Basic 35 set, to Pro 35, to even an Elite 100 set. 

how to upgrade bullrock t rex dumbbell

Now when you’re using lighter weights, you obviously would buy a Basic 35 set that came with the possibility of expanding up to 17.5 kg, however, these dumbbells can go as heavy as 71 kg in each hand and the way to get there is through expansion kits. 

✔️ Upgrade options: 

  1. Long stud extension kit (2 needed)
  2. 0.5kg fractional plates extension kit * 4 pcs
  3. 3.75 kg weight plates extension kit * 4 pcs

Just buy these separately, in any number, and upgrade your T-rex dumbbell.

➡️  Note: If you have a T-Rex Pro 50 or T-ReX Basic 35 Adjustable Dumbbell kit and want to upgrade your dumbbell above 50kg pair, i.e. Elite Kit.

With this extension weight plate set, you must get the long studs/ screws set separately; otherwise, you will be unable to increase your dumbbell.

However, if you own any of the T-Rex Elite Adjustable Dumbbell Kit models, you won’t need to purchase the long studs separately because they come standard with all Elite Kits.

how to upgrade bullrock t rex dumbbell

That means you don’t have to spend a full amount again and again in purchasing an entirely newer set. 

You SAVE on key similar items and only spend on items that have to be upgraded. This won’t limit your progression in the game year in, and year out. 

Isn’t it great? 💯

But that won’t sum up this bullrock t-rex adjustable dumbbell India review. Let’s talk more about it. 

4. Built Quality (Hit or flop?)

While having a compact adjustable dumbbell is great. It doesn’t mean anything if the dumbbell is a piece of junk and I’m happy to say this is not the case, as with the bullrock T-rex dumbbell. They are as close to being a real dumbbell that you’ll like and LOVE. 💖

bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbell review India
bullrock dumbbell build quality

The entire dumbbell is made from Machined steel with no plastic parts, unlike many of their competitors. Because plastic opens the doors for durability issues. You can DROP the dumbbells, it won’t break. 

But still, I recommend using some rubber flooring in your home gym area so it would increase the life of your equipment. 

👉 These have a natural round shape, so it’s not a big block. I hope the design would be made hexagonal, so it won’t roll on the floor, but still, I have no complaints about the design aspect of the t-rex dumbbell.  

Further, the surface grinding process is very good, that’s E-Coating of the shaft and end caps without being polished makes them corrosive resistant, while the Plates come with a 7 tank Resin textured powder coat 🤩 that offers a better grip and decreases the likelihood of the plate dropping from hands. 

Due to E-coat surface treatment instead of hard chrome, which earlier t-rex dumbbell version uses but the company discontinued them and now with e-coat on latest version of dumbbells you require absolutely NO maintenance or oiling the studs. 😬

new bullrock t rex dumbbell adjustable dumbbell India 2022

Note: Only the female (handle) thread has to be oiled once every three months or every six months (subjected to climate and usage).

👉 The thing is, they are made very durable (5/5 marks). If accidentally (or purposefully) dropped on both foam flooring and concrete, that would result in no damage to the dumbbells—the dumbbell remained completely intact (with no broken parts or chipped parts). 

But on the safer side, you should avoid dropping them on your concrete.

5. Locking Mechanism (Secure or lose?)

Bullrock t-rex dumbbell uses a spin-lock mechanism that is manual but simple to use and highly reliable. You simply have to pick up the plates you want to add, align them in the center, and then use the locking screw, or called “stud” to quickly secure the weight plates in place. 

locking mechanism off bullrock best adjustable dumbbell review India

This isn’t like any dial selector locking mechanism which you see in Flexibell adjustable dumbbells India, it’s completely manual. You won’t see any numbers above to quickly set it to that weight and just pick up the dumbbell for use in seconds. That’s not the case here. 👎 

The thing you need to do is: You have to figure out the plate’s weights printed on each plate, calculate it in your mind how much you want from your dumbbells, then add or remove weight plates until you reach your desired weight. 

Little tough? No, if you’re good at maths, you’ll kill it. 🤩 

Overall Experience?

But don’t confuse these with the spin nut locks you may have seen elsewhere. The quality of stud, the ease with which it goes inside and settles, is superior to any lock mechanism inside a dumbbell you have seen. 

flat bottom design of bullrock t rex dumbbell
Flat bottom design of dumbbell

👉 What’s more? Bullrock Fitness Dumbbell provides a flat bottom so you can rest them on your thighs comfortably before getting them into a pressing position. 

No long threads coming out from ends, no need to put barbell collars or nuts to secure plates. 

The locking mechanism here keeps plates very secure and compact. Though the whole process takes little time, it’s WORTH it.  

I have no safety concerns about using them. Absolutely NO play between plates or looseness is seen.  

spin locking mechanism?
spin lock dumbbell India
spin lock dumbbell

It uses a 20mm E-Coat plated threaded bolt welded to the end cap in the form of a STUD that can be adjusted with bare hands to lock and unlock the dumbbell. Threads are sturdy enough to not break in case of drops. 

In rare circumstances, if you lock the dumbbell incredibly tight, a spanner tool that is included with the package is to be used to quickly remove the stud – very simple to understand for beginners.  

(📢 But it’s always recommended that you tighten the STUD with the use of a spanner only. Otherwise, if loosely packed, it can come off between sets.)

6. Warranty on T-rex dumbbells

Now, these are super heavy-duty dumbbells in India. To be true, they’re not indestructible, although they’re awfully close. You can break it – some parts of it if you intentionally go harsh on them for testing.

While I could easily replicate these tests at home, I choose not to. That’s not because I’m afraid of damaging the dumbbells, but more because I think they’re so heavy-duty they might end up damaging my floor. (which I mentioned previously)

👉 But in case, it’s been accidentally dropped by you and unfortunately gets damaged (which they won’t, but let’s say). 

Then they do come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and 10-year against construction, whereas most of their other competition only offers a 1 or 2-year option against construction. 

Also, do not fear if the plates would come off in case the STUD gets broken. (which in most rare cases would, because plates are made of machined steel they won’t break only the locking mechanism could).

Then also, no need to worry.

The entire design is not made like that, the stud would still remain fixed in its place and will hold the plates, even if it gets broken. The plates won’t come out or fall from each end. 

Later see if the stud gets broken, if YES you can order its replacement. 🥳

As I said earlier, the entire t rex dumbbell is made to commercial standards. The length, knurl, diameter all things you get here is given to add a more productive number of reps to your workouts and not hamper your growth. 

7. Knurl feel (Grippy or not?)

bullrock t rex dumbbell knurling on the handle 1

The handles on these dumbbells are full knurled, giving you the same feel of the barbell; where most dumbbells you have seen until now have uneven knurls on the handles or some polished smooth areas. (I don’t know why?😲) 

But t rex has a fully knurled handle with a 1.5 mm aggressive knurl type, similar to what you get in powerlifting barbells.   

Also, the straight knurled grip has a 32mm diameter and is combined with compact round machined plates to make the dumbbell thin and commercial standard. 

The knurled handle length has been optimized to 135mm, which is the grip length that keeps your hands steady during all pushing and pulling workouts. 

Excessive handle length can move the centre of gravity and reduce your productive number of repetitions, which the BullrocK T-Rex Dumbbells will not do.👍

8. Cost-effectiveness (Worth the money?)

best gym dumbbell india

Okay, you have heard about all the goods about adjustable dumbbells, the portability, and storage flexibility you get. But these savings come with a price, though. 

Pricing on the Bullrock adjustable dumbbell India is kept around Rs 18500 for the dumbbells that’s 17.5kg (T-rex Basic 35) that go up to Rs 46000 for Elite 100 (50kg * 2). However, the price is low enough that a person could buy dumbbells and still pay less than others on the market. 

We did not give a bullrock adjustable dumbbell a perfect 5 out of 5 for overall value. If it scored highly on all aspects, it was much more expensive than the other dumbbells we tested.

✔️ For a quick comparison, check the prices

Flexibell dumbbell vs Bullrock t-rex dumbbell 

[➡️ Base model] 

24 kg Flexibell cost Rs 16999 for a pair 

17.5 kg Bullrock t rex cost 18500 for a Basic 35 pair. 

(All prices are estimates, check amazon for more clear prices 💸)

Bullrock dummbell discount coupon
Picture captured in Dec 2021

Let’s check the price for the same weights 

24 kg Flexibell still costs Rs 16999 for a pair 

25 kg Bullrock t rex costs Rs 24000 for a Pro 50 pair.  

Not close enough, but I have explained why bullrock is better in many areas than Bowflex-like flexibell dumbbell in India. Bullrock t-rex is the stronger and heavy-duty dumbbell in all ways.

What about a fixed dumbbell price?

25 kg Bullrock adjustable t rex costs Rs 24000 for a Pro 50 pair. 

25 kg dolphy fixed dumbbell costs Rs 10699 for a pair 

fixed dumbbell price in India

➡️ Remember, a fixed dumbbell is 1 pair you get for Rs 10699, and with Bullrock t-rex you get a weight setting from 2.5 kg to 25 kg. That’s only for 24000 rupees. If you try to accumulate 10 fixed dumbbells of different weights to match what bullrock provides, the costs would come 3X or maybe 4X of what originally you’re getting.   

I think it’ll work for most home gym owners. ✔️ These are made in India when you compare them to bullrock best adjustable dumbbell India – t rex I think they’re a little bit more just depending on the model you’re looking for. 

So the price is equitable; it’s comparable to most that are out there.

❌ Things I don’t Like about Bullock T-rex dumbbells

Though a t-rex dumbbell is heavy-duty, it is the best dumbbell set for home gym India compared to others that we’ve reviewed in the past. 

I’m a big fan of Bullrock t-rex, however, there are some downsides to these and a few of the biggest downsides are:

1. Not so Quick to Change weights:

Though it’s a very smart engineered dumbbell. However, it’s not the fastest. When I compare those specifically to the Flexibell that comes with a quick selector dial mechanism, this downside in my opinion has to be weaned off if you want durability. 

Because there aren’t many dumbbells here for comparison, the closest one is Ironmaster dumbbells that are available in the US which have a similar design to Bullrock t rex in India, or vice-versa. But they both are also the most loved ones by the gym community (in US and India).   

➡️ The fact is that it’s not as quick to adjust as I think most people would want, so the benefit is that it feels very much like a traditional adjustable dumbbell when you’re using it. 

There’s not a lot of stuff clanking around when you go heavy with it. It’s very nice in that way. It’s not overly bulky, however, when you go to change the weights, it’s an exhaustive process.

2. You got to know elementary-level maths. 

The second downside is an extension of the 1st downside, that is. It takes a while to set the full dumbbell.

They made it quicker with a locking mechanism + spanner so it’s easier to come out, but then you got to sit here and do a bunch of MATHS.😲 

Because you have to decide how much weight is going to be there. I get it, it’s not that much maths but when you’re in the middle of a set and you’re trying to do a superset or drop set, it’s very difficult to go, from say 15 kgs to 17.5 kgs to 20 kgs, back and forth during your set and also actually hit the movements you want to hit.

Bullrock dumbbell setting chart 1

➡️ Whereas with Flexibell or PowerBells adjustable dumbbells or some of the others, it’s just a quick change and tells you what weights that’s there.

In bullrock t rex dumbbells, there’s no real identifier other than the little plate marking that says 5 kg or 0.5 and 2.5 kg plate, what weight you’re at is to be calculated. 

machined plate marking on bullrock t rex dumbbell

I think it’ll get quicker over time just like it would with say a barbell you throw a 25 on each side you automatically know it’s 50

Similarly, while using these t rex dumbbells, maths gets ingrained in your head after you’ve used it a while.

That would probably happen, but I’d still say it takes a lot longer, and it’s one of the biggest downsides to the bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbell India versus some of the competition.👎

3. Not meant for Drops sets/ supersets.

Adjustable type dumbbells at home are very helpful essentially when you have to jump from one weight setting to another in no time. But with t-rex we can’t do that.❌ 

👎 They’re clearly not meant to be used for drop sets/ supersets or for pyramid-style training, which people do add as a part of their bicep training or for any other body part.

The reason is the slow adjustability speed of the dumbbells. Would anyone be willing to take a spanner in 1 hand and adjust weight multiple times in the middle of a drop set for 1.5 minutes each? ❌ No, if they would, then that drop set won’t count.

These are the only drawbacks I found of bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbells. I hope the company will fix them soon or give us a better alternative to people interested by giving the same value at a similar price. 😊

Overall Rating of t rex adjustable dumbbell

Out of 5 how much I rate it?

Conclusion – Should you buy a t-rex dumbbell?

bullrock dumbbell price in India
bullrock dumbbell price in India

If I were to do a blindfold test and hand you a 20 kg really good fixed commercial dumbbell and the bullrock t-rex dumbbell equivalent, I really don’t think you’d be able to tell which one is which? 

As I mentioned at the start, there are three categories. I really look at price, convenience, and effectiveness. 

What’s the score?

Bullrock t-rex dumbbells really have a stranglehold on them as far as the adjustable dumbbell India market goes, and I would even go as far as in a home gym.

They’re better than a fixed dumbbell set, only because of the small footprint and lower overall cost it charges from a customer. 😊

And you get that same feeling that you’re probably used to at your own commercial gym.

 So if you’re in the market of home gym equipment, what I would say is if you want:
  1. Adjustable dumbbells that can go very heavy up 35, 40 to 71 kg with the add-on extension kits. 
  2. Or if you want a very heavy dumbbell and you don’t plan to use them for supersets. 
  3. Or you don’t mind the little more time it takes to adjust. 

Then the bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbell India is a great option. I would highly suggest taking a look at these, which I claim as the best adjustable dumbbells in India. 👍

  • Bullrock Adjustable Dumbbell India – Dark Knight Edition


It feels like a traditional dumbbell but actually is a very value-for-money premium dumbbell. I don’t necessarily think they’re the best for everyone, but I think for that person that meets those requirements, they’re fantastic.
T ReX 71 kg e1622549476776
Staff Pick

Bullrock Adjustable Dumbbell India – Dark Knight Edition

T-ReX Adjustable Dumbbell Kit is a versatile, space-saving, extendable & budgetary training gear.
41 People Used
20 Only Left
On-Going Offer


2. Which to buy: Fixed Dumbbells or Adjustable Dumbbells?

If maximum convenience is important to you, fixed dumbbells are a preferable choice. Pick it from the rack, place it there. Pick another one.

But if you want a single pair of dumbbells that replaces 15 others or you have space and budget constraints, adjustable dumbbells are the way to go.

The choice is yours, every single one has its pros and cons and you have to figure out what’s best for you. 

3. What is the best dumbbell weight for beginners?

Beginners would love to practice with latest, tech enabled equipments that motivates them, feel premium and fun to move. Even if you’re a person, who loves old school equipments then too in both ways you’ll love bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbell kit India

But if you have read a full review of bullrock t rex dumbbell and decided to go with something easier, and quick to adjust peice, flexibell dumbbell 24 kg would be a nicer choice.

Flexibell adjustable dumbbell set India 2021
4. How many kg dumbbell is best for beginners?

This is very subjective because every person’s strength is different and what he/she can lift can’t be marginalized by a certain weight number. At least from where they start. 

Bullrock t-rex dumbbell begins from 2.5 kg and goes upto 71 kgs. For an absolute beginner, 2.5 kgs is the right weight to start. Of course, there are dumbbells available for 1 kg, and 2 kg, and if they’re your choice, then bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbell isn’t the right for you.

Why? Because the first and basic dumbbell you can buy from them is 17.5 kg, this wouldn’t be ever used by you so why to invest heavily.

5. Can a t-rex dumbbell be dropped?

Do not purposely toss them or drop them from great heights; doing so may ruin the finish of your equipment or damage your floor. The t rex dumbbell wouldn’t break. But if dropping is required, it is advised that you drop the dumbbell while keeping your safety in mind.

6. Why would a Commercial Gym Owner invest in an Adjustable Dumbbell?

Mostly every commercial gym space has a fixed pair of dumbbells. But t-rex Adjustable dumbbells can also find their way even to gyms, not just home spaces. You can X number of handles and use it like the fixed weights.

This gives gym owners the ability to keep a selected pair of set weights and they can hand over dumbbells to the class of people that most use them. (That could be always adjusted). This saves money and an overall footprint in the gym. 

Now, rather than maintaining a whole rack of dumbbells, you cut down to half dumbbells. (And if you ever feel the need, it can always be adjusted to desired weight with ease.)      

7. Can I use an uneven number of plates on either handle of a dumbbell?

Yes, you may use t rex dumbbells with an unequal number of plates on either end of a handle, such as a 5kg single plate on one side and a pair of 2.5kg plates on the other. 

However, it is not optimum advice to use it that way because there may be a small difference based on manufacturing defects.

Maintain the correct balance on your dumbbell by keeping the plates equal. But if you want to do CrossFit style dumbbell movements, and you have a Basic 35 set, 17.5 kgs each.

You can use an uneven number of plates from your second dumbbell and make your current dumbbell double its weight.

8. Bowflex vs bullrock t rex type dumbbell? Which is better?

The quick dial mechanism of Bowflex dumbbells, which set the weight to the desired setting, is the most liked and feasible option in the adjustable dumbbells category. But that contains a lot of moving parts, could be adjusted upto 24 kg (in case of PowerBells 40 kg), plastic that could break. 

On the other hand, a heavy-duty fully steel constructed t rex dumbbell is a go-to choice for serious lifters, who want commercial-grade quality and wish to get their hands on some heavyweights. That’s equally durable, gives a feel of a real dumbbell, and is cost-effective.  

Logically, as the price comes in factor, having bullrock t-rex dumbbells provide a better starting cost and is available in 7 other weight variants, whereas flexibell do only come in 1 variant and charges straight 19999 rupees for a dumbbell with less warranty in months.

9. Is t rex dumbbells safe to use?

Despite the fact that the locking mechanism on t-rex dumbbells is simple and secure, it is a good idea to check the tightness of the locking End Caps between sets. 

It is advised that the locking screw tightness be re-checked after each use between sets. Do not over-tighten the studs, but if they have become too tight, you may use the provided locking-unlocking spanner to loosen them.

10. Is maintenance required for bullrock t-rex dumbbells?

Bullrock t-rex dumbbell needs no maintenance at all, especially after its surface finish is changed from being hard chrome to E-Coat – Dark Knight Edition that’s more resistant to corrosion, and the plates come in 7 tank resin textured powder coat to provide better grip. 

You only need to flush out the handle threads with oil (apply WD-40 spray lubricant) every quarter or 6 months, depending on the weather.

Thanks for reading until now. 

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