Flexnest Flextrainer Review: Best Cross Trainer For Home In India 

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flexnest flextrainer plus review best cross trainer in India for home

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Today we're going to take a look at the Flexnest Flextrainer Review: The best cross trainer for home in India. This is a Flexnest entry-level cross trainer machine for home.😀 
flexnest best magnetic cross trainer india

It’s very reasonably priced and we’re impressed with the functionality on it considering that affordable price. This has 24 levels of resistance you also get a 16-inch/ 408 mm foot stride.✨

✔️ There’s a lot of functionality that comes with this and it’s very similar to the sole e35 which is just a slightly higher model and throughout this review, we’ll go through this smart home gym equipment in India and kind of point out a few of those key differences.

Real quick let’s jump into it. 

(➡️ You’ll find the link to the product in the description and you can use the link to check the latest price and other user reviews. Read until the end to know our final verdict on whether it’s worth the purchase.)

India’s 1st Smart Best Cross Trainer For Home in India

Flexnest Flextrainer Review

  • If you love smart home gym equipment that has Bluetooth connectivity features, so you can track your every health vitals, do a virtual tour, get trained by trainers, and never get bored like in any other manual setup. The Flextrainer+ is ready to take your workouts to the next level.


  • Trainer-led workouts, so you never get demotivated. 
  • It supports Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sync with mobile apps 
  • Comes with wheels that ease transportation. 
  • It does not require too much space based on its dimensions and features.
  • Oversized pedals increase comfort. 
  • 1-year warranty given on the product. 😇
  • Electronic Resistance control Knob that increases ease of use.


  • You don’t get the Tablet screen, for this model.
  • It doesn’t fold. 
  • It doesn’t have an incline setting
  • The foot pedals aren’t adjustable. 
  • Maximum weight capacity (only 120 kg).
  • Not the best for very heavy people.
  • No speakers are given. 

Specifications of Flexnest Cross Trainer in India

Resistance24 Levels
KnobElectronic Magnetic Resistance knob with LED
Net Weight62 kg
Gross Weight70 kg
Floor Space L*w*H144*59*170 cm
Flywheel Weight 15.5 lb/ 7.03 kg
Max User Weight120 kg
Max User Height6ft 4 in
Power Supply12V Power Adapter
Stride408 MM
Virtual Walks in 50 + cities
Warranty1 year

Overview of Flexnest Flextrainer +

flextrainer India
⏭️ Flexnest Flextrainer+ is a cross trainer machine for home that can accommodate people of different fitness levels. It comes with improved specs that make it better than regular elliptical cross trainers, since this features a front-drive configuration it's compact. Though you cannot fold this. 

It comes with wheels that enhance transportation, since it’s based on magnetic resistance it’s a good fitness machine to use at home as it works quietly and operates at low noise levels.😇

➡️ The console for this Flexnest Flex trainer + features a 7.5 LCD screen socket (No tablet given) that’s backlit this can give you access to 50+ virtual workout programs.

Flexnest cross trainer in India offers a stride length of 16 inches and has up to 24 levels of resistance. It also allows you to switch between reverse and forward pedaling motions since this elliptical comes with a 7.03 kg flywheel that offers resistance. 😀

You should try setting it at max resistance so it can help you tone different muscles. This elliptical cross trainer also comes with moving handlebars which can help you engage in upper body workouts. 

best cross trainer in India

✔️ Most customers are also impressed with its lifetime warranty for the frame. You get an integrated tablet holder and it is well constructed.

The addition of features such as virtual rides, an electronically adjustable resistance knob, and a tablet holder can also keep you motivated during workouts.😇 

This is a comfortable training machine that can protect your joints and knees during workouts due to its oversized pedals, it gives you a chance to tone your muscles as you engage in low-impact exercises.

👉 The handlebars of this elliptical machine are designed to support different grip positions.  

✔️ Who it’s best suited for? 

Flexnest cross trainer has a slightly smaller footprint compared to other best ellipticals in India that we’ve seen.

➡️ If you’re looking for elliptical trainer benefits this is a good compact option. It’s only 56.69 inches long which is about exactly 2-3 inches small than its closest competitor XTERRA Steel FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer so it’s much more compact and that gives you more options. 

flexnest flextrainer review
flexnest flextrainer review

As far as where you’re going to put it. It’s also lighter weight only weighs 70 kg but will support up to 120 kg. It’s a good option as far as that weight capacity goes. 

⏭️ It also is very quiet so if I move these handles this has a silent resistance system so regardless of what level of resistance you’re on or what level of incline you’re on it’s very quiet. 

⏭️ It would work well for people who live in an apartment may be on the upper floor. If you’re in a shared space this is really a very quiet workout machine. 

⏭️ It also is good if you’re looking for both upper body and lower body engagement, you do have those handles that move. They are synchronized with the pedals so you can get both upper body and lower body workout on this or you can isolate one or the other. 

⏭️ It’s also really good for people who want something smart. It does have a touch screen and does include a subscription that gives you access of the trainer & virtual classes so you can just jump right on and get going.

It has very basic manual programs & virtual rides that are already pre-programmed into that console so if you're looking for something smart & quick this is a good cross trainer machine for home.

❌ Who it’s not suited for? 

We probably don’t recommend this for people who actually don’t want subscription content. 

You can get an app and use it on your device may be your tablet or phone or whatever and you can put your phone here or your tablet up there and it will sync with the machine. 

So if you’re not looking for something that’s fully integrated and has subscription content or includes a touch screen, but want a basic elliptical cross trainer machine in India that is to be used by an elder who doesn’t understand technology, then this probably isn’t the best option. 

👉 Because with all these features, you get to pay an extra subscription cost each month. (Rs 500/ month)✨

Detailed Flexnest Flextrainer Review

virtual classes in flexnest cross trainer India
flexnest flextrainer review

⏭️ Let’s take a look at the overall construction of the Flexnest Cross trainer in India. I’m going to point out some key points here.


✔️ Flexnest is a reputable brand that has been making quality fitness equipment for years, it has taken its time to create this elliptical cross trainer. 

Flexnest flex trainer+ is a well-made cross trainer that’s designed to be durable. It comes with inward-sloping pedals that support the natural movement of the feet. 

This minimizes stress on the knees and ankles and increases comfort during use. Once you choose this elliptical you’ll also get a lifetime warranty for the frame. The manufacturer even sets a refund policy that you can use in case of defects. 


👉 Like most elliptical machines this model also comes with a great console. Though you won’t get a tablet included in this, but you can always include one that you have.

After integrating any tablet/ mobile/ TV device you get access to at least 50+ virtual workout programs through the Flexenst fitness app that is available on Playstore. 

Since the console also contains a tablet holder. It enables you to keep your device within arm’s reach.

You can also enjoy other comfort features that come with this elliptical such as water bottle holder to stay hydrated during your workouts and the Bluetooth audio speakers to entertain yourself. 


👉 The first thing is the footprint, this is a relatively compact elliptical. Typically ellipticals are large because you have to get that nice long foot pedal but this one is only 56.69 inches long so that’s relatively compact. It’s 66.92 inches high to the top of this tablet holder but only 24 inches wide

You could tuck it behind a couch in a corner along a wall and it won’t take up as much space as other ellipticals cross trainer India. 

Also as you can see it’s a front-drive system so most of your weight is centered here in the front, you have a steel grab bar back here and there are wheels underneath that front stabilizer so I can lift and roll it if I need to. 

It’s heavy it weighs 70 kg so it’s not like you’re going to want to be moving it every day but you do have the option to pick it up and move it if you need.😇

Best Cross Trainer For Home in India
Best Cross Trainer For Home in India

👉 You have a dual-track system down here underneath the pedals so as you move those pedals forward and back you can experience that it glides there. Along that track system which just kind of adds stability and your pedals aren’t going to shift side to side. 

The other thing is your incline system is centered back so as the pedal tracks lift up this way so it kind of balances the weight so you’ve got the flywheel in the front, the motor in the back, and the incline comes as these pedals lift up. 

Also another significant difference between this and other magnetic cross trainer India is these are nice wide pedals they’re 15 inches long and they’re very comfortable but they do not incline. They’re not adjustable at the back. 

Flywheel/ Wheel Suspension/ Pedals
best cross trainer for home in india

✔️ Also, this has a 15.5 pound/ 7.03 kg flywheel. Whereas in other magnetic cross trainer India has a 25-pound flywheel but it is there in the front and it’s very quiet and that provides good weight when you’re on the machine.

 If the flywheel is not heavy enough then it’s hard to get a smooth motion. It feels kind of jerky as you move back and forth, so a 15.5-pound flywheel is pretty respectable.

You do have dual motion pedals so you can pedal forward & backward and it just kind of engages your muscles just a little bit differently.

You can focus a little more on hamstrings when you pedal backward you’re engaging the glutes just a little bit more whereas forward you’re a little more quad dominant using that anterior chain. 

So the pedals do go back and forth and they have this nice ridge here along the top so that you’re not going to slide forward. 


👉 As always we’re impressed with the Flexnest warranty. This comes with a full warranty lifetime coverage on the frame and then you get 1 year on electronics and parts and 1 year on labor.

Problem it solves. 

👉 The other thing is if you’ve used elliptical cross trainer machines frequently. 

One common problem is your toes can go numb just the way that your foot’s positioned and sometimes it can cause a little bit of Achilles discomfort.❌

Flexnest Flextrainer+ India has designed these with a 2-degree inward slope, but they do kind of slope very gently inward and that is to reduce any tension on your ankle knee, or hip and also reduces problems with numb toes, any Achilles discomfort anything like that. 

It also has 20 levels of resistance and it also has a full 16-inch pedal stride, but the stride is how far forward and back those pedals move.

Even though this is a little more compact machine and it supports 120 kg it works well for larger users because that 16-inch stride gives you plenty of length.

Other Cross Trainer Options.

FAQs on Elliptical Cross Trainer India

Is Flexnest magnetic cross trainer India an ideal elliptical?

Yes though this cross trainer machine for home is not powerful enough for advanced trainees. It’s a solid machine that can suit a certain group of people. It is well built and contains lots of quality features that can give one value for their money. 

Who is it best suited for? 

It’s ideal for beginners that would like to start training on an elliptical machine. This elliptical in India is also suitable for those who want a premium cross trainer price in India, Rs 64999. It is the first smart home gym elliptical in India, that Flexnest introduced.  

How To Connect & Use The Flextrainer+?
How To Assemble The Flextrainer+?
Are cross trainers good?

It’s an awesome piece of the best elliptical cross trainer India that genuinely benefits your muscles! No area of your body is spared on the cross trainer. 

It’s all about working together: while your arms, shoulders, and pecs are occupied moving the handles, your thighs, glutes, and calves are being worked out by pressing on the pedals. It’s like gliding in the clouds. 

Does cross trainer help to lose weight?

This elliptical machine simulates activities like walking, running, and climbing stairs without putting undue strain on the joints, lowering the risk of injuries. Elliptical machines can help you lose weight, tone your body, and burn calories like the treadmill or bike.

Is 20 minutes on cross trainer enough?

A 20-minute workout done in an entire day could be good for health, but never could work in the direction if you want to shed massive weight. The amount of calories you burn each minute depends on a lot of factors, like user weight, and the amount of effort he/she puts in. So easy workout 40-60 minutes to see any significant results.   

What is better cross trainer or treadmill?

In terms of potential calorie burning and weight/fat loss, an elliptical and a treadmill are similar. Both are beneficial and will result in excellent workouts. Both forms of cardio gym equipment can help in fat burning when used in combination with a healthy eating strategy.

What is the best cross trainer for home in India?

The Flextrainer+ is a full-body fitness elliptical machine with a small footprint that fits in your home. It offers HIIT workouts that push you to move faster and farther than ever. It’s basic, and intuitive, cross trainer machine for anyone who wants a taste of smart gym equipment first time in India. 

Which brand elliptical is best in India?

Check out elliptical cross trainer brands, which go like

  • AFTON 
  • PowerMax Fitness
  • Welcare ✨

There are multiple models, but you have to investigate which company, or which model fits best for your personal needs.

best cross trainer for home in india
Best Cross Trainer For Home In India 
Verdict: Flexnest Flextrainer Review
  • Resistance: 24 Levels
  • Silent
  • Max User Weight: 120 kg
  • Stride: 408mm
  • Flywheel weight: 15.5lbs
  • Trainer Led Classes


👉 If you’re looking for something that is a full-body workout that’s also low impact and quiet this gives you a lot of options.

We love the fact that you’ve got multiple engagement systems so you can work the arms, your legs, work your full body. 

👍 I really like the fact that it has both moving handles and stationary handles that make it easy to get on and off and the console is very simple and easy to use. 

Those are a few things that we do like about it.

✔️Also, if you’re the kind of person that’s looking for something that has a touch screen and includes updated classes and content to keep you engaged and stuff like that. This has it all.

You can use your music and Bluetooth through the smart connecting feature if you want and you can also watch whatever program or fitness app you want on your tablet.

So if you’re looking for something with smart integration then probably look for Flexnest Flextrainer Review: “Best cross trainer for home in India”. ✨

If you'd like to product check elliptical cross trainer price in India, make sure to check the latest deal out on Amazon and their website at theflexnest.com 

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