Best Adjustable Weight Bench for Home Gym India

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If you dabble in at-home workouts rather than working out the gym because of the COVID-19 virus, you’ve probably up till now have gotten some basic gears required. 

(If not, help yourself with having these top-quality dumbbells, flexible resistance bands, and kettlebells for a start) And while in this blog we emphasize, you to get stronger and focus more on strength training, trust me it’s worth it for you to invest in a quality adjustable weight bench – the cornerstone of any commercial gym or home gym.

Since the demand for at-home workout equipment, including the best adjustable weight bench for home gym, has increased since the workout at home culture has picked up the trend, stocks have been continually fluctuating on Amazon. 

But for this product rundown, after researching 50s of workout benches and legitimately reading all their reviews, for bench press, dumbbell work, and other movements. We’ve shortlisted 5 top-rated weight benches as they appear in top rating by shoppers.

Let’s get right in.

weight bench

Best Adjustable Weight Bench for Home Gym India [current_date format=’F, Y’]:

ImageProduct NamePrice
Kobo Multipurpose (FID) Adjustable Weight Bench. 9.8

Kobo Multipurpose (FID) Adjustable Weight Bench. Our Top Pick

  • Preacher Curl, Leg curls, Rack included.
  • Very Fine Joints & Finishing
Kobo EB-1012 Steel Adjustable Weight Bench with Preacher Curl9.5

Kobo EB-1012 Steel Adjustable Weight Bench with Preacher CurlIdeal Pick for Home Gym

  • Adjustable FID Bench
  • 6 level seat adjustment for all exercise positions
ALLYSON FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench9.4

ALLYSON FITNESS Adjustable Weight BenchAffordable Pick

  • High-quality steel material bench.
  • Easy to assemble, ideal for beginners. 
IRIS Fitness 5 in 1 Multi-Use Exercise Workout Bench for home9.5

IRIS Fitness 5 in 1 Multi-Use Exercise Workout Bench for homeBest Budget Weight Bench

  • Has 7 backrest pad positions.
  • Features a soft leather which is filled with dense foam padding.
National Bodyline Weight Bench With Rack.9.6

National Bodyline Weight Bench With Rack.Second Best weight Bench

  • 2 level Incline Position with rack.
  • Sturdy construction.
Our Top Pick
Kobo Exercise Weight Lifting Imported Professional Home Gym Multipurpose (FID) Fitness Bench

1. Kobo Multipurpose (FID) Adjustable Weight Bench.

The beefiest adjustable weight bench in our list with design specifications, which reinforce the typical constraints of other benches. This bench is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and thick, vinyl-covered pads, which can offer any other bench hard competition. With leg curls, preacher curls to setting FID angles you can do everything you desire from the same bench.

The Kobo Multipurpose (FID) Weight Bench has taken the top spot on our list. Indeed, Kobo brand in India has supremacy in making great value benches. It is the costliest bench on our list, but it’s also not cheaply made, that hosts the features at a price point better than most. It uses features like 17″ height, made with alloy steel, and a front post design bench that enables the feet to be tucked under while bench pressing.

In addition to the above features, over 60 reviewers give the no-frill, weight bench a 4-star rating and describe it “sturdy”, “value for money”, “comfortable without being squishy” in their reviews. Kobo has used a hollow-tube design to save weight, and all the materials look inexpensive.

The seat and backrest are adequately cushioned, and the bench overall is reasonably durable (please note you are in the tiny, affordable, home gym market so that ‘sturdy’ is relative!). This is the best option if you want to upgrade to our top choice.


  • The built quality and durability is amazing.
  • The foam seats and backrest are very comfortable.
  • Come with preacher curl setup, leg raises exercise options. 


  • Leg curl function can only withstand 30 kgs. 
  • You have to assemble it once it arrives. Manual is provided.
Ideal Pick for Home Gym
Kobo EB-1012 Steel Adjustable Dumbbell Bench with Preacher Curl for Home Gym

2. Kobo EB-1012 Steel Adjustable Weight Bench with Preacher Curl.

Amazon shoppers have loved this product and dubbed it as the best-rated weight bench. It’s easy 6 level seat adjustment for all exercise positions makes this bench from flat to incline incredibly fast. The Kobo EB 1012 weight bench exemplifies sturdiness and durability, that last for ages.

Whenever in doubt, which exercises to perform next, a simple adjustable weight bench fills you up with opportunities that are endless. It is a simple platform designed for every space and every muscle you want to train on a push-day. This bench can be adjusted as a flat, declined, and inclined position. It comes with  6 level adjustments with a max load of 140 kg when it weighs 12.3 kg itself. 

This bench is also fitted with a small curl preacher and two resistance bands. You can also use this to perform leg curls and leg extensions. One buyer admits, “This bench is light enough to move around, and still safe and stable during a training session.”

It’s a little expensive though but better than many cheap benches” concluding, “When I took it out of the box I was like WOW! Not only do you get what you pay, but it is also so uncommon to get blown away with the quality.”


  • Setting up the bench is easy and quick.
  • Feels sturdy and premium.
  • Good for only dumbbells.


  • Not usable for too tall people.
Affordable Pick
ALLYSON FITNESS Adjustable Incline, Decline, and Flat Bench- Weight Strength Training, Sit Up Abs Fitness Bench for Full Body Workout of Home Gym.

3. ALLYSON FITNESS Adjustable FID Bench for Full-Body Workout of Home Gym.

If you are new to lifting and looking for the best affordable workout bench. Here’s our pick from Allyson Fitness, it’s nothing fancy, just a flat, foam-based surface that is ideal for bench pressing to step-ups without being unstable even on heavy loads. 

ALLYSON FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench is a perfect budget option for those who want a high-capacity feature-filled weight bench at a good price. This bench has impressed many exercisers, who can manage whatever loads required to bench press and can also roll off the way if not in use.

Some cons include cheaper vinyl and padding, and less than perfect welds, but those are anticipated at the price. There are no leg attachments, but for hard bench presses, shoulder presses, and squat racks it is fine.


  • Come half assembled. Spanner included in the package. 
  • Sturdy enough for gym purposes. 
  • Come with a year warranty.
  • It has thick foam padded and high-quality rex leather covering.
  • No wiggle with heavy lifting.


  • Too much gap between the 2 seats, but manageable. 
  • No leg attachment.
Best Budget Workout Bench
IRIS Fitness 5 in 1 Adjustable Weight Bench Home Training Gym Weight Lifting situp Ab Bench Flat Incline Decline Multiuse Exercise Workout Bench

4. IRIS Fitness 5 in 1 Multi-use Exercise Workout Bench for Home.

This bench is literally as close as you have all of those weight benches in that gym at your home. It’s beautifully designed and sturdy enough to hold a heavyweight of up to 330 lbs so you don’t have to worry about its maxing out. The setup includes 7 adjustable backrest positions, with elastic cordage for super-focused biceps. 

The IRIS Fitness is a stout bench with a typically 150 kg weight capacity, a height of 17.5″, and multiple adjustment angles. It’s not common to use the ZERO GAP feature, which makes it possible to adjust the sitting pad forward and backward to remove any gaps between it and the back pad at all angles.

The weight bench consists of soft foam for the highest comfort, the padding on the backrest, and a 2″ foam thickness seat. The ergonomic design avoids fatigue in the muscles and maintains the body alignment straight during the exercise. IRIS offers the cheapest 3-post bench and despite having a lower weight limit, it is strong enough to cover 99,999 percent of the population.


  • It took 2 minutes to assemble. 
  • Easy to use and is so comfy. 
  • Made of hard steel so product life is not an issue.  
  • 7 Easy Adjustable Positions, gives versatility.


  • Doesn’t come with a rack. 
  • Weight load capacity is nominal. 
Second Best Workout Bench
National Bodyline Weight Lifting Home Gym Multipurpose Fitness Bench, Incline, Flat Bench Press, Multi Bench

5. National BodyLine Weight Bench With Rack.

Want to keep your workout bench for home as simple as possible? Then this adjustable weight bench from National Bodyline gets the job done. Though there are few folding weight benches with rack options available but this bench has gained a 4-star rating by over 200 shoppers (which, let’s be honest, is a huge perk).    

The National Bodyline Weight Bench is a bit of an odd duck. It doesn’t look or work like any other bench on the market but is quite affordable in comparison to the competition. It has more attachments like a rack than most weight benches, and you can probably do more movements on the bench than any other bench. 

In fact, I’m surprised that we see no more people have bought it, as in India fewer people are into buying home gym equipment.

One of the things about this super bench is its available attachments. An amazing multifunctional weight bench for home. It can primarily be used for heavy bench press with 7-foot rods.


  • Very sturdy construction.
  • Good cushion seatings.
  • Overall a great gym bench for home with a rack.


  • Leg curls are not as comfortable.
  • No-fly option.

Weight Bench Buying Guide:

Buying an adjustable weight bench shouldn’t have to be confusing. But the different models from the same company and 100 similar-looking bench presses would make you wonder – Am I in a goat market?

Nah! I don’t yearn to increase your pain. Instead, dissolve it.  

There are simple 4 things you should look for in any weight bench and the list goes- Load capacity, Fixed or adjustable, size & height, and storage. 

Let’s find out each:

###Kobo Multipurpose (FID) BenchKobo EB-1012Allyson Fitness Weight BenchIRIS fitness weight benchNational BodyLine Bench
l-w-h dimensions30 x 60 x 1.5 Cms149.9 x 50.8 x 106.7 CmsN.A.N.A.2.1 x 1.45 x 1.45 Meters
Max weight capacity.160 kg140 kg140 kg150 kg160 kg
Frame materialAlloy steelAlloy steelAlloy steelAlloy steelAlloy steel
Item Weight30 kg12 kg13 kg16 kg30 kg
Material UsedFoam padding.Foam padding.Foam padding.Foam paddingFoam padding
Attachments comes alongPreacher curl + FID + Leg curlsPreacher curl + RB pull + Leg curlsFID bench only.7 backrest pad positions + resistance bandsDifferent models available
1. Load Capacity:

How do you know what weight your weight bench can stretch up to? Assume you are a 100 kg man and you load 50 kg of weight on a bench press while your bench only has a load capacity of 140 kgs. What then? A heartbreak. 

Maximum load capacity is the crucial aspect to note while selecting any weight bench. Is the bench is strong or you are stronger? You must account beforehand whether the bench you are choosing matches your fitness level or not.

Measure how strong you should be based on 13,354,000 lifts by Strength Level users.

That means the weight of the barbell/ dumbbell + your weight + additional weight attached should account to the max permissible weight mentioned by the company.

Already, every bench we have listed here has a capacity of 150 kgs at least and can go to 200 kgs without breaking. Thanks to its sturdy construction. 

2. Fixed or adjustable weight bench:

There are 2 types of benches you may find in any commercial gym or site. One that comes with a standard flatbed, second which can be folded and adjusted according to your exercise requirement. 

This list only has an adjustable weight bench because they provide greater maneuverability. Personally, if the cost isn’t a big thing for you, an Olympic adjustable weight bench like from Kobo and others would suit you for a home gym. 

For many, a fixed bench is what they like to have extra. These are the hardcore lifters who believe in doing 1 type of movement a million times and get stronger in that. And not to mention, Bench Press is the gold mine for gains. 

3. Bench size and height:

The pain of tall guys could be unbearable in choosing the perfect equipment or clothes in which they can fit in comfortably. Same with selecting a bench press, if you are of 5.9 ft you’re never going to be too tall, or unlikely too short for one. 

Most bench presses are 17” high off the ground. If you are taller than 5.9 ft you got to pay a little more attention on selecting a weight bench. You would definitely have something greater than 18” height. Read the measurements. 

Never compromise on the form when bench pressing. Also, you must purchase a bench press of greater length so your head to glute area could rest on the bench press and never get compromised. 

4. Storage:

In-home gyms, the less room for storage is the biggest concern that voids the possibility to add more gym equipment into the arsenal. But today’s weight benches are made compact and foldable. 

If you are lucky, then you may find a stock of foldable weight bench with rack available. The major advantage is it can be folded away and set aside in a corner when not in use. 

Our best pick is one of them that comes with a foldable option for a small price. You can find out what space you have inside your room designated for your loved weight bench and then decide what size or storage option you want in your weight bench. 

Adjustable weight bench for home gym India
Best adjustable weight bench for home gym India

Weight benches are truly versatile. It is a pretty good place to make a focal point of your strength training and focus on those big lifts promoting the correct posture and support while reaping the full benefits of every set and reps. 

While you may have used to get on with all-set 3 standard immovable benches in the gym, these 3-in-1 or 5-in-1 best adjustable weight bench for home gym [current_date format=’F, Y’] with attachments will make you fall in absolute love as here you need not switch from one to other bench/ equipment while saving the space.  

Plus, you are able to do different types of moves on a stable, elevated, declined surface from a single weight bench. Perfect for home gyms.

Literally must-have gym equipment for anyone.

So, which bench press you do like the most from the list or any other you may recommend? Comment below. We would be happy to update that too. 


1. Should I buy a flat or adjustable weight bench?

An adjustable weight bench is not only good compared to a flat bench, but you may also perform different exercises onto it, such as push-ups, core exercises, calisthenics, and others. Also, adjustable bench presses are built with a bench pad about 20” or higher off the floor when in a flat position that gives enough room to users to adjust the angle and make it stepper in decline, or incline position. 

2. What is the best home weight bench?

The best adjustable weight bench for home gym in India is clearly what we have listed in our blog. But if you ask me to suggest one, I would clearly say something with an attached rack and the folding option would be my #1 preference anytime for greater maneuverability – like we get in Kobo Multipurpose (FID) Folding Weight Bench With Rack. 

3. Is floor press as good as bench press?

Clearly not as good,despite the shorter range of motion you would not also be able to lift heavier than which you may perform on the bench press. There you drive force by a 5 point touch of your body. But here your base would be highly unstable and you will find it hard to push even a simple 10 kg dumbbell.  

4. What can I use if I don’t have a workout bench?

You can grab an exercise ball, and then lie your body downward until your back rolls onto it. Press a pair of dumbbells and get in the same position as you lie on a bench press. Enjoy the same workout that now comes with having something unstable underneath you.

5. Why are gym benches so expensive?

Because it works. If you ask me the “per lb” or “per kg” price of basic weight plates hasn’t changed much – iron or steel are the old standbys. With a weight bench, you could start with a pebble and work your way up to a rock. So they are designed with heavy-duty steel to endure the max load. That makes their price vary from INR 5000 to INR 50000 in India.  

That’s all for now, I hope this blog has helped you narrow down your search.

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