Buying a WEIGHT bench in India? 10 Things You Must Know Before.

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buying a weight bench for home gym in India

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Adding the greatest weight bench in India to your home gym setup may seem like an afterthought, even an unneeded cost, but don't be deceived by the lies. If you want to gain strength and build lean muscle, you will require a weight bench. It is not optional.

But, before you click the ‘continue to checkout button and blow all your money on buying a new exercise bench, do yourself a favour and think about the following 10 things first: they might spare you from regret later on.

In this blog, we’ve broken down 10 categories that I think are most important when you’re out searching for that “best weight bench in India”

That’s whether you’re getting a flat or adjustable bench and for each category, I’ll give a product recommendation from one of the many of multi-weight benches. 

Comparison Chart

Pick any, from the list which fits you the most.


Weight Bench



Pad Dimensions

Weight & Weight Capacity



36533 + Shipping

L: 52.5”/ W: 11.5”/ H: 17.5″

70mm/2.75″ thick

57.7 kgs / 1500 lbs rated

11 gauge, 75x75mm CR Steel Tube

10 back pad & 3 seat pad adjustments.

25948 + Shipping

L: 60”/ W: 20.98”/ H: 17.9″ Inch

2.5” thick Padding 

43.5 Kg / 1000 lbs rated

11 guage CR Steel 

 9 back pad & 4 seat pad adjustments.

18000 + Shipping

L: 52", H: 18", W:11.5" inch

2.5" thick Rubberized EVM Foam

45 kgs/ Holds upto 800 kg.

11 guage steel

9 back positions & 3 seat pad positions

18,500 + Shipping

L: 59", H: 19.68", W: 27.55" Inch

High-Density Foam

22 Kg / Holds upto 750 kg

11 guage steel

7 back positions & 3 seat adjustments.

16444 + Shipping

L: 44.88", H: 18.89", W: 19.68" Inch

High-Density Foam

20 kg/ Holds 350 kg

11 guage steel

7 back positions


86 x 27 x 20 Centimeters


15 kg/ Holds upto 200 kg

Alloy Steel

7 back positions & 3 seat positions + Foldable.


40D x 130W x 101H Centimeters

2" thick foam

11 kgs weight

Stainless Steel

7 back positions + preacher pad adjustment.

10443 + Shipping

121.9 x 35.6 x 45.7 Centimeters

 2.5″ thick padding made of heavy-duty rexine

19.5 kg / 1000 lbs rated

12 Gauge CR Steel


10000 + Shipping

L:42", W: 12", H: 17" inches

2.5" Quality rubberized EVM foam

20 kgs/ Holds over 800 kg

11 gauge steel frame



106.7 x 35.6 x 45.7 Centimeters

2" Thick Cushioned Seat

12.4 kg/ holds upto 200 kg

 2" Sq Pipe

NA but foldable

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#1 Siege Fitness benches: “MENSQUATS
#2 SF healthtech benches: “MENSQUATS5

(We are working to negotiate better prices for you with other brands as well, and will update here as soon as we did.)

This article discusses what people should look for in a weight bench, several types of weight benches to choose from, and what things you must check before ordering one.

10 Things To Check Before Buying a WEIGHT bench in India?

Buying a WEIGHT bench in India?
Buying a WEIGHT bench in India? Get these

1. Overall Construction:

The construction of the bench is debatably the most important category. That’s why we’re starting off with it and because it can determine some of the other categories as well. But they all play an important role in themselves.

Essentially, we’re looking at the quality of the materials used to build the weight bench. This is also how we gauge if the price of the bench matches the quality. 

As better quality materials and construction are going to cost more, but also last longer. 

Though I have listed weight benches here ranging from Rs 10000 to 40000, I’d argue it’s not a piece you want to go too cheap on. As there can be vast differences in benches as you go up in price. 

Though admittedly many of these benches are overbuilt for your average home gym, so is the Bullrock Stallion FID bench. This is probably the best-built exercise bench and is 4 times the folding benches (like from Cube Club which costs Rs 9500) because that’s the actual price difference between the two of them. 

It probably is 4 times the bench, but the better question might be do we all need that much bench?

No. While both benches offer great adjustability. 

But you also want to focus on the build of the frame, the steel and how it’s all put together. 

All of these things combined determine the weight on the bench. As a generalisation, a big beefy exercise bench is more likely to take care of you than a little one. 

The heavy 11-gauge steel and welded components are much more likely to create a solid and durable bench.

Now all weight benches are going to have some bolted components, but if the major ones are welded, that’s probably a good indication of their quality. Which cheaper, foldable benches costing under Rs 5000 can’t match!

2. Stability:

The way the bench is put together will play a major role in this category.

It doesn’t matter how pretty all the parts and pieces are when assembled if it’s not a stable bench. It’s a bad one. 

We’re looking for something here that’s more stable.

That stability comes from the frame and the leg layout, as well as all the things I mentioned in the previous category. 

Wider legs and feet create more stability, but if they become too big, they’ll inhibit your ability to use the bench, store it and move it. 

Personally, I LOVE weight benches with one leg up front (like on Bullrock Panzer bench ) versus a four-leg design (on Bullrock Stallion FID bench), and that’s just because it creates additional space in the bench’s front.

This gives me freedom when I’m benching.

For example, those legs don’t get in the way and it makes it easier for me to generate leg drive. It’s just nice to also have that freedom during any exercise. 

The trade-off is you can lose some stability with that tripod design but with a well-designed sturdy bench, it’s not normally an issue. 

Another thing you’ll want to consider is if your bench’s grip on the ground is strong or not. 

SF healthtech Basic Adjustable Bench
SF health tech basic bench

Want to pick SF healthtech basic bench for this, this is only a 22 kg lightweight bench combined with these flat caps they have on the bottom of this model which makes it less prone to slide around on the ground during certain exercises.

You also can’t worry about wobbling or slipping on the floor while doing your heaviest sets on this bench. 

3. Weight Capacity

buy gym flat bench online india
Credits: Bullrock Fitness

Probably a bit less exciting than some of the others, but what is still important is weight capacity. Like stability, it’s going to play off the categories that came before it. 

A heavier welded well-made bench with that thick gauge steel, a solid frame and a good leg layout is going to have a higher capacity. 

I know a lot of people like to get hung up on that final number and, as a generalisation, a bigger number means a more robust bench, but that’s not always true. 

We probably don’t all need 1000-pound capacities, but it does make you feel a little better.  When I saw the Bullrock Panzer bench I noted that they don’t even list a weight capacity and I didn’t think it was an error then or now. 

You can really tell when you’re using an 11 gauge, 75x75mm CR Steel Tube, the bench is going to be super solid. But that would cost you a whopping Rs 36000, which for some people can be too much.

On a budget! I say, look to.

A Siege Fitness Golem Adjustable Bench!

It has superior build quality with 11 gauge steel, which makes it a rock solid, stable bench (weighing 45 kg) that is highly durable and has a myriad of adjustment options for all your workout requirements.

They use Rubberized EVM foam on pads which is anti-slip and provide a lot of grips to the lifter while being soft on your back. The bench loading capacity is up to 800 kg, and the pad supports it. You also got 2 wheels with dual bearings, to easily move the bench to your exercise location and store it back in your closet.

After getting all this, can you guess the bench price? It’s priced at just Rs 18000 + shipping. 

WhatsApp Siege Fitness: +91-7619614418, Share Discount code: “MENSQUATS” for an additional 5% off on this bench purchase.

4. Brand, the bench comes from

The company that manufactures, or at least distributes gym equipment plays a role as well. 

In every video/ blog I make somebody comment about this obscure company or product. I’m not downplaying those companies that popped up during covid or that are selling Chinese rebranding equipment. 

What I am saying is a company with a long track record of quality and service to back it up should have more value than one that doesn’t. 

This is why you'll often see Challenge plates or other products resell really well and Generic brand ones not. 

But are they all perfect? No, but there’s a reason they still rule a space.

5. Packaging shipping and assembly 

packaging of bench
Packaging of bench

It doesn’t matter how pretty it looks on the website if it arrives and damages its crap.

Now companies are always going to try to put themselves in the best light, which they probably should, and I’m a little more forgiving for budget equipment, but when my stuff arrives I still want it to look NEW.

Most companies now ship their benches in pieces to SAVE on shipping.

So it’s a good idea to consider how much time and effort it’s going to take before the bench is actually ready to use. 

6. Footprint and sizes

bullrock adjustable bench the panzer compact storage
Credits: Bullrock Panzer bench

It doesn’t matter how big of a bench you’re packing if you can’t fit it anywhere.

Although everyone is built differently, so they’re going to have their own wants and needs. You’re going to want to take into consideration the footprint of the bench, as well as its pad length, height and width. 

One of the biggest issues home gym owners have is space, so that footprint can be a big deal. 

Can the bench store vertically or fold up and how much space does it actually take when in use?

If you look at the Bullrock Stallion FID bench versus the Siege Golem bench, those pad lengths are pretty different, even if both are functional.

With the Siege golem bench, you can bench on just the back pad and ignore the gap but that length adds to the footprint and weight and, depending on the exercise you’re doing, that pad could get in the way. 

If you don’t have a preference or a ton of experience, then I would say use the IPF specs for guidance.

A bench should be 18 inches from the floor to the top of the pad and 11.5 to 12.5 inches in width. 

Though Siege Fitness make fat pads for those of us who need another few inches, regardless of whether you plan to compete or not. 

But these dimensions fit most people and should allow you to settle comfortably, maintain your strongest position and use leg drive when benching.

And if you decide to compete (powerlifting), later on, you’ll already be used to it but if not, there are still enough options to make pretty much anyone happy. 

7. Pad Width

padding size of bullrock bench
Credits: Bullrock Fitness

Your connection to the bench is the pad. A good pad is integral to the performance of that bench and with foam, it’s a bit of a balancing act.

You want something that’s supportive and dense but it’s also got to be comfortable, something that’s got enough padding that’s uniform compresses evenly and returns back to shape when you’re done using it. 

One of my biggest complaints about the cheaper benches was the thin pad. It’s stiff and the grip there, in my opinion, is lacking. I can honestly say it’s the least-liked bench.

Thats why I suggest people buy a high-end bench, from recognized gym brands rather buy local. The pad you would get here would be so good!!

Personally, I just like Siege Fitness Golem Bench. It’s got enough give and EVM rubberized foam is thick enough to be comfortable. Also, it’s supportive and the grip is about perfect. It keeps a lifter in place and is easy to set up during exercises.

8. Pad Gap

If you’re looking at an adjustable weight bench, you’ll also want to consider the pad gap that’s the space between the back and the seat. 

Nowadays we’re spoiled with options in that mid to high-end level and those gaps seem to be getting smaller, but not everybody’s spending HIGH on budget home gyms and not all benches are created equally. 

The problem with having an excessive gap is that getting stuck in that crack isn’t always comfortable and it’s not always a place everybody enjoys being in. 

So there are benches like SF healthtech Elite Bench an absolute beast of a unit that can always be set to not have a gap.

But even benches like Bullrock Stallion bench or Bullrock Panzer bench or Siege Golem bench, have gaps that are so small that you’d probably never even think about it. 

9. Mobility of Bench

Mobility. Benches that are overly heavy, are a pain to move and that’s regardless of the fact that they take up all of your space. 

Sure with some of these benches because they’re lightweight, they’re easy to move, but at what cost? 

A few of these others, the bench weighs 45-60 kg only and it’s not awful to move with the wheels, but it’s definitely something to take into consideration because believe me, they can be tedious to move around. 

10. The adjustability of the bench

The adjustability and ease of use are going to play a large role on the bench.

If you hate using it, you’re going to find excuses not to, and then what value does it truly hold? 

For a flat bench, there’s really not much to say but for an adjustable bench, we’re looking at the number of back and seat positions that it has.

I’m probably shooting for around 7 back and 3 seat positions. 

Bullrock Fitness Panzer bench
Bullrock Fitness Panzer bench

Sure, benches like Bullrock Panzer bench have 10 back positions and 3 seat positions and total 30 adjustable settings, but who is going to use all of that?

They’re definitely nice, but not entirely necessary. 

We also care about the actual angles on the bench. Are they logically laid out?

sfhealthtech Bench

Like, on the SF Healthtech Basic bench where it’s every 15 degrees. 

How those angles are labelled also is important, preferably lasered numbers and not stickers that couldn’t just wear away. So the SF healthtech bench has 7 positions which is great, but most of the time I have no idea which angle I’ve locked into. 

This is the only problem, a laser-cut number would tell which angle I am adjusted to.

Not only do we care about positions, but how quick and easy it is to adjust. The ladder system is really blown up in popularity and probably for good reason. These SFhealthtech benches mentioned here come with a ladder system.

It couldn’t be simpler or faster. 

Buy SFhealthtech bench from

Use Discount code: “MENSQUATS5” for an attractive pricing.

Flat Bench Vs Adjustable Bench

I often find things that try to do too many things don’t excel at any 1, but with a home gym space is often a premium.

So there’s got to be a bit of a give and take when it comes down to it.

An adjustable bench is a more versatile choice. 

With a flat bench being more limited but also cheaper. Some of us are lucky enough to get both, but if you can’t, I would look at getting a good adjustable bench. 

If you’re severely limited in budget or competing, then a flat bench might be a better choice and from there you’re going to have to ask yourself:

  • What exactly do you want your bench to be able to do? 
  • Do you want it to be able to decline? 
  • Are you looking to add attachments to it and what kind of attachments? 

Good flat bench in India options are:

  1. Bullrock Flat bench
  2. Siege fitness Flat bench
adjustable gym bench price
Credits: Bullrock Fitness

Final Verdict

The king of versatility is still the Bullrock Panzer bench with 30 various position possibilities. Its heavy-duty has a 2.5″ inch pad, tripod design, knurled handle, laser cut numbers and all the features, and dimensions you could think of at Rs 36000.

On the other side, Siege Goldem bench is inexpensive to its peers, yet the build quality and weight capacity are matched. You will get a thick EVM rubberized pad, leg bar adjustment, wheels and 7 back seat adjustment settings. These loads of features even the best benches fail to offer, at 18000 price.

For a more lighter weight bench, consider SF HealthTech Basic Bench (Use CODE: “MENSQUATS5”), which has solid padding, and is tough and simple. It’s lightweight, can be moved easily and will let you easily do full-body workouts.

People buying a flat bench can consider Bullrock or Siege Flat bench any.

A quick look at 9 of the best weight benches in India

  1. Best Value bench: Siege Fitness Goldem bench
  2. Best adjustable: Bullrock Stallion FID bench
  3. Best Overall bench : Bullrock Panzer Bench. (5-star Bench)  
  4. Best as competition bench: Siege Fitness Flat bench
  5. Best foldable: Cube Club foldable bench
  6. Best Cheap Bench: Snowa Flat bench (only Rs 3000) 
  7. Best for most exercises: SF healthtech Basic Adjustable Bench
  8. Best Utility bench: SF Healthtech Utility bench 
  9. Best ready out of the box: Bullrock Flat bench 

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#2 SF healthtech benches: “MENSQUATS5” Buy on

(We will update the coupon codes, and ADD more companies as new ties happen)

FAQs on the Weight bench

What does fid bench mean?

FID means Flat, Incline and Decline bench. FID benches are also called adjustable benches or utility benches, which can typically adjust at any angle to be used for your workouts.

Are weight benches worth it?

Investing in the best weight benches is equivalent to paying money to have huge pecs and big arms. It goes without saying, getting a bench will not instantly make you stronger or bigger. But a sturdy bench would support you during you process of making the big muscles.

Where to buy gym bench?

You may search on, or stroll around your city streets to find a local vendor to whom you can bargain and in all these 2 hours would fly.

But the ideal place, or brand to look for quality or branded gym equipment is SIEGE FITNESS.

Contact: +91-7619614418, Use Coupon Code: "MENSQUATS" for extra 5% off. 
What is a good bench for my weight and age?

Benches are unisex and aren’t made seeing the age and weight of the person. You may buy any bench, seeing its overall construction. The mode of selection is based on your liking, wants and training style.

What is a good bench press weight?

The heavy 11-gauge steel and welded components are much more likely to create a solid and durable bench. Now all weight benches are going to be heavy, but if the major ones are, that’s probably a good indication of their quality.

Thanks for reading. Stay Strong. 

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