My Honest Flexnest Flexibell Dumbbell Review

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😊 Replace 15 pairs of dumbbells with just 1 Flexibell. We are your host for today, and this is an Honest Flexibell Dumbbell Review: Best Adjustable Dumbbell India. 

In my quest to help home gym owners to find the best gym equipment for home gym, how could I not review the most aggressively marketed product Flexibell by Flexnest: which is India’s premium gym equipment brand.  

flexnest flexibell dumbbell
flexnest dumbbell review

Flexnest Adjustable Dumbbells India is the most popular & best of a new breed of space-saving dumbbells right now and has a tough fight with their key competitors like 24 KgThe Cube PowerBells India. 

Generally, all these adjustable-weight dumbbells aim to serve the same purpose, which is to be providing a space-saving, and more affordable alternative to buying a full rack of dumbbells.

However, due to their individual design, some of them are actually more convenient than others.

Here I am referring to how easy and fast it is to adjust from weight to weight. 😊

flexnest review by mensquats gym reviews India

But Flexibells, in particular, is special.

Boasting a special orange-black colour, these look great and give a nice touch to the equipment you enjoy looking at.

Not just appearance, some of the specs on this one make it an obvious choice for most home gyms that love minimalistic style.

Though with some twists and turns in the story. 

➡️ If you prefer to WATCH, about Flexnest Flexibell Dumbbell Review (in HINDI) check the Youtube video.

✔️Good For: The budget-conscious crowd who seeks fast-changing weights and sleek design.

➡️ If you’re looking for a fixed dumbbell set, check out my post on the best dumbbell in India.

Flexnest -The FlexiBell™ | (2.5kg to 24kg) Best Adjustable Dumbbell India

  • If you want to get rid of all the tacky dumbbells you have accumulated over the years, or in general, want a single pair of dumbbells that do the work of 15 other different dumbbells. Then stumbling upon FLEXIBELL dumbbell India is a cost-effective and 100% worth it deal for serious workout people. I will give a BUY RATING to anyone who is interested. 😊

Flexnest Dumbbell Specifications:

Specs 24 kg Flexibell40 kg Flexibell (NEW LAUNCH)
Item Weight48 Kg80 Kg
Adjusts FromPair of 2.5kg-24kgPair of 5kg-40kg
MaterialIron, RubberIron, Rubber
StyleDial AdjustableDial Adjustable
Increments in2-2.5 Kg jumps2-5 kg jumps

Flexibell – Rating



  • Best Indian alternative to Bowflex adjustable dumbbell set. 
  • The handle length, knurl, and girth are made quite in sync to be used by people of all hand sizes.
  • Easy-to-use selection dials and tray for adjusting weights quickly.
  • The overall steel build of the dumbbell gives it a solid appearance. 
  • Smart, compact, and simply unique designs have revolutionized how we see dumbbells until now.
  • After-sale support from flexnest is Reliable. 


  • No colour customization. You get only 1 colour with flexibells. 
  • Not designed to be dropped at all.
  • Plates connect, which is with plastic pieces in between these cast-iron plates, which doesn’t feel durable. 
  • You are capped at 2.5 kg to 24 kg only. You can’t look to expand past the current weight. 

✔️ What I Like About Flexnest Dumbbell Review 

Good things about dumbbells and why might you want adjustable dumbbells, and these in particular is:

1. Space-Saving Option: 😊

Far and away, the biggest selling point in my opinion is the lack of an actual footprint that they take up. A lot of our home gyms aren’t the size of mine, they’re a lot smaller. They might not even be a gym, they might just be a bedroom.

So an adjustable dumbbell India gives you a very small footprint item.

Especially if you’re looking at Flexibells, the weights adjust from 2.5 to 24 Kgs in 1-1.5 Kg increments. Because up to 24 kgs dumbbells per hand, you can still get a ton of work done.

From pressing to leg movements to curl movements to rowing movements, you can hit everything and get a complete full-body home workout. 

With just these things which take up probably like 20 inches by 20 inches or so. I’m sure the minimalist in you would love how you would be able to declutter your gym and make space to move around!

For comparison’s sake, here is a flexibell dumbbell India and a five-by-eighty with your traditional dumbbells. 

2. Affordable Pricing:

A big selling point of Flexibell dumbbells is the actual price itself. Flexibell dumbbell price is Rs 9999, for a single piece.

If you want a pair, you’ve to add 2 to the cart. There are no weight or colour options available as of now, so the price won’t fluctuate depending on the size that you’re getting. 

👉 This price might feel MORE on the surface level. But on the contextual level, as opposed to let’s say a Cockatoo 17.5kg hex dumbbell costs somewhere between Rs 7699 – Rs 8000, which is 6.5 kgs less than adjustable weight dumbbells – Flexibell India. 

Also, for fixed-weight dumbbells, you got to buy 10 categories of weights, like 7.5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 17.5 kg, 20 kg which would sum up to costing Rs 60000 – Rs 70000 from your pocket.

This isn’t the case with an adjustable dumbbell set. So about triple the price, the traditional dumbbells aren’t a good option we see. As we already have seen tremendously more footprint with these Flexnest Flexibells. 🤩

3. Simple & Quick Adjustability:
gym dumbbell for home use India edited

These flexnest dumbbell India let you easily change your resistance and switch from one exercise to the next, with the simple turn of a dial.

This ability to adjust the weight quickly was imperative; I thought it was pretty gimmicky at first. 

But now I say that knowing fully well that I’ve done stuff with other locking key systems, pin systems and I thought these spinning dials there’s no way you’re going to get it. 

You’re going to either undershoot or overshoot what you’re going for. Which for me is really typical of how I address my RPE in training. I first thought it was not really going to work overtime, and it will be hard to find the exact number that I’m looking for. 

But honestly, it is super simple and obvious, it’s all done with the dial that has a marking done, that shows you what weight it is? And to tell you whether you’re in the right number or not.

👉 A nice, solid, and satisfying click sound tells you YEAH you’re in. That was one thing that kind of eased my mind right off the bat.

dial type dumbbell Flexnest flexibell India
4. Comes With Tray Keeps Everything In Place:

➡️ The other thing I see people when they’re adjusting these flexibells and taking it IN and OUT of the tray. I was like, you know what based on the design of these it’s going to be a pain in the butt to make sure that they’re lined up the right way every time. 

Because a lot of people are going to use these for DROP SETS. Right.

Therefore, changing the weights, and taking them out to do their set will mess things up.

Pre-shaking is common. 

flexibell dumbbell tray

But as I can tell you right now, it’s super simple to do this with a tray (that keeps every time aligned and organised) and you’re not going to run into any issues with Flexnest Flexibells India. 😊

Adjust it from 2.5 to 24 Kgs in small increments anywhere.

In just a couple of turns of the dial, it’s been very easy to get these in and out of the tray and lock your desired weight.

Speaking more of it, these flexnest adjustable dumbbells come with the trays themselves. 

You do need not to buy it separately.

It’s essential too because you can’t adjust the weight, or say the dialing mechanism won’t function if the plates aren’t lined in a perfect manner or you try to assemble it on uneven ground.

5. Touch & practicality of the Flexibells:
home gym dumbbells by

With some initial concerns about the quality of Flexibell adjustable dumbbells India, I like it is made of all metal with some plastic parts.

Whereas another adjustable dumbbell set in India is made almost of all plastic

The design and the feel while gripping the dumbbells make it highly appealing for those who often get messed up with more square-shaped dumbbells or shaft-pointed dumbbells.  

Another feature I love is the contoured handles with rubber grips, Flexibell handles appeal to people who have sweaty hands and they often slip a grip.

The knurl on the grip appeals to 90% of the population. 

Originally wary of the quality, you’ll believe when you see it that how visually appealing and functional they’re when you use it for workouts. 

❌ Who I Don’t Recommend The Flexibell Dumbbell

1. If You’re One Who Likes Dropping Weights:

The biggest concern for me on these is the build quality, the way that these plates connect on one another with plastic pieces in between is a reason to muse.

Because there are going to be times where you’re going to hit stuff and get dinged a little bit, that’s not going to be too much of a problem. 😊

But the problem is going to come if you potentially drop these flexnest dumbbells India.

Though there is a 6-month warranty on these that covers parts and things in case of a glitch, but I really see the fine print in warranty terms that dropping the weights, or simple wear and tear, isn’t covered in that. 

So if you’re aware of it before you buy them, and you don’t drop them on purpose.

They’ll still work fine for a long span. But if you’re the type to drop your dumbbells, these might not be the ones for you in particular.

2. If You Need a Smaller-Sized Dumbbell:
flexnest dumbbell India Review 2021

The Flexibell are quite broad and bulky, even at a lighter weight. It is of the same length despite the weight used and when you compare Flexibell 10 kgs quick-dialled adjustable dumbbell and a 10 kg fixed dumbbell, it is quite amusing to see the difference.

The flexibell looks broader and bigger. 

👉 This isn’t a deal-breaker but annoying to a degree. In addition to its length, at 24 kgs max weight, it’s still light for many strong men and women who have outgrown the set.

This brings me to another dislike… no possibility to upgrade. 

3. If You’re One Who Wants Great Expandability:

Another potential negative that I have with these is their actual expandability of them.

So 2.5 kgs to 24 kgs weight is great, but if you’re training for powerlifting or you’re just a stronger person, in general, and you wish to have 30 kg, 40 kg weight.

Then, my friend, you have no options available with Flexibell as of now. They can’t be upgraded.

In that case, these might not be for you if you’re looking for something heavier.

Bullrock t rex dumbbell in India
adjustable dumbbell set India

I think dumbbells, like the Bullrock T-rex Pro in that regard, are still the best Iron dumbbells in India to go with.

Because you can also adjust them, expand it to 50, 60, or 80kgs, and could move up as you may like, and still, you won’t run into issues or feel capped at any point in time.  

But they can’t be compared to Flexnest Flexibells, as the design, locking mechanism, speed of adjustability of both are dissimilar.

➡️ In that case, flexibell dumbbell closest competitor – The Cube PowerBells | Adjustable Dumbbells (4.5kg to 40kg) is a decent upgrade for approx Rs 35000 for a pair. (Prices keep varying) 

the cube powerbells adjustable dumbbell review India

Leave the 24 kg version behind, if you’re just stronger. Add in weight over time as your strength and pocketbook increase. 

Flexibell Dumbbell Stand
flexibell dumbbell stand

Flexibell dumbbells do not come with a stand, however, you can use a plyo box, and for some people, a stand might not be necessary too. Especially if you don’t really have a gym. 

You could literally just take these two cradles/ trays and put them under your bed, put them in the closet, put them wherever. 

If you have the space, you can get the Flexibell stand.

It looks nicer, and that’s going to add somewhere between Rs 9000 EXTRA to your cart. 

Overview: Flexnest Dumbbell Review

👉 For judging these best adjustable dumbbells, I would be testing them on the following criteria and would rate them on a scale of 5. 

(Tap the below box to read…)

1. Available weight increments: (Score – 3.5)

Adjustable dumbbell set India weight adjustments 1-1.5 kgs small increments

Knowing the available increments per dumbbell is also important because that’s going to play a big role when it comes to your progressions. So even though it’s not a real hassle, it’s just something to keep in mind when picking what weight to use next. 

And because the jumps on Flexibell dumbbell are more consistent all throughout this range, from 16 to 18, 18 to 20.5, 20.5 to 22.5, and the last 24 kgs onwards, and increment in 2-2.5 kgs not in 1-1.5 kgs as mentioned by flexnest. 

You can estimate how to linearly progress in your training program. However, a 2 or 2.5 kgs jump is quite small, but it allows the exerciser to increase the weight slower, prolonging an oncoming plateau. 

2. Convenience: (Score – 4)

The convenience here is hard to beat (which is a kind of Flexnest’s items sweat spot). Flexibell represents a small piece of gym equipment that provides a ton of convenience in a small package (this is a value proposition with all adjustable weight dumbbells).

In comparison to Bullrock T-rex: India’s heaviest adjustable dumbbell, it is the only pair of dumbbells that takes less than 5 seconds to adjust from base weight to the maximum. 

The ability it gives to change weight in finer details allows for the linear progression of an athlete. That makes it the most loved dumbbell out there and many people are big fans of its design. 💖

Flexibell adjustable dumbbell set India 2021

3. Shape & comfort: (Score – 4)

The shape is also a huge factor to consider because it dictates how comfortable the dumbbells are while you’re using them.

I feel dial-type dumbbell are good because it’s the smallest and most compact one of the bunch. It’s the only one with a flat edge which is extremely important if you’re planning to do any pressing, whether that be the overhead press. 

It doesn’t hit your head or the bench press so that it doesn’t stab your thigh as you’re about to set up. The Flexibell does that quite well and its shape and size don’t intervene in your exercises.

It also has flat ends to keep it securely on your thighs.  

4. Durability: (Score – 3)

Honestly, I’ve only tested these Flexibell adjustable dumbbells for a few days so I can’t really give specifics on how long each one will last, but I think it’s fair for me to make some assumptions based on its engineering. 

This is an obvious comment, the one that requires the most steps to change the weight and with the least amount of gears or moving parts involved in the process is the one that would be more durable. 

For this reason, dial-type dumbbells come last here, because I believe that the multiple gears on both sides of the dial-type dumbbells may be a problem after months or years of use.

flexibell mechanism dumbbell

5. Price: (Score – 5)

This is the easiest one to judge because I’ll just rank Flexibell adjustable dumbbell from its least expensive to most expensive competitors in the Indian market. 

And since the home gym market in India is fairly new and developing, we get very few brands in the battlefield.

The only one is The Cube PowerBells | 24kgs Adjustable dumbbell India, which costs exactly the same price which Flexibell by Flexnest is available to us.

All About Flexnest Dumbbell Warranty Policy

You get a 6-month warranty with these pieces of dumbbells, called Flexibells. It would be a minimum of 1-year at least, but I believe that these won’t run into problems for years to come if you use it safely without dropping.    

This low period of warranty is in no way, explaining the life of these dumbbell pairs.

It is just a policy and flexnest India would fix the problems with your product anytime on a simple call (Monday-Saturday 10 am- 6 pm) or you can email them at [email protected] 

Let’s understand what warranty policy does not cover:

  1. Damage due to simple wear and tear.
  2. Damage due to accident, modification of the unit, mishandling, misuse, failure to follow instructions, or simply because of Act of God. 😑

For all other reasons, you can read warranty details on the flexnest site here.  

Final Verdict Of Our Flexibell Dumbbell Review

Should one buy Flexibell Dumbbell in India?

Overall, if you’re looking for an adjustable dumbbell set in India that feels like a dumbbell, is quick to change, has a decent max weight, is affordably priced, and does not appear weird, then this FlexiBell 15-in-1 Dumbbell could potentially be a great fit for you. 

Although I prefer other heavyweight adjustable dumbbells (like The Cube PowerBells (4.5kg to 40kg)) above these for various reasons.

But if you don’t a big pocket and is good with 24 kgs only, then flexibell provides a tremendous value.

To a degree, the parts are made of plastic, which decreases their lifespan, but especially if you’re looking for something of this nature and pledge not dropping adjustable dumbbells between sets. I should say with confidence they should prove to last a long time with you.

flexnest adjustable dumbbell review price in India
Best Pick

Flexnest Adjustable Dumbbell Set India

Ideal for home use, travel, outdoors, indoors, or the gym, you can take these gym dumbbells everywhere.
150 People Used
5 Only Left
On-Going Offer

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FAQs About Flexnest Dumbbell India

Q1: Is the warranty period I get with flexibell dumbbell?

Flexnest weight scale, flexikettle, flexibell comes with a warranty of 6 months only.

In the time if anything gets broken, or the problem occurs, contact flexnest help center and they will fix it.

Q2: Where to buy flexibell India, amazon, or on-site?

There is absolutely no difference from where you buy flexibells because the dealer is the company itself.

So exact warranty would be applicable in both cases. The difference feels when you decide on which platform you want to buy from?

🤩 Where amazon offers you fast delivery, reward points, cashback, and easy, fast returns in case you don’t like it.

On the other delivery and returns can be delayed.

Q3: Is the Flexibell dumbbell stand included with the dumbbell?

No, you have to buy a dumbbell stand as a separate unit. You only get 1 tray with each dumbbells unit.

Q4: What is the material used to make these flexibell dumbbells?

It’s made up of all metal and some plastic components.

Q5: If the pin lock stops working after some time of usage, Can it be repaired?

Yes, contact flexnest help care line and they will guide you on what needs to be done.

Q6: Are flexnest dumbbell plates made of plastic?

No, they are only plastic coated. But made full of metal.

Q7: Are flexnest dumbbells better than Cube clubadjustable dumbbells?

Both are at par in my opinion.

The only difference in flexnest flexibell India vs The Cube PowerBells India is with Flexibell you get 6 months warranty and in other PowerBells you get a 1-year warranty and a 3-week trial of their app where you can connect with trainers in a community.

But in quality, weight, appearance, and usability both are identical.

Q9: How can I prepare for 50 kg dumbbells if my gym only has dumbbells till 25 kg?

You gotta accept that flexibell or any other best adjustable weight dumbbell in India, are only good to have when you want to make small adjustments between weights and need little footprint inside your gym.

You can’t drop it like other hex rubber dumbbells, or expand it like a Bullrock T-rex iron dumbbell could.

Q10. How to use the flexibell dumbbell?
Q11: What weight range do adjustable dumbbells typically offer?

The weight range of adjustable dumbbells can vary depending on the brand and model. Some sets can adjust from as low as 2.5 kg up to 24 kg, while others can go up to 48 kg or more.

It’s important to choose a set of adjustable dumbbells that offers a weight range that is suitable for your fitness level and goals.

Q12: Are adjustable dumbbells more expensive than traditional dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells are generally more expensive than traditional dumbbells, but they can be a more cost-effective and space-saving option in the long run.

With adjustable dumbbells, you can have a range of weights in one set, which means you don’t need to buy multiple sets of dumbbells.

Additionally, adjustable dumbbells take up less space than a full set of traditional dumbbells, making them a more practical option for home gyms or small workout spaces.

Big thanks to readers who have come this far to read the “Honest Flexnest Flexibell Dumbbell Review: Best Adjustable Dumbbell India

If you have any specific questions on how you’ll be using it? I will feel happy to take it. 

Leave the questions you have about Flexibell Dumbbell Review if we missed out, on anything else below in the meantime.

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