5 Best Dumbbells Set in India (Hand Picked!)

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Best Dumbbells Set in India

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We’ve prepared a list of the "Best Dumbbells Set For Home Gym in India" based on the functions they offer, their pricing, and customer reviews to make this comparison much easier for you.

1. Flexnest Dumbbells

2. Leeway Steel Dumbbells

3. KAKSS Metal Dumbbells 

4. RUBX Hex Dumbbells 

5. Fitbox PVC Dumbells

flexnest dumbbell for home use in india
LEEWAY Steel Weight Plates Dumbbell Set 10 Kg
rubx dumbbell
pvc dumbbells weight 1






Weight: 24kg/ 40 kg

Weight: 10/ 20/ 40/ 50 kg

Weight: 10 kg Upto 100 kg

Weight: All 

Weight: 4kg/ 20 kg

Price: 19k 

Price starts: 2753

Price starts: 2799

Price starts: 1k

Price starts: 300


While there are numerous options of Dumbbells available on Amazon, we have selected a few of the best for you to consider.

What is the best weight for dumbbells for home workout?

There are three main types of dumbbells in the market that you can look at fixed, adjustable, and studio dumbbells.

Let’s look at them a little closer.

1. Fixed weight dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells come in two different types of shapes and different materials that they’re built from.

For shape, there is one that is circular at both ends and the other one that’s hexagonal in shape at both ends. And for material, they come in a wide range of materials: chrome, rubber, and urethane, to name a few.

The difference between these materials is that chrome is expensive and easily corrodible, rubber is the most robust and inexpensive, and urethane is robust but at the same time more expensive than rubber.

2. Adjustable dumbbells.

The adjustable dumbbells, again, come in two different types.

One is the mechanical adjustments that you can make to a single pair of dumbbells, which have many weights attached to it, and the other one is the dumbbell set plates.

The first one, in which you can mechanically change the weights that are there, you have the range of weights between 2 kgs to 20 kgs, and you can change them in increments of 2 kilograms.

What dumbbell sets do is they have many dumbbells in one single pair, so it’s easy to store, most value for your money, and also you can use them for a variety of different exercises.

Whereas the dumbbell sets, you have different bars and weight plates that you can attach to, so modifying the length of the bar if you want to, adding the number of plates that you want.

However, it does take a little time to set the entire dumbbell up in the beginning of your workout; you’re going to be attaching them with screws at the end of each dumbbell side.

3. Studio dumbbells

And lastly, the studio dumbbells.

These are the colorful dumbbells that you see at the gym, placed on the floor, usually used for lightweight resistance training or weighted aerobics.

What I do normally is pick up the hexagonal dumbbells with a couple of different weights, and they should be good enough.

However, if you can spend a little more, I would always recommend that you choose the adjustable mechanical switch ones since the variety that it offers is so good.

Good luck with your training and choice.


How do I choose dumbbells for home workout?

  • Weight capacity
  • Durability
  • Handle length
  • Material
  • Grip Diameter
  • Purpose Used



If you’re in search of a top-notch dumbbell set with quick adjustment capabilities, consider the Flexnest Dumbbells. However, there are some drawbacks to this quick adjustment feature. Firstly, the size of the dumbbells remains constant regardless of the weight you’re lifting. Secondly, it can’t be dropped. While this shouldn’t be an issue for heavy lifters, it requires caution when handling them to prevent damage.


If you’re after heavy-duty steel dumbbells, these dumbbells boast a fully metal construction. With weight options up to 40 kgs each, they’re customizable to suit your strength level.
Despite their hefty weight, these dumbbells are surprisingly compact, making them suitable for home gyms. However, being spin-lock dumbbells, they require adjustment time.

PVC Dumbbells:

Priced under ₹1000, they’re a budget-friendly option, but come with several drawbacks. The dumbbell rods and locks are made of PVC, making them prone to breakage over time. Additionally, these dumbbells have weight limitations, typically not safe for loads over 15 kgs. Despite these drawbacks, they can suffice for beginners aiming for lighter weights.

KAKSS Dumbbells:

Constructed entirely from metal, including plates, rods, and locks, these dumbbells are sturdy but prone to rust due to poor coating. Regular cleaning with WD-40 can help.
Overall, these dumbbells can’t be loaded as high as leeway dumbbells, but still, they’re durable.

RUBX Dumbbells:

These are worth every penny & are the simplest of all. They are rubber coated, which makes them comfortable to grip and prevents them from slipping or damaging the floor. They are also hexagonal, which means they don’t roll away when you put them down. But the only con here is you need to buy it for every weight since it is not adjustable.

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