5 Best Adjustable Kettlebell Set India Review

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Best adjustable kettlebell review india

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Find the perfect adjustable kettlebell set for building muscle in your home gym.

Want to maximize your workouts? Kettlebells are the ideal multi-tools for completing an amazing variety of exercises. When you have a kettlebell set your fitness, possibilities get maximized by dozens!

Don’t have enough space for a kettlebell set? Adjustable kettlebells are a perfect solution to maximize your gym space – and your exercise routine. Kettlebells improve your balance and give a ton of versatility to your power sessions. 😃

Plus, kettlebells are a great money saver because you can get 5, 6, or more weights in just 1 single product. And if that is not good enough for you, they are a great option to share your love for fitness and wellness with exercise beginners.

An adjustable kettlebell set is one of the must-have items for every home gym. In this article, find out our top picks for the best Adjustable kettlebell in India and read their comparison review.

Are you tight on time? Read the quick summary below: ⬇️

ImageProduct NameRating
Best For StartersThe Flexikettle™ 7-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell set
Best For Starters

The Flexikettle™ 7-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell set

  • A most stylish 7-in-1 Adjustable weight kettlebell which comes with an ergonomic handle and a weight selection dial to make short weight jumps that go up from 5 to 20 Lbs in 2.5 Lbs increments.
Best Quality & Endurance For Heavy LiftingDurafit Adjustable Kettlebell 40 Pounds
Best Quality & Endurance For Heavy Lifting

Durafit Adjustable Kettlebell 40 Pounds

  • A made-to-last home gym equipment, made of cast iron that goes up to 40 pounds or 18.14 kgs with its 6 disks and weighted base.
Best Unisex + Locking SystemThe Cube Club Adjustable Kettlebell set
Best Unisex + Locking System

The Cube Club Adjustable Kettlebell set

  • With 6, 2.5 weight disks this kettlebell set are perfect to slowly increase the weight on training and comes with a special locking system to keep the weights in place and secure.
Best For An Intense WorkoutUSI UNIVERSAL Adjustable Kettlebell
Best For An Intense Workout

USI UNIVERSAL Adjustable Kettlebell

  • For serious bodybuilders, this kettlebell equipment features a 10lbs. base and 6, 5-pounds disks for an intense workout with various exercises including swing, row, squat, twist, etc.
Best for a Wider Range of ExercisesEazylyfe Adjustable Kettlebell Handle Dumbbell Handles
Best for a Wider Range of Exercises

Eazylyfe Adjustable Kettlebell Handle Dumbbell Handles

  • An amazing Adjustable kettlebell dumbbell set that turns any dumbbell weight into a kettlebell-type object to benefit more functions, easy weight adjustment, and powerful fitness kettlebells. 

The best adjustable kettlebell set in India 2021

Have space? Have Some Extra Money? Then, Buy Strong. Take a look at our hand-picked 6 Best Individual kettlebell set in India for home gym review here. 😄

Top Pick
Flexibell kettlebell review mensquats

1. Best for starters: The Flexikettle™ 7-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell Set

  • Item Weight: 10 kg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 23 x 20.6 x 29 Centimeters
  • Material Type: Metal
  • Material Composition: Rubber
  • Outer Material: ‎Rubber
  • Size: Free Size

This is one of the Best adjustable kettlebell sets in India for gym starters or when you are creating a weight lifting routine, which gives you many options in a minimum percentage of space. 🙂

The Flexikettle 7-in-1 is a heavy adjustable kettlebell that offers you 7 different weight options for better, more complete workouts. Its 7 disk-shaped weights of 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, and 20 pounds allow you to slowly and steadily build muscle mass.

These types of short jumps on weight make this adjustable kettlebell dumbbell ideal to use for leg exercises, movements with weights, yoga routines, and more. The weights are very easy to install and remove thanks to the knob on the top that allows you to set the perfect weight for each exercise quickly and easily.

✔️ Its slick, modern, tasteful design is suitable for both men and women, the black-colored coat helps to avoid damages on your floors and keeps your gear untainted for longer. It is made out of resistant metal to help you have long-lasting equipment.

👉 The Flexikettle 7-in-1 adjustable weight kettlebell is ideal for beginners due to its easy way to change weights, its non-slip, wide handle, and it’s reduced price that will make it easy for you to get one in your home gym.

Why should you buy it?

This is an adjustable kettlebell set that will work wonders for you if you are looking for a low-budget, low-weight kettlebell adjustable with a nice, sleek design.


  • Easy to install/remove weights
  • Low price
  • 7 different weight options
  • Floor-friendly
  • Wide handle


  • Low weight options (up to 20 lbs.)
  • Short warranty (10 days)
Best Pick

2. Best Quality And Endurance For Heavy Lifting: Durafit Adjustable Kettlebell- 40 Pounds

  • Item Weight: 40 Pounds
  • Brand: Durafit- Sturdy, Stable, and Strong
  • Colour: White
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 21 x 21 x 27.5 Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 18 kg 100 g
  • Country of Origin: ‎China

With a very similar design to the Flexikettle 7-in-1 adjustable kettlebell, this Durafit adjustable weight kettlebell has taken a particular interest in offering you a high-quality, long-lasting product for your fitness purposes.😀

The Durafit Adjustable Kettlebell is made out of top-quality cast iron material in both its base and its disks that assures a durable, strong product. This adjustable kettlebell has a handle coated with matte textured rubber that will ensure you a perfect grip on each and every one of your exercising routines, and the iron disks are coated with PVC to avoid damage.

✔️ The Durafit adjustable kettlebell is ideal for experienced heavy lifters and new bodybuilders looking for a challenge. It features 6 different weight levels that go from 10 to 40 pounds in jumps of 5 pounds to build muscle. 

Plus it features a 10-pound-weighted handle that is ideal for beginners who wish to learn how to use kettlebells, and for those who want to increase this gear’s adjustability. 

Customer Reviews:
👉 “I have been using this kettlebell in my training with a personal fitness coach. I feel very satisfied so far. The disks feel a little shaking when swinging, but I haven’t had any safety issues so far”.

Why should you buy it?

If you want to have an item that is good for both advanced people and novices of the home gym, this adjustable kettlebell set in India is the way to go.


  • A wider range of weights
  • Non-slippery grip for better handle
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Wide handle that allows using both hands if needed
  • Weighted handle.


  • Jumps between weights can be too large for some people.
  • Feels a little loose when practicing swinging movements.
Top Pick

3. Best unisex + security: The Cube Club Adjustable Kettlebell Set

  • Brand: The Cube Club
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Item Weight: 9 kg 130 g
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 27.9 x 22.9 x 12.7 Centimeters

This Adjustable weight kettlebell made of cast iron was built to fit the fitness needs of men and women of all ages. It features a maximum weight of 20 pounds and is well divided between 6- 2.5 pounds weight disks and its weighted base allows 🏋️ athletes and those just trying to stay in shape with kettlebell for doing more specialized strength-building exercises. 

➡️ The Cube Club adjustable kettlebell gives you a powerful workout for years and years to come with its sturdy and robust construction made out of cast iron. 

The upper slide lock assures you will be able to practice any moving exercise like swings, punches, swipes, or any other, with safety and confidence. Each disk is interlocked independently for extra safety in your workouts.😀

Placing and removing the weights is a simple and quick process. The Cube Club adjustable kettlebell set is created to help newbies and gym veterans to build serious muscle with comfort and security. The quality of the equipment and the preference of buyers is reflected in its slightly higher price.

Why should you buy it?

The Cube Club adjustable kettlebell is a high-quality, durable product that offers you the versatility of 7 kettlebells in just one piece of equipment. This product is perfect for low to medium-weight lifters and its interlocking system makes it ideal for moving exercises.


  • Wide, thick handle that helps you handle the kettlebell
  • Sturdy equipment with an aesthetically pleasing design
  • 6 weight adjusts in the disks, plus a weighted base
  • Shorts jumps between weights
  • Weighted base ideal for newbies.


  • The handle is not covered by a rubber, plastic, or PVC coating for better grip
  • Higher price than similar products
  • Lower weight range
Top Pick

4. Best for an intense workout: USI UNIVERSAL Adjustable Kettlebell.

  • Item Weight: 20 kg
  • Color: Multicolour
  • Included Components: ‎1 Pc. Kettlebell, with 6 Plates (5 Lbs each)
  • Complete with workout dvd. Weight: 10-40 Lbs. (5-20 Kg. appx)

This kettlebell is known as “The Unbeatable” for a good reason: it is designed to help you build solid, strong, bulky muscles and turn you into a fitness machine. 🏋️

The USI Universal adjustable kettlebell is created especially for people who already lift weights. It features 6 plates of 5 pounds each and a 10 lbs base for extra-strong bodybuilding.

Its side lock allows you to easily place and remove the plates to your convenience for a full workout. The handle is made out of plastic with the intention to provide a better grip.

➡️ This kettlebell is also very compact and stylized, allowing you to save space and money, whilst having a pretty-looking exercise tool. Its metal construction is intended to last, so you can exercise longer. 
With your purchase, you also get a DVD featuring a wide range of exercises and routines based on your heavy adjustable kettlebell. Isn’t it great?

Why should you buy it?

A high-quality gear for high-performance bodybuilders, this kettlebell set is ideal for advanced heavy lifters.


  • 7-in-1 kettlebell that features 6 disks and a weighted base.
  • Anti-slip plastic handle for better grip.
  • Wide and thick handle that helps you stay on routine.
  • Includes a workout session DVD.
  • Pretty, colorful design.😀


  • More expensive than other similar products.
  • The handle is not made out of metal coated with plastic. Instead, it is a full-plastic handle.
Top Pick
Kettlebell_Handle_Dumbbell_Handles review India mensquats

5. Best for a wider range of exercises: Eazylyfe Adjustable Kettlebell Handle’ Dumbbell Handles

  • Item Weight: 1 kg 620 g
  • Package Contents: 4 nuts”, 2 push-up bars, 2 connectors.
  • Dual Function Design: 2 in 1 function, kettlebell handle

This review would not be complete without including a kettlebell handle. Kettlebell handles are great to take advantage of the weights you already have. This kettlebell alternative will give you an adjustable kettlebell dumbbell-like style in no time.

The Eazylyfe is the best adjustable kettlebell handle you could have in India because it can literally use any dumbbell plate to help you work out. This means that you can reach out to your current exercise equipment and elevate it to widen the range of your workouts.

➡️ Also, the Eazylyfe adjustable kettlebell handle can be used solo to maximize your bodybuilding routine. Place them on the floor and pump up your planks, use them as support for yoga, and much more.

The screwing design allows you to easily adjust it, whether you are adding weights with disks or whether you use it for lift and/or support during your practices.

This amazing and versatile fitness tool is made out of long-lasting metal coated with textured paint to make it look good and to take care of your floors. With a non-slippery grip, this set is a great purchase that will work for more than what you already can imagine.😀

Why should you buy it?

If you are new to the world of kettlebells, and you want to enhance or upgrade your current gym equipment strength, or if you are looking for a product with versatility, this adjustable Ketllebell dumbbell is a perfect purchase to go with.


  • A complete set includes 2 bases, 2 handles, and 4 screw nuts for a comprehensive workout
  • Takes advantage of the weights you already have.
  • Fits all the generic weight disks.
  • Fits as much weight as you want!


  • Expensive, considering is a kettlebell handle.

✔️Tips to choose an adjustable kettlebell

Ready to start your kettlebell exercise routine? Follow these easy tips to help you find the perfect kettlebell weight you need:

  1. Varying Weight: Find an adjustable kettlebell that would give you a wide range of weight options. You can find kettlebell weight adjustments starting from 2.5 and 5 lbs. According to your preferences, you can even find an adjustable kettlebell of 32kg.
  2. Easy Changeable: Make sure that the weights are easy to add/ and remove, and that they don’t shake/ or move when you lock them.
  3. Material: Choose kettlebells with sturdy materials made to last. For this purpose, Iron and cast iron material are the best.
  4. Good for Home: If you work out at home, choose floor-friendly kettlebells that won’t scratch or taint your floors.
  5. Budget: Don’t break the bank, there are plenty of models for different budgets.

✔️Benefits of adjustable kettlebells

Regarding your gym, the best pro you will find buying adjustable kettlebells is the amount of space that you can save.

Some kettlebells feature up to 10 different weights, which is massive space-saving, something always necessary in a home gym.😊

Overall, kettlebells can help you improve your exercise routine by adding a weight lifting routine that can be mixed with active movements like swinging, punching, rotating, and more.

Some of the most important benefits you can find in kettlebells are:

  1. Enhance your body’s coordination and awareness
  2. Helps you to build muscle
  3. Constitutes a great cardio exercise
  4. Improves your mobility and flexibility
  5. Improves your posture
  6. Gives you more grip power

Without a doubt, kettlebells are an awesome invention. The adjustable kettlebells in India, we reviewed in this article are the best in the market. They can fit any kind of bodybuilder: from novices to experts, you will be able to find the perfect product for you.

So, find your favorite kettlebell in this article and add it now to your home gym! We particularly advise on The Flexikettle™ 7-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell Review and Durafit Adjustable Kettlebell Review- 40 Pounds.❤️

Thanks for reading.

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