Top 6 Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India

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Let's face it - buying the best dumbbell set for home gym India isn’t a luxury anymore which only commercial gyms could afford, in the current time when everything can be ordered online. ➡️ You do also have various budget friendly options both on amazon and flipkart lined up to choose from, starting from just 500 rupees. 💰  
hex dumbbell

Having home gym equipment is not only a modern choice but also an important aspect for an overall healthy persona.🏋️‍♂️ If you prefer to set up a home gym, you should definitely choose to keep them economical and efficient.

Hence, having the best dumbbells for home gym india is pivotal for setting up your capable home gym and should become a definite part of your wishlist. 🛒

Though, the confusing part is choosing the right dumbbell set within your weight range, budget, and size. In addition to this, the correct shape, geometry, grip, and design factors stand out as important decision factors, too. 

KAKSS Exclusive Adjustable Dumbbells with 2 in 1 Connector 20KG to 50KG Proudly Made in India
BullrocK T Rex Adjustable Dumbbells Kit of 2.5KG to 50KG Weight Iron Pair Dumbbell Set for Home Commercial Gym
Cockatoo 10 Kg 20 Kg Professional Dumbbells Set with Regular Metal Integrated 31 mm Rubber Plates Dumbbells Kit Home Gym Set
Kobo Imported Home Gym Exercise Cardio Aerobic Training Fitness Grippy HEX Rubber Dumbbell Pair
Domyos hex rubber dumbbell
domyos weight training kit 20 kg

KAKSS Adjustable Dumbbell with 2-in-1 Connector

Bullrock T-rex adjustable dumbbell India

Cockatoo adjustable dumbbell India (10 Kg-20 Kg)

Kobo Grippy HEX Rubber Dumbbell

DOMYOS Rubber Hex Dumbbell 15kg variant

DOMYOS Weight Training Dumbbell Kit 20Kg


A smart pair of dumbbells brand in India will inspire you to get those arms working and the biceps bulging! 💪

Meanwhile, careful thoughts on the safety factors such as slip prevention and handgrip softness are also important to check.

A proper understanding of how to select the best exercise equipment from this category proves to be helpful. Therefore, we provide our buyers with 6 of the best dumbbells for home gym india ideas to make this choice easy.😀

RUNDOWN: Which Is The Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India? 

Top Pick

1. KAKSS Exclusive Adjustable Dumbbells with 2 in 1 Connector 20KG to 50KG

👉 Get more attachments and weight variations for an efficient workout session within the budget. Turn two dumbbells into one barbell and simply tweak your workouts or switch between dumbbells and barbells for completing an efficient muscle-building workout.

👉  The KAKSS all-for-one cast-iron adjustable dumbbells in India.

It is the one that eliminate the need to keep a variety of dumbbell, weight sizes in your home gym space. It provides the dual-use function to all lifters to go through a range of exercises and tweak its build within seconds with a simple chromed steel dumbbell connector. 

The dumbbell rod detaches to provide different extensions and turns into a barbell arrangement. This will make it the perfect weight training dumbbell set 20 kg to 50kg variant that too can be convertible. The dual-use function will be practical to you if you expect more functionality from a single piece of equipment. 🙌

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  1. 50 Kg adjustable dumbbell combo,
  2. 2.5kg*16 cast-iron plates, and 1kg*4 plates 
  3. 2 dumbbell rods,
  4. 4-star shape locks
  5. 1 KAKSS dumbbell Connector 
  6. Dimensions LxWxH: 50 x 40 x 45 Centimeters

 Key Features:

1️⃣ Detachable Design: Alloy steel body (chrome mix) with a screw-type mechanism provide great versatility and interchangeability at various attachment lengths.😊

2️⃣ Aesthetics Dumbbells: The design of dumbbells is unique in itself, and the black paint finish is done for a long life against rust.

3️⃣ Weight Range: Available in 20-50 kg variants with the scope of increasing the weights.

4️⃣ Pricing: 💲 Affordable pricing for a relatively fresh home gym setup, that is an equally important aspect when we need great value from our equipment.


  • Easy attachments with simple screw locks
  • Storage-friendly, compact and convenient 
  • Mild knurling for a non-slip grip for increased safety


  • Needs a prior understanding of making attachments for the first time
  • Because of their cast-iron build, they aren’t suitable for humid environments. 
Best Brand
Bullrock t rex adjustable dumbbell India

2. BullrocK T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbells Kit of 2.5KG to 50KG

👉 Take isometric advantage to increase weight load in small increments so you can progressively train to become better. 🙌 Bullrock T-Rex dumbbell kit Direct “lock and use” design makes it the best adjustable dumbbell brand in India and top contender in the whole extendable & budgetary training equipment.

👉 The best dumbbell set for home gym India search leads us next to this Bullrock T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbell set. These dumbbells lead the market as they are the only dumbbells that are built with machined steel, with no plastic or cast-iron parts included which gives you the feel you are holding – a Thor’s hammer, simply made indestructible. 😅

The ideal dumbbell rod thickness and knurl here make these pair suitable to hold for your heavy bicep curls and for any other exercises you wish to do, such as the HEX press which also reduces the chance of your falling the grip at the most crucial moments. 🙏

😀 While doing so, you will also prefer easy weight adjustments within the design. Hence, the locking mechanism is provided with a 20 mm threaded bolt welded to the end cap to lock and unlock the dumbbell weights with a bare hand. 


  1. The straight knurled handle of 32mm diameter, and length 135mm 
  2. 7 tank Resin textured powder coat weight plates
  3. Machined steel construction
  4. 1.5mm aggressive knurl
  5. Available in pair of 2.5kg to 17.5 kg
  6. Package include: 2 handles, spanner, 4 standard studs, 4*1.25kg, 2.5kg, 3.75kg plates

Key Features:

1️⃣ Weight Management: It turns from a 5 kg dumbbell set to a heavy range variant with a custom weight adjustment option which is a need for every dumbbell training. 

2️⃣ Safety Assurance: The design follows commercial standards and comes with an optimized 135mm handle length which keeps your hand stable for push and pull movements.

3️⃣ Space-Friendly: No extra storage problems with a simple rack and screw design. You can easily detach or add all-weight plates and store them in the corner if you have limited gym space. 😇 

4️⃣ All-in-one Adjustable dumbbell: It provides a wide range of weight plate options from 2.5kg to 50 kg each, which can be added or subtracted in small increments as you gain strength. 


  • Space efficient for easy storage
  • High safety standards
  • Wider weight range options available as per choice to adjust dumbbells


  • Spanner locking mechanism needs time to understand
  • Have to buy whole, even if your strength isn’t gone up to lift 50 kg. 
  • No extensions or add-ons can be made after 50 kgs😅
Top Pick

3. Cockatoo (10 Kg-20 Kg) Best Dumbbells For Home Gym India

👉 Easy screw-type design with direct locking treads minimizes the hassle to use a spanner every time to open it. This will also give you a variable range of motion within an upper limit of the 20kg weight category.

👉 The Cockatoo Professional series dumbbell is an interesting option among the best dumbbells for home gym India in the category. It will totally surpass your expectations because it’s nothing compared to the cheaper options you get near you.

Looking at its build quality, its dumbbell equipment that would prove to be your one-time purchase.

With this set you get a heavy dumbbell rod which is cut with deep threads that give a good grip and allows for the easy fit of 2 plates max on each side. With additional stability of metal locks, you never feel at threat and could follow a safer exercise routine. 

➡️ Cockatoo’s compact and rugged design is its big USP which also allows you to store them easily nevertheless you have a small gym space.😀

Meanwhile, they also come with an iron ring placed in the center of their Tri-grip weight plates. These types of weight plates are good for most gyms and home gyms for the fact they provide a safe and secure grip to hold and change the plates.

They come in 1.25 and 5 kg weights that have an optimum clearance of 31mm for an anti-shake fit.

Who to buy? If you desire longevity with practicality, go for these dumbbells. ⤵️

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  1. This Rubber Weight Comes 31 mm hole Diameter
  2. Rods Diameter is 29 mm, which is best for 31 mm holes plates
  3. This Gym Combo Is Ideal For Professional Gym Training,
  4. Ideal for Professional & Fitness Lover
  5. In Box: 2.5 Kg x 4 Plates & Two 14 Inch Dumbbell Rods

 📢 Key Features:

1️⃣ Wide Rod: The rods have 29mm diameter and wide threads for variable formations. 😀 

2️⃣ Shake Proof: Tightly fit weights at 2 mm provide an easy attachment with zero shakiness.

3️⃣ Round Design: The rubber weight plate design has a seamless round design with no loose ends and less surface resistance.

4️⃣ Knurling Pads: Centre pads have a knurling design for soft yet strong grips to give you hand safety.


  • Mid-range purchase for a standard gym dumbbell set price in India
  • Easy to hold, and its perfect rubberized handle gives a thick and solid feel. 
  • Thread locks are secure for high safety standards 🥰
  • Metal locks, which even you don’t get in other branded dumbbells.


  • Simple design with basic formations
  • Additional weight plates can’t be attached after 2 on each side.
Top Pick
Kobo Home Gym Grippy HEX Rubber Dumbbell 1 KG to 30 KG

4. Kobo Home Gym Grippy HEX Rubber Dumbbell 1 KG to 30 KG

👉 Hexagonal design dumbbells are the new norm. They won’t roll over the floor hence do not require any rack storage. Encased in black rubber increases their durability, protects flooring, and hence reduces noise. Available in 1 KG to 27.5 KG pairs, they are good for lifters of all experiences and likings.  

👉 The Kobo HEX rubber dumbbell set is the dumbbell we suggest to anyone who ever wondered, which dumbbell to buy? It fits perfectly in every home gym as well as doesn’t disappoint you, even if you are a big gym that needs the gym equipment dumbbell set.

😊 Whether you need a pair or two, or a whole range of sets, Kobo hex rubber dumbbells have it all.

These are sold in individual pairs and special weight configuration dumbbells, right from 1kg to 30 kg pairs for a higher limit. A typical cast iron dumbbell set build, and a chrome-plated handle is contoured and fully knurled that provides enough safety and grip to the user—a feature available in only premium dumbbells which costs 2X-3X what this set costs. 😊

✔️ If you choose to complete using them for isolation workouts and also for more complex movements like dumbbell snatches, that too with a promise that it will last lifelong and never go out of style, choose a kobo hex dumbbell – best dumbbell set for home gym India.

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  1. Pair (12.5 Kg x 2 = 25 Kg)
  2. Fixed-weight dumbbells with cast iron
  3. Easy grip middle is a solid iron bar
  4. Weight displayed on dumbbells for easy identification
  5. Hex Shape to prevent rolling

Key Features:

1️⃣ Anti-Slip: Hexagonal ends and knurling design gives them an anti-slip advantage at all times.

2️⃣ Rubber Weights: Easy HEX rubber design prevents breakage and loud banging noise of dumbbells and floor to avoid any accidents.

3️⃣ Versatile: You can complete largely varied exercises to target a specific muscle group or a full-body workout is easy to achieve with them.

4️⃣ Weight Range options: Even and small weight increments are available between the weight ranges for ample purchasing options.😊


  • Friction grip for anti-roll feature
  • Hexagonal weights with symmetric distribution
  • Soft grooves to avoid hand scratches


  • Not Adjustable type, the separate purchase has to be made for individual sets
  • You may get odor or a rubbery smell.
Best rubber Hex
DOMYOS Rubber Hex Dumbbell (15 kg variant) Best dumbbell set for home gym India

5. DOMYOS Rubber Hex Dumbbell (15 kg variant)

👉 The stylish design makes DOMYOS the best rubber hex dumbbell set for females or anyone who wants a stylish gym equipment dumbbell set. This one offers better stability. durable rubber with no loose edges or complex locking features for easy handling.

The DOMYOS HEX home gym dumbbell set is the most stylish and versatile dumbbell set for home gym India and in general for bodybuilding and CrossFit exercises.😅 Definitely, some of the best dumbbell set for home gym India searches will allow you to develop real-world strength and keep two sides balanced for focused & dedicated repetitions.  

📢 The hexagonal faces of DOMYOS stand true to this and counterbalance for a variety of upper- and lower-body movements while offering complete safety against slips.

Moreover, you get an option with weight ranges from 2.5 kg to 15 kg to so. Its length is under 29 cm and the height is about 15 cm, making it easy to store and grip without leaving any marks on your forearms. 

The threaded finish gives it a trendy design, especially for female buyers who search for trendy, good appearing items for a perfect Instagram photo. But don’t you categorize them as girlish dumbbells, they are made unisex, so even good for MEN. 😅

Check this short video below. ⤵️


  1. MATERIAL: Rubber
  2. DUMBBEL WEIGHT: 6 kg < weight < 20kg
  3. LEVEL OF PRACTICE: All Levels
  4. Quantity: 1 U
  5. Size: 15kg : 15kg
  6. DIMENSIONS: L 28.5 cm, H 15.5 cm Handle, Diameter: 3.4 cm
  7. Warranty: 2 Years

Key Features:

1️⃣ Unique Geometry: Eye-catching shape for an interesting exercise session.

2️⃣ Storage Ease: A broad anti-slip base will provide an easy storage feature.

3️⃣ Single Cast: Seamless design with no fits and edges for a long-lasting purchase.

4️⃣ Pay as per weight: Flexible budget options for lower weights to accommodate young buyers.


  • High regards to safety and ease of use
  • Easy to store, unlike adjustable type where you need to assemble every part to make it compact. 
  • Weather-resistant and moisture-proof


  • No variable weight adjustment
  • Unfriendly for attaching the extra grip
Top Pick
domyos-weight-training-kit-20-kg MENSQUATS

6. DOMYOS Weight Training Dumbbell Kit 20Kg

👉 A rough edge grip with a simple clip-on type lock will help even if you are a complete beginner. This is the simplest dumbbell kit with bar collars, no lock screws. You get a case along with it, that makes it easy to store and transport for fresh-off home gyms and users.

An additional good option for exercisers amongst the best dumbbell set brand in india would be this DOMYOS range dumbbell kit.😅 The decathlon company’s design team inputs have made this gym equipment dumbbell set simple yet very effective, for those who are starting out with a variety of weight training exercises.

You get 2 years of warranty, on the entire home gym set, which is a deal-maker. You can’t get better at this price range. 💲 

📢 Speaking of how much weight barbell collars can carry which makes this dumbbell secure, the horizontal limit has no maximum end, whereas for the vertical lift use this dumbbell with a load of no more than 7kg Maximum (each side).

Though you don’t have to worry, each pair will support the variable sets and weight of 6 kg < weight < 20kg with a tight grip and you would only get enough plates in a set which a barbell collar can support. 

✅ Though for exercisers who love to experiment with their workouts, don’t add other spare weight plates on it as it makes the weights fall off as the stopper gives away.

➡️ Get this dumbbell only if you are okay to not pass the 20 kg weight barrier. For others, T-rex adjustable dumbbells or KAKASS dumbbells should be your choice. 


  2. Quantity: 4 U
  3. Size: 20kg
  4. Warranty: 2 Years
  5. DUMBBEL WEIGHT: 6 kg < weight < 20kg

Key Features:

1️⃣ Simple Plates: Round weights with a variable range from 1kg and above for every level.

2️⃣ Easy Storage: Stack-type storage for easily putting it into corners or any shelves.

3️⃣ Easy Lock: One of the best quality dumbbells in India with easy lock straps for quick use.

4️⃣ Price Range: Variable weight range within a single purchase makes it very economical.


  • Storage and use are easy for beginners too
  • Locking is simple, futuristic, and effective
  • Cast-iron body assures a tough and long-lasting purchase
  • You get a 2 years warranty along with it 
  • Sturdy metal design


  • No extensions are available 
  • Your max limit is 20 kgs, you can’t upgrade the weights 
  • No additional rolling safety

Final Verdict: Which is the best dumbbell set in India?

We make sure to single out the best available choices for your best dumbbells for home gym India. These dumbbells will enhance your output and performance at your home gym for a productive workout.

Purchasing these top home exercise equipment not only gives you freedom and flexibility to train anywhere, anytime, but also adds to the incredible stories of your fitness transformation.

Good luck!


  • KAKSS Exclusive Adjustable Dumbbells 20KG to 50KG
  • BullrocK T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbells Kit of 2.5KG to 50KG
  • Cockatoo (10 Kg-20 Kg) Professional Dumbbells Set
  • Kobo Home Gym Exercise Rubber HEX Dumbbell set 1 KG to 27.5KG
  • DOMYOS Rubber Hex Dumbbell 15 kg
  • DOMYOS Weight Training Dumbbell Kit 20 kg


The right choice for an ideal pair of dumbbells will increase the user’s fitness efficiency while not compromising on comfort. Choose our top pick with the KAKSS Exclusive Adjustable Dumbbells for an excellent approach to train at home.
This particular home gym dumbbell set is the hottest selling product in the category, making them indispensable.

As you move your focus toward a home gym fitness routine, these dumbbells will provide complete freedom. Hence, a smart purchase like this falls exactly within your radius.
Exploring the other options like Kobo Rubber Hex, Bullrock T-rex, and Domyos iron dumbbells will give an additional choice for an equally creative and efficient purchase. 


Buying Guide: How do I choose the right dumbbell?

✔️ Type of Dumbbell:

It looks easy enough to see a dumbbell and judge its type, but it isn’t so. The first idea is to look for the type of dumbbell as per your requirement. For example, if you want to have a variable weight range without spending money on each weight dumbbell, choose the adjustable dumbbell type

But some adjustable dumbbells are made complex and you have to learn how to switch weights and keep it safe, otherwise their mechanism would break. Meanwhile, beginners will benefit more from the fixed type, such as the 20 kg, 15kg, 10 kg or 5 kg dumbbell set. 

✔️ Shape of Dumbbell:

The dumbbell’s shape largely decides its storage and other abilities. For example, the round weights dumbbells are bad at stacking and would roll down to another end of your space, but if you’ve got a dumbbell storage rack, you can buy these. Also, order within your comfort and limits to save any wastage of investment done. 

✨ A round shape provides a better arrangement for stacking in the corners. However, hexagonal ends will help the users who do not want to put too much effort into handling and storing. 

✔️ Material:

The rubber material is always a preferable option for long-term investment. The best rubber hex dumbbells set also prevents injuries by absorbing fall shocks. If your home gym setup has young users and kids moving around, prefer the rubber design. 😀

Meanwhile, regular lifters will benefit from the iron dumbbells, which support more weights and forms.⭕

✔️ Design and Warranty of Dumbbell:

Trendy home gyms require dumbbells with beautiful looks too. The new symmetric designs are good with looks. While doing so, choose a brand with previous reviews and customer trust. Choose the ones that are available to answer the queries and provide regular service. ✨

Warranty is a big concern, though most branded equipment covers you by a 2-year warranty in case the rubber starts chipping off, or iron dumbbells get rust, but you also have to take extra care of them.😀    

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which dumbbells are the best rubber or steel?

If you are a beginner, you have the flexibility of choosing either of these. The gym dumbbell set price in India will be higher for the more adjustable design, which comes normally in a cast-iron or steel material dumbbells. 

Nevertheless, it is a safer option for relatively new users to choose a rubber design for safety and keep things simple. More serious lifters can either choose a rubber dumbbell of high weights or could take a high-end range dumbbell like a T-rex dumbbell from Bullrock Fitness. 😀

For women, what is the right dumbbell weight to start with?

The female exercisers should focus on a wider range of weights starting from a lower category. Hence, as a female user, you will benefit by choosing the designs that start from 1kg and upwards. 

A design with an additional rubber grip is also helpful to avoid hand marks and abrasions. Carefully distribute the weight range at every 0.5kgs for a slow and steady weight transition.

Will 10 kg dumbbells build muscle?

It would be highly depend on your fitness level and experience. 10 kg dumbbell weights would work for the short term, but in the long term, it wouldn’t be insufficient.

The idea of making continuous gains would be to progressively train over time while being able to lift more weights for the same repetitions. That would build muscle.🔥

Is 5 kg dumbbell enough?

The weight of your dumbbells is proportional to the exercise plan. If you plan a light toning isolation exercise, a lighter 5 kg dumbbell would do it.

For more complex exercises, which shape muscles and make you bigger while burning fat you need a heavier dumbbell. 😮‍💨

Can I build muscle with just dumbbells?

Yes, any resistance-based training with progressively overload technique over time can absolutely build muscle. You just need to interchange the different kg weights at the right times to shock your muscles to introduce growth.

What is a good weight to start dumbbells?

The lowest weight to start with is 2.5 Kg, though to keep it simple, you can ideally pick a 5 kg weight. You want to be able to learn the exercises and execute the proper form, for that lightweight dumbbell set is a must recommend. Choose the lightweight for you. Maybe it is 1 kg.

That's all for now. If you have any questions on the best dumbbell set for home gym India or which one is the best dumbbell that would work for you, or for your CrossFit, home gym, or garage gym.Just put your questions into the comment box or shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get you hooked up with the right solution you would need.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps if it does show some love by sharing this blog post.

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