Flexnest Rowing Machine Review: Best Rower in India.

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best rowing machine in India flexnest flexrower review

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Today we are addressing the sleekest piece of gym equipment for indoor rowing i.e., Flexnest Rowing Machine Review, or simply said Flexnest Flex Rower – The best rowing machine in India currently selling. 

➡️ Let’s face it indoor rowing SUCKS!

Rowing – It is one of the most boring exercises that you can do. You’re basically looking at this tiny game boy screen from 1996 and you were just contemplating your life and thinking about how much your body is suffering through your workout. 

That is really unfortunate because rowing outside on a river in an actual boat is one of the most magical experiences when it comes to working out that you can have.

You are one with nature, one with your teammates, you feel the fresh breeze on your face. 💯

However, rowing on an indoor air rowing machine does not live up to that at all and that is really where Flexnest rowing machine in India are coming into the scene.✨

📌 Flexnest is a company that sells this indoor rowing machine for home India but it’s not like the other seated row machines that you are used to using at the gym.😀

It really gives you a completely different experience that tries to bring the real adventure of rowing out on the water into an at-home piece of equipment.

Flexnest rowers are available in 2 models: Flexrower and Flexrower+.

👉 The Flexrower uses a magnetic resistance that is silent and offers a smooth rowing experience.

On the other side, Flexrower+ is a water rowing machine, that uses water as resistance and provides comparatively the same feel of rowing silently outdoors in the water.  

 For this time, we are reviewing Flex Rower – The magnetic one!

Flexnest Rowing Machine Review India

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Introducing The Flex Rower

  • With a vast library of On-Demand trainers to guide, motivate and inspire you, the Flexrower offers a uniquely engaging experience that needs to be experienced to be believed. Get a Free 6-Month complimentary Flexnest subscription.

(NOTE: User has to use his/her own iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Android Tablet. It is NOT provided by Flexnest.)

Flex Rower Technical Specifications

flexnest flexrower India
Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic
Item Dimensions LxWxH:173 x 33 x 56 Centimeters
Item Weight:25 Kg
Material Made: Ash Wood

Flexnest Flex Rower Features:

Net weight:25 kg
Gross weight:30 kg
Maximum load capacity:120 kg
Dimensions:1730 mm x 330 mm x 560 mm
Packaging dimensions:670 x 270 x 530mm & 1830 x 110 x 860mm
Power source:Button battery CR2477 Magnetic Resistance
Compatible With:Support for a Smartphone or Tablet.


  • Priced at Rs 35999, cheaper than the competition.💯
  • Sleek and sexy design
  • Magnetic resistance done right
  • One of the quietest rowers around
  • Free 6-Month Flexnest Membership
  • Virtual Rows are avilable. 
  • Very aesthetically pleasing
  • Folds in half.


  • Don’t come with a tablet/ display. 
  • Shorter rail that may not work with taller people.
  • Limited live classes are available.

✔️ Rowing Machine Benefits:

👉 Let’s get into the pros of rowing first off and probably one of the most enticing things about rowing for exercise is that: 

#1 It burns you maximum calories:

It’s the highest calorie burner that you can find out of all types of exercise as far as something that’s a sustainable continuous motion. 

Rowing is going to burn you the most calories compared to anything really compared to cycling, compared to running and compared to other forms of exercise. 

So if you’re looking for a high-calorie burn, getting the most calorie bang for your buck, then air rowing machine is going to be the way to go. 😐

#2 It works for the majority of our muscle groups:

Not only are you just working your legs, but you’re also working your back, your arms, and a bunch of those little muscles that are in those big muscle groups. 

Overall, you’re going to get a lot more muscle toning, a lot more muscle definition, and a lot more muscle development with rowing machine compared to cycling or another form of aerobic exercise.

#3 It builds mental strength:

Another rowing machine benefit is and this might apply to just a few people is that it’s really good at building mental strength. 

When rowing you are in charge of keeping your form correct, you are in charge of keeping a consistent power output and that really forces you to train your brain, train your body to focus. 

And about each stroke that you do and that can be good to help you perform better when it comes to not only rowing but other forms of exercise as well. 

#4 It puts a low impact on your joints:

Because you’re sitting down and your feet are strapped in, there’s not a lot of impact when it comes to your knees so if you have knee problems rowing is a great way to go.

❌ Disadvantages of Using Rowing Machine:

In what cases, flexnest rowing machine aren’t fit to use.

#1 It’s a tough motion to learn:

At first, it’s not very intuitive, and it takes practice. While the form might be teachable it’s not intuitive, you have to practice and that can be a con for some people about using rowing machine India.

#2 You could get injured:

While it may be a low-impact workout, there is a potential for injury because it’s a dynamic motion that your body is performing. 

Moving back and forth and there are a lot of components of your body that are involved. There’s a chance that you can’t hurt yourself whether that be your shoulders or your lower back. 

That chance of injury is there but of course with proper form & proper technique you can avoid and minimize the chance for injury but the risk is still sort of always there. 

#3 You’ve to keep constant focus

The mental focus that is needed while rowing we have to keep a constant focus on what we’re doing not only to keep our power output consistent but also to make sure that we aren’t hurting ourselves. So it takes a lot of focus.

It’s tough to row and watch the gym TV at the same time so if you’re someone who lacks focus and can’t stay focused on exercise for a long continuous time then rowing/ or using flexnest rowing machines could be a big con. 😡

Overview of Flexnest Rowing Machine Review India

flexnest rowing machine review
flexnest rowing machine review

Let’s get into it. 

👉 First off Flexnest rowing Machine uses magnetic resistance. When we think of rowers most of you are thinking of concept 2 rower that uses fans within, and basically has a fan holder on the front and they’re using a chain drive.

Flexnest Flex Rower has different drag factors on the side that you adjust but for most people that are training at a CrossFit gym using a Concept 2 rower which is much more expensive and much more intuitive but they’re much better than any other magnetic resistance rower.

You’re like should I get this or should I get the concept 2 rower?

➡️ In every case, I always recommend getting the concept 2 rowing machine because the magnetic ones suck and they don’t last long. However, this from Flexnest India is smooth. I would say this is even smoother than the concept 2 rower.

From general aesthetics, this is one of the better-looking pieces of gym equipment I’ve seen.

It looks like it’s designed by one of those European companies, if eleiko made cardio equipment this would be a great example. 

👍 Everything about it is just ash wood and metal where you want it to be. It doesn’t flop around when you’re on it.

It’s just incredibly stable in comparison to a concept2 rower, and one of the benefits of flexnest rowing machine India, is it’s lightweight at 25 kg.

You can put it in a spare bedroom or in your garage or wherever and leave it. It kind of looks good wherever it goes, kind of like the water rowers (like FlexRower+) that are made of wood. 

They become a part of your living room and that’s one reason I like the look of this magnetic resistance rowing machine is you typically won’t see a big circular fan right here.

This is where the magnetic rower is WINNING!💯

360 view of Flexnest Flex Rower: What it got?

Flexnest Rower is a little bit different from some of the other smart workout devices in that you don't need to buy any of the accessories you want to just buy the rower machine. 

By itself you can do pretty much everything you can just use regular sneakers for this, there are no special shoes, and there are no accessories that are really required. 

However, one thing that you do need to purchase is the Flexnest yearly membership fee. The membership is which you know just comes with these connected fitness devices. 

💯 The good thing is you can’t add unlimited people to it which is always nice so if you have several people using it then it does really cut down on the calls per person. 

Flexrower Review
Flexnest Flex Rower

👉 At first, let’s start at the back so we have this seat and resistance knob very you know standard stuff it slides like usual. 

Next, we have 

Foot holder:

These are pretty standard. If you’ve used other rowing machines these aren’t amazing.

It is kind of a hassle if you do have to move them up and down a lot like if you have different people using this, but you know it’s not too bad and pretty standard with other rowing machines as well. ✨


Handles just kind of sit very nicely in this little compartment thing. The only thing to be aware of when you’re using the handle is definitely making sure that you put it gently back into this little compartment.

If you let it go, it will just catapult itself backward.

They’re made out of matte grip material. The only kind of nitpicky thing to point out when it comes to the handles is I wish that they were slightly more grippy. If you’re going for a longer workout your hands may start to slip a little bit. 😐


It kind of sounds like Casper, the friendly ghost.

It has a bit of a soft whirring whooshing kind of sound so I probably wouldn’t use it in a bedroom while someone else is sleeping because it is not completely silent.

But overall the sound on the Flexnest rowing machine is really not too bad, it’s not super loud at all. 


On the front of the seated rowing machine, we have wheels so it does make it easier to move it around you can actually also store the machine vertically if you need to save space and you aren’t going to be able to use it for a while.

Touch Screen:

The most important thing obviously is the touch screen it is a 22-inch screen. It turns from side to side and it also turns up and down but you cannot turn it all the way like 360 degrees.

Just keep that in mind if you’re in a really tight space and you can only work out in one direction. You know you’re slightly limited to how you can turn it so just keep that in mind. 

Screen Features:
Flexnest tablet for rower

👍 Let’s kind of walk through what you can actually see on the screen itself what the options are:

When you first turn on the machine first screen that's available in the home screen and on the top left side, you'll see the streak of how many weeks you've been consistently rowing or taking classes. 

It’ll also give you a recommended row so if you swipe down you can see a lot more information so you see upcoming LIVE rows you see different programs that have more featured classes. 

The second screen is the library, and it basically shows you all of the available classes that are available.

On top of that, you can search by the athlete, by the duration, the workout type, the workout style and the location or alternatively you can just kind of scroll through and see what’s available.

LIVE Classes:
Flexnest Flexrower India
Flexnest Row
➡️ One thing that I think is really unique about Flexnest Flex Rower Review India is all of the classes are actually pre-filmed for you indoors by trainers and you could switch to virtual rows at a click of a button. 

I would really like to see all classes filmed outside and the feeling like you’re actually in the water with the instructors.

✅ Obviously nothing can really match the experience of being out on the water yourself. 

When it comes to rowing classes, there are a few different ways that you can take them. You can take them from the pre-recorded library which is the majority of available classes but then there are also classes that are available LIVE as well.👍

My only complaint when it comes to the live classes is there are really not that many of them. Normally there are only one or maybe two live classes per day and oftentimes they’re in like the middle of the day so it might be like noon Pacific time like 3 p.m eastern. 😐

So if you’re working like a 9 to 5 job it may be pretty difficult to actually be able to make these live classes. 

➡️ Just keep that in mind if it’s super important to you to be able to have those live classes. The good thing about the classes is there is such a big variety and honestly the time does really go by pretty quickly in my opinion.


As I said I think normally rowing on a seated rowing machine is extremely boring but I do think that for the most part, the instructors make it fun. 

There are different themes of the classes so it might be like improving your technique, it might be a music theme, it might be themed around the location that they’re in and for the most part, the instructors seem to be professional.

These are not just like raw instructors, they really know what they’re doing and they can kind of give you tips of technique along the way.

Besides its beauty: What do you get?

Best rowing machine in India

📌 One of the biggest factors in this besides it just being a beautiful device which by the way I think it would be pretty cool if they just offered this without this option where it was just using some sort of performance monitor for the people that just won a row. 

You don’t have to spend the extra for something like this functionality because there’s a lot of people out there that literally just want to row or use it in the CrossFit workouts or just their general training and don’t want to pay the extra for the membership. 

However, this is really the separator besides the look and feel.

➡️ One thing I love about hydrow rowers is it feels like you're in the studio, it feels like you're in a bike class with other people. It transports you somewhere else and makes you feel like you're not in your garage or your home gym alone and that's why I think this type of stuff is the future of fitness because it's compelling. 

There’s nothing like this in strength training yet, but applying these ideas to rowing to biking is amazing.

How does it work?

You select a row.

You can connect Bluetooth headphones or your heart rate monitor, you can select your sound, and choose the volume so it kind of feels like you’re there on the water doing it LIVE with them. 

This is your drag setting so very similar to what you would do on your concept 2 rower where you’re using the side of the circular fan to adjust the drag which is basically how much air is being entered into there. 

The Leadership Board. 

Flexnest rowing machine

✅ Competition is something that is ingrained in athletes. It’s the reason that CrossFit has grown to the level that it is able to compete LIVE with people across the world is amazing. 👍 I love smoking everybody that I face so if you’d love to get smoked I’d love to have you on Flexnest Flex Rower Machine so I can whoop you. 

➡️ However, they also have LIVE classes. However, the live classes are not as many. They provide a similar environment but I don’t really feel like I need to do the live classes.❌

This is enough to get me motivated and what I found is the rowing machines that you’re actually rowing for, they go by so quick when you’re using this versus the air rowing machine like concept 2 or any other rower.

If you’re just staring at that black and white performance monitor or you’re watching a movie on your phone it goes kind of slow you feel like you’re in there. 

Flexnest Membership

The ongoing membership and membership-based training equipment sucks.

Nobody likes it, except the companies that are getting it. I mean it’s just the fact of the matter one reason you leave commercial gyms is so you don’t have a membership anymore at your home gym. 

➡️ Well, this Flexnest Flex Rower like all other flexnest products has a membership which got to be paid for using after the 6-month free membership period got finished and really if you're going to use this you want the membership. 

I don’t think most people that buy this or some other equipment out there like tonal not using the membership because it’s not that level of good. 

So I think most people will want the membership and it’s Rs 1000/month ongoing as long as you want to use it.

👍 You got to pay it and it’s a lot so all that wraps up.

💲 Flexnest Rowing Machine Price in India

The Flexnest Flex Rower costs Rs. 35999 as of May 2022, the prices might change with ongoing offers. Keep checking Amazon for the latest prices.
flexnest rower Vs flexnest rower plus
Comes in Magnetic and Water resistance

The prices of rowing machines are at a surge, but the flexnest seated row machine price in India is commendable.

Its competitiors are priced similarly, but none of them offers Bluetooth-connected technology, virtual rides, and a hell lot of feature that leaves no chance to surprise you.

While other rowers only offer you an LCD display with functionality, limited to seeing your vitals and switching to only a 3-4 rowing mode. Also, they would cost over a Lakh ruppees. (that’s 3X costlier)

If you go with them, this would bore you quicker than you know in your home gym, and you will end up using it after a month or so of use.

Do you know?

➡️ When you’re using gym equipment or anybody who’s trained anybody knows this the key for home gyms is getting people to use it more.

That’s really what it comes down to getting people to move more so the equipment that gets people to move more is better and that’s why Flexnest Flexrower India is so good. ❤️

Other Alternatives of Flexnest Flex Rower

(Over 1 lakh)

  1. Concept2 RowErg with PM5: 👍 The Concept2 RowErg is available with either standard or tall legs. The standard legs give a 14-inch (36 cm) seat height while the taller legs make the seat 20 inches (51 cm) from the floor. The tall leg option replaces the Model E, which is now discontinued.
  1. Octane Fitness Rowing Machine: The Octane Rowing Machine uses a combined fan and magnetic brake resistance providing a broader range of resistance levels to accommodate everything from leisurely rows to gruelling HIIT sessions.  

(Under Rs 40000 – 90000)

  1. DOMYOS Rowing Machine 500B: One of the few self-powered rowing machines available: no need for a power outlet! You got a 6 kg magnetic flywheel here.
  1. AFTON Xterra ERG 600W Water Rower: If you want the Large 5.5″ LCD monitor that displays all yoru metrics, and nothing fancy things like virtual rides, training videos, and competition board. This water rower is the best bet.   
  1. PowerMax Fitness RWC-1000: If you’re going to buy a rower with water resistance, and from a company that has phone support goes with this WaterRower.
  1. Lets Play LP-AR202970 Air Rower: The Let’s Play Air Rower has a great design, but we don’t see any additional benefits to it over the Water rower other than the colors. 

(Under Rs 20000 – 40000)

  1. Stunner Fitness SRX-550: With a sliding rail length of 48 inches, the SRX-550 can accommodate rowers of practically any size.
  2. PowerMax Fitness RH-250: If you want a foldable rowing machine with a digital display for home use, this is suitable. You get a 4KG flywheel only which is lighter than competitions. 
  3. Aerofit Aluminum Rowing Machine AF-803: Every Aerofit state-of-the-art rowing machine is designed to meet the strict requirements of household health equipment.  

FAQs on Flexnest Rowing Machine Review

How to assemble the Flexrower?
How to Connect The Flexrower to Your Device?
How to Assemble The Flexrower+ Water Rower?
Is Flexnest Rower Loud?

It’s much quieter than a concept2 you can kind of hear it’s like a more muted sound so you can easily train in your house when people are asleep. If you’re training early in the morning or something it’s not going to be a big deal. 

The strap and the magnetic resistance that it’s pulling on feel so consistent and the return of the handle is smooth. There’s a slight grip on the handle that allows you to grip it without it feeling like tacky or sticky when you start really going and start sweating.

But as you’re rowing it’s just a very smooth experience. Even the seat gives a very similar feeling.

Will a rowing machine help me lose weight?

A rowing machine burns a considerable number of calories in a short period of time being a HIIT machine, which makes it excellent cardio equipment in your weight loss approach. Rowing machines can target 85 percent of the muscles in the body, making it an efficient way to work out for individuals with limited time.

Are rowing machines good for bad knees?

For starters, rowing and resistance training are two of the finest workouts for knee pain than running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike. This Flexnest rowing machine provides both! In addition to being one of the top popular rowers, it offers more customization choices than most other rowing machines, making it even better.

How does a rowing machine work?

Different rowing machines work differently, air rowers use air as a resistance medium. Water-based rowers use water and air to create resistance and magnetic rowers use magnets for a person to make it difficult to row or pull the handle.

How to use indoor rowing machine?

Rowing is a full-body exercise, which is why doing short workouts on a rowing machine is so effective. A single stroke of the rowing machine engages approximately twice as many muscles as other exercises such as jogging and cycling. You only got to warm up and jump in to do some high resistance-based rowing. 

How long is a good workout on a rowing machine?

Weight loss is best done with consistency, so aim for at least 30 minutes per day on a rower. If you simply do 10-15 minute moderate rowing sessions, you should be OK utilizing a rowing machine every day. Make sure you have adequate break days, especially if you’re just starting out!

Which to buy among Flexnest Flex Rower vs Flex Rower+?

The biggest differentiator is the price and the type of resistance they both offer.

👍 Flexrower offers magnetic resistance and is smooth and silent. In Flexrower+ real water is used for resistance, giving you a realistic feel and authentic water rowing sound and experience while you row.

None of the rowers gives you an in-built tablet but is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity to connect with Flexnest App to access all the features that make it a smart rower. ❤️

Final Thoughts: Conclusion

flexnest rowing machine review
flexnest rowing machine review

Who is it BEST for?

✅ If you are someone who really likes having more of a class type of environment where you really like to have an instructor and you want to incorporate more rowing into your life.


If you were someone like me who is just not motivated by those super boring old school rowing machines and you want something that’s more engaging, more fun, where you listen to music, and just have more of like an engaging class like experience, this flexnest rowing machine is a MUST-BUY. 💯


Well, I would say ultimately I really enjoyed trying out the flexnest Flex Rower. That being said, there are some negatives to it. I don’t think everything is perfect. Ultimately I would recommend this to you. 

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➡️ Hopefully, you found this blog on “Flexnest Rowing Machine Review” helpful.

If you have any other questions definitely let me know in the comments I would have I’d be happy to answer any other questions that you have.  


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